National gets third-termitis

Workplace Relations and Safety Minister Michael Woodhouse: likeable, but out of his depth.

OPINION: John Key warned Cabinet not to be arrogant and contract the dreaded disease.

Keep the break from the ads

Putting advertisements on around the clock might seem consistent - but few viewers want it.

All can unite against the final victory of commercial yawp.

Fixing failures with CYF kids will be costly

Social Development Minister Anne Tolley wants to shake up the system for state care of children, but it is not clear how.

OPINION: How far is the reforming minister really prepared to go with state care for children?

Start again with flag design

The flag consideration panel's longlist includes many designs that look like advertising logos, including one very similar to

OPINION: It's not too late to ditch the proposed flag designs and start again.


EDITORIAL: Take next step on sex offenders' register

Social Development Minister Anne Tolley

OPINION: A sex offenders' register is worth investigating and may be worth putting into practice.

Editorial: Time to quit the flyover

An artist's impression of the proposed Basin Reserve flyover seen from the top of Kent Terrace, looking towards Buckle St and the national war memorial.

OPINION: Wellington needs to leave the flyover behind.

Editorial: Push comes to shove over town belt

Mount Victoria from Wellington town belt.

OPINION:The Wellington City Council wanted to strengthen the protection of the town belt. The Government didn't. 

Editorial: New tax would help level playing field

Netflix streams movies and videos into Kiwi houses - but pays no GST.

OPINION: GST isn't charged on imported goods and services. It should be.


Life locked up is not one of luxury

Prison is not a place anyone wants to be.

OPINION: Prison is a vile place everywhere, and I'm unsure how much good it ever does.

Books are back - and in living colour

Books are back! Or, at least that's what Bookman says.

OPINION: I was chatting over whisky with a man in the book trade. Is there no limit to the glamour of the life I lead? No, there is not.


Sirocco the rock star kakapo.

OPINION: The prime minister should be considering honours for those who have brought the kakapo back from the brink of extinction.

Bowron: We're all black, that's ok

10082015 News. Photo: supplied. 
Black & White Fern by Alofi Kanter

Official long list - 40 New Zealand flag designs. These flags have been selected for further investigation by the Flag consideration panel as part of the design review process.

I blame Helen Clark for politicians shamelessly hitching their wagons to the fortunes of national sporting events.

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