Bowron: Cut Auckland loose

It's a total dereliction of duty for this Government to fail to address rampant house prices.

Let's start a revolution and sever our ties to Auckland - John Key can be their premier.

Home ownership with a side of guilt

Political reporter Stacey Kirk has made it onto the property ladder - but it's not all smooth sailing.

OPINION: I recently bought a house, and it feels great. Kind of.

Garner: House price home truths

The Government has done little, if anything, to deflate the house price bubble.

OPINION: As the Government fiddles, house prices remain on fire. Do the Aussies have the answer?

The sky doesn't fall when same-sex weddings happen

How sad that so many of our churches, some of whom lead the way on progressive social issues like child poverty and ...

OPINION: Weddings – I've had a few.

Is Trump v Clinton a failure of democracy?

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are the frontrunners for their respective parties to become the nominees to run for US ...

OPINION: How can a country so rich in human capital deliver such a dispiriting set of candidates for the most powerful office in the world?

Turning a drug from unacceptable to respectable

A study has found 5 per cent of Kiwis use cannabis medicinally.

OPINION: Try to imagine the future and you'll inevitably find it has bypassed you entirely, bringing a new present instead, part tragedy and part farce. Cannabis is a fine example.

The art of righting the world's many wrongs

Joe Bennett.

OPINION: Today's subject is envy. It arose when I read a potted biography of Samuel Beckett, the Irish miserablist.

Bowron: Bring back the incredible hulks

HMNZS Pukaki hasn't registered a sea day since 2012.

We need jail space and accommodation - so here is the solution.

Garner: We're a bunch of drips

260514. 123rf.
Stock Photo - bottle pouring water into glass

 action, alcohol, background, beverage, blue, bottle, ...

OPINION: Why on earth do we let multinationals cash in on a valuable resource: water.

Funding model for arts is fatally flawed

The arts community relies heavily on lottery money.

OPINION: Many Wellingtonians will be aware how brilliantly the arts are currently doing.

Pipe down about cats while pit bulls walk the streets

Gareth Morgan pictured with his daughter's cat Bugsy.

OPINION: Gareth Morgan should direct his ire towards dangerous dogs and their owners.

Caught between a rock and a hard place

A large boulder on the road, at Dyers Rd, Christchurch.

OPINION: It was Thomas Hardy who said that if we are only patient, the world will come to our doorstep. Well a bit of it's just come to mine.

Sign of a tired Government

Bill English, Minister of Finance.

OPINION: Two things happened this week that could signal the beginning of the end of John Key and his Government.

Editorial: The Speaker's tour is just a junket

Speaker David Carter

Editorial: Once again Parliament's Speaker is leading a group of MPs on an overseas junket. Once again there has been derision and scorn. Once again Speaker David Carter has reacted badly.

Our biggest suburb needs its own school - and here's the site

Victoria University is weighing up what to do with its Karori campus, formerly Wellington Teachers' College.

OPINION: If Wellington's former Teachers' College is put up for sale, there's an obvious public use for it.

Garner: Ban all pit bulls

Pitbulls have been bred as attack dogs - it's in their DNA, Duncan Garner says.

OPINION: These dogs are loaded weapons. They have a predisposition to kill. They shouldn't be in our country.

Tax wasting? Try tax minimisation

OPINION: Hear the one about the Taxpayers Union going after big business? Didn't think so.

Rough and ready feel part of Wilderpeople charm

Sam Neill, Julian Dennison and Taika Waititi from Hunt for the Wilderpeople.


Green with envy over green thumbs

Sunday Star-Times columnist Rosemary McLeod Byline photo Dinkus Portrait 07/11/2006 70088 SPL AKL This is the property ...

OPINION: A garden is a lovely thing, a patch of order lying somewhere between civilisation and chaos, writes Rosemary McLeod.

Calling out all the brazen and brash cash stashers

British Prime Minister David Cameron has been under scrutiny for his father's investments, revealed in the Panama Papers.

OPINION: Hands up if you were surprised by the Panama Papers. Absolutely. Me neither.

Garner: Beggar ban won't work

Banning murder, theft and child abuse hasn't worked. Do you really think a ban and paying a fine will worry a desperate ...

OPINION: Making beggars pay a fine is just a cheap and desperate move.

Wellington's real beggars

Wellington City Councillors will issue platitudes, but not much will change for beggars, Dave Armstrong predicts.

OPINION: Ban on beggars debated, privately-owned airport spend supported.

NZ company regime needs kick

Several world leaders have been caught up in the Panama Papers scandal.

OPINION: We need to clean up our own backyard to battle corruption and tax evasion.

PM poo-poos Panama Papers

SATIRE: Tax haven? More like tax paradise! Work with me here, I'm the Minister of Tourism.

More entries from the Dept of Useless Inventions

Isn't a pasta fork just, umm, a fork?

OPINION: When life gets you down, there is always the bacon alarm clock to rally you.

Big smoke and wop-wop dangers

"Our farming practices, including past copious use of DDT, do not endear farmers to me, bearing in mind that my own ...

Rosemary McLeod remember playing in the river's clear water, but today a dog can be dead in half an hour if eats its toxic algae.

When the grass is definitely greener on the other side

Joe Bennett spent hours hunting grasshoppers as a child.

OPINION: Grasshoppers are besieging my house. Some stand all day in the backyard and hop only when my dog nudges them with his nose.

Small victories against shoplifting

Under-resourced police no longer care about catching shoplifters, Jane Bowron believes.

Why have we become so apathetic about shoplifting, given it's us shoppers who pay for it, asks Jane Bowron.

Garner: Seven sins of social media

OPINION: What every MP should read: How to avoid looking like a moron on social media.

An honest and beautiful reflection of rural New Zealand

The late Frank Torley, of Country Calendar fame.

OPINION: Frank Torley's was a voice that was interesting and informed, and definitely of this country. It was passionate but never gushy.

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