Film misses final cut by a second

In this weekend’s 48-hour film-making competition, every second counts – the team missing the Wellington deadline by this amount of time can attest to that.

Three film teams submitted their Rialto Channel 48Hours Film Festival projects in the last 10 seconds. 

But another was just not fast enough, arriving at the drop-off at 7:00:01pm on Sunday, the capital’s competition manager Dan Slevin said.

‘‘It was pretty traumatic.’’

‘‘I could see him coming up the corridor and he could hear the counting and we got to one, zero, and then he stepped across the line and I had to stop him. He was so tired – I think I was more upset than he was.’’

It was the closest to the deadline ever in the Wellington competition’s 11 years, Slevin said.

Previously the record was held by a team arriving through the door just 17 seconds past the cut-off. For those making it on time, there was just a feeling of pure relief.

‘‘They haven’t slept very much and the adrenaline is pumping.’’

Team were assigned one of 12 genres at the Friday 7pm start, and had to make a short film with a certain camera shot, character, prop and line of dialogue: ‘‘Did you hear that?’’.

Out of the 226 that started, 185 teams made it through to compete for the city prizes, given in June, and the grand prize of $16,000 in cash and $20,000 in film-making supplies, to be awarded in July.

All short films, even those not making the time deadline, will be shown throughout the week to competitors and the judges, including Sir Peter Jackson.

The capital hoped to hold on to its national crown, with Wellington team Noise and Pictures, winning last year’s grand prize with their zombie-themed Brains!

The Dominion Post