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Last updated 20:13 02/09/2012

Everyone needs a makeover now and then and a newspaper is no different.

The Dominion Post has undergone a few nip and tucks and today we are introducing a new refreshed design and structure to make sure we continue to bring you a great mix of content every morning.

Every weekday, we will be bringing you two packed sections to keep you informed and entertained.

The A section will contain news, politics, letters and opinion. We've also created a new mini section at the back of the A-section with a daily culture page featuring TV and arts reviews,  new daily specialised feature content and columns, and puzzles and Capital Day in the same place every day, along with TV/Weather on the back page.

Our B section kicks off with world news, followed by business and sport.

Separating out world and general news and opinion should help with the scraps over the breakfast table. No need for one person to hog all of the news.

On Tuesday and Wednesday we will continue to  publish a third section in a compact format.

On Tuesday, get up to date with the week's TV highlights with a refreshed TV Week which has the latest TV news and reviews as well as listings for the week.

On Wednesday, it's all about food, fashion and travel in our new look Life section.

We've got plenty to shout about and we owe a lot of it to you our readers. Our audience has risen significantly in the past year and it's great to have your support.

An extra 10,000 people read the paper each day compared with a year ago. We have the highest number of subscribers in the paper's history, and our online audience has more than doubled in the past two years. The Dominion Post brand is thriving;  we are proud of that.

Many of the changes we have made in our refresh come from your feedback and ideas. Thank you.

Let us know what you think of our makeover, because we do all this for you.

You can email me bernadette.courtney@dompost.co.nz.

- The Dominion Post

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Tomo   #1   08:28 am Sep 03 2012

Putting the quiz by the spine makes it much more inconvenient to read when driving in to town in the morning. For the passenger I mean.

Other than that, first impressions are positive.

ben   #2   09:39 am Sep 03 2012

Looks more credible now. Now just to increase the level of journalism to match! Good start though.

angela   #3   10:10 am Sep 03 2012

Really like the weather AND TV programs on back of first section - two important bits of info that are now easy to access over the day.Also, goodf balance of new and old design.

Paul   #4   03:37 pm Sep 03 2012

How about bringing back the TV crossword that sunk without a trace a few years back it was really good to do.

nell   #5   03:42 pm Sep 03 2012

bring back the brief weather forecast on the front page!!

mike smith   #6   06:48 pm Sep 03 2012

No difference to the poor depth of content. Values are bit tabloid. Remember you are the CAPITAL city's newspaper.

Paul   #7   08:40 am Sep 04 2012

What happened to the fishing guide on the weather page it seems to have disappeared?

ao   #8   10:24 am Sep 04 2012

Agree with Nell #5 - bring back the weather funnies on front page

Joel W   #9   11:37 am Sep 04 2012

So now its exactly like 'The Press'? Fairfax and its ingenuity.

Sally Kabak   #10   11:10 am Sep 06 2012

Why has the daily crossword been changed? Please bring back the other one.

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