No office, and loving the change of scenery

Rachael Lake of Knowledge Cue enjoys having a workplace that's forever on the move.
Rachael Lake of Knowledge Cue enjoys having a workplace that's forever on the move.

A global study shows third place working is the new normal and for Wellington's Rachael Lake, she wouldn't have it any other way.

"Third place working is versatile, I have everything at my fingertips, we do everything in the clouds, which means everything we do is online, it's just easy - all you have to do is turn the laptop on."

Mrs Lake is managing director of Knowledge Cue, a consultancy that specialises in helping businesses leverage Microsoft SharePoint.

She gives the example of BNZ, which it helps use SharePoint for its intranet and document management and collaboration within the business environment.

Whatever the case, Knowledge Cue and its 12 staff have no fixed abode - all work in third places, predominantly client sites and cafes.

"Our staff usually work either on client sites, cafes, from home or we use the BNZ Partners Business Centre a lot. They have great facilities you can use free of charge if you bank with them."

Even the firm's team meetings are held in eating establishments in central Wellington, as are client meetings.

"Every two weeks we have a team lunch and we rotate around the different establishments."

Mrs Lake herself doesn't work on client sites, because she's more involved in developing and maintaining client relationships.

But that too involves meetings, which are usually held in cafes, rarely in office settings.

"That way, it's on mutual ground, it breaks the ice and you've always got something to talk about."

Mrs Lake has found third place working is quickly becoming popular, especially for many small businesses like hers.

"It mitigates the risk of large overheads of having to have an office, but it also means we're more remote and more adaptable to clients' needs.

"We're not sitting in our own office, we're engaged fully with the client and they can see us and see what we're doing. Being on site is an advantage. I wouldn't work any other way."

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