Greeks celebrate in the streets

VICTORY: Supporters of Alexis Tsipras, leader of Syriza left-wing party, cheer during a victory rally outside Athens University Headquarters on Sunday.

After snap election victory, leftist leader vows an end to the "humiliation and suffering" imposed by international creditors.

Britain looks to plain cigarette packs

CHANGES: Cigarettes and hand-rolling tobacco will have to be sold in standardised packs in England starting in May next year.

Cigarettes and hand-rolling tobacco will have to be sold in standardised packs in England starting in May next year.

Things you didn't know about Monopoly

HOW ABOUT THAT: The Monopoly board is based on Atlantic City, New Jersey.

It's Monopoly's 80th anniversary, and to celebrate here is some useless information about the game.

€1.1t Euro-zone economic 'bazooka' video

Mario Draghi, head of the European Central Bank, delivers the news of the programme to journalists.

The European Central Bank takes the ultimate policy leap with a €1-trillion-plus programme to boost the Euro Zone.

'Stuttering confidence' for Aussie businesses

In December, overall confidence levels for small business owners declined to 51 per cent from 53 per cent in October.

Small and medium sized businesses are signalling diverging trends across Australia.

Exploding Kittens a Kickstarter hit video

EXPLOSIVE FUNDRAISER: Oatmeal's card game, Exploding Kittens.

Far from launching life-saving technology or a tool that is in any way useful, really, the most "explosive" Kickstarter of the month is ... a card game. 

Microsoft handed over data in 45 minutes

Demonstrators make their way along Place de la Republique during a mass unity rally following the terrorist attacks in Paris.

Within an hour of being asked, Microsoft turned over data linked to the Charlie Hebdo probe to the FBI.

China cuts energy intensity almost 5 per cent in 2014

CHOKED UP: Pollution is regularly at harmful levels to health in big Chinese cities.

China beat a key energy efficiency target in 2014, cutting its energy intensity by 4.8 per cent from a year earlier.

UN envoy returning to Yemen amid clashes

'GRAVELY CONCERNED': United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon.

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon condemns the latest clashes between Houthi fighters and the presidential guard in Yemen's capital.

US topples China as investment destination, PwC

The partying at Davos does not sit well with the austere image sought by its academic founders.

It's the first time the US has topped the list since the accounting firm started asking the question five years ago.

IMF global outlook more pessimistic

IMF chief economist Olivier Blanchard.

Lower oil prices will give much of the world a boost but it won’t be enough to offset deteriorating outlooks.

Oil falls again as IMF cuts forecast

The price of oil just keeps on falling.

Key producer Iran hints prices could drop to US$25 a barrel without supportive OPEC action.

Who's making money from Airbnb?

A luxury hinterland villa at
Mount Nathan, Queensland.

When two mates decided to rent out spare air mattresses in their living room, little did they know the concept would turn into a global phenomenon.

ILO laments Davos inequality failure


World leaders meeting this week are likely to agree that inequality is a problem but unlikely to do anything about it, ILO says.

A$500k to put your baby through Sydney private school

Major investment: The report forecast that even sending a child to a public school could cost up to $71,000 in Sydney.

Parents of a child born in 2015 will spend more than half a million dollars on a private school education in Sydney.

Asia on edge, braces for China growth data

ASX, shares

Data expected to show China's economy grew at the slowest pace in 24 years last quarter.

'Nut rage' exec denies charges

Cho Hyun-ah, also known as Heather Cho, Korean Air's vice president responsible for cabin service in September.

The daughter of Korean Air Lines chairman says she didn't force flight attendants to lie.

Aussie police gay bashing erased from records

Alan Rosendale and Paul Simes in August 2014.

A rogue gang of officers bashed a gay man. Their superiors found out but any record of their investigation has vanished.

John Key kicks off Europe trip

JOHN KEY: Met British PM David Cameron at his country house retreat in Buckinghamshire, where the pair talked security and politics.

Prime Minister begins series of meetings by lunching with his British counterpart David Cameron.

Kiwis involved in Myanmar's development

COOLING OFF: Libby McKinnon with her husband Carl Allwood and their children Arabella, 6, and Henry, 4, are looking for success in Myanmar.

Many New Zealanders are riding the tidal wave of development transforming Myanmar since 2011.

Aus finance chief 'swindled A$7m' to gamble, police

Accused: Jason Graham Boatwright was arrested in Los Angeles after a three-year manhunt.

Jason Boatwright, a former epay Australia employee, was arrested in Los Angeles.

'Francogeddon': Swiss central bank's policy U-turn

With more than 40 per cent of Swiss exports going to the euro zone, firms across Switzerland warned of a plunge in profits, with the luxury and tourism industries most exposed.

The Swiss National Bank shocks financial markets by scrapping a three-year-old cap on the franc, sending the currency soaring against the euro and stocks plunging on fears for the export-reliant Swiss economy.

Cattle ship barred by Fiji

NO ENTRY: Fijian authorities have barred the cattle ship Polaris 2 from port.

Ship carrying thousands of dairy cows from Chile to China blocked from Suva after claiming to be low on food.

McCully names front for poachers

Fishers on the illegal fishing vessel Kunlun using gaffs drag aboard a large toothfish.

Foreign minister accuses Panama company and law firm of providing front for boats illegally fishing.

Boeing is top planemaker

BLACK BEAUTY: Air New Zealand's Dreamliner.

Boeing delivered more planes than Airbus Group in 2014 to hold on to the title of world's biggest planemaker.

No.2 on al-Qaeda hit list is selling chips

OTHER THINGS TO FRY: Florida pastor Terry Jones found himself facing an international army of detractors when he announced plans for 'International Burn a Koran Day'.

He gained notoriety for burning the Koran, but now the man who is a target of al-Qaeda has found other things to fry.

Half a million dogs for Anthony

A dog posted to cheer up 16 year old Anthony.

A pet-loving 16-year-old cancer patient in the US has turned into internet celebrity.

Japan's losing fight against suicide culture


With Japan's slide into recession suicide numbers are on the rise again.

Driverless cars seen as future

CYBER-DRIVER: One of Google prototype driverless cars.

Vehicles that drive themselves may be on the road in large numbers by 2017 and could create a $54 billion market for the technology by 2025.

Bankers set for bigger bonuses


Investment bankers will have more spring in their step in 2015 amid expectations of better bonuses.

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