Devoy hits back at Garner's claim

Race Relations Commissioner, Dame Susan Devoy

Duncan Garner is wrong in calling my work PC Gone Mad and irrelevant, says Race Relations Commissioner.

Garner: Squash Devoy and her PC office

Dame Susan Devoy was appointed by a star-struck Government wanting a known name, rather someone qualified, to be race relations commissioner.

Duncan Garner: Susan Devoy's crusade against Christmas suggests her office serves no purpose.

Tales from a month in America

Tales from a month in America

OPINION: American food is a problem. It's not that it's uniformly awful – far from it. There's just far too much of it.

How do we carry on amid chaos?

The atom bomb became the feared enemy, says Rosemary McLeod.

Rosemary McLeod's parents wondered whether it was right to bring a child into this rotten world. That was just after WWII

Dealing with the deposits of the unwanted variety

Picking up after your dog is a fine art, says Joe Bennett.

OPINION: Yes, we are blessed. Much of the world is hungry.

Garner: Jonah was simply unstoppable

Jonah Lomu was mobbed by fans playing for Wainuiomata in 2000 - and spent two hours signing autographs after the game.

Duncan Garner: It's not that Jonah Lomu was a great rugby player, he was a great human being.

Lomu's legacy should be about more than rugby

All Blacks superstar Jonah Lomu carts the ball up for Counties Manukau in 1999.

OPINION: Malo e lelei. What a roller-coaster year it has been for Wellington rugby supporters, especially those of Pacific descent.

Lomu the Lionheart gallery

Former All Black and Sevens star Jonah Lomu in Wellington, where he played and lived for four years from 2000 to 2003.

The great All Black spent four years playing in Wellington for the Hurricanes and Lions, winning the hearts of fans all over the region.

However loopy it can be, cause for thanks in Christianity's legacy

The affable Pope Francis wouldn't dream of grabbing a gun and shooting you, writes Rosemary McLeod.

OPINION: For all its faults, Christianity's values are pure benevolence compared to the Isis death cult.

How would have I reacted under fire?

Flowers and candles are placed near the scene of a shooting the day after a series of deadly attacks in Paris.

OPINION: Saturday lunchtime and I eat a ham sandwich while watching the news from Paris.

Bowron: Dunne deal on drugs makes sense

While some may view the government dishing out of tips on how to get high safely as cynical and degenerate, surely this is a health issue rather than a moral one?

OPINION: Last week's announcement by Associate Health Minister Peter Dunne that government experts may be able to offer advice on recreational drug-taking will probably go down like a cup of cold sick with conservative Kiwis.

Going quiet on 'Christmo' a travesty

After at first finding fault with Australia's detention policy, Prime Minister John Key has seemed to do an about-face and support it.

OPINION: John Key’s comments did something no Labour leader has done for the past seven years: truly unite the Opposition.

Garner: On yer bike Mayor Celia

After five years as mayor Celia Wade-Brown has delivered little, says Duncan Garner.

Celia Wade-Brown has proved a flakey mayor and should follow her Auckland counterpart Len Brown's departure.

More of those urgent questions of our time

Is it true Wellingtonians are prone to panic attacks if there are no cafes within sight?

OPINION: Urgent questions for our times – the latest in an occasional series: So why do bureaucrats and academics now begin every statement with the word “so”?

The never-ending mystery of the kitchen junk drawer

Coins are always a popular addition to any junk kitchen drawer.

OPINION: Stuff expands to fill the space allotted to it, especially in a kitchen drawer you never look in.

Plucking, pruning and mowing down poetry

27032015. 123rf.
Stock Photo - Man mowing the lawn. Gardening

backyard, blades, care, clipper, cut, cutter, electric, engine, equipment, estate, field, flower, garden, gardener, gardening, grass, green, ground, growth, house, job, landscaping, lawn, lawnmower, male, man, motor, mow, mower, mowing, outdoor, outdoors, plant, property, push, service, sky, smiling, spring, summer, sunny, technology, tool, trim, trimming, vegetation, white, work, yard

OPINION: Who's for a bit of poem improving? What? Never done it? Neither have I.

Sometimes it pays to stand up and make some noise

Columnist Jane Bowron.

OPINION: There were road works on the street ahead and I slowed down till I came to a stop over a T intersection.

Garner: Lose the phone, find a life

If you want a relaxing holiday seriously consider ditching your smartphone, says Duncan Garner.

Divorced from his smartphone, Duncan Garner discovers life just gets better and better.

Work to do for Phoenix to rise

The future of the Wellington Phoenix is unclear, after Australian football authorities rejected the club's request for a 10-year licence extension.

OPINION: Perhaps the best thing the Phoenix owners could do is stop the PR bluster, pull their heads in and immediately secure that four-year licence extension.

The age of the voyeur knows no bounds

Ubiquitous camera phones mean private occasions aren't always private.

OPINION: There are times when you can’t expect to look your best.

Victory elevates All Blacks to national aristocracy

Daniel Carter waves to fans following the All Blacks' Rugby World Cup final win over Australia at Twickenham.

OPINION: Like most of the country I set the alarm for five in the morning.

Garner: All Blacks are our culture

Prime Minister (and chief hobbit) John Key knows rugby shapes our culture, which is why he's always mobbing the All Blacks.

Cringe if you must, but a World Cup final helps define our national identity.

An online jewel that may become a relic

Photos like this one of Cuba Mall in 1971 are part of the great work of Te Ara.

OPINION: When I was a kid, there was no Internet. At dinner time, our family would discuss matters of the day.

Union movement has to adapt to survive

After 16 years as the head of the PSA, Richard Wagstaff, is heading off to lead the CTU.

OPINION: By now Richard Wagstaff should be settling into his new job as president of the Council of Trade Unions.

Why do we treat our children so badly?

Aiesha Ross, 14, was bullied at her last school because of a medical problem she was born with.

OPINION: We've got a serious problem with violence towards children. It's up to everyone to get involved and weigh them.

On being fenced in by a pain in the back

Back pain is an evil many have been afflicted by. (Picture not necessarily of the author).

OPINION: What's more common than the common cold? The answer is lower back pain.

Can we change our bad binge-drinking ways?

It might be an idea to actually talk to students directly about alcohol issues, says Dace Armstrong.

OPINION: Over the weekend rugby fans would have either liquidly celebrated Rugby World Cup victory or drowned their sorrows, depending on what colour jersey they supported.

Garner: Today's teens drink to oblivion

MTV shows such as Geordie Shore seem to celebrate drinking to oblivion.

Have we taught today's teenagers how to be binge drinkers, asks Duncan Garner.

Plenty of motives for removing nudity from Playboy

Playboy founder Hugh Hefner.

OPINION: Champagne would once have run in the streets, and good feminists would have yodelled delight from the rooftops.

Savouring the first taste of summer sun

The Sun, our nuclear furnace, without which we would be nothing,

OPINION: Beginning an occasional series, 'Stars in our Solar System.'

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