From student farce to American tragedy

Donald Trump voters are driven by a toxic mix of moral indignation and violent desire to punish an American they no ...

OPINION: Trump voters driven by toxic mix of moral indignation and violent desire to punish a US they no longer recognise.

Garner: My biggest fear

The average price of an Auckland house is an astronomical $970,000.

Do I tell my children to move to Levin, or will they still be working in their 80s to pay off their mortgages?

Editorial: Sky's Olympic rules rob public

Fairfax Media has decided not to send journalists to the Olympics.

OPINION: Restrictions on New Zealand journalists at the Olympics mocked the spirit of the Games.

Moving from 'yes we can' to 'what is this?'

Roger Ailes, the outgoing chairman and CEO of Fox News and Fox Television Stations.

OPINION: Back in November 2008 I had the privilege of watching Obama's election night victory speech on television with my father.


Editorial: McClay's memory loss

Trade Minister Todd McClay.

Trade Minister Todd McClay has an unfortunate brain fade about a threat to the country's exports.

Editorial: Ban Russia from the Games

Russian president Vladimir Putin says the Olympic movement "may again be on the verge of a split".

OPINION: The Olympics are a festival of nationalism - so a national punishment for systemic doping is fair.

Editorial: Chinese whispers

Claims that Chinese steel has been dumped - sold at less than cost - in New Zealand are entirely plausible.

New Zealand could be a pawn in a larger dispute between China and the United States.

Editorial: Right to get going on housing

Wellington's housing market is beginning to stir again - and its houses are out of reach for many.

OPINION: When developers don't show up, it is fair for a public agency to lead the way.


We're blessed with uneventfulness

Cringe-making or a sign of how out of touch we are? When United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, right, ...

OPINION: New Zealand is a kind of Norfolk, surely, far away from places where they're currently hunting Pokemons or committing mass murder

Painful price of inattention

Supporters of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan react to a Turkish military tank in front of the Turkish Parliament ...

OPINION: Never feed a log burner while watching a coup d'├ętat.

Is this garden a good move?

A drawing of the proposed new Chinese Garden for Frank Kitts Park.

OPINION: Wellington has had a significant Chinese community for over a century.

Health Minister v Treasury

Health Minister Jonathan Coleman says he had to fight "tooth and nail" for the National Bowel Screening programme ...

The Government's rushed its bowel screening programme, no doubt. But Treasury would rather no programme.

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