How accurate were 2012 horoscopes?

As this year comes to an end, Mary Baines quizzes some Wellingtonians on their 2012 horoscope to see how accurate they were.


Ian McKinnon, deputy mayor, Taurus

I have never been a reader of horoscopes and studying the "2012 Taurus Overview" has not really encouraged me to change, although it did highlight some interesting possibilities.

I note that I should have involved myself in an "ongoing personal renovation project", whatever that means. If it means yet another career - no way! Thirty- five years in education, with over 20 of those years as a head, and then a lurch into local body politics eight years ago, I think even Jupiter would forgive me if don't take another radical turn. It does offer though something about "grounding you in positive energy" and I'm very happy to subscribe to that dictum, although with respect to Gemini, as the year has progressed, here at the city and at the university where I have a role, the "positive energy" might have been more an image than a reality!

Then, of course, I wasn't to "starve for love, lust and creativity in 2012" - just how young does Mars think I am! Of course, we can always dream! Be assured, Mars, 40 years with Jenny and I'm very happy.

Finally, "money and finance take centre stage for most of the year as you experience several gains and losses" - interestingly, not subscribed to any planet, not surprisingly! Well, I would have been happy for the gains but I've certainly had the losses - I think they changed the odds on those $1 scratches . . . I haven't had a return for ages!

No, I don't think horoscopes are for me!

Sophie Devine, national hockey and cricket player, Virgo

I'd be the first to admit that I'm not much of a horoscope person but after reading through the 2012 Virgo description, aspects were eerily accurate.

This year truly has been nonstop with an Olympic build-up, T20 World Cup in Sri Lanka and a raft of other events that have made for a hectic 12 months.

Thanks to Mars' influence, the workaholic mode was needed to get me through the heavy training load of an Olympic buildup. The excess energy was spent on the turf, in the gym and sleeping! Sponsorship with pharmaceutical company Novo Nordisk has provided me with some financial stability and has most definitely eased the financial challenges that come with being an amateur sportswoman.

A change of residence has seen me relocate to Wellington from Christchurch for the summer months and has opened up new opportunities in all aspects of my life.

David Farrar, political activist, blogger, Virgo

I thought my semi-neurotic workaholic mode was due to the fact I hate being bored. But it seems it was the retrograde influence of the transit of Mars. Personally I enjoy retrograde influences but am unsure whether Mars can explain the fact I have been neurotically workaholic for the last 23 years. If so, Mars has a lot to answer for.

I'm more happy with the fact that Neptune was responsible for me not settling for anything less than my true soul mate. Sadly, excess alcohol has proven this wrong on several occasions this year. I can't say that I am convinced that Saturn was responsible for my relatively frugal 2012. I tend to blame the rather large mortgage I have with the BNZ.

Miranda Harcourt, actress, Scorpio

I am a very superstitious person. This means that I never read my horoscope and if someone in my vicinity tries to read out my horoscope I do that thing where you clap your hands repeatedly over your ears and make loud "blah blah" noises to ward off the evil.

People generally try to read out your horoscope soon after they have done The Dominion Post quiz; they are in a jolly frame of mind after a certain degree of general knowledge success and the sound of their own voice is pleasing. It is around now I go to the bathroom or find a reason to stick my fingers in my ears.

Why? I am a believer in Dostoevsky's edict: "Try to think of a polar bear and you will see that the cursed thing will come to mind every minute." The self-fulfilling prophecy. If I hear someone else's idea of my future, I can't help myself, I will make it so. I visited a psychic in New York years ago who told me that I would return to my native land and marry my best friend. In February we will celebrate our 21st wedding anniversary. Bingo! Point proven.

Conrad Smith, All Black and Hurricanes player, Libra

In true starsign form, I think the Libra predictions covered about every possible eventuality, but in terms of rugby and the Hurricanes many were indeed dreading the arrival of the 2012 season. However things certainly did turn out a lot better than expected. I had assumed this was because of a real determination and willingness within the organisation but I never appreciated the role of the karmic taskmaster Saturn. Very underrated.

The prediction of World Travel also came true. I started the year in Berlin, travelled through Europe, had three weeks in Kenya, back to NZ, then off to South Africa twice, Australia three times, Argentina and then Europe for another stint. Again, I had put this down to the demands of the current rugby calendar but I should have paid closer attention to Venus' position in my travel sector. I won't make the same mistake again.

I now have my New Year's resolution for 2013 - watch out for Venus, Taurus and all their mates.

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