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Residential Property

The real cost of a home

The costs of keeping the roof over your head in good nick have risen dramatically.

House prices are high in cities, but the costs after you buy are also through the roof.

A Roman garden in Wellington gallery

Pour a glass of prosecco and toast the glorious excess of this garden in Wellington.

Wellington house prices stable

Apartment tenants left in the dark

Commercial Property

Lyall Bay house and cafe sells strongly

144 Onepu Rd which sold recently at auction along with a house for more than $1.48m.

Strong bidding for a commercial and residential opportunity in Lyall Bay.

Fun and games at Lynmore Junction

A $13 million entertainment and retail is set to be built in Rotorua's Te Ngae Road.

Major overseas players have started showing interest in Wellington commercial properties, such as 133 Molesworth St which sold recently for $80m.

Competition stiffens for commercial property

Conditions are conspiring to rachet up demand for Wellington and Auckland commercial property

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