Garner: Labour's little traction

if the headlines are right and John Key is at his 'most unpopular' … then why is Andrew Little doing so badly?

Andrew Little has had a poor year and some Labour MPs are already resigned to him losing the next election.

Williams: What housing crisis?

Extra spending beyond health and education was restrained - and leaves Bill English with some shots in his locker for a ...

OPINION: This Budget shows the Government is blinded by its own poll success, says former Labour Party president Mike Williams.

David Farrar: Bill's bland Budget

Kiwiblog's David Farrar.

Bill English has delivered a bland mid-term budget, says Right-wing commentator David Farrar.

Finding Trump in your family ancestry

Donald Trump arrives for the opening of The Trump International Golf Links Course in Balmedie, Scotland.

OPINION: One way or another Donald Trump and I are linked in the great genetic daisy chain of misty isles, loud tartans, terrible food, and worse weather.

President Trump? A hair-raising thought

All hail the chief? Is the world ready for a President Donald Trump?

OPINION: Six months from now the Americans will elect Trump as president.

Bowron: Marae shows up Government

A homeless person sleeps on a bench in the Auckland CBD.

When marae threw open their doors to the homeless, they showed up the Government.

Garner: Our tribute to Moko

Moko's mother Nicola Dally-Paki found the courage to take her children and flee from her abusive gang member partner. ...

OPINION: Every single one of us has role to play in preventing child abuse.

Brickbats and bouquets for a topsy-turvy council

Hundreds of people attended a meeting in Karorito discuss the future of the former teachers college site.

OPINION: In recent weeks I feel I have witnessed the best and worst sides of local body politics.

Re-writing history by pretending it never happened

New Plymouth Mayor, Andrew Judd.

OPINION: The education system did me proud when I learned New Zealand history - briefly - at primary school. It never bothered again.

Why I'm contemplating a tattoo

Tattoos come in three types: the emotional, the aesthetic and the informative, says Joe Bennett.

OPINION: Tattoos come in three types: the emotional, the aesthetic and the informative. The one I'm thinking of getting is informative.

Is racism more than skin deep in New Zealand?

New Plymouth mayor Andrew Judd.

OPINION: Is New Zealand a racist country? A lot of urban liberals, myself included, as well as many Maori,were saying a big fat 'yes'.

Foreign buyer data sham

Duncan Garner "genuinely apologised' to viewers after the second cut to the restaurant, saying they "saw too much".

OPINION: Housing Minister wouldn't bet one of his houses on foreign buyers' data being in any way credible.

From TV newsreaders to tax leaks, scandals aren't worthy of the name

Hilary Barry was a competent newsreader - a person who reads words written by other people.

OPINION: Am I going mad? Hillary Barry changing her job does not warrant national grieving.

Treating women poorly a classic Trump motif

US Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

OPINION: So the big guns Donald Trump will aim at Hillary Clinton will focus not on her, but on her husband. What a great way to completely discount her.

Cuba back in fashion again, for better or worse

Brazilian top model Gisele Bundchen poses before a fashion show by German designer Karl Lagerfeld in Havana, Cuba.

OPINION: Havana's just had a fashion show, its first for 60 years. How happy it must be.

Who will march for Moko?

Moko Rangitoheriri died after being admitted to hospital with critical injuries.

OPINION: We must never, ever forget Moko.

Silence of council not golden during housing boom

The view looking over houses in Tawa.

OPINION: Auckland's house prices have been shooting through the roof and Wellington's are starting to do the same.

OIO useless for a reason

Kim Dotcom: A man of good character.

OPINION: The Overseas Investment Office is a mechanism for attracting more foreign investment and exchange without asking too many questions.

Over the TV justice fad

Scott Watson was convicted of the murders of Ben Smart and Olivia Hope.

OPINION: Documentaries like one planned on the Sounds killings make entertainment out of murder.

Bowron: Cut Auckland loose

It's a total dereliction of duty for this Government to fail to address rampant house prices.

Let's start a revolution and sever our ties to Auckland - John Key can be their premier.

Home ownership with a side of guilt

Political reporter Stacey Kirk has made it onto the property ladder - but it's not all smooth sailing.

OPINION: I recently bought a house, and it feels great. Kind of.

Garner: House price home truths

The Government has done little, if anything, to deflate the house price bubble.

OPINION: As the Government fiddles, house prices remain on fire. Do the Aussies have the answer?

The sky doesn't fall when same-sex weddings happen

How sad that so many of our churches, some of whom lead the way on progressive social issues like child poverty and ...

OPINION: Weddings – I've had a few.

Is Trump v Clinton a failure of democracy?

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are the frontrunners for their respective parties to become the nominees to run for US ...

OPINION: How can a country so rich in human capital deliver such a dispiriting set of candidates for the most powerful office in the world?

Turning a drug from unacceptable to respectable

A study has found 5 per cent of Kiwis use cannabis medicinally.

OPINION: Try to imagine the future and you'll inevitably find it has bypassed you entirely, bringing a new present instead, part tragedy and part farce. Cannabis is a fine example.

The art of righting the world's many wrongs

Joe Bennett.

OPINION: Today's subject is envy. It arose when I read a potted biography of Samuel Beckett, the Irish miserablist.

Bowron: Bring back the incredible hulks

HMNZS Pukaki hasn't registered a sea day since 2012.

We need jail space and accommodation - so here is the solution.

Garner: We're a bunch of drips

260514. 123rf.
Stock Photo - bottle pouring water into glass

 action, alcohol, background, beverage, blue, bottle, ...

OPINION: Why on earth do we let multinationals cash in on a valuable resource: water.

Funding model for arts is fatally flawed

The arts community relies heavily on lottery money.

OPINION: Many Wellingtonians will be aware how brilliantly the arts are currently doing.

Pipe down about cats while pit bulls walk the streets

Gareth Morgan pictured with his daughter's cat Bugsy.

OPINION: Gareth Morgan should direct his ire towards dangerous dogs and their owners.

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