Taking Wellington news to the next level

20:48, Oct 29 2012

The Wellingtonian community newspaper has moved up in the world - from the fourth floor at our Boulcott St offices to join the main Dominion Post newsroom here on the fifth floor.

The move is an extension of Fairfax's Content First emphasis and was designed to further strengthen both newspapers and create a wider Wellington newsroom. It seemed ridiculous to have two good newspapers from the same company operating one floor apart and somewhat in opposition to each other when they could work together.

Combining staff means better planning, better pooling of information, and more team work - to the benefit of both newspapers.

Wellingtonian editor Joseph Romanos and reporters Rebecca Thomson and Amy Jackman are now part of The Dominion Post staff, but with special responsibilities for The Wellingtonian.

Joseph remains editor of The Wellingtonian as well as picking up the duties of The Dominion Post's metro chief reporter.

Amy is now part of the metro team and Rebecca has become a web editor, part of the dompost.co.nz team, but with a particular brief of assisting all the Central Community Newspapers community newspapers.

The move also boosts our newsroom's seven-day-a-week operation. We have staff here from 6am through until after midnight producing content for both papers, dompost.co.nz and the wider Fairfax network.

Dominion Post Editor Bernadette Courtney, who floated the idea of merging the team, said the move was already working well.

"It just makes sense to combine the team and bolster not only our numbers covering Wellington but to harness that grassroots connection with the community. Joseph and his team are completely across Wellington, drilling down in to suburbs, and that is reflected in the great weekly paper they put out every week. The Wellingtonian is a fierce community paper that covers news and the community particularly well.

"The Wellingtonian still has its editorial independence and always will, it needs to retain its unique voice in the community."

Early indications are that the move has been a success. All Central Community Newspaper editors appreciate having Rebecca overseeing their websites, a task they acknowledge as important, but are too busy to attend to as fully as they would like.

Amy has continued to provide stories and photos for The Wellingtonian, but has also done some shifts for The Dominion Post, which gives her more experience of daily newspaper journalism.

Joseph is settling into his role with the busy metro team while continuing to ensure the quality of The Wellingtonian is not compromised.

We hope our new newsroom structure will help bring you even better, more in-depth coverage of the Wellington region in print and here online. Is there something we've missed? Is there an issue if Wellington you'd like us to cover? Leave a comment or email us at news@dompost.co.nz