Richest American no surprise

wealthy, rich, millionaire, fat cat

The wealthiest person in the US has held the top spot for 21 years straight.

US judge holds Argentina in contempt


Judge rules the South American country was in contempt of court for defying his orders over repaying US hedge funds.

Adidas plans NY centre


Rural Germany Adidas responds to losing 'cool' battle with Nike by shifting key design roles.

Sri Lanka seeks to trademark cinnamon success

sri lanka cinnamon

The centuries-old industry, the world's leading cinnamon supplier, is under threat from a cheaper rival.

Antarctica deserves to be valued


Christchurch needs to better recognise the economic activity associated with the polar region, Antarctica NZ says.

Man quits $100m job to be with daughter

mohamed el-erian

Mohamed El-Erian was head of a US$2 trillion investment fund but a note from his young daughter made him reconsider.

Alibaba bulls say risks worth it


Plenty of investors jump into Chinese float despite 45 pages of potential pitfalls in the company's prospectus.

RBA looks to tackle home loans

Australian dollars

The Reserve Bank of Australia's concerns about overheating property markets are growing deeper.

Pregnant JBWere exec harassed

pregnant belly

Former Aussie JBWere executive says she was bullied and told 'a woman's IQ halves when she falls pregnant".

Free range egg fraud

Chicken and egg

One of Australia's biggest egg produces has been fined over NZ$300,000 for falsely passing off product as free range.

Women. Like men. Only cheaper

Aussie millionaire says he 'stuffed up' with tech conference remarks about paying women less than men.

Tesco execs suspended after profit error


The world's second-largest supermarket chain launches investigation after interim profit is overstated by NZ$500m.

Infrastructure focus for G-20 finance chiefs

magnifying glass dollar

Aussie Treasurer says G-20 finance ministers and central bankers have agreed to more than 900 policy initiatives.

Socialite proud of banned ad

Carls's Jr

Paris Hilton tweets the world that her latest raunchy Carl's Jr ad has been banned in New Zealand.

No longer Crazy Jack Ma

Jack Ma

Alibaba's founder believed in the internet's business potential when few other Chinese did, and is now worth $27 billion.

Alibaba IPO prices at top end

The Chinese e-commerce giant prices its initial public offering at US$68 a share, raising US$21.8 billion.

Celtic tiger roars again

Ireland flag

Ireland's economy is growing rapidly, leading economists to declare the country's debt crisis dead and buried.

Tax crackdown a step closer

Taxing Times

G20 finance ministers are expected to ratify the first part of a plan to restrict multinational tax avoidance.

Aussie CEO pay down but still too high

Australian dollars

OPINION: Compared with the money mere mortals take home, CEO pay in Australia is the lowest it has been for 11 years.

US Fed keeps rates at record low

US Federal Reserve

The Federal Reserve signalled its plans citing that a broad range of US economic measures remain subpar.

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