Garner: A solution for sex offenders

Placing a sex offender near Maungaraki School proves Corrections needs a total overhaul of how they handle these cases.

Community fury at sex offenders living in their street is understandable - but we can't allow mob justice to take over.

Paying for a perfect smile

This little boy is unafraid to smile. But some people are, if it reveals teeth neglected because they could not afford a ...

OPINION: Rosemary McLeod is grateful, for limited reasons, that her mother was vain.

The generation game

The factual label of baby-boomer evolved gradually into the implication that all people born between 1946 and 1964, from ...

OPINION: Heartfelt thanks to all of you who took the trouble to put me right about the number of laps in 10,000 metres. I'm not sure however you'll find it so easy to spot today's deliberate error.

Garner: 'We're lazy sods'

Kiwis just can't be arsed to work on weekends.

OPINION: Kiwis can't be bothered getting out of bed for the minimum wage, hence the need for foreigners.

Outsiders desperately want what we've got

Producers of the likes of  Dancing with the Stars could make use of the talents of new immigrant/Trump refugee A-listers.

OPINION: Reports that nearly half of all Kiwi GPs are planning to retire in the next 10 years will be music to the ears of UK medical health practitioners looking to emigrate to New Zealand post Brexit.

Decriminalisation sends a dangerous message

Drugs may be okay if you've got a university degree and live in a good suburb, but they're not so liberating if you're a ...

OPINION: My generation has a lot to answer for. Recreational drugs, for example – or as former Wellington coroner Garry Evans preferred to call them, "wreckreational drugs".

Uniforms want clones

A Syria Democratic Forces (SDF) fighter helps civilians leave an Islamic State-controlled neighbourhood of Manbij, in ...

OPINION: It is the purpose of uniforms to make the wearer look mildly, or hopefully horrendously, unattractive, and to negate individuality. Uniforms want clones.

Fat-free freaks on show

Mo Farah of Britain poses with the gold medal for the Rio 10,000m.

OPINION: I have just had my quadrennial encounter with ectomorphic athletics, aka the Olympic 10,000 metres. It was an extraordinary thing.

Our obsession with winning

At Rio, gold was there for the taking but Mark Todd and his horse performed so poorly they missed out on any medal.

OPINION: When your country fails to win an Olympic event and the reaction is national doom and gloom it doesn't say much about our flimsy egos and identities.

Good news for cyclists

Could you imagine Paul Henry flagging down Hilary Barry, pictured, on her road bike, as he desperately pedalled up Queen ...

OPINION: After all the rancour caused by Island Bay, the council unanimously supported a 'refreshed' $37 million cycleway plan.

Olympics are boring

A child plays on empty seats at Deodoro Stadium during the Colombia v Kenya women's football match this week.

Rhythmic gymnastics? Synchronised swimming? These aren't even real sports, says Duncan Garner.

There's nothing hard about etiquette

Chiefs franchise boss Andrew Flexman shut down a brief press conference on the stripper scandal.

OPINION: What happened between the Chiefs and a stripper should shatter any illusions about the glamour of her business.

A series on Games history

Gymnast Olga Korbut at the 1972 Olympics in Munich - she could coil her spine like a snail's shell.

OPINION: As Rio erupts with rubber bullets, terrorist threats, fear of disease, doping allegations and other manifestations of the sporting spirit, here is the first in a series of columns about Olympic history in which I answer Frequently Asked Questions posed by astute and imaginary young people.

Only themselves to blame

Duncan Garner: Let the Chiefs and their 'Mad Monday' session be a warning.

OPINION: The Chiefs have learned the hard way that the world is always watching.

Just how green was Wade-Brown?

Mayor Celia Wade-Brown announces she will not be standing for the Wellington mayoralty in the October elections.

OPINION: Will Celia Wade-Brown's withdrawal see a victory for the more-motorways brigade? Possibly.

The lesser of two evils

OPINION: During President Barack Obama's oration at the Democratic National Convention, he was careful to drop into his speech, "that people outside of the United States didn't understand what was going on in our election".

Frisson of anticipation's gone

The days when raw, naturally talented amateur athletes like Peter Snell, left. and Murray Halberg prepared for the ...

Opinion: The Olympic Games haven't even started and I'm over them already.

Top political girls need to look genderless

Helen Clark, left, and the Queen head into  Parliament for a state banquet in 2002. The Queen is allowed bling and ball ...

OPINION: How flattering of Hillary Clinton to borrow fashion tips from Helen Clark while they both audition for top jobs.

We're playing favourites

What makes New Zealand unique isn't rivers or mountains or beaches or infantile Hobbiton pap. It's the bush and the birds,

OPINION: So New Zealand is to be predator-free by 2050. At first glance it's like hoping to make America great again. At second glance it still is.

Candidates scramble for scraps

Wellington mayoral candidates will comment on anything at the drop of a hat... or banana skin.

OPINION: Wellington mayoral candidates will comment on anything at the drop of a hat... or banana skin.

Garner: Moko's callous killers

Massey law professor Chris Gallavin says David Haerewa and Tania Shailer should be re-tried for murder.

OPINION: Moko's killers demand an appeal - so let's re-try them on a murder charge while we're at it.

Greed is good prevails

We're checking out on our last student party, that's what, all cheap plonk and cannabis.

OPINION: Business language has replaced the language of ethics, with its boring focus on fairness, and the world has never seemed more dangerous - in our lifetime - than it does now.

Ode to unknown shopper

Why do we need celebrity chefs like the coy Nigella Lawson?

OPINION: In a time of mayhem, murder and Trump I bring you a celebration of the ordinary, my Hymn to the Unknown Shopper.

From student farce to American tragedy

Donald Trump voters are driven by a toxic mix of moral indignation and violent desire to punish an American they no ...

OPINION: Trump voters driven by toxic mix of moral indignation and violent desire to punish a US they no longer recognise.

Garner: My biggest fear

The average price of an Auckland house is an astronomical $970,000.

Do I tell my children to move to Levin, or will they still be working in their 80s to pay off their mortgages?

Moving from 'yes we can' to 'what is this?'

Roger Ailes, the outgoing chairman and CEO of Fox News and Fox Television Stations.

OPINION: Back in November 2008 I had the privilege of watching Obama's election night victory speech on television with my father.

Is it a case of male vanity?

Mick Jagger may be afflicted with the same peculiar form of male vanity that led Hugh Hefner, at 82, to marry a woman 60 ...

OPINION: With Mick Jagger there seems to be one constant: that Mick comes first.

We're blessed with uneventfulness

Cringe-making or a sign of how out of touch we are? When United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, right, ...

OPINION: New Zealand is a kind of Norfolk, surely, far away from places where they're currently hunting Pokemons or committing mass murder

Painful price of inattention

Supporters of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan react to a Turkish military tank in front of the Turkish Parliament ...

OPINION: Never feed a log burner while watching a coup d'état.

Is this garden a good move?

A drawing of the proposed new Chinese Garden for Frank Kitts Park.

OPINION: Wellington has had a significant Chinese community for over a century.

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