Passengers upset over Jetstar cancellations

19:26, Aug 26 2012

Disgruntled passengers were left scrambling for alternative travel when two full Jetstar flights between Auckland and Wellington were cancelled today.

There were 180 passengers booked on the 9.55am JQ265 flight from Auckland to Wellington, but it was cancelled due to the ''roll-on effect'' from an engineering issue with another plane, Jetstar spokeswoman Simone Pregellio said.

The full 11.30am return flight from Wellington to Auckland was also cancelled. Passengers were given the option of a refund or a free move to another Jetstar flight, with any costs associated with an overnight stay paid back.

Those passengers were either given a letter or sent an email apologising and offered a AUS$100 travel voucher, she said.

Wellington resident Neil Sands said he had little warning of the cancellation and there was a huge queue of disgruntled passengers trying to book alternative flights with Air New Zealand this morning.

There was no room on other Jetstar flights, so staff told him to book with Air New Zealand - costing him more than $300.


Then Jetstar's telephone hotline said it would not cover the cost of other airline flights.

''I think there will be a lot of people justifiably expecting refunds from Jetstar who are set to be disappointed.''

Ms Pregellio said passengers could get a refund for the cancelled flight, but Jetstar would not cover flights with other airlines.

Mr Sands joked that it was ''my own fault for booking with a cruddy, unreliable airline''.

The Dominion Post