Wellington's creative space in Good Company

Mariya Kupriyenko runs In Good Company, a venue for freelancers and creative people in Cuba St which is set to expand.
Ross Giblin

Mariya Kupriyenko runs In Good Company, a venue for freelancers and creative people in Cuba St which is set to expand.

Creative co-working space In Good Company is set to expand as the number of people working remotely grows.

The Cuba St hub was the brainchild of Mariya Kupriyenko, who, with the help of two graphic designers, wanted to provide a space for freelancers, artists, and those whose work might stray from the hours of nine til five.

"New Zealanders are so creative, and I think today there are a lot more start-up projects happening, it really is a growing trend," the 27-year-old says.

"I wanted to help create an environment to support innovation and people taking their start-up ideas to the next level and making a job out of them."

The space has areas for permanent users, as well as quiet and social casual areas. Casuals can use the space for $5 an hour, or buy a $35  "pre-pay" card for 10 hours' usage, which includes wi-fi, power, and refreshments.

Matasila  Freshwater.
Ross Giblin

Matasila Freshwater.

Since opening in June 2014, In Good Company has hosted talks, exhibitions, launches, workshops with up to 10 people using the casual space at any one time, and 14 workers renting permanent desks.

"We've got photographers, a marketer for startups [whose] companies are based in France, but she wants to be in New Zealand so she's working on doing marketing on those companies from here. 

"We've got a researcher who uses her office space in the evenings. [And a] landscape architect."

The upcoming extensions are a way for the workspace to grow with demand. "We're getting more space for the permanent co-working community and making it more comfortable for them to be there in terms of productivity, calibration, and community."

"I'm proud to bring this concept to Wellington and have people engaged. I'm proud that we were able to realise the concept and make it work."


Name: Matasila Freshwater

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Age: 24

Occupation: Filmmaker

"I'm working on a short film, I got funding from the New Zealand Film Commission to make a short animation so we approached [Mariya] and asked if we could use this space pro bono, because we don't have much funding, [and] she was happy to sponsor us. That was really awesome. It's  good to be in an environment with other people who are interested in similar fields. And you get tea. I love tea."

Name: Denny Ford

Age: 23

Occupation: Co-director of DesignGel

"It's probably the motivation of coming to an office space that you don't get wandering around your house. It's having a space to bounce ideas off, it's a network here. Instead of working at home in your dressing gown all day, you're just surrounded by heaps more people, it's really motivating and it's great because I can bring people who I'm working with here and do brainstorming."

 Name: James Broadbent

Age: 25

Occupation: Photographer

"I'm a wedding photographer and I freelance so I'm out and about shooting weddings, this is where I come to edit, and come do all my work. Before I came to In Good Company I was working at home … I would get up and do my work, and I'd spend all day on my own, which is really hard, and also just a bit lonely. The big thing for me is the community and being around people, having someone to sit down and eat lunch with, and even just bounce ideas off."

 Name: Katy Bang

Age: 40

Occupation: Artist

"They do have lots of activities, especially art-related stuff, [that] relates to me and what I'm doing here, I wouldn't get this if I worked by myself. Other artists' studios are probably a bit more isolated, but over here you get feedback some people like [your work] some people don't comment, but that's OK."

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