Carter Observatory photo contest: vote for the finalists

00:31, Dec 23 2013
CO Chris Murphy
CHRIS MURPHY: Sky Bridge (Adults category)
CO Daniel Bennett
DANIEL BENNETT: Morning Mist (Adults category)
CO Evan Davies
EVAN DAVIES: Palliser Light (Adults category)
CO Paul LeRoy
PAUL LE ROY: Below Deck (Adults category)
MICHELLE BURLING-CLARIDGE: We Blew a Fuse (Under 14 category)
Carter Finn
LARISSA POSTHUMA: Nature Divides (Under 14 category)
CO Richard Abbott
RICHARD ABBOTT: Oriental Bay - Please Wait to be Seated (Adults category)
SHENG-HUEI HUANG: Camping Under the Milky Way (Adults category)
Carter Mason
MASON CADE PACKER: Cloudy Terror (Under 14 category)
Carter Michelle raining light
MICHELLE BURLING-CLARIDGE: It's Raining Light (Under-14 category)
Carter Finn
FINN MALONEY: Flower (Under 14 category)
Carter Finlay
FINLAY JONES: Suspended in a Void (Under 14 category)
CO Cody Bridge 1
CODY BRIDGE: Broken Streetlight lit by Moon (Young Adults Category)
CO Lorraine Turner 1
LORRAINE TURNER: The Light Shines Through (Young Adults category)
TAYLOR BURLING-CLARIDGE: Bonfire Night (Young Adults category)
CO Cody Bridge 2
CODY BRIDGE: House Under the Moonlight (Young Adults category)
JONTY RENNER: Central City (Young Adults category)
CO Taylor 2
TAYLOR BURLING-CLARIDGE: Roadside Walk (Young Adults category)

The 18 finalists in the Carter Observatory 'Light & Dark' photographic have been named. And you can vote for your favourites here until January 9.

More than 200 entries were received, which the judges whittled down to 18 - six each in the three categories for adults, young adults (age 14-18) and children (under 14s).

The photographs are now exhibited at Carter from December 15 to January 11.

The public can help select the winners in three ways: Vote at Carter, via the observatory's Facebook page, or via the online poll at

In the accompanying photo gallery, photos 1-6 are in the adults category, 7-12 in the young adults and 13-18 in the under-14 section. Each category has its own poll.

Winners in each of the three categories will be announced at the observatory on January 10, and will feature on from January 11.


The finalists are (with name of entry and location shot):

Adults Category: Over 18 Years
Paul Le Roy "Below Deck" Location: Churton Park
Evan Davies "Palliser Light" Location: Cape Palliser
Sheng-huei Huang "Camping Under the Milky Way" Location: Aorangi Forest Park
Daniel Bennett "Morning Mist" Location: Moeraki Station, Wairarapa
Chris Murphy "Sky Bridge" Location: Glendhu, Wairarapa
Richard Abbott "Oriental Bay - Please Wait to Be Seated" Location: Oriental Parade

Young Adult Category: 14-18 Years
Lorraine Turner "The Light Shines Through" Location: Raumati Beach
Jonty Renner "Central City" Location: Mt Victoria Lookout
Taylor Burling-Claridge "Bonfire Night" Location: Makara
Taylor Burling-Claridge "Roadside Walk" Location: Kilbirnie
Cody Bridge "House Under theMoonlight" Location: Johnsonville
Cody Bridge "Broken streetlight Lit By Moon" Location: Johnsonville

Capital E! Children's Category: Under 14 Years
Mason Cade Packer "Cloudy Terror" Location: Kapiti College
Michelle Burling-Claridge "We Blew a Fuse" Location: Johnsonville
Michelle Burling-Claridge "It's Raining Light" Location: Johnsonville
Larissa Posthuma "Nature Divided" Location: Silverstream
Finley Jones "Suspended in a Void" Location: Eastbourne
Finn Maloney "Flower" Location: Whitby

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