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Residential Property

Something smells in Whitby

The smell plaguing some Whiby residents comes from plants, not cows, council says.

Manure or rotting vegetation? Something's stinking up a Porirua suburb.

800 houses for Porirua

Unlike the more expensive Aotea subdivision nearby, the new development's aimed at first home buyers.

Wellington's housing crisis plan video

Shaky capital: 100 days on gallery video

commercial property

Looming 'subbies' law unclear: surveyors

The new retentions law should ensure subcontractors get paid, but quantity surveyors say the fine details are still to ...

Retention money needs workable guidelines before law comes in, group says.

Hospital site just the medicine

A large portion of industrial land is up for sale near Porirua Hospital.

A rare large industrial site in Porirua hits the market.

Shaky capital: 100 days on gallery video

The demolition of the condemned Reading Cinema carpark in Wellington's central city is "around three-quarters complete" ...

One hundred days after the Kaikoura quake, about 200 people are unable to return to their Wellington homes.

Record new consents for Capital

Wellington City Council is progressing towards achieving its annual 1500 target for new building consents, with 1204 new ...

Wellington Mayor says rash of new residential building consents for the capital will ease affordability.

Thousands lost in building sale

Property developer Ian Cassels.

As property prices surge nationwide, one council loses thousands on real estate deal.

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