Sexualised threats a real low

OPINION: It's appalling how a Taranaki columnist was targeted after she mocked a Federated Farmers official.

We're dealing with drones

OPINION: The Civil Aviation Authority is taking a considered approach when it comes to regulating drones, writes CAA manager Steve Moore.

The real oil on what's healthy

OPINION: One week fish oil is in, then it's out. What do you believe?

Garner: Issue is safer roads, not foreigners

OPINION: Another horror holiday road toll, another round of national angst about foreign drivers.

What makes Key so unflappable?

OPINION: I can't help wondering whether Key's irrepressible niceness reveals something significant about his character.

The 'living room' safety test

Decisions about people's safety at work should never be based solely on money. There is a moral test that also needs to be satisfied.

The cult of mindless positivitism

Mania for enlightenment

OPINION: I once nearly hired a life coach, before noticing the little she had to offer was unbridled cheerleading at a week's wages once a month.

Red carpet fades without cussing comic

OPINION: There was a time when watching awards ceremonies was appointment viewing.

Moon's mine, say Chinese

OPINION: The good news? The Chinese are going to mine the Moon. The better news? It's one in the eye for the doom-sayers.

Satire in short supply here

OPINION: My introduction to satire came at a very early age. My father, finding the cost of a ticket cheaper than a babysitter, took me to a filthy university revue, which I loved.

'Mince years' had formative side

OPINION: There were a couple of stinkers who shot through and didn't pay rent, but on the whole flatting was a broadening experience.

Making money out of road safety

100kmh speed sign

OPINION: Police's 'stupid' zero tolerance campaign has 'utterly failed' and needs to be scrapped, says Duncan Garner.

Fireworks a display of capital's might

OPINION: You might think Wellington City Council is a flaky organisation, but on New Year's Eve, they were resolute.

Coming to grips with a whiteout

OPINION: The holiday season has denuded Wellington of people, the city feeling like the inner-city streets of Christchurch when everyone jumped in their cars and fled after the quake.

Basil of the year awards

OPINION: From the subtropical basil patches of Newtown comes the highlight of the year's social calendar.

George Dubya admits guilt?

OPINION: I may be ageing and paunchy but I can still dream. The dream takes place in court.

Time for new ideas?

OPINION: Bill English has been Mr Boring but Sensible, making a virtue of his affable, taciturn nature.

Street sinning and karma

OPINION: Hope and karma - what crazy Christmas presents they would be.

Labour at inequality crossroad

OPINION: It's a truth universally acknowledged that your average OECD report can be used by either major party to justify its plans.

Talking nonsense with aplomb

OPINION: Did he but know it, Sam Lotu-Iiga got a masterclass from Hekia Parata in how to talk piffle in Parliament and get away with it.