Balcony man 'recorded everything in flat'

05:19, Aug 13 2014
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A cherry picker has been brought in by detectives to examine the balcony where New Zealand tourist Warriena Tagpuno Wright fell to her death last Friday.

The Surfers Paradise apartment of Gable Tostee remains a crime scene as investigators continue to piece together the events that led to the 26-year-old falling from the 14th floor of the Avalon complex.

“The fire brigade cherry picker will be used to help our forensic police in conducting an examination of the outside of the balcony,” Superintendent David Hutchinson said.

Warriena Tagpuno Wright
SUSPICIOUS DEATH: Warriena Tagpuno Wright fell from the balcony of a Surfers' Paradise high-rise apartment building.

Tostee, who was understood to be the last person to see Wright alive, still refuses to talk to police about the incident.

Tostee, who has boasted of balcony sex and more than 150 sexual conquests, has claimed to have wired his apartment with security cameras and said he was "somewhat obsessed with recording everything".

It was not clear whether the cameras were still operational on the night Wright visited but Australian media today reported police had taken his mobile phone, other digital equipment to examine his recordings.


The reports also said a phone belonging to a close friend of Tostee had been confiscated. It was understood the man was contacted by Tostee after the fatal fall from the Avalon apartments.

Wright, 26, died early on Friday morning after spending the night with Tostee - a man she is understood to have met through dating app Tinder - at his apartment in Surfers Paradise.

He was not there when police arrived at the scene.

Wright, who went by the name Rrie, was in Australia to catch up with friends and to attend a wedding.

Tostee has denied anything to do with Wright's death in online postings. However, the 28-year-old, a frequent user of a bodybuilding forum, claimed in June 2012 that he had installed cameras in his apartment.

 "I'm somewhat obsessed with recording everything," he wrote online.

"I have motion detection cameras in my house, call recording on my phone, and sometimes even leave my phone on record in my pocket for nights out in case I forget what happens."

Two months later he uploaded a video of a woman allegedly stealing his wallet.

"Brought a chick back with me from club last night. Woke up later, realised my wallet was gone. Looked everywhere, then checked my home surveillance video in my living room.

"When she left she snatched it off the table! All I have is her number, can't even remember her name," he wrote.

"How should I go about getting my wallet back???"

He also went into detail in the forum about about the types of cameras he uses to spy and record to his computer.

"I also have mini spy cameras which I've used for fun when I've gone out and had a drunken night or something...Didn't work all that great since all you could see were peoples' hips, so gave up on that in the end."

Tostee claimed to have also bought a telescope for looking at "neighbours, people on the street etc" and purchased a drone with a fixed camera, which he used to fly off his balcony.

Forensic investigators completed their sweep of Tostee's apartment on Tuesday and detectives will continue searching it for the next few days.