Lennon's birthday marked with bed-in

01:43, Jan 31 2009
PEACE, MAN: Barry Coates from Oxfam and DJ Paul 'Redbird Jr' Shelley send out good vibes during today's bed-in for world peace, held to mark John Lennon's birthday.

Imagine all the people...going to bed for world peace?

A Wellington radio station is staging an all-day 'bed-in' in a Cuba Mall fashion store today to celebrate John Lennon's birthday and promote world peace.

John Lennon and Yoko Ono famously held a week-long bed-in for peace on their honeymoon in 1969. They staged another seven day bed-in later that year.

Wellington musicians, including Barnaby Weir from the Black Seeds, and charity organisations will visit Rex Royale's front window to perform and discuss issues surrounding world peace on-air.

Radio Active 89 FM's DJ Paul 'Redbird Jr' Shelley said the public were welcome to come along and spend some time at the bed-in.

"It's about using John Lennon's birthday as a vehicle to promote peace and love in Wellington and hopefully beyond."

Oxfam New Zealand executive director Barry Coates said New Zealanders needed to push for fair trade for small and fragile countries, especially those in the Pacific.

"The things we do in New Zealand as citizens and consumers can affect people on the other side of the world... many countries need the opportunity to trade their way out of poverty."


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