Garner: Modern family dilemmas

Duncan Garner and his wife have a total of six children in their lives.

OPINION: Life in a blended family can have its ups and downs.

Editorial: The upside of Australia's downturn

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott

OPINION: We're used to Australians doing better than New Zealand. So enjoy their temporary downturn.

Leading the charge on cleaner water

Porirua City Councillor Bronwyn Kropp demonstrating how to divert car washing detergent into a garden using a dam of towels.

OPINION: If, by making a small change in our behaviour, we can help protect the harbour, why wouldn't we do it?

Politicians will run a mile, but our abortion laws encourage deceit

Stratford mother Hillary Kieft watches National MP Chester Borrows sign her family petition seeking a change to the law that allows teenagers to have abortions without their parents' knowledge.

OPINION: While abortions are ostensibly about protecting women’s mental health, they often have precisely the reverse effect.



John Burrows, chair of the Flag Consideration Panel,  announces the four final flag designs.

OPINION: The choice now seems to be between the existing flag or some form of silver fern.

Editorial: Parental leave love will be spread thinly

Labour MP Sue Moroney.

The Government doesn't want to extend paid parental leave to 26 weeks. But it knows the policy would be popular.

Editorial: Housing is the Government's Achilles heel

Housing Minister Nick Smith.

Government is failing the test on Auckland and state housing problems.

Keep the break from the ads

Putting advertisements on around the clock might seem consistent - but few viewers want it.

All can unite against the final victory of commercial yawp.


This hunt for a national brand is a joke

The flag process is an elaborate prank and a waste of $26 million, says Rosemary McLeod.

OPINION: Branding used to apply to businesses and products, but it now applies to human beings - and the national flag.

How old age can put us in a cruel prison

Old age can rob us of our independence.

OPINION: Joe Bennett's mother's stroke shows us again that age is cruel, robbing us of our independence.

Here's the news, read by Jennifer Lawrence

With modern technology, Jennifer Lawrence's voice could be reading the news.

OPINION: Do we really have to bid a fond farewell to any voice in the world ever again?

National gets third-termitis

Workplace Relations and Safety Minister Michael Woodhouse: likeable, but out of his depth.

OPINION: John Key warned Cabinet not to be arrogant and contract the dreaded disease.

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