By-election key to Little's future

Andrew Little, right, and Wellington central MP Grant Robertson.

Opinion: The fire's gone out of the belly of Labour under Andrew Little.

Bonfire of the vanities

A collection of punk memorabilia belonging to Joe Corre is burnt on a boat on the River Thames, in London this week. He ...

Opinion: The last thing anyone true to a rebel cause wants is to become ordinary.

Freezer to feed the future

Have a freezer full of bones and man and dog are content.

Opinion: Make no bones about it, a chest freezer frees you from being dependent on the seasons.

Flotilla visit throws up questions

Some of the five New Zealand and foreign navy ships anchored in Wellington Harbour this month.

Opinion: The recent stop in Wellington by a flotilla of foreign navy ships was a PR exercise but also raises questions around our defence partnerships

Suffering for our guilt

Destiny Church's Brian Tamaki claimed sinners and homosexuals caused the quakes in Christchurch and Kaikoura.

Opinion: Earthquakes foster a climate of guilt as well as fear.

Walking beats the car any day

The best way to entice people on to buses, bikes or to walk is to make such an activity really attractive.

Opinion: Walkable and cyclable cities come with huge pluses.

Kaikoura, cut-off from the rest of the world

An army convoy arrives on the inland Kaikoura road.

OPINION: Kaikoura is suffering a double blow: a major quake and it happening at the start of the tourism season.

Disdain and dissenting opinions

US President-elect Donald Trump pitched his rhetoric directly at the large number of American voters who felt forgotten ...

Opinion: Trumpophobes need to get over the US presidential result.

Seeing and believing

John Key with Mark Zuckerberg  in 2011. The prime minister met the founder of Facebook recently to challenge him for the ...

Opinion: There's a reason why responsible media vet their content and contest what's doubtful before publishing

Clothes don't maketh Trump

When Donald Trump appears to say things we should remember that he is speaking in much the same way as a dog sits – he ...

Opinion: Humans are partial, gullible, and above all emotional creatures and we make our societies in our own image.

Our state of surveillance

They were there for some fun in the sun, but for some Toast-goers the heavy-handed police approach was a jarring note.

OPINION: A heavy-handed approach by police to the Toast festival marred an otherwise great day

State radio has its own crisis

RNZ host Vicki McKay was unflappable as she announced the November 14 earthquake live on air.

OPINION: Kiwis turned to National Radio in a time of uncertainty. But the state broadcaster has its own funding crisis.

Civil Defence is helping ourselves

Candles are a must-have if a major earthquake strikes.

OPINION: Here's a a practical and emotional kit that might be of help after a big quake.

What endures: trinkets, photographs, and a daughter's guilt

A photograph of the Ruamahanga River near Masterton, pictured here in 2014, is among Rosemary McLeod's vast collection ...

OPINION: People lose so much in earthquakes, but I seem to keep hold of every silly little treasure I have accumulated.

A hitchhiker's guide to the year of the underdog

No-one picked it: President-elect Donald Trump meets with President Barack Obama at the White House.

OPINION: Colin the truckie had his finger on the pulse and called the Trump victory, while many others believed the polls.

Trump victory a fearful walk into the great unknown

Demonstrators protest against the election of Donald Trump in front of the White House.

OPINION: So now the blame starts with journalists turning on 'The Media' as they wonder how to distance themselves from their part in the debacle of the US election.

A decent salary for making important decisions

Wellington Mayor Justin Lester and his deputy Paul Eagle.

OPINION: A few thousand dollars is worth it if councillors are making decisions that save ratepayers millions of dollars.

It's their country, it's their choice

It remains a mystery how a country as enormously rich in human capital could throw up (double meaning intended) two such ...

OPINION: There will be other female candidates after Hillary Clinton, ideally with fewer skeletons in their closets, writes Karl du Fresne.

Top man for the job

Wellington economist Gareth Morgan on a biking expedition in Egypt. He rode into the launch of his political party on a ...

Opinion: Other rich men have put their hat in the political ring, but Gareth Morgan is different - he has policies.

Too big a salary, not enough power?

When the power goes out, no CEO's jobs seem to be on the line.

Opinion: Should a person who fails to maintain our electricity supply really earn twice that of the prime minister.

A cold, heartless call video

Vicki Letele, a convicted fraudster with terminal cancer, with her brother, pro boxer, David Letele.

OPINION: Leaving sick fraudster to die in jail is a form of state-sanctioned torture, Duncan Garner writes.

From cat man to change agent

Launching his Opportunities Party, Gareth Morgan was at pains to look like your average Kiwi joker in T-shirt under a jacket.

Opinion: Philanthropist Gareth Morgan is now putting his toe into party politics.

Time for a war on the war on drugs

Get rid of the demand for methamphetamine and you get rid of the dealer.

Opinion: Our jails don't work so why spend $1 billion on more prison beds.

Men behaving badly

Paul Henry was made to sit on the naughty stool for commenting on a woman's breasts.

OPINION: Paul Henry's latest gaffe was actually a relief after all of America's wieners.

We're a plague upon the planet

We pay big money to swim with the seals or watch a whale doing nothing.

Opinion: Humans are a plague upon the planet and we're pushing everything else off the edge.

Garner: Let's help Parker win on home soil

New Zealand Heavyweight Boxer Joseph Parker. Burger King Road to the Title by Duco Boxing. Auckland, New Zealand. ...

OPINION: The Govt hands out cash to all kinds of people and organisations, so why not Joseph Parker?

Why we're glued to the US election

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton: we are all glued to the screen to see what happens next.

OPINION: Why do we care so much about Trump and Clinton?

Lives ruined, reputations destroyed

The scandal cuts to the heart of the housing crisis and has shown up HNZ's cavalier attitude to using the shoddy ...

OPINION: Misuse of Ministry of Health guidelines appalling.

Stepping over the thin blue line

After the Springbok tour, a generation of kids who once trusted the nice guy at the local police station became cop haters.

Opinion: Yes, police are to be applauded for enforcing the law but sometimes a softly softly approach works better.

Cult of Big Brother spreading

Biddy Fraser-Davies, owner of Cwmglyn Cheese company near Eketahuna.

Opinion: The busybody culture is insinuating itself into government

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