Two watchdogs better than one

New Zealand is part of the Westminster family of nations.

OPINION: One of the constitutional roles of the public service is to provide free and frank advice. Public servant officials should, as the recent Dominion Post editorial wrote, "be brave and tell the minister something that he or she doesn't want to hear".

Moderate drinking is OK

There is well-acknowledged evidence showing light to moderate drinking can have a range of health benefits, says Spirits NZ.

OPINION: This month a group of academics are holding meetings in provincial towns around the country. They have two messages – there is no safe level of alcohol consumption and alcohol causes caner cancer.

Andrew Little: National has no answers

Labour leader Andrew Little outside boarded-up derelict state housing in Hamilton.

OPINION: It's official: the average Auckland house price has doubled since the Key Government came to power.

The generation game

The factual label of baby-boomer evolved gradually into the implication that all people born between 1946 and 1964, from ...

OPINION: Heartfelt thanks to all of you who took the trouble to put me right about the number of laps in 10,000 metres. I'm not sure however you'll find it so easy to spot today's deliberate error.


Match climate talk with action

Climate Change Issues Minister Paula Bennett says the emissions trading scheme needs to be tweaked.

OPINION: The Government is striking a new tone on climate change. It will bring forward ratification of the Paris climate treaty to the end of the year, it says.

A reasonable ask for cat owners

Wellington City Council has passed a bylaw making microchipping cats compulsory.

OPINION: Mandatory microchipping for cats is a good idea. Other steps will be harder.

Time for cannabis debate

Allowing the very sick access to cannabis is the humane thing to do.

OPINION: It is time to allow the very sick legal access to cannabis - and to consider options for broader reform.

Havelock outbreak demands hard look

Havelock North woman Fiona Hosford and her daughter Elsa, 8, were among those struck down by the community's widespread ...

OPINION: New Zealanders don't expect to get sick drinking water from their tap.


Garner: 'We're lazy sods'

Kiwis just can't be arsed to work on weekends.

OPINION: Kiwis can't be bothered getting out of bed for the minimum wage, hence the need for foreigners.

Outsiders desperately want what we've got

Producers of the likes of  Dancing with the Stars could make use of the talents of new immigrant/Trump refugee A-listers.

OPINION: Reports that nearly half of all Kiwi GPs are planning to retire in the next 10 years will be music to the ears of UK medical health practitioners looking to emigrate to New Zealand post Brexit.

Decriminalisation sends a dangerous message

Drugs may be okay if you've got a university degree and live in a good suburb, but they're not so liberating if you're a ...

OPINION: My generation has a lot to answer for. Recreational drugs, for example – or as former Wellington coroner Garry Evans preferred to call them, "wreckreational drugs".

Uniforms want clones

A Syria Democratic Forces (SDF) fighter helps civilians leave an Islamic State-controlled neighbourhood of Manbij, in ...

OPINION: It is the purpose of uniforms to make the wearer look mildly, or hopefully horrendously, unattractive, and to negate individuality. Uniforms want clones.

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