Two drink driving charges in one day

01:53, May 13 2014

A Wellington man will face court today after he allegedly drunk drove twice in one day - carrying on even after he was halted by motorists who used their cars to block his.

A 40-year-old man will appear in court to face two sets of drink driving charges today after he was allegedly discovered back behind the wheel within hours of being cornered by concerned motorists.

In the first incident, police said members of the public called them when a blue four-wheel-drive was spotted weaving across three southbound lanes near the Terrace Tunnel about 3pm yesterday. 

The car struck the median barrier a number of times before it came to a halt at the south end of the tunnel, Sergeant Doug McGuire said.

Once it had stopped several drivers blocked in the 4WD using their vehicles and another person took the alleged drunk driver's keys, he said.

McGuire said the man was processed for drink driving and credited the motorists for stopping him.


The keys to the man's SUV were taken by police and the vehicle remained at the roadside. 

However after the man was released he returned to his 4WD and managed to get it back on the road, police said today.

He was stopped a second time by police about 6pm after someone noticed him driving erratically. Police recognised the description of the vehicle and the man was once again processed for drink driving and arrested. 

Senior Sergeant Richard Hocken, of Wellington District road policing, said the man's driving could have resulted in a crash.

"It is very concerning that someone would be so determined to take such risks with the lives of other road users."

The man will face two charges in Wellington District Court today of driving with excess breath alcohol, driving a motor vehicle in a dangerous manner and driving while suspended.

Hocken again thanked the public for reporting the man and urged people to call *555 if they spotted a road incident and 111 if it demanded urgent attention or was life threatening.

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