National gets third-termitis

Workplace Relations and Safety Minister Michael Woodhouse: likeable, but out of his depth.

OPINION: John Key warned Cabinet not to be arrogant and contract the dreaded disease.

Life locked up is not one of luxury

Prison is not a place anyone wants to be.

OPINION: Prison is a vile place everywhere, and I'm unsure how much good it ever does.

Books are back - and in living colour

Books are back! Or, at least that's what Bookman says.

OPINION: I was chatting over whisky with a man in the book trade. Is there no limit to the glamour of the life I lead? No, there is not.


Sirocco the rock star kakapo.

OPINION: The prime minister should be considering honours for those who have brought the kakapo back from the brink of extinction.

Bowron: We're all black, that's ok

10082015 News. Photo: supplied. 
Black & White Fern by Alofi Kanter

Official long list - 40 New Zealand flag designs. These flags have been selected for further investigation by the Flag consideration panel as part of the design review process.

I blame Helen Clark for politicians shamelessly hitching their wagons to the fortunes of national sporting events.

Opinion: New Zealand failing in educating those with disabilities

New Zealand needs to do better in including those witih disabilities in the education system.

OPINION: While we might imagine New Zealand is leading the way in ensuring the right to education for people with disabilities, in reality we are way behind.

The rise of the moral crusaders of academia

Otago University nutritional scientist Dr Lisa Te Morenga.

OPINION: When I think of Otago, I’m inclined to think of it as a place of solid, practical people.

Flushed with pride after a victory against the cistern

There's something satisfying about a DIY victory.

OPINION: The thing that flushes the lavatory went bung.

What I learned at Play Centre

Even young children deserve trained teachers.

OPINION: Our ECE centres are apparently safe, nurturing and warm. It's just that nearly half of them are lacking when it comes to actually teaching.

Trump's bluster part of a dinosaur's arsenal

Donald Trump has been a walking, talking offending machine since announcing he is in the running to be president.

OPINION: It's sad to see a post-menopausal dinosaur suffering so publicly.

Being robbed by a thief in the night

Formula One driver Jenson Button wife Jessica Michibata.

OPINION: When I read of the couple who were gassed and robbed in the south of France, the years fell away like a silk chemise.

Making Wellington a bus-friendly city

Wellington is not a city built for buses.

OPINION: Too often bus rides in Wellington end up being too steamy and too slow to lure residents out of their cars.

Take economic blinkers off

Fonterra CEO Theo Spierings at Fonterra's results briefing.

OPINION: Time for the Government to stop downgrading the economic crisis.

Garner: Hitting bullies where it hurts

Minister of Justice Amy Adams.

OPINION: I want to congratulate Justice Minister Amy Adams for tackling domestic violence.

Fetishizing food at the expense of delicious dishes

Celebrity chef Heston Blumenthal has a lot to answer for.

OPINION: I'm strangely unexcited about Wellington On a Plate festival - even as a food lover.

Lion's killing about economics, not emotion

Cecil the lion was a popular attraction among visitors to the Hwange National Park.

OPINION: The name "Cecil the lion" may be part of the problem.

Bowron: A deal that would sink NZ

ISDS would allow foreign companies to challenge US laws — and potentially to pick up huge payouts from taxpayers — without ever stepping foot in a US court.

OPINION: Only a madman would sign us up to a deal that had no benefit to us and lost control of our destiny.

Duncan Garner: Keep evil in prison

FFXENT. Supplied image of Duncan Garner and Heather du Plessis-Allan for Story.

OPINION: Imagine making a mistake that would later cost an innocent woman her life.

Getting out the dog whistle

Labour Leader Andrew Little has upset both the liberal Left and the unions.

OPINION: The saying goes there is no such thing as bad publicity, and it may be true for Labour.

NZ will sign TPP - end of story

Foreign buying of Auckland houses is a key point of difference between National and Labour over the Trans Tasman Partnership free trade deal.

OPINION: The sun will more than likely come up tomorrow and New Zealand will sign the TPP deal.

Offspring living it up - to the max

Max Key with his model girlfriend, Amelia Finlayson.

OPINION: The least your children will do is embarrass you.

Veering off the virtuous path, and crashing spectacularly

The valley surrounding Blenheim is dotted with vineyards.

OPINION: I'm at a literary festival and I am feeling a little less chirpy than the blackbird that is currently mocking me.

Bowron: A week of skits

Mt Eden Corrections Facility before it opened.

OPINION: It's all laughable - Sky City's ad and the for-profit running of our prisons.

Why Whanganui wants to lynch me

Duncan Garner: Positive and negative comments

OPINION: The good people of Whanganui want my guts for garters.

Put our prisons back in state hands

Corrections Minster Sam Lotu-Iiga has struggled to handle questions over the running of prisons.

OPINION: Corrections Minister Sam Lotu-Iiga flapped around like a kereru trapped in a DOC hut with hungry cabinet ministers waiting outside.

Payoffs are about keeping quiet, not apologies

Bill Cosby is at the centre of sexual assault allegations from a number of women. He denies the claims.

OPINION: The idea of financial compensation to victims for criminal behaviour has got to be offensive, and in sex cases it adds insult to injury.

Can Nicky Hager really be called a journalist?

Nicky Hager claims police unlawfully searched his house following the publication of his book, Dirty Politics.

OPINION: Nicky Hager's lawyer helpfully explained to Justice Denis Clifford in the High Court that his client's name rhymed with lager.

PM still smiling through the gloom

John Key came back from his holiday in the Hawaiian sun talking up the economy

OPINION: Key stays sunny while the economic mood sours

Historic achievement, but flag that for a celebration

21072015 supplied pnoto: Pluto photographed from the New Horizons probe. Photo courtesy of NASA.

OPINION: If it hadn't been for the flags it would have been faultless.

Puffer jackets, the accepted uniform of New Zealand winters

Wellington's winters can catch people off guard.

OPINION: As soon as the TV weather nears Wellington's forecast the mind slips.

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