Spiritual singer on death row with Bali nine duo

Okwudili Ayotanze (second from left) is on death row with Australians Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran.

A charismatic gospel singer who jams with prison guards is among those on death row with Bali nine ringleaders Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran.

The true cost of fracking

SHAKY GROUND: Oklahoma has seen a dramatic rise in the number of earthquakes since 2009.

Locals were happy when the money flowed thick and fast from fracking in the oil-boom state. Then the quakes started.

Teen earns $500,000 a year babysitting

One New York teen's babysitting business plan has paid off to the tune of half a million dollars.

For most teens, $30 for one night of babysitting a week is enough. Noa Mintz is not most teens.

Simon Marais loses cancer battle

SMART INVESTOR: Simon Marais, CEO of Allan Gray, has sadly lost his battle with cancer.

Renowned contrarian investor and Allan Gray chief executive Simon Marais has died after losing his battle with cancer. cash cash

WHY FRONTS: Men don't like talking about their undies - but with NZ$3.5bn on the line in the US alone, analysts find it quite exciting.

Boxer briefs are the biggest thing in American men's pants - to the tune of $3.58bn a year.

Putin 'naked king' facing economic ruin

GANGSTER WRAP: Russian exile, Mikhail Khodorkovsky, was once likened to Al Capone by Vladimir Putin.

A scathing attack on Vladimir Putin by exile Mikhail Khodorkovsy paints a bleak picture for Russia's economy.

War of words over hen's party

Hen's party

A group of women on a hen's night claim they were shafted by entertainment providers.

SIM maker downplays hack

SIM cards maker Gemalto admits the NSA and GCHQ probably did break into its system to steal codes for billions of users' phones

Dutch firm admits the NSA and GCHQ probably did break into its system to steal codes for billions of users' phones.

Swiss scandal brings shame

IMAGE DAMAGED: Results from Europe's biggest bank reflected the cost of past misconduct and of protecting itself against  further scandals.

Europe's biggest bank, HSBC, says tax-dodging allegations about its Swiss business hurt.

China churns out billionaires

ASIA'S RICHEST PERSON: Jack Ma, founder of Alibaba Group, has added US$6.7 billion to his US$35.1b fortune this year.

A market frenzy in the world's second-biggest economy hatched dozens of billionaires this year alone.

The world's most successful company

The government previously said it wanted to ban cigarette branding but wanted to conduct a final consultation to make sure it was the right thing to do.

Take a look at this chart. It shows the performance of the most successful company in the world.

'Nobody consoled Marco'

Brazilian Marco Archer Cardoso Moreira was executed by firing squad in Indonesia last month.

Indonesian authorities executed a Brazilian man last month without allowing a priest perform the last rites as he waited for the firing squad.

Joko will push ahead with Bali executions

'NOT FOR TURNING': Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott and Indonesian President Joko Widodo.

ANALYSIS: President's calm exterior disguises the bad news for the Australian drug smugglers.

Germany rejects Greece's loan extension bid video

Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis.

Germany has the clout to block a deal and cast Greece adrift, potentially pushing it towards the euro zone exit.

Isis not only problem to consider

Syrian refugees children play in puddles after heavy rain in the Zaatari refugee camp in 2013. The camp near Jordan's border with Syria is home to 95,000 refugees who have fled the Syrian civil war.

OPINION: We should instead be asking ourselves how NZ can best reduce the terrible human suffering of Syria's civil war.

Lego - world's most powerful brand

LEGO RULES: Lego is now the most powerful brand in the world, as the Ferrari star fades.

Lego has become the world's most powerful brand - unseating Ferrari from its top spot.

$1 billion bank hack video

29122014. 123rf.
Stock Photo - Hacker typing on a laptop with binary code in background

inary, binary code, breach, burglar, caucasian, code, communication, computer, concept, concepts, cracker, crime, criminal, cyber, cyberspace, danger, dangerous, data, digital, digitally generated image, fishing, hack, hacker, hacking, hoody, id, identity, information, internet, laptop, man, network, notebook, number, password, pc, phishing, robber, safety, security, spy, steal, stealing, technology, theft, thief, virus, web, zero

Hackers steal directly from banks instead of account holders, but experts say customers may still be at risk.

Online bank robbers steal up to NZ$1.33b video

Up to 100 banks and other finanicial institutions around the world have been hit by one of the most sophisicated cyber attacks to strike the finance industry, according to a Russian security company.

Computer security firm claims a hacker group has stolen as much NZ$1.33b from banks and other financial companies since 2013.

ANZ Aussie head to step down

STEPPING UP: Phil Chronican.

Phil Chronican is stepping down from one of the most senior roles in Australia's banking industry.

Rinehart set to sue over House of Hancock

TROUBLE BREWING: Mandy McElhinney as Gina Rinehart in House of Hancock.

Aussie mining magnate's lawyers call a drama about her family 'twisted' and misleading.

Nutella owner Michele Ferrero dies at 89

Michele Ferrero

The billionaire became Italy's richest man with a confectionery empire built on his popular Nutella spread.

HSBC apologises over secret Swiss bank accounts

Former Group Chairman of HSBC Holdings Stephen Green, pictured here in 2010, has remained silent over his role in HSBC's Swiss bank controversy.

British banking giant says sorry after allegations its Swiss private bank helped hundreds of clients to dodge taxes.

Thirteen killed in India building collapse

Paramedics' penalty rates have been cut.

Thirteen people have been killed after a building collapsed in northern India.

UK's Cameron pledges climate action

Britain's Prime Minister David Cameron.

UK's Conservative prime minister signs declaration to step up the fight against climate change.

Chinese economy on the rise

New figures on China's rise as an economic superpower underscore where New Zealand's future lies, according to PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Details of alleged IS video revealed

Prime Minister Tony Abbott during question time at Parliament House in Canberra.

Video allegedly shows Sydney student kneeling before an Islamic State flag, making threats.

Hasbro's dreams come true

The Avengers movie franchise has been a hit for Hasbro

Toy maker Hasbro is paying a fortune to make toys for big movie franchises like the Avengers and Star Wars. But it's paying off.

Apple cracks $700b mark

Apple is one of the big companies viewed negatively because of its use of offshore tax havens.

The world's largest company by market capitalisation got a little bit bigger.

UK to probe HSBC tax evasion

HSBC  says it has taken steps to ensure its banking services are not used to evade taxes or launder money,

British lawmakers plan to open an inquiry into HSBC after media reports the bank helped wealthy customers dodge taxes and hide assets.

Drone kills Afghan militant

The Islamic State has tweeted warnings they are coming to Rome. Citizens in Rome do not seem too concerned.

A drone strike in Afghanistan killed veteran militant suspected of having defected to Islamic State from the Taliban.

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