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Dominion Post reporters Michael Forbes and Shane Cowlishaw are not exactly expert home brewers - but they're willing to give it a go. Join the pair as they explore the craft beer capital one bottle at a time.

A touch of pink at Beervana

11:00am 19 Aug 2014


OPINION: Ladies, start your beer engines.

Recently I wrote this article, profiling some of the fantastic female brewers crafting brews across the country.

A few people were disappointed, telling me I was simply giving oxygen to the notion that females working in the beer industry was something unusual. A better idea would be to write nothing at all, they said.

But I wrote the article for the exact opposite reason, to try and show that things ARE becoming more equal. The fact is, until recently there haven't been a lot of women working in the beer industry or even drinking beer.

But that's changing, and it's a great thing.

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Show Me Your Growler

11:00am 12 Aug 2014


OPINION: Go on, show me it.

You've probably got at least one. Is it made of glass, or plastic? Maybe it's a squealer? Locked inside a musty old case for a few decades, perhaps?

OK, that's probably enough. If the Stuff moderators haven't caught this already they likely will soon, so I better get to the point.

Despite your filthy minds, what I'm talking about is actually a vessel that you put beer in.

pailsThey've been known by a variety of names over the years - rigger, flagon, half G,  - but I prefer the distinctive name our North American friends came up with. Growler.

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Wellington bracing for international beer invasion

05:00am 01 Aug 2014


OPINION: Forget the Ebola virus. An outbreak of the alcoholic kind is making its way towards New Zealand and will hit our capital city in three' weeks time.

This year's Beervana festival will have a more international feel to it than previous years. Headlining the event is three award-winning brewers from the American city of Portland. All are medal winners from the prestigious 2014 Beer World Cup: Widmer Brothers Brewing, Gigantic Brewing Company and Commons Brewery.

But it's not all about the yanks. Plenty of quality brew-masters from other parts of the world will be wandering the Westpac Stadium concourse on August 22 and 23.

Here are a couple of breweries you probably don't know much about, but will after Beervana. 

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Not another Fork & Brewer

01:00pm 04 Jul 2014


If you're wandering around Wellington, there's a good chance you've walked past a brewer or two.

The species seems to be attracted to the place, constantly flying in and out of the "craft beer capital" for beer launches, collaboration brews or just a quick pint.

One brewer that has made the move permanent is Taranaki boy Kelly Ryan.

fork & brewerHeld in high esteem by both his peers and the beer community, Ryan has moved down with his family to take over the brewing responsibilities from Lester Dunn who has done a fantastic job at the Fork & Brewer.

Lester has really got to know the brew pub's tight set up well and their beers have improved markedly this year.

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These are dark days, indeed

01:00pm 18 Jun 2014


OPINION: It's a common phrase down at the pub, the old "I don't like dark beers".

One of those blanket sentences trotted out by the general population ever since they had their first and only sip of Speight's old dark, you would swear some people had been asked to drink molasses when offered a glass.

Old DarkBefore I get carried away I should be honest -  it's a phrase I myself employed for most of my early twenties.

A friend of mine was a big fan of dark beer, and to my discredit I would make fun and laugh whenever he ordered something out of the ordinary.

Thankfully I got over that stage and I'm immensely glad I did as dark beer opens up a whole new world of tastes and flavours.

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