Cinema doesn't need liquor

penthouse cinema

OPINION: I have often complained about New Zealand's unhealthy binge-drinking culture, so seeing Penthouse Cinema denied an Easter liquor licence gave me great pleasure.

Cannabis no boredom cure


OPINION: Bored people are boring people, and vice versa, but especially when stoned. When stoned, people I've known have been as thrilling to hang out with as last year's newspaper.

Herbal fight making ground

Herbal highs

OPINION: I never thought I'd say this but Peter Dunne is right.

Irony in Key Nazi poster

john key nazi poster

For John Key, a poster on Wellington streets cannot be easy for the son of a Jewish refugee from Nazi barbarity to bear.

Duchess spared brutal ordeal

Prince william Kate Middleton royals

OPINION: An image of the arrival of Catherine in front of a near-naked Maori man will keep caption contests going for weeks.

Ukraine: Principles have to be upheld

Kharkiv, Ukraine

© Fairfax NZ News

NZ and the rest of the world need to stand behind Ukraine, writes the acting chief of the US Diplomatic Mission to NZ, Marie Damour.

Stick your cupcake, Z

Z Energy

OPINION: Curmudgeonly isn't just a fine word. It's also a fitting way to respond to many things.

Old age not for sissies

Jane Bowron

OPINION: The Wellington weather has been outrageously stunning, with Saturday's the most outstanding.

Not so super rugby

Dale Chadwick scores for the Sharks during their Super Rugby win over the Reds in Durban.

OPINION: Gidday Steve, long time, no see. I'm writing to tell you I'm really bored with Super Rugby this year. It's putting me to sleep, mate. Seriously, I've fallen asleep on the couch twice this year watching it live on the telly.

No place like home


OPINION: A wedding puts the fate of the nation in Craig Cliff's hands.

Views on rape not changing fast enough

Sad woman, depressed, grieving

© Fairfax NZ News

OPINION: Attitudes to rape are changing but there is still a long way to go, writes Eleanor Butterworth.

Big Food the obesity problem


OPINION: The food industry should stop pretending fake food isn't responsible for obesity, write Gareth Morgan and Geoff Simmons.

Labour needs sense of urgency

David Cunliffe

OPINION: It speaks volumes about David Cunliffe's bad week that on the day John Key delivered his pre-Budget speech, it was the Labour leader who copped it on the street over the Government's failure to make a big dent in unemployment.

When even death is a drag


OPINION: Featherston makes you shake your head and wonder. How can a small town, population 2325, get to have such rotten people in it?

Time to end labelling porkies

OPINION: It's time the Government made country of origin labelling mandatory, writes NZPork chief executive Owen Symmans.

Planet feeling the heat

Global warming

OPINION: Centuries ago, William Blake saw eternity in a grain of sand. Today he might see global warming in a heated towel rail.

Garner: Time to work for dole


OPINION: This week I received an email from a 30-year-old glazier – he's a hard worker, all he wants is the chance to train as a builder's apprentice.

Sense of community gone

Community education

OPINION: Is it possible to renew our social contract without a sense of community?

Aiming for excellence in education

Hekia Parata

OPINION: An education summit in Wellington will focus on how to achieve excellence and equity, writes Education Minister Hekia Parata.

Dotcom party lacks vital guest

Vernon Small

OPINION: D is for desperate and dateless and Dotcom.

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