Mobile network closes as technology changes

19:13, Jul 30 2012

Telecom's CDMA mobile network, also known as T3G, will be switched off at midnight tonight after which it cannot be used to make or receive any calls, including 111 calls.

Phones that use the network can be distinguished by the fact they do not take Sim cards, or people can call *333 to check.

Telecom said in February that 300,000 customers used the network at least once in December. It has said usage has since dropped steeply, but has declined to provide updated numbers.

Chief executive Chris Quin said he felt there was "high awareness" the service was closing.

Worldwide, CDMA technology has been losing out to the alternative UMTS technology standard on which Vodafone, 2degrees and Telecom's XT network are based.

However, CDMA is still popular in North America and parts of Asia.

Telecom spokeswoman Stephanie Fergusson said it had been sending out text messages to people who were visiting New Zealand and roaming on its CDMA network to alert them of the closure.


The Dominion Post