Second trial for boyfriend stabbing

01:07, Aug 18 2014
Juliette Anne Gerbes
STABBING ACCUSED: Juliette Anne Gerbes outside Napier court house.

A young woman accused of stabbing her boyfriend to death is on trial for the second time after a previous jury failed to reach a verdict on the manslaughter charge.

Juliette Gerbes, 21, is again defending her actions on the night Christopher Jones died from stab wounds to his stomach.

Gerbes picked up a kitchen knife on October 13 2012, to defend herself during an argument with Jones, the High court in Napier heard today.

She claims Jones pulled the knife into himself.

The knife cut 15 centimetres into Jones' stomach and through two major vessels causing extensive bleeding.

He died in hospital hours later.


Crown prosecutor Clayton Walker said Gerbes and Jones had a violent relationship which reached it's lowest point that night.

The violence went both ways, Walker said.

Jones tried to initiate sex when they got home from a party but Gerbes told him she was not in the mood.

She slapped him when he said he would go down to the local bar and find a woman who would sleep with him.

The couple started throwing punches until Jones got hold of Gerbes neck and tried to choke her before storming off.

Thinking he had gone to the bar, Gerbes got up to lock the doors.

When she found Jones still in the house she tried to push him outside.

But he pushed harder and backed her into a corner.

She grabbed the closest thing she could find - a knife on the bench.

Walker said Gerbes plunged the knife into Jones in anger.

The angle and direction of the wound was "inconsistent" with Jones pulling the knife into himself, he said.

The jury need to determine whether Gerbes stabbed Jones or the wound was self-inflicted, either accidentally or deliberately, Walker said.

Walker acknowledged that Gerbes may have been acting in self-defence but stabbing him was "beyond reasonable force."

"It (self-defense) is not a blank cheque to use as much force as you like," Walker said.

"She did not need to stab him, She did not need to thrust the knife into him."

Lawyer Eric Forster said Gerbes picked up the knife in self-defense because she feared further assault.

"She did not intentionally cause the wound."

The trial before Justice Lowell Goddard is expected to take three to four days.

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