We've doomed our animal mirror images

Colo, a contemporary of Joe Bennett's, was the oldest gorilla in captivity when she died.

Where our fellow primates once lived, soon we'll grow palm oil, writes Joe Bennett.

Quest for more organ donors

Wellingtonian Michael Boyes died suddenly at 25 and gave organs to seven people.

The rise in organ donations is good news. There were 61 deceased organ donors last year, a big leap from 36 three years earlier. This means saved lives and a reprieve for desperately sick people who live on a medical version of death row.

Use it or lose it, Upper Hutt

First in, best dressed: Upper Hutt mayor Wayne Guppy at the opening of the city's new recycling drop-off station. The ...

A new drop-off station has to be positive development for the controversial issue of recycling in Upper Hutt.

Trump will push New Zealand closer to China

Against Donald Trump's protectionism, Chinese president Xi Jinping is casting his country as a bastion of free trade.

OPINION: If Trump starts a trade war with China, New Zealand will have little choice but to side with Beijing.


Time for public holiday swap

Auckland's anniversary day wrongly marks the day when former governor William Hobson proclaimed British sovereignty over ...

OPINION: Bring in a national holiday when we need it most - in winter.

The Trump era begins

Donald Trump lost the popular vote, but won in the US electoral college.

OPINION: Democracy means leaders you might not like, at least some of the time.

Editorial: Welcome noises on trade

Prime Minister Bill English, right, meets with his British counterpart, Theresa May. May has pledged to work on a "bold" ...

OPINION: Out of an international environment of deepening nationalism and insularity, New Zealand might win greater links to some of its biggest trading partners.

Ignore simplistic outburst on beggars

Sir Bob Jones says beggars are a "disgrace to the human race."

OPINION: Further abusing those whose lives have often been long sequences of abuse and addiction is no answer.


Steering us toward a future without drivers

Are you ready for driverless cars, like this Volvo XC90?

OPINION: We've been warned that autonomous vehicles are coming - ready or not - and we'd better embrace the future.

Bright lights, big city, heart of darkness

Keeping the lights on is more important than a runway extension, says Dave Armstrong.

OPINION: How many council employees does it take to change a light bulb? One to change the bulb and 14 to work in the call centre?

Love is not in the air

Air New Zealand has the habit of changing its livery to cash in on whatever's trending, whether it's the Rugby World Cup ...

Air NZ has cultivated a successful public image, but some have a less positive view, writes Karl du Fresne.

The obscenity of super wealth

The super wealthy love to own superyachts.

NZ's super rich are not an inspiration to the bottom 30%, who just want a job and a home, writes Rosemary McLeod.

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