In the Kitchen

Frittering away

whitebait fritters

Save your pennies and work up an appetite - it's West Coast whitebait season again.

Ripe for the eating

Prawns and pineapple

Pineapple and prawns make perfect partners.

Kumara soup with a twist a true comfort

Ruth Pretty's pumpkin soup

Ruth Pretty revisits a soup from one of the classic vegetarian cookbooks.

Nicely stuffed

Ruth Pretty

Fresh, corn-fed chickens will always roast better, giving plump, juicy meat and crisp skin.

Upper-crust dining with a twist

potato and rosemary pizza

Simple ingredients inspired by some New York street style are the magic in Ruth Pretty's Romanesque pizza. 

Zest for life


Kaffir lime, an ingredient usually associated with Thai food, is much underrated.

On the lamb

Lamb shoulder

Slow-cooked lamb is mouth-wateringly good, writes Ruth Pretty .

Tips for top tortillas

Rodrigo Quirarte

You don't need many ingredients to make your Mexican cooking sing, chef Rodrigo Quirarte says.

Let them eat pav

Mini pavs

In the last of our series, Ruth Pretty finishes her royal feast with dessert. 

New cupcakes revive interest


Just when you thought your were over cupackes, these came along.

How to cook quinoa right


Let's face it - without tasty flavouring and the right plate buddies, this superfood really is rather bland.

The perfect finger sandwich


High tea anyone? All the tips you'll ever need to make perfectly uniform and light ribbon sandwiches.

Slow-cooked bolognese

Spag bol

This slow-cooked bolognese is both glamorous and clever.

A roast to boast about

Ruth Pretty roast

Perfect your roasting skills and you'll always be set for those special dinners, writes Ruth Pretty .

A winter warming stew

SN fish stew

Using her dad's fish stew as an inspiration this is one of Marija Vidovich's "go to" recipes for a hearty meal.

Porridge gets a facelift


Porridge is undergoing a revival - albeit with a superfood bent.

Going nuts for walnuts


Fresh walnut bread and cheese makes a simple but good Sunday night supper, writes Ruth Pretty.

Middle Eastern foods to try


Yes, we all love tahini and halloumi - but what about kashk and freekeh?

Get the most from carrots


Carrots are a neglected vegetable, writes Ruth Pretty. She advocates heartily in their favour.

Introducing... the scuffin


What happens when a scone meets a muffin? Sweet, sweet magic.

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