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Burgers ... easy to make, easier to munch. But we're tired of the old bun and pattie. So create your own, or add a twist to your favourite and enter The Burger Bunfight. We have some fabulous prizes up for grabs.
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And the winning burgers are ...

05:00am 16 Sep 2013

It seems Wellingtonians can't go past a good meaty burger, with the winner of the Burger Bunfight Challenge featuring venision, beef and bacon. 

Oh Deer! My Beef Needs A Meat-iator, entered by Adam Sutherland and Nick Warmke, was the runaway winner as voted by dompost.co.nz readers

The recipe came about after an argument over which meat to use in a burger was resolved by using both beef and venison, with some bacon thrown in for good measure.

Judge Ryan Tattersall, head chef and co-owner Cobar Restaurant & Bar in Days Bay, selected 10 finalists. 

He said this burger was "a bit of meat feast"  but sounded nice if made in the right proportions.

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Vote for your favourite burger

05:00am 09 Sep 2013

Wellingtonians really do like burgers and an excellent range of recipes was sent in for the Burger Bunfight Challenge. 

Now it's up to you to choose the winners. 

Judge Ryan Tattersall, head chef and co-owner the Cobar Restaurant & Bar in Days Bay, has poured through the recipes and has selected 10 finalists. 

His decision was based on the innovation and inspriation of the recipes. 

The burgers Ryan has chosen have good flavour combinations and sound tasty. He particularly praised those who thought outside the square.

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Burger #15: Hack Burger

05:00am 02 Sep 2013

Name: Hack Steak Burger

Inspiration: My first job, as a 17-year-old, was working at the Y-Not Deli in Te Awamutu as a kitchenhand, where I was introduced to a wide range of food I didn't know existed. My boss was a German woman named Uta, she had met a Kiwi lad named Andrew Steritt on his OE, they fell in love, he brought her back to New Zealand, married and as they say the rest is history. They both enjoyed good food and fine wine. Andrew brought his new wife the Y-Not Deli. 

In amongst all of the deli food we made was a German favourite called a hack steak. Basically, this was a piece of French bread with a dollop of garlic bread and tomato relish with a very tasty meat pattie. Being an honest Kiwi bloke with half a clue I wondered what the patty would be like in a traditional kiwi burger, as it turns out, pretty dam good if I don't say so myself. 

So for the past 26 years I have been making my hamburgers for my family and friends on special occasions. Incidentally I have only told two people the recipe, my wife and the cooking teacher at the school I work at. She took the photo of the burger and gave me a few pointers on preparation. I have left out two secret ingredients. The reason I have done this is because I don't want to give out my recipe. If you want I would be more than happy to prepare my hamburgers for you and see if you can guess what the ingredients are.


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Burger #14: Tuco Benedicto Pacifico Juan Maria Ramirez

05:00am 26 Aug 2013

Name: Tuco Benedicto Pacifico Juan Maria Ramirez burger or more commonly known as the Western burger. 

Inspiration: My inspiration for this burger is combining two of my favorite things - beer-matching and my love of western movies. This one is taken from the character Tuco, from The good the bad and the Ugly. I think it's a burger he would enjoy. I've matched it with the Tuatara American pale ale, so have used that in the recipe. So here it is amigos, hope you enjoy

Ingredients: for three burgers.

Meat Pattie:500g premium minced beef, half a diced onion, 2 cloves garlic (crushed), 1 tablespoon smoked paprika, 1 teaspoon cumin, 30ml Tuatara American pale ale, salt and cracked pepper.

Tuatara APA, caramelised onion and corn salsa: 1 ½  onion, sliced, 3 Tbsp butter, 1tsp sugar, 80ml American pale ale, 1/3 cup sweetcorn kernels, 1 Tbsp Smoked paprika 

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Burger #13: Oh Deer! My Beef needs a meat-iator.

05:00am 23 Aug 2013

Name: Oh Deer! My Beef needs a meat-iator. 

This burger came around from an argument between Nick and I about having burgers for dinner one night. Nick who was backing team 'wild meat' was debating the positives of venison over a good quality beef burger which was my chosen side of the ring.

At one point manly carnivore sense took over and we decided the best approach was to...meat.... In the middle and merge the two animals into a single delicious outcome.

However we both felt that the merger of these two delicious animals would be great, they needed a meat-iator... and what better than bacon to provide this service!

The idea to put the bacon, onion, and cheese in the middle of the patty itself came from an off cuff comment I made about oreo's icing at the time, which Nick suggested stuffing the bacon 
inside... and hence the most gluttonous burger ever was created.

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