Email glitch hits Telecom and Vodafone

Technical faults are affecting both Telecom and Vodafone's email services, potentially affecting hundreds of thousands of customers.

Telecom says it is still in the dark over the cause of a fault with YahooXtra email that is preventing some users from sending and receiving email through Microsoft Outlook. Customers can still send and receive email through webmail.

Vodafone has the opposite problem; webmail is down for some customers, but they can still use email clients such as Outlook.

Vodafone notified customers of the problem shortly before noon only after being contacted by BusinessDay.

Hundreds of thousands of customers use YahooXtra in conjunction with Outlook. Telecom spokeswoman Jo Jalfon said not all were affected by its fault but it did not know the proportion.

Acting Telecom chief executive Chris Quin tweeted that the company's executive team had been briefed and "everyone is on it right now".

Last month YahooXtra experienced two major faults. One delayed the delivery of email to a significant proportion of customers and resulted in a substantial backlog of emails. An earlier spam-related issue meant email to and from thousands of corporate customers was delayed by up to a few days.

Jalfon said Telecom was not reviewing its email outsourcing contract with its joint venture provider YahooXtra and said that had not been called for by its customers.