Restaurant Reviews

Bieber slammed for photoshopped 'snail trail'

New Calvin Klein model Justin Bieber has been accused of having his snail trail photoshopped.

A heritage worth preserving

Remiro Bresolin would be proud of his sons' latest venture, on the model of Il Casino.

Review: The Hideway

The Hideaway has retro cool and menu pedigree in spades - but the patrons probably don't even know it's there.

Chameleon nails it


The InterContinental's "experiment" menu is a triumph of bistronomy, writes David Burton.

Lodged in luxury


For a very special lunch, David Burton discovers a remote place that ticks all the boxes.

Biting cold cools market experience

capital market

A newly opened, wind-buffeted pan-Asian food court serves up a mixed bag.

Classic hits: Olive


Olive - a stayer after 18 years - offers the full package.

Deep-fried heaven

San Fran

San Fran embraces the carnivore but it's no carnival for vegans, writes David Burton.

Still a hot tamale

Flying Burrito Brothers

The Flying Burrito Brothers held down true Mexican food in Wellington by itself for nearly a decade.

Rugby was the winner


I'd been hoping the Backbencher might offer us a nightly special of skewered wallaby.

A masterclass in Italian


A mix of traditional and contemporary makes for a fine feast, writes David Burton.

Mad about steak

Crazy Horse

Sitting between the trends towards healthy and indulgent food is posh steakhouse Crazy Horse.

Quinoa spoils the party

ti kouka

I expected more from Ti Kouka's Wellington On a Plate special, and left disappointed.

Moveable feast


The city's newest Mexican chain restaurant may have its critics, but it's doing at least some things right.

Echoes of the Middle Ages


David Burton heads out for a no-bovver night with the football crowd.


MariLuca Ristoro

If it's delicious Italian food you're after, this is just the place. It's like dinner at Giuseppe's house.

Viva Avida


Avida is Spanish for greedy, which pretty much sums up today's approach to dining out.

Down to the bone

Duke Carvell's

Duke Carvell's is a Gothic den of deliciousness.

Still humming after decades


REVIEW: In a business plagued with fickle tastes, David Burton finds that the old-established can be something to savour.

Restaurant review: Automat


David Burton gears up for a tasty dinner in the 'burbs.

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