A glimpse of the future capital

Google Glass OPINION: Steve Maharey comments on Wellington's future on the creative edge.

Editorial: missed opportunity to slow down

Traffic OPINION: It is only by taming the car that we have made the progress we have in Wellington.

Cycleway could start network

bike mayor OPINION: The first stage of the Island Bay cycle way will proceed, but can it lead to a more cycle-friendly city?

Editorial: Delay in sacking raises doubts

Judith Collins OPINION: John Key was right to sack Collins. But he's wrong if he thinks this has cleared away his problem.

Jewel in the crown overlooked

Rodger Hedley (Letters, August 29) makes a good point about the waste of money that is Napier's still-new museum. When I last visited, I learned that during consultation on a new museum, the National Tobacco Building was offered to the city council, but it foolishly declined, preferring instead to spend about $13 million on a ''purpose designed'' building. The edifice that arose is ugly and boring, as is the exhibition space. The National Tobacco Building is surely the jewel in Napier's art deco crown. It would, and still could be, the perfect place for the city/regional museum.

Goff's claims are hard to fathom

I am perplexed as to what all the fuss is about. Phil Goff denied knowledge of a security issue.

When dirt sticks, you can't shake it off

Refreshing to see courteous display

Editorial: How to break up a party safely

Drink driving breath testing The Independent Police Conduct Authority rightly acknowledges the problems and even dangers that police face when called to a rowdy gathering.

Editorial: Funding shake-up shuts doors to mentally ill

There are serious warnings that more mentally ill people will be forced to live on Wellington streets.

Editorial: School pressure will not be tolerated

Editorial: Bid to shift focus from mud to policy

Editorial | Debate sparks up campaign

Three weeks to go till voting day and weird things have begun to happen.

A different game of two halves

iraq strap If the Middle East doesn't watch out we'll give up on them. We really will.

Soundbiting catchphrases

Could we dispense with the phrase "I think you'll find most New Zealanders think/believe/know/want"?

Fear of lost votes hurts reo

Latta day saint overlooks facts

Why spin when a wobbly works

Pam Corkery managed to turn the tide on to herself last weekend and make Crusher Collins look dainty.

Comments: Why some don't make it

commenters BLOG: Ever wondered why your comment didn't make it on to our website? Here's why.

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