Is that a draw?

Doh! Andrew Little and Bill English both had a Homer Simpson week

OPINION: A plague on all their houses is how voters might feel after a week from hell for both major party leaders.

Garner: It was Winston's week

There's only winner this week – the smiling travelling salesman, Winston Peters, writes Duncan Garner.

OPINION: There's only one winner this week – the smiling travelling salesman, Winston Peters.

The age of umbrage weakens us all

Fun with guns: Military personnel from Linton Army Base visit Whakarongo School  - Maddison Brown (left) and Amy Van ...

 OPINION: Social media aided by a bottom-feeding media are weakening society.

The cost of landlord logic

Where are the people who chose the cheap cladding for London's Grenfell Tower now?

OPINION: London's catastrophic fire was all about the money.

Baffling checkout chatter

Shopping and the meaning of life.

OPINION: Joe Bennett is asked how his day is going and can't think of an answer.

Immigration cuts not xenophobic

Excessive immigration puts more strain on roads and the housing stock.

OPINION: Excessive immigration is hurting the economy and the unemployed.

Fighting racism is tricky

Taika Waititi speaks out against racism.

OPINION: The campaign against racism is more difficult than it looks.

My son started to die in front of me

Duncan Garner thought he was going to lose his son last weekend.

OPINION: Watching my son choking shook me out of my complacency, writes Duncan Garner.

Deficit of accountability

Christie Marceau was murdered in 2011.

OPINION: When did you last hear of a judge resigning because honour demanded it, or to atone for a catastrophic error?

Pleasures in an ordinary life

Chris Finlayson finally moved to right a wrong with the Crown apology last week over injustices at Parihaka in 1881. But ...

OPINION: Top leaders start as prefects at school, revel in the glory and it's downhill from there.

What next after 'conquering' Mars?

If someone manages to fly to Mars, then what?

OPINION: There's no reason to go to Mars other than that for climbing Everest - because it's there, writes Joe Bennett.

Welly acts where Govt fails

Wellington City Council pledges more homes for the poor.

OPINION: Wellington City Council moves to provide affordable rental housing while the Government keeps dithering.

The unmissable madness of King Donald

US President Donald Trump, in a speech across town from a closely watched congressional hearing with former FBI director ...

OPINION: There is a horrible fascination in the demented antics of United States president Donald Trump.

A matter of life and death - now

ACT leader David Seymour has brought his End of Life Choice bill before Parliament.

OPINION: Dear MPs, it's time to get off your backsides (and the fence) and debate euthanasia.

Reading between the lines in Britain

The shock election result for Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May  could spell the end of her prime ministership.

OPINION: Theresa May squandered her thumping lead faster than you can say America's Cup victory parade.

Anyone for fighting 'Trump's war'?

US President Donald Trump gets the thumbs down from Kiwis.

OPINION: Opposition to Trump is deeper and more visceral than Kiwis' past issues with US presidents.

The impulse to destroy

Joan Stevens Hall on Wellington's the Terrace, where some students  recently went on a night of destruction.

OPINION: Privilege is as old and predictable as time itself, human nature being what it is.

Despot head to head

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un inspects the defence detachment on Jangjae Islet and the Hero Defence Detachment on Mu ...

OPINION: Perhaps we should compare Trump with an actual despot like Kim Jong Un and see how he stacks up.

Bus drivers deserve much better

About 300 Wellington bus drivers met resolving not to sign any contract with new employers unless their current wages ...

OPINION: Overall, I find Wellington's bus drivers mostly obliging and helpful.

Rail needs level playing field

It's not only earthquakes that close rail lines. There is a long history of KiwiRail having to close rail lines because ...

OPINION: With the arrival of Lions rugby fans following their team, expect more carnage on our roads.

Greens now Labour's little play thing

The Green Party cuddled up with Labour, and revealed its party list for the election. but are they any closer to getting ...

OPINION: The Greens may have some fresh faces, but they are strategically stuck in the past.

Take beggars off the streets

Christchurch beggars have never had it so good.

OPINION: We need to eradicate the plague of beggars descending on our cities.

The cult of corporatisation

St John was recently voted New Zealand's Most Trusted Charity in a Reader's Digest survey.

OPINION: Karl du Fresne's column on St John uncorked some disenchantment among volunteers.

Budget leaves Opposition in a quandary

Andrew Little has a chance to right the ship in a few weeks' time with Labour's own families package

OPINION: Treasury may unearth more cash before the election.

Humanising the homeless

Some of Wellington's homeless, including David, share their stories with members of the public at the Central Library as ...

OPINION: Stage-managed events where the caring middle class meet the under-privileged make Rosemary McLeod squirm.

Too 'smart' for our own good?

What could technologically savvy malice not do with the house of the future? What fun could it not have?

OPINION: Tomorrow's always popular. It's neither immutable like yesterday nor a mess like today.

Trump's diplomatic slips-ups

Pope Francis poses with US President Donald Trump, his wife Melania, right, Jared Kushner, left, and Ivanka Trump during ...

OPINION: Could it get any worse for President Trump? Well, yes.

Councillors now cool on runway

A drawing of what an extended Wellington Airport runway might look like.

OPINION: Formerly pro-extension councillors now seem to gone quiet on the need for it.

Cynical power-grab with your money

After years or penny-pinching and telling us to tighten our belts, National has thrown money from the sky.

OPINION: National's Budget bribery was all about power. At all costs.

Looking for vision in the budget numbers

Joyce's Budget targeted low- and middle-income workers. But solo dad Charles Bates - pictured here with some of his ...

Brickbats and bouquets for Steven Joyce's first budget. But is he saving the best till last?

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