Canada's Silicone Valley

Blackberry Z10

The demise of BlackBerry may have spelled trouble for its hometown, instead the tech hub is booming.

$53b US cable merger backed

Time Warner

Washington Post says the main US cable providers should be able to merge, but with conditions.

Euro hedge funds booming


European hedge funds' assets hit a record high for the first quarter of this year.

Yellen bares her teeth on regulation

yellen strap

The Federal Reserve may be about to turn more aggressive in its regulation of the financial system.

Bridgestone executive in court


A Bridgestone executive and two former officials are indicted for conspiring to fix prices.

China's credit falls

per cent

Chinese policymakers try to rein in a credit binge, while meeting a target of 7.5 per cent economic growth.

Citigroup income up, concerns remain


Third-largest US bank saw losses on troubled assets narrow, but revenue fell in many of its major businesses.

Mexico's 'vague' crackdown


Mexico plans to fight money laundering by using "kingpin" lists, but it isn't clear how the process will work.

Murdoch's $30m superyacht calls

car meets house

Aussie media tycoon Lachlan Murdoch's luxury superyacht is turning turning heads on Nelson's waterfront.

Aussie shares being manipulated


Market manipulation appears rife on the ASX compared to other major markets, researchers say.

Big demand for Aussie infrastructure

Australian dollars

Australia is about to be hit by a wave of international capital bidding for NZ$119b worth of infrastructure assets.

Don't bank on jobs in banking


Despite Europe's fledgling economic recovery, its unlikely its biggest banks will return to pre-GFC employment levels.

UAE focuses on SMEs

UAE Strap

The United Arab Emirates hopes to create more jobs for young people, by boosting entrepreneurship.

ECB focus on strengthening euro


The ECB will ease monetary policy further if the euro keeps strengthening, in an effort to ward off deflation.

Murdoch speaks out about divorce

rupert murdoch

Media mogul Rupert Murdoch was "shocked" by reports his ex-wife kept diary entries about Tony Blair.

Coca-Cola's shares lose fizz


Coca-Cola shares have hit a 23 year low after it announced it expects a NZ$65m hit to earnings in the first half.

France frowns on after work email


Checking work email after hours is no longer allowed for many workers in France.

Europe's oil woes likely to continue

The US could relieve Europe and Ukraine's energy dependence on Russia if it overturned a ban on its crude oil exports.

Wall Street warning

wall st

Legendary Swiss investor predicts a 1987-type Wall Street crash this year - only it will be worse.

GM suspends engineers over fault

GM general motors

US carmaker puts two engineers on paid leave during an investigation into ignition switches after 13 deaths.

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