Girls slice up the final

05:37, Aug 13 2012

The battle for baking glory almost got dirty today: Blair's pretty delicate Louise slice was sitting on his desk under a teatowel as I barrelled in dumping my container of punchy spicy Anzac ginger crunch down, narrowly missing his creation.

I had been quietly confident my crunch would do the business but knew Ensor wouldn't go down without a fight and definitely had the culinary nous to produce a decent slice.

The simplicity of the ginger crunch is enticing; melting a potful of butter, golden syrup and brown sugar before mixing in the rest of the ingredients and bunging it into the oven.

Icing is melted together to form a paste and spread on thick. I like my crunch to have serious ginger power, so I almost doubled the recommended amount in the icing.

And I did it - albeit by a narrow margin. The battle of the Nutcrackers versus the Bearbatters is over, and as the flour settles and we lay down our spatulas, the girls are victorious.

Up until this point I've spent sleepless weekends trialling and perfecting recipes, and have been a bag of nerves come judging day.

But I don't think I've really known nervousness yet: Next up is a more fearsome battle against the city's bake club winners. I just hope my whisking, beating and folding is up to the challenge.


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