Firebirds fan takes unbelievable catch

03:16, Nov 28 2013

A Firebirds fan took the catch of a lifetime during a game against Auckland at Westpac Stadium - and video has emerged to prove it.

The Firebirds were taking on the Auckland Aces in HRV Cup Cricket on November 23 when Aces' Luke Wright smashed a heavy hit toward the boundary and right into the safe hands of Brock Price, a 24-year-old arborist from Masterton.

His precarious position left many thinking he might go over the railing - but not Mr Price.

"Nah I was pretty confident in taking the catch and not going over so I just went for it really," he said.

"I wasn't really thinking about falling."

A keen cricketer himself, playing for Victoria University's Victoria Secrets T20 team, Mr Price has been surprised at how far the clip has gone, reaching overseas media in Australia and even England.


"I ended up watching it the other night on the internet," he said.

" It's quite out of it really - I didn't really think it would go that far."

What's more unbelievable is that the ball managed to actually find a spectator in the largely-empty Westpac Stadium.

"There probably would have been all of 1000 people there." 

Despite his stirling efforts, it wasn't enough to bolster the Firebirds, with the Auckland Aces eventually winning by 6 wickets.

The Dominion Post