Jail for sexual abuse of family members

01:30, Jul 31 2014

A man who spent eight years sexually abusing the girls in his family has been jailed for 17 years.

Wellington District Court judge Peter Hobbs sentenced the man, who has continued to deny he did anything wrong and had no remorse.

Judge Hobbs said the 42-year-old was a danger to others.  

The man has name suppression to protect the identity of his victims.

The man was found guilty of 25 charges of sexual violation by unlawful sexual connection, indecent assault, doing an indecent act, inducing a girl to do an indecent act and assault on a child. The four victims were a daughters, a stepdaughter and their cousins and the offending took place over eight years from 1999.

Judge Hobbs said the offending had happened in Porirua, the Bay of Plenty and around the North Island.  


He said the man had touched the girls, forced them to touch him and in one case dragged a girl down a hallway by her hair.

The victim impact statements showed the victims had difficulty maintaining relationships and suffered from depression. One said she had just wanted him to apologise and care for her, the judge said.

Judge Hobbs said the man felt there was no point in him doing rehabilitation programmes in prison.

The judge also imposed a minimum non-parole period of seven years.

The Dominion Post