Climbing Mt Debt

I have no idea what sort of mortgage we should go for.

What happens when you have pre-approval to borrow more money than you had wanted to spend.

Garner: Have a heart Bill English

After eight years in power and now boasting a $1.8 billion surplus, this is Bill English's chance to start thinking ...

OPINION: Revealed: The secret memo to Bill English that was never written ... and would never be actioned even if it had been.


The former Chief Ombudsman Dame Beverley Wakem.

Freedom of information in New Zealand is in deep trouble. Bureaucrats and politicians constantly flout their obligations under the Official Information Act, which holds that information is open to the public unless special circumstances apply. The assumption is that ordinary people are entitled to know what their rulers are up to.

Reality TV like nothing before

Donald Trump listens to his presidential rival Hillary Clinton during their third and final campaign debate in Las ...

Opinion: Donald Trump's bid for the presidency has been shamelessly used as an advert for the Trump brand.


Parata should go immediately

Education Minister Hekia Parata speaks to media after announcing she won't stand in the next election.

Hekia Parata's surprise decision to step down in 2017 is good news for John Key's Government.

Time up for timeout rooms

Education Minister Hekia Parata.

Schools should not be using "seclusion rooms".calling them "absolutely intolerable." This is all very well, but it raises a host of other questions.

Paying the cost of rental damage

Housing MInister Nick Smith.

Renters might be alarmed at a proposed law change that would charge them up to four weeks' rent for damage caused by carelessness or negligence. Certainly there needs to be a thorough public debate about this proposal. The law change, however, arises from a legal case which is now preventing common-sense decisions affecting tenants' and landlords' responsibilities.

Remember the civil war

Vincent O'Malley author of new book on the Waikato War.

NEW ZEALAND still hasn't come to terms with its civil war.


Bax's loyalty misplaced

Kylie Bax says the women who've been groped and insulted by Donald Trump just want five minutes of fame.

OPINION: How a man treats his perceived friends and equals is not the true test of his nature; it's how he treats the people he regards as inferiors that matters.

Ignoble parting of ways

A young Bob Dylan

Opinion: Their friendship hit a bum note and Joe and flatmate Zim parted ways.

No alternative to Clinton

Republican US presidential nominee Donald Trump has made the critical mistake of not reading the demographics and ...

Opinion: Land of the free to patronise minorities

Rugby not diverse enough off field

A Springbok tour protest in 1981. At the time rugby administrators said the game was so important that it didn't matter ...

Opinion: New Zealand Rugby needs to do a whole lot more in terms of reflecting the ethnic and gender diversity of its players.

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