Rugby still doesn't get it

Losi Filipo, right, was discharged without a conviction after a violent assault on four people in Wellington in 2015.

OPINION: Rugby needs its own rehabilitation, starting with meaningful suspensions for those who commit violent crimes.

The tabloid world of wacky

Actor Brad Pitt and actress Angelina Jolie in 2014, the year they married.

OPINION: Celebrities are the true opiate of the masses.

People need a say in choice

Dame Patsy Reddy and Prime Minister John Key at her swearing-in.

OPINION: Government of the day has unfettered right to choose a governor-general. That's not right.


Wellington City Council chief executive Kevin Lavery.

It is extraordinary that Wellington City Council's chief executive could give large sums to an airline and leave almost no record about it. Kevin Lavery's decision might mean as much as $8m for Singapore Airlines over ten years, a substantial amount of money. The documentation of the deal is slender, amounting to perhaps two pages, with no sign of any significant analysis or correspondence. This seems a funny way to do business with public money.


Ge tough on bad dog owners

Christchurch Animal Control Officer Mike Murcott with a Staffordshire-American Pitbull Cross.

The Government is right to toughen the law on dog attacks.

Editorial: Compo for wrong jail time

Lawyer Douglas Ewen.

Convicted criminals complaining about unfair treatment don't usually find a sympathetic audience. Convicts who want compensation will find even less understanding.

Leaving customers in the cold

A large crowd gathered to protest the closure of the Fairlie Westpac bank branch.

OPINION: The digital tide can't be held back forever, but consumers who prefer bricks and mortar need a reasonable transition.

Island plan looks a winner

New technologies might immerse tourists in the history of Matiu/Somes Island - without the need to muck around with the ...

OPINION: Bringing the "Peter Jackson experience" to Matiu/Somes Island could be a brilliant idea, if it's done carefully.


Do the maths add up?

Margaret Priest (at whiteboard), head of maths at Wellington Girls' College, and a team of teachers could not work out ...

Exams too hard? Try your hand at Dave Armstrong's questions.

Bye-bye to the human touch

Planned Westpac branch closures have left some customers feeling the bank doesn't care.

Opinion: Another notch in the cancelling out of the human touch

NZ needs to take a stand

The dream is over!

Opinions: This marriage breakdown of Brad and Angelina threatens love itself, writes Martin van Beynen.

Garner: Handcuffed to the past

Putting young people in adult prisons risks only making them better criminals.

Solving youth crime - and particularly girls turning to violence - demands a new approach. Sending them to jail isn't the answer.

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