Who can't you call? Ghost buses

OPINION: Why do so many empty buses seem to be heading to the mystical suburb known as Not In Service?

Peters poised for Northland win

OPINION: The signs, the anecdotes, even the way National is framing its messages are all pointing one way.

That which binds us needn't rule us

OPINION: No one needs rules. Rules are the refuge of the narrow mind, especially when it comes to language.

X Factor judges take us to a new low

OPINION: X Factor judges Natalia Kills and Willy Moon slashing at the harmless Joe Irvine was a new low in our television history.

Key should concentrate on his DIY disaster

OPINION: The Northland by-election campaign has raised some intriguing questions.

The move to amorality

OPINION: Have you noticed how hardly anyone bothers with bookshelves any more?

Death in a council flat

OPINION: Poor Dean Stewart died the loneliest of deaths inside his Wellington council flat, lying undiscovered for a month.

Is Hillary too good to be president?

OPINION: I guess I'll be pushing up Astroturf before America gets its first woman president.

Political management a mixed bag

OPINION: The Government's political management, good, bad and ugly, has been brutally laid bare.

Amalgamation changes tack

OPINION: The Franklin experience of super-city amalgamation provides food for thought.

Pull the plug on this rubbish

Business gibberish pours forth in a limitless torrent, and in this world in thrall to commerce it is rarely condemned.

No good will come from super-city

Wellington super-city logo

OPINION: Wellington has no need to follow Auckland down the super-city route, writes councillor Helene Ritchie.

Our subservience to 'the club'

OPINION: I guess one can conclude that John Key didn't major in history when he attended Canterbury University.

Agnostic, but open to, amalgamation

OPINION: There are very few issues on which I have no strong views, but I'm afraid amalgamation is one of them.

Bar set high for earning patches

OPINION: There's no point in nostalgia. That's sucker stuff. Time moves on and guys have got to earn gang patches somehow.

Bennett: Cricket, oh, what a pleasurable war

OPINION: I made a promise to the dog. "I'll just watch the first five overs," I said. "Then I'll get back to work."

Living wage good for families

OPINION: The living wage rate needs regular updating for the concept to work.

Beyond a polarised debate

OPINION: Amalgamation is not a 'them versus us' corporate takeover by an outside entity.

It's barmy to pay for police vetting

OPINION: Why is our Government wanting to charge people for police services that are in the public good?

Open-minded yet sceptical on super-city

OPINION: I'm open to persuasion that amalgamation would be best for Wairarapa, but no one has convinced me yet.

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