George Dubya admits guilt?

OPINION: I may be ageing and paunchy but I can still dream. The dream takes place in court.

Time for new ideas?

OPINION: Bill English has been Mr Boring but Sensible, making a virtue of his affable, taciturn nature.

Street sinning and karma

OPINION: Hope and karma - what crazy Christmas presents they would be.

Labour at inequality crossroad

OPINION: It's a truth universally acknowledged that your average OECD report can be used by either major party to justify its plans.

Talking nonsense with aplomb

OPINION: Did he but know it, Sam Lotu-Iiga got a masterclass from Hekia Parata in how to talk piffle in Parliament and get away with it.

I'm with Huxley and Hawking when it comes to new tech

A great aunt once handed down good advice about ignorance that struck a chord through the generations.

IT headache curse

No one in the world can access computers with passwords like these, especially their owners.

Terror bill a pragmatic accord

OPINION: It was probably inevitable that Labour would face cries of "sellouts" and "mugs" after it agreed to back the foreign fighters law.

The perfect fit for middle age

"We must not sink beneath time's all-smothering sea," Pete exclaimed. "We must take exercise."

'Work' speech a giant leap

OPINION: Andrew Little's call for Labour to redefine what it means by working people shows he is not solely a creature of his union backers and background.

Theatre can spread its wings

Thanks to some members of Hobbitocracy the Bats Theatre is set to thrive.

Deceit no way to run the country

OPINION: We have just witnessed John Key's worst week in office, all because he got far too relaxed and quite frankly too ill-disciplined.

John Key's worst week ever

OPINION: The Government looked cocky, arrogant and ill-discplined this week.

Alpha males' hug says it all in Sutton affair

OPINION: The baffling sex lives of fur seals would make you flinch, just like the strange urges of human alpha males.

Dangerous jobs deserve good pay, not minimum

OPINION: Oil companies have helped take the word "service" out of "service station".

Cab conversations go in all directions

OPINION: The taxi driver looked in his mirror and stopped mid-chat to say: "I know who you are. You're that woman who writes for the paper, aren't you?"

Rennie's reputation takes a hit

OPINION: If Roger Sutton's speech at his now infamous resignation press conference was extraordinary, it should hardly have come as a surprise.

Robertson key in Little's team

OPINION: Handling Grant Robertson and the party's "second power base" will be a key issue for Andrew Little as he puts his new team together.

The laughing admen

OPINION: What's better than a letter from a corporation? How about a letter from two corporations?

Parents can wax umbilical

OPINION: The births, deaths and marriages columns have contained some gems over the years.

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