Outlandish style colours up the capital

Columnist Jane Bowron.

OPINION: he convergence of WOW (World of WearableArt Awards) with the school holidays in the capital has made the footpaths absolutely positively heave with seething hordes of humanity.

We deserve better from our public transport

Wellingtonians are being too much to take public transport, compared to the rest of the country.

OPINION: Even if the Green Party is not your cup of camomile, we must thank them for bringing public transport fare increases to our attention.

Jeremy Corbyn, consistently barmy, but full of conviction

MIDDLESBROUGH, ENGLAND - AUGUST 18:  British Labour Party leadership contender Jeremy Corbyn addresses over a thousand supporters during a tea-time meeting as part of a nationwide leadership campaign at the Town Hall on August 18, 2015 in Middlesbrough, England. The Labour party leadership election was triggered by the resignation earlier in the year of Ed Miliband following the party's defeat at the general election. Four candidates were successfully nominated to stand, Andy Burnham, Yvette Cooper, Jeremy Corbyn and Liz Kendall. The result of the campaign will be announced on Saturday 12 September 2015.  (Photo by Ian Forsyth/Getty Images)

OPINION: Jeremy Corbyn, the recently elected leader of the British Labour Party, has been described as a throwback to 1970s-style socialism.

Aussie history repeats as farce

Australia has thousands of people indefinitely detained in its detention centres, such as Nauru, Christmas Island and Papua New Guinea.

OPINION: Our nearest neighbour, the raffish Anzac cobber, the world’s Waltzing Matilda, is becoming The Ugly Australian.

Whatever Pope 'Tubby' Francis has, we need to bottle it

Pope Francis addresses a meeting at the United Nations in New York.

OPINION: Dear Vatican, You may recall I wrote to you a dozen or so years ago, just after your first publicity-conscious Pope died.

Pandas would change our zoo - and not for the better

Giant Panda Mei Xiang snacks on bamboo at the Smithsonian's National Zoo in Washington.

OPINION: The zoo is already popular with the ordinary people of this city. What would a couple of pandas do to the current reasonable admission price?

Govt stumbles, but do voters care?

Duncan Garner was "inadvertently caught up" in the Ashley Madison scandal, TV3 reported on Tuesday.

OPINION: National has done everything possible this year to set itself up for the opposition benches.

Harden up like a good bloke - unless you're a tiger

Victoria University law students Sophie Wynn and Olive Wilson were shocked to hear ACT leader David Seymour apparently claim people with anxiety and depression should ''harden up''.

OPINION: I grow increasingly uncomfortable with how we save specimens and keep them in cages while destroying the places they really belong in.

Pick Trump: the world deserves him

US Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump makes his way through a crowd in Washington DC. Famously averse to touching people, Trump has recently begun shaking the hands of supporters after his speeches.

Republicans should choose Donald Trump for their nominee - the world deserves him.

Online council voting might expose us all

Wellington City Council has voted to trial online voting at the next local body elections.

Would you really like the exact details of how you voted to be made public, Ashley Madison style?

Garner: Are the ABs too old to win?

They may be a step or two slower than in 2011 but All Blacks stalwarts such as Richie McCaw and Ma'a Nonu have crucial experience, writes Duncan Garner.

OPINION: Too old - or the perfect blend of experience and exuberance?

Overblown Hello Sailor nostalgia leaves out the flaws

Graham Brazier of Hello Sailor performs in 2012.

OPINION: What’s admirable about alcohol or drug addiction that wrecks people’s lives?

Campaigners miss the obvious: bans only add to the thrill

Into the River author Ted Dawe.

This looks like more of a hunt for smut by the bewildered than a credible attempt to turn back time.

Queen still has time to ditch the curtseys for the corgis

Queen Elizabeth inspects a corgi  in London early in 2015.

OPINION: In all her long reign, the Queen's still not had the privilege of meeting me.

Bowron: Sexsomnia case a wake-up call

The 'sexsomnia' rape conviction case shows how far the law has come in our lifetime, Jane Bowron says.

A husband's failed 'sexsomnia' defence reaffirms that women aren't chattels of marriage.

Garner: Don't give cops guns

The police response to a gunman in Upper Hutt proves officers have ready access to firearms, Duncan Garner says.

OPINION: OPINION: Is it time to arm New Zealand's police?

Enough sore losing on flyover

The proposed $90 million Basin Reserve flyover project is now officially dead.

Yay! The ugly Basin Reserve flyover is dead; long live the ... um ... whatever those in charge choose.

Who will cry for our abused children?

Sunday Star-Times columnist Rosemary McLeod Byline photo Dinkus Portrait 07/11/2006 70088 SPL AKL This is the property of the Sunday Star-Times

As we cry for children of war in Syria, we harden our hearts to the virtual refugees among us, writes Rosemary McLeod.

Reports from the dementia epidemic

When dementia dissolves the adult self, it leaves in charge another one that was there from the beginning, an ancient, instinctual and ungoverned self, says Joe Bennett.

OPINION: There's a quiet dementia epidemic out there.

Making light of Wellington

A detail from  Lux Light Festival artwork Tensegrity.

OPINION: The Wellington City Council recently called for ideas for big events that would put the city ‘‘on the map’’ and attract international visitors. But could one of the best potential major events be dazzling away in front of our eyes?

Politicians will run a mile, but our abortion laws encourage deceit

Stratford mother Hillary Kieft watches National MP Chester Borrows sign her family petition seeking a change to the law that allows teenagers to have abortions without their parents' knowledge.

OPINION: While abortions are ostensibly about protecting women’s mental health, they often have precisely the reverse effect.

This hunt for a national brand is a joke

The flag process is an elaborate prank and a waste of $26 million, says Rosemary McLeod.

OPINION: Branding used to apply to businesses and products, but it now applies to human beings - and the national flag.

How old age can put us in a cruel prison

Old age can rob us of our independence.

OPINION: Joe Bennett's mother's stroke shows us again that age is cruel, robbing us of our independence.

Here's the news, read by Jennifer Lawrence

With modern technology, Jennifer Lawrence's voice could be reading the news.

OPINION: Do we really have to bid a fond farewell to any voice in the world ever again?

National gets third-termitis

Workplace Relations and Safety Minister Michael Woodhouse: likeable, but out of his depth.

OPINION: John Key warned Cabinet not to be arrogant and contract the dreaded disease.

Perfection in a pot

Rump in one piece is tied, to maintain its shape, then placed in the pot with vegetables.

Pot au feu is the quintessential French family feast.

Life locked up is not one of luxury

Prison is not a place anyone wants to be.

OPINION: Prison is a vile place everywhere, and I'm unsure how much good it ever does.

Books are back - and in living colour

Books are back! Or, at least that's what Bookman says.

OPINION: I was chatting over whisky with a man in the book trade. Is there no limit to the glamour of the life I lead? No, there is not.


Sirocco the rock star kakapo.

OPINION: The prime minister should be considering honours for those who have brought the kakapo back from the brink of extinction.

Bowron: We're all black, that's ok

10082015 News. Photo: supplied. 
Black & White Fern by Alofi Kanter

Official long list - 40 New Zealand flag designs. These flags have been selected for further investigation by the Flag consideration panel as part of the design review process.

I blame Helen Clark for politicians shamelessly hitching their wagons to the fortunes of national sporting events.

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