Leaving customers in the cold

A large crowd gathered to protest the closure of the Fairlie Westpac bank branch.

OPINION: The digital tide can't be held back forever, but consumers who prefer bricks and mortar need a reasonable transition.

NZ needs to take a stand

The dream is over!

Opinions: This marriage breakdown of Brad and Angelina threatens love itself, writes Martin van Beynen.

Garner: Handcuffed to the past

Putting young people in adult prisons risks only making them better criminals.

Solving youth crime - and particularly girls turning to violence - demands a new approach. Sending them to jail isn't the answer.

School students deserve better

Teachers protest this month against proposed changes to school funding.

Opinion: Twenty years after bulk funding was roundly rejected, a similar scheme has surfaced again.


Clark right to box on

Helen Clark says she's waiting for the final showdown for the UN secretary-general position.

OPINION: The odds on Helen Clark winning the top UN job are are not good, but there's no harm in staying in for now.


Secondary Principals' Association Sandy Pasley

All teachers know that setting exams is more an art than a science.

Last chance for the Sevens

The Wellington Sevens.

The Wellington Sevens are stuck in the Last Chance saloon, and everyone knows it.

TVNZ must name its big earners

TV personality Mike Hosking.

TVNZ has no right to refuse to reveal the names of its highest earners. The television company is owned by the taxpayers. The taxpayers have a right to this information.


Survival of the fittest

When Danielle Hayes won NZ Top Model in 2010, her success brought out the worst in some people.

Opinion: Good luck with believing the milk of human kindness will flow copiously in a disaster.

Risk apathy will be the winner

Candidate Jo Coughlan gained polite applause and even the odd whoop from what was essentially an away crowd.

OPINION: How high is the interest in the upcoming local body elections? Very high if a mayoral debate I attended last Tuesday evening at Prefab Hall in the inner city was anything to go by.

Serial ratings war starts

TV3's Paul Henry resting his arches.

Opinion: Who wins the breakfast show wars leads the news day from the start and gains the psychological edge.

Garner: A justice system whitewash

Nikolas James Posa Delegat, 19, in the dock of the Dunedin District Court.

Duncan Garner says the night he was randomly attacked suggests white people fare better in front of judges.

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