Summer Reads

Summer Essay: My interview with a warlord

eric meets warlord

Drastic times demand drastic measures. I gestured for the man to step my way, pulled out a knife and took down my pants.

Summer Fiction: If You Step On A Butterfly ...

fiction graphic

Her hair was orange like the van that hit her.

Summer Fiction: The Glass House


We arrive in West Papua, Indonesia, with hard-shelled suitcases, extra locks, and a crate of cheap eyeglasses donated by a non-profit to spread as we see fit.

Summer Fiction: The Darling River Blues

darling river

We continue our Summer fiction with a story by Heidi Thompson, an undergraduate student in Creative Writing at Massey University.

Summer Fiction: The boy who ate bugs


When they found me, I was in great physical condition. I've seen the photos.

Summer Fiction: The Swimmers


The girls slept until late afternoon, in a shallow grave of damp sand, sharing a single mangled blanket.

Summer Fiction: Don't look away


She likes it when it rains. The shushing of water against concrete is like white noise, except not empty.

Summer Essay: Labour of love

Housing development

All you need to build a house is a son-in-law, a poet and an orange, writes Jillian Sullivan.

Summer Essay: Breaking up a love affair of a lifetime


It took a trip back to her homeland to make Agnes Almeida realise her heart lay in New Zealand.

Summer Essay: Falling into a warm embrace

90 mile beach

Life happens when you work behind a Whangarei bar, writes Talia Shadwell.

Summer Essay: A plan hatched with a hitch

Hitch Hiking

It would have been the perfect New Year's Eve - if everything hadn't gone so horribly wrong for Michelle Duff.

Summer Essay: Ecstasy and ashes

Richard Hadlee

Tim Jones' love life may have been in tatters, but a cracker test match made it a summer to remember.

Summer Essay: High days at the top

Top Town

Being a good kiwi is not as easy as it looks, writes Doug Coutts

Summer Essay: Sibling revelry


Summer essay: A trip of a lifetime now means the world to Katie Chapman.

Summer Essay: Learning from a tuneless mess


As far as summer jobs go, playing in a band was a doozy. But shrieking horns and confused percussion aren't for all.

Summer Essay: Deliverance into the golden days


Growing up is usually a gradual process. For Alistair Hughes it finally seemed to happen over a single summer.

Summer Essay: Frozen dream in Canada

Tom Hunt in Canada

Inbreds, bears and eternal sunlight - rural Smithers, Canada was a long way from home in Wellington.

Summer Essay: And it all began with Scrabble


Naked girls on the beach, sweltering heat and some pretty dodgy telesales jobs - Canada was not short on adventure.

Summer Essay: What a swell affair


It was love at first sight when Kevin Norquay saw Waihi Beach. And could have been the perfect summer romance.

Summer Essay: Terror at the camp


A headless camp ghost would turn anyone into a serious cry baby, says Bill O'Byrne . And he'd know.

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