Local Government embarks on programme to improve performance

The public have a low awareness of important services such as rubbish and recycling collection.

OPINION: Local  government is the beating heart of New Zealand's communities but an independent survey shows it could do better

Tax to stop ‘bad’ behaviour dents level playing field

Taxing property is not a straight forward business.

OPINION: A tax that is designed to raise no, or very little, revenue is not necessarily all that strange. And it certainly doesn’t mean the tax is ineffective.

Editorial: Councillors don't deserve a free lunch

A lunch fit for a  Wellington city councillor

OPINION: It is odd that Wellington City Councillors think the ratepayers owe them a free lunch. They don't.

Why NZ should promote Wellington

Wellington has a highly educated population – it has substantial latent intellectual capital that could be leveraged to significant economic gain for New Zealand as a whole.

OPINION: Wellington has the potential to help national growth by taking some of the pressure off Auckland.


Editorial: Has the boom made you better off?

If Finance Minister Bill English pushes out achieving a Budget surplus for a couple of years more his reputation will be  dented.

OPINION: The boom has brought only modest gains

Editorial: Just a first step against poverty

Finance Minister Bill English's Budget takes a first step on child poverty.

OPINION: The Government has made a start on the problem of child poverty. It is not a big step, because the cupboard is bare, but it is something.

Crown Law must answer for botch

Former Auckland mayor and ACT and National MP John Banks has been acquitted of a charge of filing a false electoral return.

OPINION: John Banks has been acquitted and he is justifiably angry.

A revealing pivot on housing crisis

The Government's latest moves on housing are an admission that speculators are a problem.

OPINION: Finally the Government has moved on housing speculators.


Government strips KiwiSaver of incentive

Prime Minister John Key speaks to media after the 2015 budget presentation at Parliament House on May 21.

OPINION: Changes to scheme announced in Budget are a disservice to all Kiwi savers.

Dying Dad taught me how to live

Duncan Garner says we let work distract us from what really matters: family, friends and the joys of new experiences.

OPINION: Duncan Garner: So, Dad, it's five years ago this week that you died of cancer.

An F for a fiscal flop

Duncan Garner says Bill English has snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.

Budget gets a big fat 'F' for fiscal failure but it's a B for beneficiaries. They also deserve an A for audacious politics.

A CGT by any other name...

Finance Minister Bill English will bring in more housing measure in today's Budget.

OPINION: Like Humpty Dumpty it seems MPs want their words to mean only what they choose them to mean.

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