Beer pong trickshots in competition video

Kiwis are ground-breakers. We were first up Everest, we split the atom, and now we may just beat the world in the peculiar sport of ''beer pong''.

Beer pong is the sport, or pastime, of throwing a ping pong ball into a paper cup from increasingly-harder distances. It is derived from a drinking game but taken to extreme ends by a couple of Wellington flatmates.

A ''pretty ambitious beer pong trick shot compilation'' starts for Harry Wright and Jonny Fletcher, 22, in a flat - bouncing the ball of a microwave door for example - and ends with an incredible shot from the top of a seven storey parking building into a cup on the ground floor.

Wright says the parking building shot, filmed on Sunday, was the hardest yet and was the first time they thought they wouldn't get the shot.

After six hours of trying, with fading light and dying camera batteries Fletcher nailed the shot.

''We are pretty happy with the end result and I promise you - no trick photography is used at all (we aren't that good with cameras) what you see is all legit,'' Wright promises.

''When I say ambitious, I  mean we literally would of spent hundreds of hours in the flat or scaling buildings around Wellington throwing table tennis balls into cups - pointless to a large degree we know.''

The project stated about a year ago but was not finished when, a couple of weeks ago they saw an advertisement for the ESPN's Trick Shot Your Way to NBA.

''When we saw it we just decided to commit, get it done and hopefully win a sweet trip to New York for our troubles.''

Wright said the game started inside their Mt Victoria flat while he was recovering from a shoulder injury with nothing to do.

One shot behind San Francisco Bath House on Cuba St took seven sessions, each one stopped when the camera batteries ran out.

They finally got it then Fletcher's laptop with the footage was stolen. They returned and got it in fifteen minutes.

The final shot in the video took four long sessions.

The video has not been independently verified but the competition stipulates all shots have to be genuine.

The winner of the competition wins two tickets to New York, seats at an NBA Game in New York, and the chance to meet former NBA player Jalen Rose.

Online voting for the competition ends on November 29. The videos that get the top five votes go before a judging panel.

The Dominion Post