Editorial: Smoking: Price rises not enough

The Budget heralded annual  10 per cent tobacco tax rises for four years.

OPINION: The Government stands accused of making a fortune out of tobacco addicts.

Garner: Labour's little traction

if the headlines are right and John Key is at his 'most unpopular' … then why is Andrew Little doing so badly?

Andrew Little has had a poor year and some Labour MPs are already resigned to him losing the next election.

Williams: What housing crisis?

Extra spending beyond health and education was restrained - and leaves Bill English with some shots in his locker for a ...

OPINION: This Budget shows the Government is blinded by its own poll success, says former Labour Party president Mike Williams.

Editorial: Blandness doesn't mask the split within

Finance Minister Bill English delivers Budget 2016 at Parliament.

OPINION: The Budget was dull, as promised: John Key's Government has made tedium a virtue.  



Chief Ombudsman Judge Peter Boshier

OPINION: The Department of Internal Affairs has disgraced itself with its absurd arguments for refusing to release information about ministers' use of Crown limousines.

Editorial: Labour tax plans hang on buy-in

Labour finance spokesman Grant Robertson.

OPINION: Labour is forecasting tax increases after the next election. Its policy is deliberately vague and non-committal, but it's a useful signal. It contrasts with National's equally vague and non-committal signal about tax cuts.

Editorial: Copyright and counterpunches

Joseph Parker won against Carlos Takam by unanimous points decision.

OPINION: Welcome to the debate over copyright in the digital age, where heat prevails over light – and where both sides claim righteousness.


Housing Minister Nick Smith.

Opinion: For many people the housing "crisis" is a bonanza.


Finding Trump in your family ancestry

Donald Trump arrives for the opening of The Trump International Golf Links Course in Balmedie, Scotland.

OPINION: One way or another Donald Trump and I are linked in the great genetic daisy chain of misty isles, loud tartans, terrible food, and worse weather.

President Trump? A hair-raising thought

All hail the chief? Is the world ready for a President Donald Trump?

OPINION: Six months from now the Americans will elect Trump as president.

Bowron: Marae shows up Government

A homeless person sleeps on a bench in the Auckland CBD.

When marae threw open their doors to the homeless, they showed up the Government.

Garner: Our tribute to Moko

Moko's mother Nicola Dally-Paki found the courage to take her children and flee from her abusive gang member partner. ...

OPINION: Every single one of us has role to play in preventing child abuse.

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