Wellington Halloween house attracts thousands

A Wellington couple have embraced the Halloween spirit in a big way - their decorations attract crowds of thousands to their Miramar home.

Brian and Michelle Lamb first began decorating their house 14 years ago after they couldn't find a safe place to take their niece.

"So we decided well bugger it, next year we'll make our own safe house for people to come here," Brian says.

"The kids that come here are now bringing their kids here almost - we've been doing it that long now."

The neighbours are suitably warned and have learned to head out for the night if they want to avoid the chaos - an accurate description of the evening as thousands of children arrive from around the region.

About 3000 kids filed through in 2012 and numbers have increased steadily since the couple began decorating.

The most popular attractions include 'Vomit Man' and 'Wolf Man' but visitors have plenty to choose from with dozens of decorations on show - most hand made.

As well as putting on a show, the couple also gives out lollies - a considerable expense. Last year a strange arrived before the event and donated two large bags of sweets and the community has been supportive of the event.

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