Duncan Garner: Gareth Morgan's beached as

The Awaroa campaign is about people power, not playthings for rich people, Duncan Garner says.

COMMENT: Gareth Morgan's a good guy but he really has misjudged the public mood on buying back a beach.

Was the punishment enough?

The man was clocked by police travelling at 210kmh.

OPINION: Judge's lenience in 210kmh boy racer case is mysterious and unconvincing.

Editorial: Yes to fee for tourist trampers

The Tongariro Crossing is one of the sites where international tourist numbers are putting acute pressure on DOC resources.

OPINION: The tourist boom is straining New Zealand’s resources.

Hospitals can't ban photos

Taking a photo of the new baby

Editorial: Banning photos in hospitals would be both high-handed and futile.


Kiwi rights in Britain under attack

British Prime Minister David Cameron

Editorial: Kiwi rights and privileges in Britain continue to be cut back. 

Editorial: A day to celebrate - and debate

It was fair enough for Prime Minister John Key to decline to go to Waitangi this year, but he was wrong to admire Australia's national day.

OPINION: Why does a national day have to be all sweetness and light?

Lessons of the American primary season

Republican U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump discusses the issues.

Editorial: Religion and money have great influence in American politics, but much less in NZ. 

Minimum alcohol prices are worth trying

Problems with alcohol

Editorial: Minimum prices for alcohol could reduce problem drinking.


Rosemary McLeod: Rape's a serious crime, not a joke

Steven Joyce was addressing media at Waitangi when a sex toy was hurled at him by a protester.

OPINION: Invoking rape when people annoy us undermines the serious criminality of the real thing.

Finding Walt's wisdom amid the jakes

A daguerreotype of Walt Whitman is displayed at the New York Public Library.

OPINION: Auden last week, Whitman this. Sorry. It must be the time of year.

Bowron: In a froth at cafe owners

If a customer wants trim milk then cafes should serve it, Jane Bowron says.

Cafe owners who refuse to serve trim coffee seem to have forgotten that the customer is always right.

Who killed the Wellington Sevens?

Akira Ioane of New Zealand fends Kwagga Smith of South Africa during the 2016 Wellington Sevens cup final match at Westpac Stadium

"Not I," said the leery, vomiting drunks. "Not I," said the PC fun police. "Not I," said NZ Rugby...

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