Cow heads along to Scorching Bay triathlon

23:14, Nov 30 2013
Bovine at the beach: A cow wandered down to the beach to check out this morning's Scorching Triathlon.

A cow put in a surprising appearance at the Scorching Bay triathlon starting line this morning.

Organiser Daryl Bloomfield said the schedule set-off time of 7.30am was delayed after the bovine showed up on the bay shoreline.

"It came down from the prison farm and out through the scrub, and came and joined us on the beach."

Mr Bloomfield said race entrants got a slight warm-up chasing the cow back where it came from.

Shortly after, the 300 triathletes competing in five different events, from the novice to the long course, set off. With a fine, settled day, conditions were looking ideal for contestants to set good times.

"No wind in Wellington is a great day for racing."

Tony Buckingham of Titahi Bay took the race ribbon as the first person back.

The full prize-giving ceremony would take place shortly before lunchtime, Mr Bloomfield said.


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