The obscenity of super wealth

The super wealthy love to own superyachts.

NZ's super rich are not an inspiration to the bottom 30%, who just want a job and a home, writes Rosemary McLeod.

Trumped by his past

A company owned by Paul Manafort, Donald Trump's campaign manager till mid-2016, lobbied for dictators throughout the world.

Paul Manafort's fate suggests all's not lost for freedom-loving people in America and the rest of the world, writes Joe Bennett.

Trump: echoes of Muldoon

US President-elect Donald Trump at  a news conference in the lobby of Trump Tower in Manhattan, New York City.

The media may have to develop an obsequious relationship with Trump and wait for the right time to pounce, writes Jane Bowron.

The task of sex education

A mother talks to her son about contraception.

OPINION: Teens don't just need good sex education, they need motivated, non-judgmental health professionals to offer advice.

Lange and his legacy

Prime Minister David Lange in his office in 1985 with the nuclear free legislative bill.

Opinion: David Lange is remembered for his one-liners and his repudiation of nuclear weapons. But all is not what it seemed.

The business of cannabis

A Dunedin long term population study has suggested heavy cannabis use from early adolescence leads to IQ decline in ...

OPINION: Booze underwrites much of NZ's misery. Fans of cannabis need to prove it would really be a positive thing.

The case against car cleaning

Cleaning is a mindless job. It leaves most of your central processor idling.

OPINION: Cleaning is a mindless job, says Joe Bennett. It leaves most of your central processor idling.

Holiday season blues

Serena Williams was defeated by the wind, and her opponent, at the  ASB Classic in Auckland.

Opinion: The days in between Christmas and through till mid-January are rudderless and meaningless.

Books offer best holidays and return

Dave Armstrong never travels anywhere without at least one book in his bag.

Holiday advice: Put down that phone, ignore everyone, and pick up a book.

Pets and pests

cats can be a pest for other reasons besides their blood lust.

Opinion: It's the season of goodwill - but not towards the neighbourhood pets.

Puzzles in today's world

Matsuri Takahashi, a 24-year-old university graduate, was worked to death at Japan's largest advertising agency.

OPINION: Idleness and overwork - the contrasting problems facing the world's youth.

Customers and contempt

Letters from corporations that are headed 'Hi' are intended to forge an emotional bond. Companies are incapable of ...

Opinion: Today's corporations want to forge an emotional bond.

Things don't always change for the better

Pope Francis kisses a statue of baby Jesus as he leads the Christmas night Mass in Saint Peter's Basilica at the Vatican.

Opinion: There's not been much to celebrate in our shaky planet this year.

Smarting at the smartphone

The natty flip-open cellphone has disappeared as we've been lured on by the delusion that new is better, that more is ...

OPINION: Joe Bennett finds out the hard way that you can't replace a "flip-open" cellphone.

Dave Armstrong's Basil Awards

Dave Armstrong's table shortly before the announcement of the awards.

OPINION: Live from the basil patches of Newtown, our columnist's annual gongs.

Back at base in NZ, enough to worry about

Transport Minister Simon Bridges in characteristic action-man garb.

OPINION: In a year of "unpresidented" strangeness, it's been hard to keep your mind on the job.

Shameless cultural exploitation

Auckland Christmas Parade

A couple of weeks ago, Karl du Fresne took part in a flagrant act of cultural appropriation. So did several thousand other people.

Crime and posies

The Mt Eden Quakers put together posies of flowers for prisoners at Mt Eden Prison. They began the tradition after ...

There isn't enough kindness in the world, so why try to shut down what there is, writes Rosemary McLeod.

Reason and the Reaper

PhilippineS President Rodrigo Duterte.

Opinion: 2016 - the year of narcissism, nationalism, referendums and the Reaper.

Park this failed experiment

A trial of free parking in the Lower Hutt CBD failed to boost retailers' business - and cost $600,000.

OPINION: City centres full of events and life are far more attractive than free parking.

Return to sender

The Apple iPhone 3GS is shown at the company's retail store in San Francisco, California in this June 19, 2009 file ...

OPINION: The text appeared from a "hopeless admirer". It wasn't for me.

Winners and losers in 2016

A jam on the North Western Motorway in Auckland. Peak times now last for hours on end.

Opinion: Duncan Garner shares his list of the year's victors and vanquished.

My season of ill-will

An employee makes plastic Christmas trees at the Zhongsheng Christmas Crafts factory in Yiwu, China.

Opinion: Santa sums up the state of the world - an old white man does the fun bits while slaves toil in the background, writes Rosemary McLeod.

Giving and guilt

Back when my mother's mind was sharp she'd have known from fifty paces that I'd played no part in such wrapping, but ...

Opinion: The presents to a beloved mother in a rest home far away eased Joe Bennett's conscience with every mile they flew.

The case for a little red tape

The area between Aruba Grove, Grenada Drive and overlooking State Highway One was included in the Lincolnshire-Woodridge ...

OPINION: Grenada Village residents have the same concerns as I do about new housing.

Bitter Bill's a better man now

Bill English will be next PM.

OPINION: English may be dull, but he's no longer angry, says Duncan Garner.

The bureaucratic urge to control

The number of alcohol-affected drivers involved in fatal crashes  increased in the 12 months after the new legal ...

OPINION: Road deaths involving alcohol have gone up since the blood-alcohol limit was lowered. What's going on?

Hiding behind the cloak of art

Marlon Brando, 48, and Maria Schneider, 19, star in Bernardo Bertolucci's film Last Tango in Paris.

Opinion: Art's ugly side is exposed yet again with revelations over the making of Last Tango in Paris.

Good poems don't date

William Shakespeare: aware of the passage of time, as are many poets.

OPINION:  The poetry of the ancients and the comparatively moderns muses on many of the same feelings and themes.

Time for a tourist levy?

Wellington's Cable Car - a tourist drawcard.

Opinion: Accommodation levies for tourists are fairly standard in Europe and the US; does NZ need one too?

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