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NZ First an MMP survivor

winston peters

OPINION: You could be forgiven for not noticing that NZ First had turned 21.

My memory of the river is vivid

Whanganui River

OPINION: The purity and cleanliness of our waterways now possess much, much more than mere aesthetic value.

Teachers, have ye made a match?


OPINION: When I taught English, no-one wanted to know what I thought about it. Now that I don't, they sometimes do.

Needs must when deals wrought

Vernon Small

OPINION: Memo to voters: look less at what they say they will do and more at what they may need to do to win power.

Patting himself on the back

David Cunliffe

OPINION: I doubt very much that rapists and violent offenders will respond to Cunliffe's battle cry of "stop this bullshit!"

School donation policy appeals

Murray McCully

OPINION: Last week a rare thing happened in the political world.

The distortion of massive power


OPINION: The energy of the small is dragged off to augment the momentum of the large.

Really so heinous?

John Banks guilty

OPINION: Many people like John Banks don't buy the view that welfare would have been good for them.

What? Football at the World Cup?

Fifa Football World Cup Trophy

OPINION: Welcome to the Fifa 2014 World Cup, with football being but a mere sideshow to big money.

Internet-Mana creates a crowded Left

Internet Mana Party

OPINION: What's next on the comeback trail? Los Del Rio and the Macarena?

Mana has eye on cash

Mana and Dotcom

OPINION: Whatever else you might think of Sue Bradford, she sticks to her principles. You have to respect her for walking away in disgust from the Internet-Mana pantomime.

Leave my tea alone

cup of tea

OPINION: Of all the nasty ways we've invented to avoid life's simple pleasures, the subverting of real tea, in trembling dread of caffeine, is among the least forgivable.

Yaya's not feeling the love

Yaya Toure

OPINION: Poor Yaya Toure. I bet he was bullied at school for being called Yaya. And now he's being bullied by a football club.

Is this it, Winston?

Winston Peters

OPINION: Poor Winston, what's going on? It looks like you're struggling to land any decent hits in Parliament.

Was he really Al Qaeda?

al qaeda logo terrorism

OPINION: Some time last year, somewhere far above New Zealander Dayl Jones and his companions, a circling Predator drone locked on to the convoy of vehicles he was travelling in and launched its Hellfire missiles.

The worst of womankind

Kerry Buddle

OPINION: I reluctantly use the B word – it's unkind to female dogs – but at times I mutter it. Some women, defying all soppy stereotypes for our gender, can be shockers.

Devices will snitch on us

OPINION: There is now more computing power in your cellphone than there was in Apollo 11.

Marijuana use damaging to health


OPINION: New Zealand should not proceed down the path of decriminialisation when it comes to marijuana, writes Bob McCoskrie.

The grand procession

Have capping ceremonies become stale?

victoria university graduates

OPINION: When I attended Victoria University in the early 1980s, most arts students wouldn't be seen dead at graduation.

Pragmatic English eases Budget belt

Budget 2014 Bill English

OPINION: . Over the last six years, National has managed to implement surprisingly sweeping reforms in most of those areas, and - with the exception of asset sales - with surprisingly little fuss.

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