Police raids over the top

Longtime Voluntary Euthanasia Society member Wilhelmina Irving was visited by police after attending an Exit ...

OPINION: In this sphere, police need to use discretion and humanity.

A voice from Joe's past

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump's hair is illuminated as he greets the crowd at a campaign rally.

Opinion: A phone call almost brings Joe Bennett to tears.

Ghoulish floating graves of Louisiana

A youth plays in a building destroyed by Hurricane Matthew in Coteaux, Haiti, this month.

Opinion: As with the gun debate in the US, there is a match-up between attitudes to climate change and political allegiance, says temporary California resident David Mackay.

Cities' past informs future

August's campylobacter outbreak in Havelock North showed how vulnerable towns and cities are to epidemics.

Opinion: We see ourselves a a society rooted in the land but for a hundred years more Kiwis have lived in urban than rural areas.


The public's right to know

The former Chief Ombudsman Dame Beverley Wakem.

Freedom of information in New Zealand is in deep trouble. Bureaucrats and politicians constantly flout their obligations under the Official Information Act, which holds that information is open to the public unless special circumstances apply. The assumption is that ordinary people are entitled to know what their rulers are up to.

More prisons are not the answer

The Government is on a $1 billion prison-building spree.

The Government is back to talking tough about crime.

The belch threatening the planet

Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment Jan Wright, at home in Houghton Bay.

There is no silver bullet which will blast away agriculture's troublesome greenhouse gases. But that doesn't mean the government should do nothing.

Parata should go immediately

Education Minister Hekia Parata speaks to media after announcing she won't stand in the next election.

Hekia Parata's surprise decision to step down in 2017 is good news for John Key's Government.


Garner: Have a heart Bill English

After eight years in power and now boasting a $1.8 billion surplus, this is Bill English's chance to start thinking ...

OPINION: Revealed: The secret memo to Bill English that was never written ... and would never be actioned even if it had been.

Reality TV like nothing before

Donald Trump listens to his presidential rival Hillary Clinton during their third and final campaign debate in Las ...

Opinion: Donald Trump's bid for the presidency has been shamelessly used as an advert for the Trump brand.

Plastic less than fantastic

Environment Minister Nick Smith launches the soft plastics recycling scheme in Wellington at Lyall Bay Warehouse.

Opinion: Shoppers support it, so do most local bodies. So why is the Government opposed to a small charge on plastic bags?  

Bax's loyalty misplaced

Kylie Bax says the women who've been groped and insulted by Donald Trump just want five minutes of fame.

OPINION: How a man treats his perceived friends and equals is not the true test of his nature; it's how he treats the people he regards as inferiors that matters.

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