Bar set high for earning patches

OPINION: There's no point in nostalgia. That's sucker stuff. Time moves on and guys have got to earn gang patches somehow.

Bennett: Cricket, oh, what a pleasurable war

OPINION: I made a promise to the dog. "I'll just watch the first five overs," I said. "Then I'll get back to work."

Living wage good for families

OPINION: The living wage rate needs regular updating for the concept to work.

Beyond a polarised debate

OPINION: Amalgamation is not a 'them versus us' corporate takeover by an outside entity.

It's barmy to pay for police vetting

OPINION: Why is our Government wanting to charge people for police services that are in the public good?

Open-minded yet sceptical on super-city

OPINION: I'm open to persuasion that amalgamation would be best for Wairarapa, but no one has convinced me yet.

It is an ugly business to negate another

OPINION: I hope Dominique Strauss-Kahn is the last living example of a race of crepuscular toads facing well-deserved extinction.

Odds stacked against SkyCity

OPINION: The SkyCity saga playing out extremely untidily. Politicians cannot play roulette with the people of NZ.

Confusion over rules for Kiwis sent to Iraq

OPINION: It was not just the Iraqi flag that went pear-shaped during a press conference with the Iraqi foreign affairs minister.

Counting the cost of 'free'

OPINION: If row of lemons pays out, then the Government has truly struck the jackpot.

This time left has blinkers on

OPINION: It's hard to think of a more challenging conundrum than the one posed by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (Isis).

Underneath it changes little

OPINION: It is important to keep abreast of the modern world and the young who inhabit it.

Memories of Marley drift back in

The worst thing about Waitangi Day is that the calendar event coincides with Bob Marley's birthday.

Little big on ambition

OPINION: Andrew Little set an ambitious target for the future of New Zealand, which threatens to sink without a trace.

Sexualised threats a real low

OPINION: It's appalling how a Taranaki columnist was targeted after she mocked a Federated Farmers official.

We're dealing with drones

OPINION: The Civil Aviation Authority is taking a considered approach when it comes to regulating drones, writes CAA manager Steve Moore.

The real oil on what's healthy

OPINION: One week fish oil is in, then it's out. What do you believe?

Garner: Issue is safer roads, not foreigners

OPINION: Another horror holiday road toll, another round of national angst about foreign drivers.

What makes Key so unflappable?

OPINION: I can't help wondering whether Key's irrepressible niceness reveals something significant about his character.

The 'living room' safety test

Decisions about people's safety at work should never be based solely on money. There is a moral test that also needs to be satisfied.