Garner: Can the Canes finally do it after 20 years?

Will Conrad Smith and Ma'a Nonu have a fairytale ending to their time in the Hurricanes jersey?

OPINION: I've waited nearly 20 long and painful years to write this.

Editorial: Parliament took its eye off the bullies

ACT leader David Seymour and four Green MPs were on the same side when they opposed the Harmful Digital Communications Bill in Parliament.

Despite a wave of online opposition, Parliament has passed a new law against cyber bullying.

Magna Carta still a powerful piece of law

Parts of Magna Carta are still on the statute books in New Zealand.

OPINION: Last month marked 800 years since King John was forced by a group of barons at Runnymede to accept some constraints on his authority and affix his seal to the document that became known as Magna Carta.

Internet in the land of the long trenches

New Zealand faces higher costs than other countries in developing a broadband network.

OPINION: Just comparing New Zealand's broadband prices with those overseas is simplistic because costs are higher here.


Editorial: More to do on tackling scalpers

Queues for tickets at least privilege fans willing to sacrifice their time - though scalpers can always join them too.

OPINION: Until a better solution emerges, the government should widen its scalping ban.

Editorial: Risks and opportunities in council plan

Wellington City Council's big plans for the city have to pass a strict test before ratepayers' money is spent on them.

OPINION: The council can help lay the conditions for a dynamic city but needs to carefully balance its spending plans against cost to ratepayers.

Editorial: State house sell-off gets stranger

Australian non-profit company Horizons Housing is considering buying up to 400 state houses from the Government.

OPINION: The Government's Australian flirtation only makes the sales of state houses more dubious.

Editorial: Wheels turn at last for cycling

The Government has earmarked $45 million over 10 years for cycleways in the capital.

OPINION: Funding for cycleways has been an inconsequential trickle for many years. Now, all of a sudden, it has grown into a gush.


Different tastes when it comes to baring bodies

Sunday Star-Times columnist Rosemary McLeod Byline photo Dinkus Portrait 07/11/2006 70088 SPL AKL This is the property of the Sunday Star-Times

OPINION: I can take or leave other peoples' nudity, but mainly I'd rather leave it. You can have too much of a good thing.

Fairy-stories no basis for decisions

Stingrays are no spiritual guardian of our lagoons.

It's one thing to respect Maori heritage, but that doesn't mean deferring to folklore that we know to be absurd.

Future remains unclear, but fog starts to lift

Joe Bennett received a call that no child wants to receive.

OPINION: The stroke ward was called Solomon. My mother was on a bed in the corner. I didn't immediately recognise her. She was slumped to one side, asleep.

News, views and meat markets

Sausages, part of any self-respecting meat pack.

OPINION: I was having yet another tedious argument along the lines of everything being ‘the media’s fault these days’.

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