Mike Hosking and racism

Mike Hosking displays a wilful blindness to the evidence of racism that amounts to arrogance.

OPINION: Mike Hosking performs a valuable public role showing what racism looks like: pale-skinned, privileged, and smug.

The power of identity

The  British royal family - their heritage is as German as bratwurst.

OPINION: Oooh, isn't Brexit interesting. It feels like the biggest shift in global politics for 70 years

Bowron: Rue Britannia over Brexit

22062016 News Grant Matthew/Fairfax NZ

Brexit. Union Jack. British. United Kingdom.

OPINION: The Brexit result will be felt far and wide - even here in New Zealand.

Wellington's cable car: Saving an 'icon'

Wellington's cable car travels between the CBD and Thorndon.

OPINION: It would be an incredibly stupid politician who stopped the funding for Wellington's cable car.

Garner: Time to tax tourists


OPINION: We're making billions from tourists flooding into NZ, but we should sting them for a bit more.

On the offensive with our Defence Force

Our Defence Force contingent will be spending longer in Iraq than previously planned.

OPINION: Something weird is going on. New Zealanders are talking about defence.

The meths don't add up

Some of the stash of drugs found by police on 90 Mile Beach in the Far North.

OPINION: Once, Rosemary McLeod thought decriminalising drugs was the way to go. Not any more.

Joe Bennett: I got it wrong

Osama bin Laden: If the CIA had indeed being creating a bogeyman for the purpose of frightening the masses, they could ...

OPINION: I was wrong. Sorry. And this isn't the first time I've screwed up.

Bowron: Heartless Bennett and English

Both Paula Bennett and Bill English have been sorely lacking in the compassion for families department lately, Jane ...

OPINION: Recent decision by senior Cabinet ministers are callous, writes Jane Bowron.

Garner: 23 cents worth on Pora

Teina Pora would have been much better off if he had been a sacked TV newsreader, a South Canterbury Finance investor or ...

OPINION: Teina Pora needed to be a sacked TV newsreader, a South Canterbury Finance investor or a Saudi sheep farmer.

Park up, and pay up

Suburban parking in Miramar is still an issue because of the airport.

OPINION: When the flight costs less than Wellington Airport parking, the neighbours suffer.

Could you face stomach on a plate?

Zulu the lion at Wellington Zoo, with his elegant dining offering.

OPINION: Nothing can compare with the bizarre edibles some foodies invent.

Lo, relief from murder, misery and Trump

Any cricket ground will do to make Joe Bennett happy - the Basin Reserve, Hagley Park, Lord's.

OPINION: Woo hoo, the times are dark with murder, misery and Trump.

Should we abolish the defence force?

How many houses could we get for the $20 billion NZ spends on defence, Chris Trotter asks.

OPINION: How many houses could we get for the $20 billion NZ spends on defence?

Bowron: No end in sight to child poverty

Dirty and bare child's feet on gravel. Child poverty concept. Photo:

Government's band-aiding and irresponsible breeding are a shameful mix.

Dave Armstrong: Too frightened to fight for health and safety

Nelson fisherman Leighton Muir, 27, died in August 2014 in an accident aboard a Talley's trawler.

OPINION: A litany of workplace deaths shows the pendulum has swung too far away from workers.

Garner: ABs and Max Key

Max Key has the right to forge his own path and to choose to live in the public spotlight.

OPINION: Steve Hansen faces his biggest test as ABs coach tonight - and Max Key's a good guy, says Duncan Garner.

NZ no longer in a 'benign' environment

The motivations of other countries and their new found interest in Antarctica have been labelled "less clear" by the ...

The Defence White Paper outlines economic and military threats far closer to home.

Democracy doesn't come with optional extras

Howie Tamati is standing down from the Taranaki council this year. He's reportedly disenchanted by the defeat of New ...

OPINION: I've always thought democracy is a pretty good sort of system.

Housing in NZ was never cheap

A new study on housing deprivation in New Zealand exaggerates the problem, says Rosemary McLeod.

OPINION: Many of us lived in what would now be called "overcrowded" conditions, but it wasn't a calamity.

A love-hate relationship with soup

Soup is certainly lacking when it comes to literary bon mots, says Joe Bennett.

OPINION: Few memorable things have been said about soup.

All froth, no substance on the box

Story co-host Heather Du Plessis-Allan visited Ngaruawahia after having a pop at the town.

OPINION: On one channel, it's a nightly pro-National Party rant, on another it's the narcissistic Life & Times of Heather Du Plessis-Allan.

Dave Armstrong: Boom! Wellington joins housing shame

Dave Armstrong earned $120 in capital gains on his house while writing this column.

OPINION: But what's the real cost of this ridiculous inflation?

Smokes and mirrors on tobacco

Smokers who give up can add 14 years to their life expectancy – and their children are seven times less likely to start.

If the Government is so committed to stopping smoking, why does it pocket the $425m in extra tax?

Is it empowerment or narcissism?

Kim Kardashian: Feminist icon... or not?

OPINION: Kim Kardashian is beloved of intellectual feminists for showing that she's "in control of her body".

Bowron: A smug, slack Govt

Paula Bennett, aka the Cars and Garages Minister, was forced to admit there are few state homes in the regions for the ...

Offering homeless people $5000 to leave Auckland shows how smug and slack the Government has become.

Garner: Labour's little traction

if the headlines are right and John Key is at his 'most unpopular' … then why is Andrew Little doing so badly?

Andrew Little has had a poor year and some Labour MPs are already resigned to him losing the next election.

Wide appeal for environmental issues

Wellington Zoo is a jewel in the crown for the capital.

OPINION: Hundreds of people trooped past our house, peering into our front window and even taking snaps of our dog.

Williams: What housing crisis?

Extra spending beyond health and education was restrained - and leaves Bill English with some shots in his locker for a ...

OPINION: This Budget shows the Government is blinded by its own poll success, says former Labour Party president Mike Williams.

David Farrar: Bill's bland Budget

Kiwiblog's David Farrar.

Bill English has delivered a bland mid-term budget, says Right-wing commentator David Farrar.

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