The newsroom: The naked truth

22:09, May 08 2012


We often get asked about the decisions we make - why did you cover x, not cover y, or cover z in that way?

We want to make it easier to ask and answer those questions. That is why we have launched this blog: The Inside Story.

For generations, newspapers have acted like the little boy in the crowd who pointed at the emperor and exclaimed: "He's got no clothes." He famously revealed a dirty truth everyone else was complicit in ignoring.

We work hard to also expose truths others would conveniently overlook, or worse, suppress. We also entertain people along the way, because we know strong communities must celebrate goodness.


This work is a privilege, but we know it's no longer an exclusive privilege because today, everyone is a publisher.

And it is we in the mainstream media who are left with no clothes. The secrets of our trade are secrets no more and the community is not afraid to say it.

Source material such as official documents, council agendas and public records are more accessible than ever before and breaking news can be published by anyone on the street with a phone.

And while we have a newsroom of trained journalists and decades of experience to draw on, the complex process of putting out a newspaper means it can be scooped by anyone who breaks news as soon as it happens via Twitter, Facebook or other social networks.

The work we publish is reacted to, and sometimes challenged, as soon as we publish; and stories move faster than we can put out print editions.

Worldwide, many newspapers have failed to respond to this new pace expected by our readers. They have failed and folded.

We have chosen to evolve. Our content is published as fast as we produce it on, and our other digital platforms. We communicate with our readers more than ever before via social media (Facebook, Twitter, Google+), our website, and of course our newspaper.

But we want go further. We want to invite you to understand every aspect of our newsgathering and publishing process.

This regular blog will be used to discuss the challenges and success as our newsroom continues to evolve in a shifting media landscape.

We will also be introducing you to our reporters, photographers, editors and critics to let you ask questions and suggest stories.

We know you expect the same naked truth from us, that we expect from others.

What questions do you have about the way we bring you news and information? What do you want to know about our newsroom?

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