Top five things to love and hate about Argentina

VIVA LOS PUMAS: Argentina fans at a Rugby World Cup match in Auckland last year.
VIVA LOS PUMAS: Argentina fans at a Rugby World Cup match in Auckland last year.

Blue and white stripes were a popular sighting during the World Cup last year, with Argentina being the leading rugby playing nation of the Americas. 

With pressure between New Zealand and Argentina growing before this weekend's game, we've put together a list of our top five likes and dislikes about the vivacious South American country.


1. The siesta

Who wouldn't love a quick snooze during the work day? Argentinians still do. The Spanish tradition of sleeping during lunch time hours to preserve energy and keep out of the midday sun is still popular in many parts of the country.

2. Hot Spots

Just like us the Argentinians know how to keep the tourist happy, having some of the must sees and dos for South America. From viewing the Devils Throat at the Iguazu Falls, wine tasting in Mendoza and visiting the little hippie town of El Bolson, Argentina has a little bit of something for everyone. 

3. Barbeques and Beers

Argentinians too, are fans of a hearty barbeque and a cold beer. The introduction of their favourite cerveza, Quilmes, to New Zealand has been popular among Argentinean expats and ex-tourists. So thank you for sharing your 144-year-old beer. 

4. An easy target

We love them because they are passionate about rugby too but we also love them even more because their national rugby team, nicknamed Los Pumas, has never been able to beat the All Blacks.  

5. The hand of God

Dubbed the greatest soccer player in the world, Diego Maradona, was no less than a legend in his prime when he wove his magic on the football field.


1. Superficiality

Argentina is known for its beautiful people and it's no secret that many spend hours on the beach or in a tanning salon to get that golden tan. They also spend hundreds of pesos on weaving (sometimes fake) hair into their own and even 60-year-old men and women can look like 20-year-olds.

2. Termination of Aerolineas Argentinas flights 

The cancellation of the non-stop flights from Auckland to Buenos Aries this year not only means longer flights for Argentinean expats and Kiwi tourist but also less spending money when they get there. 

3. Being greedy with the Falkland Islands

Being a little brother to Britain, Argentina you have to realise the Falkland Islands are just not yours! Despite the islands being held by Britain from the 1830s, you were defeated again in 1982. Come on, just let it go. 

4. Being better dancers than us

We can dance around the rugby field, but when it comes to the dance floor, that is another question. We can admit it’s something spectacular to watch. But to do it ourselves, ha (laughs and shakes head). Rugby players don’t make good dancers, so we hate them for being able to tango better than us.

5. Stealing our coach

Spotting former All Black’s coach Graham Henry sporting blue and white instead of black and white has raised a few eyebrows in the country over the last few days. Immersing himself in his new team, Henry probably thinks he will be able to beat The ABs this weekend. We will see, game on. 

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