Editorial: 'Amazon tax' not straightforward

From next year, GST will apply to e-books and other digital downloads, but no decision has been made about adding it to physical products ordered from overseas.

OPINION: Taxing online purchases is fair, but only if ridiculous fees are not part of the deal.

Garner: Squash Devoy and her PC office

Dame Susan Devoy was appointed by a star-struck Government wanting a known name, rather someone qualified, to be race relations commissioner.

Duncan Garner: Susan Devoy's crusade against Christmas suggests her office serves no purpose.

iPredict no place to launder money

Prediction website iPredict, declared by Associate Justice Minister Simon Bridges as a money laundering risk, allows traders to bet on political and economic events.

If you wanted to launder money, iPredict would hardly be your best choice, economist claims

Tales from a month in America

Tales from a month in America

OPINION: American food is a problem. It's not that it's uniformly awful – far from it. There's just far too much of it.


Case for longer runway builds

An impression of what Wellington Airport's runway extension might look like.

OPINION: Wellington should not submit to miserliness and give up on a proper runway too soon.

Editorial: Wellington should extend the war against tobacco

Smoking maims and kills.

EDITORIAL: Wellingtonians rightly want smoking banned in more parts of the city. 

Editorial: It's not a distraction - vote on the flag

In the first of two referendums on the flag, which began on November 20, voters must rank up to five alternatives to the current flag.

OPINION: People should cast off any tiredness and cynicism they still feel about the flag process, and ask themselves what they really think.

Editorial: Law changes deserve more scrutiny

The Government has frequently passed important laws under urgency - including one this week to retrospectively change an error in another law passed under urgency.

OPINION: The Government has made a special art out of passing laws under urgency, bypassing the usual checks and balances.


How do we carry on amid chaos?

The atom bomb became the feared enemy, says Rosemary McLeod.

Rosemary McLeod's parents wondered whether it was right to bring a child into this rotten world. That was just after WWII

Dealing with the deposits of the unwanted variety

Picking up after your dog is a fine art, says Joe Bennett.

OPINION: Yes, we are blessed. Much of the world is hungry.

Garner: Jonah was simply unstoppable

Jonah Lomu was mobbed by fans playing for Wainuiomata in 2000 - and spent two hours signing autographs after the game.

Duncan Garner: It's not that Jonah Lomu was a great rugby player, he was a great human being.

Lomu's legacy should be about more than rugby

All Blacks superstar Jonah Lomu carts the ball up for Counties Manukau in 1999.

OPINION: Malo e lelei. What a roller-coaster year it has been for Wellington rugby supporters, especially those of Pacific descent.

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