'A big crash and a cloud of dust'

02:04, May 27 2014
Tomai Morris
CRASH WITNESS: Regular commuter Tomai Morris watched a train plough into a barrier at Melling Station.

A regular commuter on the 8.14 to Wellington has described the shock as the train failed to stop and then crashed at Melling station.

Tomai Morris, 28, of Harbour View in Lower Hutt, said she was on the platform when the train approached Melling about 8.10am.

''I noticed through my peripheral vision the train coming really fast toward the platform and thought to myself, 's..., that's going fast.'

''The train didn't slow down at all, it sped past me and kept going like an express train, until it crashed. 

"There was a big crash sound and cloud of dust,'' Morris said.

She said it was hard at first to comprehend what had happened.

''I could see that passengers in the second carriage were in shock and one person appeared to have been injured. 

''People on the platform wanted to try and help passengers out of the carriage, but because the trains run on electricity, the doors couldn't open.

"A man waiting on the platform yelled out not to touch the train and to step away from it.''

Once Morris was over the shock she thought to herself" "I'd better get some photos".

She took a few snaps before asking if any others had seen the driver. 

''A man I was standing next to asked me to hold the phone so he could climb up to look into the driver's area. It appeared that the driver made it out of the area and was OK.''

Attention then turned to how she and her fellow would-be passengers would get to work.

She opted for her car. ''Before I left the station, I posted my photos to Facebook. I stopped by the platform to see if anyone wanted a ride. 

''I filled my car with passengers and made my way to town. Even with all the drama, I made it to work earlier than if I had caught the train.''


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