Deportation drive leaves bitter taste

Hundreds of people born in New Zealand, but raised and living in Australia, are being put in detention centres.

OPINION: Australia’s round-up of New Zealand offenders for deportation starts, like much of that country’s immigration policy, with an understandable premise, and ends up closer to cruelty.

No special treatment for famous entertainers

Chris Brown at the 2015 BET Awards in Los Angeles.

OPINION: Chris Brown shouldn’t be allowed to tour New Zealand. His 2009 assault on girlfriend Rihanna is too fresh and too horrible for him to expect to be treated like an innocent citizen.

Outlandish style colours up the capital

Columnist Jane Bowron.

OPINION: he convergence of WOW (World of WearableArt Awards) with the school holidays in the capital has made the footpaths absolutely positively heave with seething hordes of humanity.

We deserve better from our public transport

Wellingtonians are being too much to take public transport, compared to the rest of the country.

OPINION: Even if the Green Party is not your cup of camomile, we must thank them for bringing public transport fare increases to our attention.


Editorial: Fares jumped too far, too fast

Fares for public transport across the Wellington region rose by as much as 18 per cent, adjusted for inflation, over the nine years to 2015.

OPINION: Wellington already has the best public transport passenger figures in the country, so why aren’t its fares the lowest?

Editorial: Everyone has the right to speak freely

Protesters chant against a talk by two Israeli soldiers at Victoria University this week.

The better, simpler liberalism is the one that insists on allowing people to say their bit, even when it offends.

Editorial: Drop cheap talk of a baby ban

Social Development Minister Anne Tolley initially appeared to leave open the door to preventing some families from having children.

OPINION: The state has absolutely no place banning people from having children.

Editorial: Key moment for 'three strikes' law

12072013 News Photo: John Kirk-Anderson / The Press / Fairfax NZ

Court logo district court justice generic crime punishment

OPINION: Five years after it was passed, the Government’s hardline ‘‘three strikes’’ law is meeting its first real test.


Jeremy Corbyn, consistently barmy, but full of conviction

MIDDLESBROUGH, ENGLAND - AUGUST 18:  British Labour Party leadership contender Jeremy Corbyn addresses over a thousand supporters during a tea-time meeting as part of a nationwide leadership campaign at the Town Hall on August 18, 2015 in Middlesbrough, England. The Labour party leadership election was triggered by the resignation earlier in the year of Ed Miliband following the party's defeat at the general election. Four candidates were successfully nominated to stand, Andy Burnham, Yvette Cooper, Jeremy Corbyn and Liz Kendall. The result of the campaign will be announced on Saturday 12 September 2015.  (Photo by Ian Forsyth/Getty Images)

OPINION: Jeremy Corbyn, the recently elected leader of the British Labour Party, has been described as a throwback to 1970s-style socialism.

Aussie history repeats as farce

Australia has thousands of people indefinitely detained in its detention centres, such as Nauru, Christmas Island and Papua New Guinea.

OPINION: Our nearest neighbour, the raffish Anzac cobber, the world’s Waltzing Matilda, is becoming The Ugly Australian.

Whatever Pope 'Tubby' Francis has, we need to bottle it

Pope Francis addresses a meeting at the United Nations in New York.

OPINION: Dear Vatican, You may recall I wrote to you a dozen or so years ago, just after your first publicity-conscious Pope died.

Pandas would change our zoo - and not for the better

Giant Panda Mei Xiang snacks on bamboo at the Smithsonian's National Zoo in Washington.

OPINION: The zoo is already popular with the ordinary people of this city. What would a couple of pandas do to the current reasonable admission price?

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