War was hell and hardship, not guts and glory

Sunday Star-Times columnist Rosemary McLeod Byline photo Dinkus Portrait 07/11/2006 70088 SPL AKL This is the property of the Sunday Star-Times

OPINION: It is odd to be linked by memory to a depressing time in history that everyone else is excited about.

Propaganda and prestige propel presidential hopefuls

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

OPINION: Do you find US presidential campaigns entertaining? Me too.

Pushing for a cycle-friendly capital

0102015 Photo: Christiane Howe. Supporters of the Island Bay cycleway adorned themselves in body paint on Saturday as they demanded no delays to the cycleway process. Georgie Allison(left) and Hils Corkran lead the way.

OPINION: In the early 1990s, I found myself working in the inner city.

Deep waters ahead

Water flows out of a lagoon at Kaiteriteri.

OPINION: John Key is telling the nation there is nothing to fear over the long-running debate over iwi rights to freshwater.

Special resonance to this year's Poppy Day

05112014 news photo: Viv Posselt/Fairfax NZ: POPPY: poppy pic for Armistice Day. generic

OPINION: Preparations are well under way for the Returned and Services Association (RSA) Poppy Day Appeal tomorrow.

It's time to junk the junkets - and send the Speaker packing

Speaker of the House, David Carter.

OPINION: There's a cosy convention in Parliament that MPs should not publicly criticise the Speaker.

MP perks can't be justified

06112014 News photo. Jarred Williamson/Fairfax NZ. An All-black Air New Zealand Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner on final approach at Auckland International Airport

OPINION: How is paying for a bunch of relative unknowns to be wined and dined across Europe somehow for the greater good?

Trash Palace closure a great loss for community

Trash Palace recycling unit in Porirua shut early after the workers were told the Mana Recovery Trust has been forced to cease operating.

OPINION: Over a decade ago I was writing some material for a kids' TV science show and the issue of recycling came up.

Coming to terms with the loss of a beloved pet

Photo: Ella Brockelsby. Linda Burges and Jane Bowron at We Love TV - Tuesday 19th March 2013. Ponsonby Central, Auckland, New Zealand. Photo: Ella Brockelsby

OPINION: It’s been more than two months since Benecio drew his last breath.

Playing the terror card a powerful election ploy

07042015 News Photo:David Walker/Fairfax NZ. Prime Minister John Key was in Bromley to officially open and tour the new Rylock factory.

OPINION: The impact of terrorism has played a part in many Western elections since 9/11.

Desirability behind the next big thing

270913 photo=Bruce Mercer / Fairfax NZ
Frankton's Cafe Agora make their own "Cronuts" and are selling out each day.
-- manager/baker, Israel Cook with a fresh batch ready to go out the door.

OPINION: Ever get the feeling the consumerist society is getting just a bit out of hand?

Bachelor mix of ancient and modern

The coveted long stemmed red rose is given to show that The Bachelor has formed yet another unique bond.

OPINION: Tinder meets 'Shucks Howdy Do Ma'am' as each week The Bachelor awards a girl a one-on-one date.

The second coming of Brian the resilient rooster

Cliff  Inwood and his daughter Chelsea, 17 preparing an Australorp rooster for a show. Alcohol painted onto its comb to bring out the red.

OPINION: If you think you've read this story before you're sort of right.

Advance Australia Unfair

Duncan Garner

OPINION: We don't have to copy them but we can learn from the Aussies, and back ourselves more often.

How to deal with misbehaving students

St Bede's rowers Jordan Kennedy and Jack Bell.

OPINION: When I was at secondary school, after fooling around in class one day, I was summoned, along with three other miscreants, by the dean.

Painful legacy of parenting wrongs

Child Sex Abuse: We’ve looked away for too long

OPINION: If I'm honest about my mother, as out of loyalty I hesitate to be, my over-riding memory of her is fear.

Parenting wrongs create a lasting legacy

Domestic violence.

OPINION: If I'm honest about my mother, as out of loyalty I hesitate to be, my over-riding memory of her is fear.

Dancing in the graveyard

Columnist Joe Bennett

OPINION: In the face of appalling danger the matador and the ski-jumper seek the same thing. That thing is elegance, grace. They wrest beauty out of mortal peril. Each dances in a graveyard.

Who can't you call? Ghost buses

Loaded up: Wellington's bus service has improved, but still battles to keep up with demand during big events.

OPINION: Why do so many empty buses seem to be heading to the mystical suburb known as Not In Service?

Peters poised for Northland win

The Northland election campaign continues apace for NZ First candidate Winston Peters.

OPINION: The signs, the anecdotes, even the way National is framing its messages are all pointing one way.

That which binds us needn't rule us

Columnist Joe Bennett

OPINION: No one needs rules. Rules are the refuge of the narrow mind, especially when it comes to language.

Lad icon's foot in mouth - again

Top Gear's Jeremy Clarkson casually disparaging other cultures reinforces an old British mindset.

OPINION: Jeremy Clarkson casually disparaging other cultures reinforces an old British mindset.

Key should concentrate on his DIY disaster

RESIGNED: Mike Sabin.

OPINION: The Northland by-election campaign has raised some intriguing questions.

The move to amorality

CREATE A BOOK CLUB: Share your love of reading with your neighbours by starting a book club with Neighbourly groups.

OPINION: Have you noticed how hardly anyone bothers with bookshelves any more?

Winston has Nats treading warily


OPINION: An upset is in the wind. Here are five things that could derail National's Northland campaign.

Death in a council flat

220212. Photo Diego opatowski / Fairfax NZ. Dean Stewart Is the new tenant of the apartment where pensioner Wiremu Whakaue lay dead for months.

OPINION: Poor Dean Stewart died the loneliest of deaths inside his Wellington council flat, lying undiscovered for a month.

Is Hillary too good to be president?

Hillary Clinton

OPINION: I guess I'll be pushing up Astroturf before America gets its first woman president.

Political management a mixed bag

FRONTING UP: Prime Minister John Key talks to the media, with Minister for Primary Industries Nathan Guy.

OPINION: The Government's political management, good, bad and ugly, has been brutally laid bare.

Amalgamation changes tack

Andrew Baker

OPINION: The Franklin experience of super-city amalgamation provides food for thought.

Pull the plug on this rubbish

Columnist Joe Bennett

Business gibberish pours forth in a limitless torrent, and in this world in thrall to commerce it is rarely condemned.

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