Teen injured in play gun fight

04:32, May 05 2014

A Wainuiomata teenager who brought a stick to a gun play-fight has been injured.

A 16-year-old boy is being treated at Hutt Hospital for pellet injuries to his hand after another teen accidentally fired a slug gun, which he told police he did not know was loaded, Hutt Valley acting senior sergeant Emma Bunny said.

The incident occurred about 12.30 lunchtime today when the boys were play fighting at their Wainuiomata residence, north of Wellington. It appeared to be an accident, Bunny said.

"It seemed they were running around a back yard with a stick and slug gun. They didn't know it was loaded and one has shot the other."

The injured teen was not at school today because the pair was home-schooled, Bunny said.

The 19-year-old carrying the gun was uninjured and had been referred to police youth aid, she added.

Police warned that air guns were not toys and should be treated like any other potentially dangerous firearm.

''We definitely need to out the message out there that slug guns have the capacity to cause serious injury and preventative care needs to be taken when dealing with fire arms."