Trump's diplomatic slips-ups

Pope Francis poses with US President Donald Trump, his wife Melania, right, Jared Kushner, left, and Ivanka Trump during ...

OPINION: Could it get any worse for President Trump? Well, yes.

No show without Punch

President Donald Trump holds up the executive order on withdrawal from the Trans Pacific Partnership.

OPINION: The idea of a Trans-Pacific Partnership free trade deal without the United States would once have seemed absurd. It is access to the giant rich market of America, after all, that mattered most to all the other partners, including New Zealand.

Councillors now cool on runway

A drawing of what an extended Wellington Airport runway might look like.

OPINION: Formerly pro-extension councillors now seem to gone quiet on the need for it.

Cynical power-grab with your money

After years or penny-pinching and telling us to tighten our belts, National has thrown money from the sky.

OPINION: National's Budget bribery was all about power. At all costs.


A catch-up, not a spend-up

Finance Minister Steven Joyce presents the 2017 Budget as Prime Minister Bill English looks on..

OPINION: Many of the Budget measures barely make up for the long years of tight budgets and big deficits.

Terrorists are weak

Laying flowers in memory of the victims of the Manchester bombing.

OPINION: Manchester's profoundly civilised response is an act of defiance to the terrorists, who want to sow rage and despair and doubt.

ACC scheme ripe for reform

After the accident, the arguments begin.

OPINION: A new report raises fundamental problems in the operation of ACC. The question is whether the proposed reforms would cure the problems, or whether even more radical changes are needed.

Drunks killed the sevens video

The costumes were brilliant but too often the people wearing them turned into drunken morons by the early hours.

OPINION: Stupidity killed the fun of the sevens, not those who had to drag them off to hospital or jail.


Cathedral bogged down in bulls...t

Bishop Victoria Matthews in 2012 blessing the site where the Cardboard Cathedral was to sit.

OPINION: Let's bulldoze the pussy footing on the cathedral issue.

Old killjoys killed the sevens

Westpac Stadium - only a committee could come up with an event centre so joyless. Only a penny-pinching committee would ...

OPINION: Why do the old begrudge the young their moments of lunacy?

The election Budget: Three for the price of one

Finance Minister Steven Joyce will deliver his first Budget on Thursday.

OPINION: You'll hear a lot of talk over the next few days about Thursday's "election year" Budget.

The jaws of justice

US President Donald Trump yearns to be loved, to be admired. Praise is the fuel he runs on, says Joe Bennett. But his ...

OPINION: The ancient gods knew a thing or two about the jaws of justice. Trump's' torture' is proof of that.

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