We're all prisoners of time

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg speaks on stage during the Facebook F8 conference in San Francisco, California, this year.

Opinion: We need death for our own psychological wellbeing.

Do the maths add up?

Margaret Priest (at whiteboard), head of maths at Wellington Girls' College, and a team of teachers could not work out ...

Exams too hard? Try your hand at Dave Armstrong's questions.

Bye-bye to the human touch

Planned Westpac branch closures have left some customers feeling the bank doesn't care.

Opinion: Another notch in the cancelling out of the human touch

NZ needs to take a stand

The dream is over!

Opinions: This marriage breakdown of Brad and Angelina threatens love itself, writes Martin van Beynen.

Garner: Handcuffed to the past

Putting young people in adult prisons risks only making them better criminals.

Solving youth crime - and particularly girls turning to violence - demands a new approach. Sending them to jail isn't the answer.

Survival of the fittest

When Danielle Hayes won NZ Top Model in 2010, her success brought out the worst in some people.

Opinion: Good luck with believing the milk of human kindness will flow copiously in a disaster.

Risk apathy will be the winner

Candidate Jo Coughlan gained polite applause and even the odd whoop from what was essentially an away crowd.

OPINION: How high is the interest in the upcoming local body elections? Very high if a mayoral debate I attended last Tuesday evening at Prefab Hall in the inner city was anything to go by.

Serial ratings war starts

TV3's Paul Henry resting his arches.

Opinion: Who wins the breakfast show wars leads the news day from the start and gains the psychological edge.

Garner: A justice system whitewash

Nikolas James Posa Delegat, 19, in the dock of the Dunedin District Court.

Duncan Garner says the night he was randomly attacked suggests white people fare better in front of judges.

Sexism and shame

Actor Bill Cosby will be remembered for accusations that he was a serial sexual assaulter of attractive young women.

Opinion: Sex as a result of coercion isn't sex at all - it's about men enjoying power over women, writes Karl du Fresne.

The saint versus whore dynamic

Jackie Blue

OPINION: The Chiefs' recent embarrassment creates a raft of etiquette questions.

Taste trip back in time

Toad in the hole - food for all ages.

OPINION: 'Old fools,' said King Lear's nasty daughter Goneril, 'old fools are babes again.'

Bonding on their bikes

The stunning, almost-deserted Kenepuru Sound.

OPINION: A bonding and biking exercise.

Big bill for elderly to eat

At an estimated $250,000-$300,000 to fund basic groceries for a 30-year retirement, luxuries such as desserts and real ...

It's a nasty wake-up call that Kiwi couples need up to $300k to buy food for a 30-year retirement.

Garner: Thinking inside the box

After eight years in power, National is still telling us to wait out the house price crisis.

The Government finally utters the C-word - yep it's a house price "crisis". Now we should all just wait for a while apparently.

Life as a soap opera

Celia Wade-Brown spent two mayoral terms riding bicycles everywhere, even having contentious bicycle lanes conveniently ...

OPINION: Public life isn't an easy choice, whether you're a mayor or a gay priest

Life but not as we knew it

The Age of the Anthropocene.

OPINION: Barely been here five minutes and already we've got our own epoch.

With STV it is all out in the open

The good thing about STV is that you can not only vote for the candidate you want, but against the candidate you ...

OPINION: So why do only around 40 per cent of people in the Wellington region vote in local body elections?

Garner: Govt's criminally bad spin

Burglaries are up almost 12 per cent in just one year - and only one in 10 burglaries are resolved. Crime clearly pays.

OPINION: The Government looks dangerously complacent and resorted to some lazy and lame claims about crime stats this week.

My boss is a psychopath

Your boss could be a psychopath too. Watch out.

OPINION: I'm not sure what you are supposed to do if your boss fits the bill but I guess being forewarned is to be forearmed.

Ordinary people, extraordinary work

Caregivers- nurses and volunteers - to the ill and dying show great dedication.

OPINION: Exceptional people do extraordinary things every day in our own backyard.

The burkini: Freedom or oppression?

A Muslim woman wears a burkini, a swimsuit that leaves only the face, hands and feet exposed, on a beach in Marseille, ...

OPINION: The row in France over the wearing of the burkini makes women everywhere think about what we mean by freedom.

The wonder of the watch

If you need a watch to say you've made it you've made nothing but a fool of yourself.

OPINION: My father's went for 40 years. It was the only watch of his life, a pre-war beast. I cannot bring myself to throw mine out.

Garner: A solution for sex offenders

Placing a sex offender near Maungaraki School proves Corrections needs a total overhaul of how they handle these cases.

Community fury at sex offenders living in their street is understandable - but we can't allow mob justice to take over.

The demands of dementia care

Giving up control over your parent who has lost all control, and giving that control to strangers, is a hard baton to ...

OPINION: Caring for a glass-half empty person hard for family and professionals

The retail run-around

It doesn't matter whether you're buying online or in store, you can still face hurdles.

OPINION: With the opening of David Jones in Wellington, the retail sector has come under a bit of scrutiny.

Paying for a perfect smile

This little boy is unafraid to smile. But some people are, if it reveals teeth neglected because they could not afford a ...

OPINION: Rosemary McLeod is grateful, for limited reasons, that her mother was vain.

The generation game

The factual label of baby-boomer evolved gradually into the implication that all people born between 1946 and 1964, from ...

OPINION: Heartfelt thanks to all of you who took the trouble to put me right about the number of laps in 10,000 metres. I'm not sure however you'll find it so easy to spot today's deliberate error.

Garner: 'We're lazy sods'

Kiwis just can't be arsed to work on weekends.

OPINION: Kiwis can't be bothered getting out of bed for the minimum wage, hence the need for foreigners.

Outsiders desperately want what we've got

Producers of the likes of  Dancing with the Stars could make use of the talents of new immigrant/Trump refugee A-listers.

OPINION: Reports that nearly half of all Kiwi GPs are planning to retire in the next 10 years will be music to the ears of UK medical health practitioners looking to emigrate to New Zealand post Brexit.

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