'Swimmability' only part of story video

Freshwater quality debates largely focus on swimming, not what lives there 24/7.

ANALYSIS: The longfin eel, whitebait and lamprey. All are threatened, and it is our fault.

Don't you have anything better to do? video

The cars parked along the front of the Osbornes'  Waikanae Beach hedge to stop an arborist from getting their clippers ...

OPINION: Some neighbours have only to see a hedge before they dream of a chainsaw.

Economy needs immigration

Wellington Chamber of Commerce chief executive John Milford.

OPINION: Being able to hire someone with the necessary skills is essential for business.

Migration debate triggers a logic bypass

Immigration Minister Michael Woodhouse imposed a "remuneration test" as a proxy for skills.

OPINION: Recent boom in work and student visas suggests room for cuts.


Turkey and the Anzacs

Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan

OPINION: New Zealand and Turkey have a special Anzac bond. The conflict that divided them at Gallipoli now brings them together each year on Anzac Day.

Ditching deciles fine in theory

Outgoing Education Minister Hekia Parata wants to replace the school decile system.

OPINION: Hekia Parata's "big data" revolution holds promise - as well as risks.

Suicide and the censor

Netflix NZ has screened the series 13 Reasons Why before the censor saw it.

No liberal can be comfortable with censorship. The New Zealand censor, however, and the law which guides him, is sensible and censors only the most extreme works. A fundamentalist censor who tried to ban the teenage novel Into the River last year was quickly overturned and then later left the post.

Time's up for Basin stand

The Museum Stand at the Basin Reserve has been judged by Wellington City Council "a significant health and safety risk ...

OPINION: Not every old building should stay standing simply because it is old.


A gnawing problem

Everyone draws a line somewhere, and Joe Bennett draws his at rats in the roof.

OPINION: AS a rule when it comes to the animal kingdom, Joe Bennett's Mr Soft. But everyone draws the line somewhere.

Hung up over plan to change landlines

​Spark ​will change the way landline calls have worked since their invention in 1876, by switching them to internet ...

OPINION: Changing landlines may make sense, but it's cold comfort for many.

Volunteers make our sports tick

On Friday nights before a game, my mother – who couldn't ever get me to clean my shoes – would find me washing soccer ...

OPINION: Where would we be without the volunteer parent coaches?

Why election campaigns aren't what they used to be

This is how it's done. Winston Peters never left the hustings.

OPINION: Everything else is changing so fast these days. Why not election campaigns as well?

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