Mike Hosking and racism

Mike Hosking displays a wilful blindness to the evidence of racism that amounts to arrogance.

OPINION: Mike Hosking performs a valuable public role showing what racism looks like: pale-skinned, privileged, and smug.

Editorial: Moko: Never let go the rage

Moko Rangitoheriri was tortured and killed by Tania Shailer and David Haerewa

OPINION: The case of Moko Rangitoheriri has rightly led to street protests and harsh argument about the treatment of his killers. The torture and death of the three-year-old is another unspeakable addition to our shameful record of child abuse. If we didn't express rage and anguish about this we would be morally lost.

Editorial: Calculated risk for State TV

TVNZ broadcaster Mike Hosking

OPINION: Those who signed the petition against broadcaster Mike Hosking should be careful what they wish for. How would they feel if angry Right-wing viewers had mounted a petition against the Left-wing broadcaster John Campbell and got him sacked?

Kiwis still Brit-centric

Boris Johnson, a leading Leave campaigner.

OPINION: Make no mistake about it, Brexit is global news.


Editorial: Cameron's gamble backfires

Nigel Farage, the leader of the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP).

OPINION: The shockwaves from Brexit will shake the world for a long time to come. Few of the effects will be good.

Editorial: Save the cable car

Wellington's cable car dates back to 1898.

OPINION: It's a piece of Wellington history, a tourist trap, and a useful public transport link to boot.

Editorial: Lessons in shameful leak saga

Ombudsman Ron Paterson has slammed Paula Rebstock's inquiry into leaks at MFAT.

OPINION: Ombudsman Ron Paterson has put a full stop on a long and ugly saga: the witch-hunt for leakers at MFAT.


New Zealand Prime Minister John Key visits Kiwi troops based at Camp Taji in Iraq.

OPINION: New Zealand  soldiers are stuck in Iraq while the Government's story keeps changing. John Key's decision to extend the military mission there for another 18 months is clearly a broken promise, and he will have to wear it.


Bowron: Rue Britannia over Brexit

22062016 News Grant Matthew/Fairfax NZ

Brexit. Union Jack. British. United Kingdom.

OPINION: The Brexit result will be felt far and wide - even here in New Zealand.

Wellington's cable car: Saving an 'icon'

Wellington's cable car travels between the CBD and Thorndon.

OPINION: It would be an incredibly stupid politician who stopped the funding for Wellington's cable car.

Garner: Time to tax tourists


OPINION: We're making billions from tourists flooding into NZ, but we should sting them for a bit more.

On the offensive with our Defence Force

Our Defence Force contingent will be spending longer in Iraq than previously planned.

OPINION: Something weird is going on. New Zealanders are talking about defence.

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