Drunks killed the sevens video

The costumes were brilliant but too often the people wearing them turned into drunken morons by the early hours.

OPINION: Stupidity killed the fun of the sevens, not those who had to drag them off to hospital or jail.

Coming clean on water

Smaller rivers and lakes are not necessarily covered by the Government's latest proposals, says the Land and Water Forum.

OPINION: It is crystal clear that more than just Clean Water proposals will be needed if New Zealand is to meet the expectations of its citizens on water quality and use.

A fan's farewell stuff nation

Samantha Johnston, third from right, went as a sheep in 2009.

She attended every year for 13 years. But the party's over, so one Wellington Sevens fan says goodbye.

Don't try to be Welly, Hamilton

Poor crowds contributed to the demise of the sevens in Wellington.

OPINION: There's only so many times you can slap on a superhero costume, and slip over on the concourse before the novelty has worn off.


Friends, allies and sceptics

US President Donald Trump with his US Ambassador to New Zealand pick Scott Brown on the US election campaign trail.

OPINION: Scott Brown, the likely new American ambassador to New Zealand, arrives at a tricky time for relations between the two countries. Wellington and Washington have been friends and often allies since the mid 19th century. There is an immense reservoir of warmth between the two peoples.

A retrial for justice

Susan Burdett in July 1998.

OPINION: Retrying Malcolm Rewa for the murder of Susan Burdett would be a splendid outcome for the cause of justice.

The fraudster and the system

Former MoT boss Martin Matthews says he handled the case decisively and thoroughly.

OPINION: The political pressure is building on Auditor-General Martin Matthews. Questions persist over his handling of the fraudster Joanne Harrison while he was head of the Ministry of Transport. Doing nothing no longer seems possible.

Tackling a housing crisis

Social Housing Minister Amy Adams announces a new plan.

OPINION: National has finally shown signs that it recognises the depth of the housing problem. Yesterday it announced that it too is proposing to build houses. This is a major change in direction away from Nick Smith's approach of  "do little except change the planning laws".


Garner: Stick to plain English, PM video

The infamous home-cooked pizza.

OPINION: Bill English has clearly been told to dig around for a personality - and promote it on social media. The results aren't good.

When heads need to roll

The tags of the 29 men killed in the Pike River mine disaster still sit on the tag board at the mine office.

OPINION: Someone has to carry the can when things go badly awry. People expect it.

Mothers give us a past

Mother's Days are a perfect reason for baking for a cake.

OPINION: So much history comes to us through our mothers, writes Rosemary McLeod.

Internet sharks ready to bite

All day every day the online world is under siege.

OPINION: In the old days you robbed a bank. In the internet age you can hope to rob all the banks at once.

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