Turkey and the Anzacs

Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan

OPINION: New Zealand and Turkey have a special Anzac bond. The conflict that divided them at Gallipoli now brings them together each year on Anzac Day.

Fire-fighting fit on all fronts

Damage to the Christchurch Adventure Park from last month's widespread Port Hills fire.

OPINION: The unified Fire and Emergency Management service will be flexible enough to cope with the risks and needs of different communities.

A wider outlook on war

Collective displays of memory and patriotism mark Anzac Day in the 21st century.

OPINION: Anzac Day serves as a day to acknowledge our fallen, but perhaps we should also acknowledge some other imperatives.

Ditching deciles fine in theory

Outgoing Education Minister Hekia Parata wants to replace the school decile system.

OPINION: Hekia Parata's "big data" revolution holds promise - as well as risks.


Suicide and the censor

Netflix NZ has screened the series 13 Reasons Why before the censor saw it.

No liberal can be comfortable with censorship. The New Zealand censor, however, and the law which guides him, is sensible and censors only the most extreme works. A fundamentalist censor who tried to ban the teenage novel Into the River last year was quickly overturned and then later left the post.

Time's up for Basin stand

The Museum Stand at the Basin Reserve has been judged by Wellington City Council "a significant health and safety risk ...

OPINION: Not every old building should stay standing simply because it is old.

Editorial: Surface changes on immigration

Record-high immigration levels have put a strain on infrastructure, especially housing.

OPINION: The Government's latest tweaks don't answer the bigger concerns about immigration.

Pay equity and the bill

Prime Minister Bill English foreshadows changes to "better control" immigration.

Fixing the gender pay gap will cost a lot of money both in government and in business. Yesterday Prime Minister Bill English revealed that hefty pay increases for mainly female low-paid rest-home and elder care workers will cost it $2 billion over four years.


Why election campaigns aren't what they used to be

This is how it's done. Winston Peters never left the hustings.

OPINION: Everything else is changing so fast these days. Why not election campaigns as well?

Garner: Our failing mental health system

A public demonstration outside the Henry Bennett Centre in Hamilton earlier this year, aimed at getting better mental ...

OPINION: Our mental health services are in disarray and it can't be ignored any longer.

Credibility hit for forecasters

The Wahine at the entrance to Wellington Harbour, a month after it foundered. We were told there was a real risk the ...

OPINION: If cyclones are so unpredictable, why such certainty from weather forecasters before last week's Cyclone Cook?

Rosemary McLeod: An outlet for nastiness

Fencing, a form of sword fighting, requires far too much physical fitness to keep it up, but there was something rather ...

OPINION: Cadet practice and compulsory sports used to be great outlets for aggression.

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