Panama papers

Pedro Almodovar's Julieta video

Director Pedro Almodovar leaves the Juliet' premier.

"If the Panama Papers were a film," the acclaimed Spanish director said, "we wouldn't even be credited as extras."

Greens donor in Panama Papers

Forbes Elworthy donated $15,000 to the Green Party in 2011 during the election campaign.

A wealthy Kiwi who gave the Greens $15,000 has been listed in the documents leaks.

Key reveals NZ trust numbers video

John Key's former lawyer Ken Whitney.

Prime Minister John Key says only 200 out of 500,000 MF trusts are linked to New Zealand. Oh, and Greenpeace has one.

The Kiwi trust wizard

Auckland accountant and lawyer Roger Thompson has been named as being associated with the Panama Papers leak.

He once worked for IRD, now his nondescript Auckland office is claimed to be a centre of tax haven activity.

Panama revelations to come

More than 11.5 million financial and legal records from Mossack Fonseca were leaked.

OPINION: Race to follow Panama Papers' cash about to get underway in earnest.


'Dummy spit' may cost Air NZ

Air NZ's plan to dump its Virgin Australia stake has opened the door to a big new partner for its rival.

Air NZ's plan to dump its Virgin Australia stake has opened the door to a big new partner for its rival.

Sacked over a cup of coffee

The worker's cup of coffee was called theft, but the commission disagreed.

Aussie cleaner fired for theft because he had a coffee before starting work.

Virgin Australia inks deal

Virgin Australia hopes to get more out of the Chinese tourism market through the deal.

Virgin Australia will team up with China's largest private airlines operator. 

Aussie borrower clamp-down

Some of the paperwork used by foreign borrowers "now appears to be suspect".

Amid money laundering fears in Australia, AMP bans lending to foreign borrowers across the ditch.

'Potential for misuse for criminal purposes'

HSBC has had to introduce tough new measures on its safety-deposit boxes in Hong Kong.

HSBC has had to get tougher on its rules for safety-deposit boxes.

Scientists' super shock

UK cancer researchers' retirement funds have been invested in big tobacco.

Scientists hunt for cancer cures for a living, but their pensions are invested in the tobacco industry.

Apple's Hollywood ambitions?

Time Warner, which owns Game of Thrones studio HBO, is worth over US$55b and would be a difficult buy for Apple.

Apple's tried to break into TV for years and may be looking to rival Netflix.

Gina Rinehart no longer richest

Triguboff, owner and head of Meriton Group, is number one on the BRW Rich List with A$10.62 billion (NZ$11.39b) wealth.

Surging real estate has seen a property developer crowned Australia's richest person.

Budget 'stable platform'

There were no surprises in the Budget for business.

Wellington business leaders are not in awe of the bland Budget, but it will help businesses grow.

Bank laughs off $131m glitch

"I was pretty shocked," says Matthew Pearce of his unexpected windfall.

Matthew Pearce found a surprise windfall in his account, but his bank was chill about it - for two weeks.

Never fret the Fed

Wall Street saw an upswing on Wednesday on speculation rates would rise in the US.

Something unusual and encouraging has happened overnight on Wall Street.

Popping pills to stay awake video

Using drugs to stay awake at work is becoming more popular.

Workers under pressure to stay awake for longer are turning to "smart drugs".

Meet the vegan Bernie Madoff

Woody Harrelson, Pure Food and Wine chef Sarma Melngailis, Pure Food and Wine chef Matthew Kenney and actor Jason Lewis ...

She's gone from being the apple of New York's vegan eye to facing jail for theft and tax fraud.

'He's increasingly agitated... tell police' video

Tori Johnson was killed by Man Haron Monis during the siege at Sydney's Lindt Cafe on December 15 and 16, 2014.

Half an hour before he was shot dead, Tori Johnson sent an ominous text to his loved ones.

Weta extends collectables

Weta Workshop collectibles head of department Leonard Ellis, left, and concept designer and author Daniel Falconer who ...

Weta Workshop is expanding its line of miniature models after demand from collectors to create scenes.

The next recession (starring Trump)

The possible election of "Demagogue Donald" dwarfs congressional dysfunction as a threat to American prosperity, Summers ...

OPINION: "Demagogue Donald" dwarfs congressional dysfunction as a threat to American prosperity.

Young developers hit rich list

Tim Gurner has entered the Rich List at number 141.

They made their fortunes flogging apartments, and are the youngest on this year's list of richest Australians.

French police raid Google

A woman holds her smart phone which displays the Google home page, in this picture illustration taken February 24, 2016. ...

‚ÄčIn a "heavy operation", France takes its tax evasion probe of the global giant up a notch.

'End of energy as we know it'

Lecturer Tony Seba outlines a world with little centralised power generation, 100 per cent electric vehicles and minimal ...

Revolution in solar, batteries will render conventional energy, transport "obsolete in 15 years".

Taking on the ticketing industry

Area360’s Ticketure will enable organisations to sell tickets on their own website, which will reduce fees for consumers.

A Wellington software development company wants to turn the ticketing industry on its head.

Would you wrestle for a free kebab? video

The kabab shop worker (in yellow) starts to get the upper hand in the impromptu wrestle.

Some visiting Americans met their match when they challenged a Kwinana kebab shop server to a wrestling match to win some free falafels.

Single complaint shuts bookshop

Bookhouse owners Ben Kemp and Margot McCartney, with son Bede McCartney-Kemp.

A neighbour's complaint cost Ben Kemp, but they won't tell him what he did wrong.

'Not scared of a fight' video

Eddie Oygur of Australian Leather is fighting to use the word 'ugg.'

Little Aussie battler is taken on by US footwear giant over the use of the 'ugg' label.

Bigger Nurofen fine sought

The ACCC isn't happy with the initial fine and says it would take a penalty of at least A$6m send a message to Reckitt ...

Fine over Nurofen's misleading "specific pain" range should be lifted to A$6m, Aussie consumer watchdog says.

What it's really like to climb Mt Everest video

A trekker stands in front of Mount Everest, which is 8,850 meters high, at Kala Patthar in Solukhumbu District May 7, 2014.

The world's highest mountain has a dark side - so why do people keep climbing it?

Thousands of ATMs hit in heist

More than $NZ13m was withdrawn from ATMs in Japan using fake credit cards.

Forged credit cards used to withdraw $13m from 1400 ATMs in Japan.

'Simple' error behind $5m overdraft

Christine Jia Xin Lee received an accidental $4.9 million.

Westpac admits a simple mistake was to blame for a big-spending student's multi-million-dollar overdraft.

Why she spent $4.9m overdraft video

Christine Jia Xin Lee.

After splurging $4.9m thanks to a banking error, Christine Jia Xin Lee had a simple explanation.

Connecting people living with bladder cancer

Siobhan Bulfin, Melon Health CEO.

A Wellington digital health company is making information more accessible for bladder cancer patients, while creating a forum for patients and family members.

Americans' finances precarious

Caroline Ratcliffe has commented that "lack of savings can lead to homelessness, or other problems.''

Two-thirds of Americans wouldn't have enough savings to cover a US$1000 crisis.

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