Diamond in the rough sparkles

Revive Cafe in Petone
Revive Cafe in Petone

Located next door to its more famous sibling, La Bella Italia, in Petone, Revive Cafe serves fresh, wholesome food and good coffee. In fact, the cafe includes a roastery, and Revive coffee is served up here and in cafes elsewhere.

Revive Cafe . . . has a busy, friendly ambience.

The interior . . . is spacious and light. There's a large, long table smack bang in the centre, and smaller tables lining the edges of the room. Tables scattered in the sunny courtyard area mean you can sit outside when the weather's fine. It's a gorgeous day and the doors are left open so the sun streams inside.

You can watch coffee beans coming out of the roastery as you eat.

The overall feel of the place is . . . a diamond in the rough. The cafe is situated in an industrial area, surrounded by big businesses, but it feels calm and relaxed and doesn't reek of the hectic work vibe.

I'm tempted by the . . . grilled mushrooms on sourdough with grilled haloumi. $14.00 9/10. Mushrooms are cooked with garlic and not too creamy. The grilled haloumi tastes amazing.

I drink an iced coffee. $4.50. It's cold, light and refreshing. It's made without cream or icecream, and served with cinnamon and sugar sprinkled on top. Served with a Whittaker Sante bar on the side.

My friend orders . . . poached eggs on vienna with pesto. $10.50. The eggs are perfect, and the butter comes on the side, which she is happy about as she doesn't like too much. The toast could have been cooked a bit longer, as she likes her toast well-toasted.

We also share a chocolate brownie. $4. While the flavour is rich and delicious, the texture is a bit dry and crumbly.

But the white chocolate chunks make it. It's served with thick greek yoghurt.

The service is . . . quick and sharp, as well as pleasant and helpful.

Our table has just been vacated as we sit down and the coffee mugs are still there, but the waitress clears them away immediately. Our coffee also arrives within a few minutes of sitting down.

The sounds are . . . easy-going music playing softly in the background, coffee beans being grounded, lots of chit-chat.

The coffee is. . . I order a large latte. $4. 8/10. Made with Revive beans. My friend orders a long black. $3-70. 10/10. She likes hers to be extra hot and hers is perfect.

I can read.. . . today's copy of The Dominion Post, as well as a range of women's and lifestyle magazines, such as Vogue and MindFood.

We're surrounded by . . . colourful paintings on each inside wall. The cafe is full of people, but there's enough space so that you don't feel as if your neighbour is listening to your conversation.

If I went back again, I'd try the. . . summer chicken salad. Chicken breast poached in coconut milk, served cold with cashews, greens and Thai sambal sauce. $16.


Revive 2 Lochy Street, Petone Mon-Fri: 7.30am till 4pm Saturday: 9am till 3pm Closed Sunday. Ph 04-568-5300

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