Bowron: A deal that would sink NZ

ISDS would allow foreign companies to challenge US laws — and potentially to pick up huge payouts from taxpayers — without ever stepping foot in a US court.

OPINION: Only a madman would sign us up to a deal that had no benefit to us and lost control of our destiny.

Duncan Garner: Keep evil in prison

FFXENT. Supplied image of Duncan Garner and Heather du Plessis-Allan for Story.

OPINION: Imagine making a mistake that would later cost an innocent woman her life.

Getting out the dog whistle

Labour Leader Andrew Little has upset both the liberal Left and the unions.

OPINION: The saying goes there is no such thing as bad publicity, and it may be true for Labour.

NZ will sign TPP - end of story

Foreign buying of Auckland houses is a key point of difference between National and Labour over the Trans Tasman Partnership free trade deal.

OPINION: The sun will more than likely come up tomorrow and New Zealand will sign the TPP deal.

Offspring living it up - to the max

Max Key with his model girlfriend, Amelia Finlayson.

OPINION: The least your children will do is embarrass you.

Veering off the virtuous path, and crashing spectacularly

The valley surrounding Blenheim is dotted with vineyards.

OPINION: I'm at a literary festival and I am feeling a little less chirpy than the blackbird that is currently mocking me.

Bowron: A week of skits

Mt Eden Corrections Facility before it opened.

OPINION: It's all laughable - Sky City's ad and the for-profit running of our prisons.

Why Whanganui wants to lynch me

Duncan Garner: Positive and negative comments

OPINION: The good people of Whanganui want my guts for garters.

Put our prisons back in state hands

Corrections Minster Sam Lotu-Iiga has struggled to handle questions over the running of prisons.

OPINION: Corrections Minister Sam Lotu-Iiga flapped around like a kereru trapped in a DOC hut with hungry cabinet ministers waiting outside.

Payoffs are about keeping quiet, not apologies

Bill Cosby is at the centre of sexual assault allegations from a number of women. He denies the claims.

OPINION: The idea of financial compensation to victims for criminal behaviour has got to be offensive, and in sex cases it adds insult to injury.

Can Nicky Hager really be called a journalist?

Nicky Hager claims police unlawfully searched his house following the publication of his book, Dirty Politics.

OPINION: Nicky Hager's lawyer helpfully explained to Justice Denis Clifford in the High Court that his client's name rhymed with lager.

PM still smiling through the gloom

John Key came back from his holiday in the Hawaiian sun talking up the economy

OPINION: Key stays sunny while the economic mood sours

Historic achievement, but flag that for a celebration

21072015 supplied pnoto: Pluto photographed from the New Horizons probe. Photo courtesy of NASA.

OPINION: If it hadn't been for the flags it would have been faultless.

Puffer jackets, the accepted uniform of New Zealand winters

Wellington's winters can catch people off guard.

OPINION: As soon as the TV weather nears Wellington's forecast the mind slips.

Garner: One people, two NZs

We now have the tale of two New Zealands, writes Duncan Garner.

We have two New Zealands. The difference has never been so stark.

Film festival still has plenty of pulling power

Finders Keepers will screen as part of the Incredibly Strange section of the New Zealand International Film Festival.

OPINION: Many years ago, Wellington had a lot movie theatres yet very little variety in what was screened.

How we rise from grief can define us

12082014 News Photo by Derek Flynn / The Marlborough Express / Fairfax NZ.
Justice Lowell Goddard pictured while presiding over a ceremony where Stephanie Jones was admitted to the Bar in Blenheim District Court this morning. 
Law - Lawyer - District Court .

OPINION: Three words sum up the evasiveness of the way we deal with tragedy.

Hey Rob, where did it all go so wrong?

Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe has since 1980

OPINION: Joe Bennett's open letter to Robert, no, Rob, Mugabe.

Bowron: There’s a hair in my bagel

09072015. 123rf.
Stock Photo - Cup of cappuccino

aroma, background, barista, bean, beautiful, beverage, break, breakfast, brown, cafe, caffeine, cappuccino, ceramics, closeup, coffee, cream, creation, cuisine, cup, day, delicious, design, drink, energy, flavor, foam, food, full, gourmet, gratitude, heart, latte, leisure, lunch, macro, milk, mocha, morning, mug, outdoor, pattern, pause, plate, smell, start, stimulant, table, tasty, up, wake, white, wooden, yummy

OPINION: Judging by a recent day, some mornings it's just better to stay in bed.

Democracy is the worst of all systems, except for the alternatives

New Zealanders support those fighting for democracy overseas but are not so resolute about defending it at home.

OPINION: New Zealanders support those fighting for democracy overseas but don't seem too fussed on it themselves

Strong opinions hit the target when they're true

Napier Girls' student Anela Pritchard was stood down after writing a provocative speech.

OPINION: Young girls' lives are melodramas that could easily suck up all the oxygen in the world. I used to be one, so I know.

Haddin's boorishness says plenty

Australian wicketkeeper Brad Haddin ably demonstrates some of the differences between Australia and New Zealand.

OPINION: I wonder if the time has come to abandon the myth that New Zealanders and Australians are kindred spirits, joined at the hip.

Surplus hopes return amid gathering gloom

An investor watches the stock price board in Shanghai, where shares have plunged since mid-June

OPINION: The same week our positive economic outlook was stolen, Bill English's surplus has been resurrected.

Putting on socks, it's all now Greek to me

An anti-austerity protester burns a euro note during a demonstration outside the European Union (EU) offices in Athens.

OPINION: Joe Bennett on the Greek crisis and the terrible task of putting socks on.

Tickets not the only thing scalped

One way to avoid the ticket queues is to get a season ticket.

OPINION: Ticket scalping is just taking the free market to its logical extreme.

Dalai Lama could learn a lot from Pope Francis

Exiled Tibetan spiritual leader the Dalai Lama turns 80 in July.

OPINION: Kiwi singer Lorde has been recorded on a celebrity medley album for the Dalai Lama to help raise his profile with a younger audience.

Garner: Can the Canes finally do it after 20 years?

Will Conrad Smith and Ma'a Nonu have a fairytale ending to their time in the Hurricanes jersey?

OPINION: I've waited nearly 20 long and painful years to write this.

Different tastes when it comes to baring bodies

Sunday Star-Times columnist Rosemary McLeod Byline photo Dinkus Portrait 07/11/2006 70088 SPL AKL This is the property of the Sunday Star-Times

OPINION: I can take or leave other peoples' nudity, but mainly I'd rather leave it. You can have too much of a good thing.

Fairy-stories no basis for decisions

Stingrays are no spiritual guardian of our lagoons.

It's one thing to respect Maori heritage, but that doesn't mean deferring to folklore that we know to be absurd.

Future remains unclear, but fog starts to lift

Joe Bennett received a call that no child wants to receive.

OPINION: The stroke ward was called Solomon. My mother was on a bed in the corner. I didn't immediately recognise her. She was slumped to one side, asleep.

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