Panama papers

Govt accepts foreign trusts plan video

Tax expert John Shewan has called for a shake up of New Zealand's laws around foreign trusts.

John Key accepts foreign trust rules need a radical overhaul following warnings not enough's being done to counter money laundering.

Judgment day for trusts video

The foreign trust inquiry by John Shewan has helped the Government save face.

NZ's foreign trust regime is a good little earner for some, but time may be running out.

Mossack Fonseca staffer held

Geneva prosecutors led a police raid of Mossack Fonseca's local office in which computer equipment was seized.

Computer specialist at the Panama law firm is taken into custody over huge leak.

Pedro Almodovar's Julieta video

Director Pedro Almodovar leaves the Juliet' premier.

"If the Panama Papers were a film," the acclaimed Spanish director said, "we wouldn't even be credited as extras."

Greens donor in Panama Papers

Forbes Elworthy donated $15,000 to the Green Party in 2011 during the election campaign.

A wealthy Kiwi who gave the Greens $15,000 has been listed in the documents leaks.


WhatsApp to share data

WhatsApp has one billion users worldwide and counting.That's nearly one in seven people on Earth.

Facebook takes first step toward making money from its WhatsApp deal and lots of users aren't happy.

Uber loses US$1.3b in 6 months

Uber investors were told that the biggest source of the company's losses is subsidies its pays for its drivers.

Uber may be gaining riders. It may be on the cutting edge of technology. But it's also a money-loser.

World's first self-driving taxis debut

An autonomous vehicle is parked for its test drive in Singapore. The world's first self-driving taxis, operated by ...

Dozens sign up to hail a free ride in driverless taxis through their smartphones.

A $100 million problem

Sirtex boss Gilman Wong can't find any suitable investments.

Australian Gilman Wong can't find anything he wants to buy with the pile of cash from his cancer treatment company.

Making staff rich is glorious video

Blackmores boom.

Vitamin products firm Blackmores boosted its staff bonus to the equivalent of 44 days pay.

Harley-Davidson unveils new motor

Harley-Davidson's new Milwaukee-Eight engine.

Harley-Davidson is to introduced an all-new engine, the Milwaukee-Eight, named for the city where the company was born.

Hating your job can harm your health

Researchers have found job satisfaction in your late 20s and 30s appears to be linked to your health in your 40s.

Loathe your job in your 20s or 30s? That may hurt your physical and mental well-being by your 40s.

Qantas posts $1b profit

Qantas will pay a dividend for the first time in seven years.

Qantas has stabilised its business enough to pay a dividend for the first time in seven years.

Why studios love a remake

Jack Huston as Judah Ben-Hur in Paramount's Ben-Hur, which has flopped at the box office.

The Ben Hur remake may have seemed a sure bet. It wasn't. But here's why it doesn't matter.

Please, have cheese with that

Onewhero 11/03/09.  Your Weekend Feature Story. Albert Alferink from the Mercer Cheese Shop won the Cuisine Champion of ...

There is way too much cheese in America, so the US Department of Agriculture is buying a massive amount of it.

'They'll kill' for ramen

Inmates often used instant ramen packs to barter for other food items, clothes, hygiene products and even services.

Noodles are taking over tobacco as the preferred underground currency inmates use in US prisons.

Female firefighters face burn

Mittendorff's death stirred anger about lewd and harassing comments that had been made about her in a popular online forum.

When US firefighter Nicole Mittendorff died, a fellow firefighter likened the suicide to a "fire bell in the night".

Foreign workers fill gaps

rmers plant rice seedlings in a paddy rice field in Narita City, Chiba Prefecture, Japan.

Japan is struggling to keep its farms running as farmers age and young people shun the work.

Dick Smith fires up online video

The Dick Smith brand lives on, online.

Retailer delivers over $6m in sales since it reopened as an online-only store under a new owner. 

Lightning strike deaths spike

Fridays have been the deadliest day of the week this year, which Jensenius said was unusual.

There's been a surge in lightning deaths this year in the US, with Fridays being especially deadly.

US bank customers keep coming

Bank executives argue that, in a competitive market, they need to be footsteps away from the best customers.

US banks want to cut back - but people aren't ready to give up regular visits to their nearest branch.

Woman took $2m from lonely men

Sanaa Derbas even pretended that some of her children had died in order to drain the bank accounts of some of her victims.

She even pretended some of her children had died in order to drain bank accounts of some of her dating victims.

Clinton big winner in Trump tax plan

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and her husband former president Bill Clinton would benefit from Trump's ...

Donald Trump's plan would cut Hillary Clinton's tax bill in half.

Woolworths face billion dollar loss

Woolworths' major shareholders have been impatient for Australia's biggest supermarket chain to stitch up a deal for the ...

The parents of Countdown in NZ hit by restructuring and exit from a loss making hardware business.

Doing business in space

The International Space Station wants "out of the box" ideas creating a market place in space.

A market place in space. Why not? Nasa wants to see it happen.

Who buys a building for charity?

Trainees Sam, Nina and Adam outside Streat's new headquarters.

Flight Centre co-founder, Geoff Harris, that's who. Youth charity, Streat's new building also got a make-over.

Go away! Green gets angry

Kourtney and Kim Kardashian pose with Arcadia Group chief executive Philip Green during a media event before the launch ...

With the imminent closure of BHS, British billionaire, Sir Philip Green threatens a reporter.

Uncle Sam goes for gold, too

Michael Phelps is worth an estimated US$55 million, so any tax bill won't cause him too much pain.

In the Rio Olympics, the US tax department wins along with the US sports stars - up to US$9900 per gold medal.

Chickens fly off truck outside KFC

Poor chooks. Crates of live chickens flew off a moving truck and landed right in front of a KFC - and it was all caught ...

Crates of live chickens landed right in front of a KFC - and it was all caught on camera by a vegan.

Grandma Uber at your service

If you call Kathy Raydings for a ride she answers as "Grandma Uber".

She's got drinks, treats, tunes and a regular passenger list of 700.

14,000 out of work

Cisco increasingly requires "different skill sets" for the "software-defined future" than it did in the past, as it ...

US-based Cisco Systems becomes the third software company to shed employees, blaming a change in its focus, according to a report.

Cleese: 'Horrible way to make money'

Comedian John Cleese has made no bones about the fact that it was his most recent divorce that has forced him back on tour.

British comedian John Cleese doesn't think much of casinos. But casino owner, James Packer, about to marry, Mariah Carey, isn't complaining.

Could ANZ and Oswals settle?

Radhika Oswal and her husband Pankaj leaving court on Thursday.

Explosive testimony from an Australian businesswoman has pushed ANZ to try to settle.

ANZ 'threatens' billionaire's family

Pankaj Oswal and Radhika Oswal are suing the ANZ Bank and receivers from PPB Advisory over the forced sale of their 65 ...

Aussie businesswoman was told her children would be left orphans by a bank boss over fraud fight, court hears.

Microbeads contaminate fish video

RMIT researchers have shown microbeads can and do contaminate fish with toxic chemical pollutants.

Fish are eating plastic microbeads, which are capable of attracting and releasing toxic chemicals, scientists say.

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