Telecom broadband issues continue

Telecom is looking into more reports of issues with broadband this morning, after an evening of internet outage.

The company tweeted "We're looking into the reports of issues this AM - will update when we know more, sorry to those affected".

This morning’s issues come after a night of outage, which started at 9.45pm.

Technicians restored the server at around 11.35pm, and by just after 1am, about 250,000 customers were back online.

The outage happened 13 hours after the day's first massive outage was remedied.

Spokeswoman Jo Jalfon said yesterday the faults throughout the day appeared to be related.

Customers were having difficulty reaching Telecom's call centres because of a high volume of calls.

They said: "Our call centres obviously taking a few calls now, hence the long wait times. Apologies."

Internet users from Auckland to Canterbury reported they could not log on.

The outage also affected some eftpos services. Jalfon said that would have depended on the technology retailers were using.

Telecom said the fault was caused by a systems upgrade, which Jalfon later described as systems maintenance.

Telecom's retail CEO, Chris Quin, said the group is going to reduce the chance of future outages.

"We have a comprehensive review underway to ascertain how these issues can be minimised in the future," he said.

He also apologised to customers for any disruption the outages have caused so far. 

The Dominion Post