Rights and wrongs for kids

Sex education is probably helpful, but if it's taught without a moral framework it's of little use, says Rosemary McLeod.

OPINION: Sex education is probably helpful, but without a moral framework it's of little use, writes Rosemary McLeod.

A startling gesture in a city of transients

A camel yawns on Jumeirah's popular tourist beach in front of  tower blocks in Dubai, in this November 28, 2009 file ...

OPINION: Joe Bennett gets a telling tap on the arm in a suffocating Dubai metro train.

Hospital parking is sickening

It is perfectly reasonable to charge a small fee for parking for hospital visitors, as free parking might encourage ...

OPINION: Having to pay big sums for parking when visiting loved ones in hospital doesn't wash, writes Jane Bowron.

Abortion hoops hypocritical

Anti-abortion protesters outside Southland Hospital.

OPINION: Why do women with unwanted pregnancies face such hurdles, asks Dave Moore.

Parents are teachers too

Too many parents are contracting out their jobs to schools, says Duncan Garner.

OPINION: Too many parents are dumping on school teachers subjects that should be taught in the home.

More than semantics at stake

Brie Larson and Jacob Tremblay in the movie Room.

OPINION: Abortion is so polarising that even the the opposing camps' labels are contentious, writes Karl du Fresne.

No harm done - yeah right

We have come to see that the prevalence of porn and its easy accessibility to young people hasn't had a cheerful ...

OPINION: Porn and violence are closely linked, yet we react as if this is a novel discovery.

An unnerving experience

An elderly person's hands - the story of a long-lived life.

OPINION: Venturing into the world of the old and demented leaves Joe Bennett searching for any small succour.

A neo-Neanderthal age of sex

Somewhere along the way that rather quaint expression "making love" has completely dropped out of the lexicon.

OPINION: Porn and Trump tell boys like those from Wellington College that sex is theirs to take, writes Jane Bowron.

It's open season for ageism

Much was made of Annette King's age when she stepped down from the Labour Party deputy leadership.

OPINION: Racism is pounced upon, but it seems OK to attack someone because of their age. It's not OK, writes Dave Armstrong.

Not-so-super changes

Bill English outlines National's plan to raise the retirement age to 67 by 2040.

OPINION: Bill English was at his bad old worst in announcing a plan to raise the retirement age. We need a wider debate on this vital issue.

The jersey is offended

Former All Blacks Ali Williams, left, and Dan Carter are both in hot water, with Williams arrested for attempting to buy ...

The All Black jersey is spoken of like a holy relic - or, even more sacred today - a brand. By Rosemary McLeod.

The prices of fame

Time was when rugby was as simple as sandwiches.

Like sandwiches, the game of rugby has become a behemoth - and so have the players, writes Joe Bennett.

Lift up youth, don't write them off

Bill English should remember that a country's best resource is its young people, says Jane Bowron.

OPINION: Rather than dissing the young unemployed, as Bill English did, we need to provide our youth with real hope and opportunities.

Snapshot of a problem

Housing affordability will undoubtedly be a major election issue.

OPINION: Anecdotes of what people face to find accommodation in Wellington indicate a crisis rather than a "problem of success".

The Little problem of Ardern

Jacinda Ardern's elevation is another good example of the rise of the anti-politician.

OPINION: Jacinda Ardern's promotion has already paid dividends - she's got people talking about Labour.

Police turning into Mother Hens

Mike Bush has a hate speech law on his mind. But, asks Karl du Fresne, is it the role of the Police Commissioner to ...

Opinion: Modern police are turning into moralistic crusaders, who think we need to be protected against ourselves.

Minding our own business

Official thinking now says that people have the right to choose to use the dunny of the sex they identify with, as ...

Amid the tricky politics of genderless toilets, Rosemary McLeod writes there's nothing wrong with wanting privacy.

Bounty and the beast

It's been said the hours spent fishing are not subtracted from the sum of a man's life; that the worst day fishing beats ...

Opinion: To fish anywhere is good, but to fish in Nelson is to sup with the gods.

Spare us festival of the super-fit

Buses were laid on for runners after their exertions, but they ought to have sauntered home, writes Jane Bowron.

OPINION: Are the rest of us sloths supposed to look on admiringly at these narcissists, asks Jane Bowron.

Would you wade into a 'Smithable' river?

Not wading but swimming: Nick Smith prepares for a dip in the Manawatu River in 2016.

OPINION: Baby boomers like me remember clean rivers - and we vote. Dave Armstrong writes.

Tackling rugby's dark side

The tragic death of Wallaby rugby player Dan Vickerman poses hard questions about what happens to rugby players after ...

OPINION: Not all the players have a plan to cope when the superstar lifestyle ends.

Farewell Jane Roe, complicated champion of abortion rights

Norma McCorvey, right, was the anonymous plaintiff known as Jane Roe in the Supreme Court's landmark 1973 Roe vs Wade ...

OPINION: She was full of contradictions, like all of us.

It's all bag

The dog as accessory.

Opinion: It was a dog day afternoon for Jane Bowron.

The Ohariu charade

UnitedFuture leader Peter Dunne.

Opinion: This year, both Tory and Green supporters could be holding their nose as they cast their vote in Ohariu.

Garner: Disaster in the making?

Civil Defence Minister Gerry Brownlee, left, Mayor of Selwyn District Sam Broughton and Prime Minister Bill English ...

OPINION: Who was in control as Christchurch hills and homes were ravaged by fire? No-one very smart is the answer.

No place like home

Bill English the puppet at the Backbenchers pub.

Opinion: American visitors get a taste of what makes New Zealand special and distinctive.

Stop shaming 'granny panties'

The Daily Mail Australia has apologised to Australian TV presenter Samantha Armytage for publishing a story that mocked ...

OPINION: Let's be honest - they're the heroes of the underwear world.

Trump beggars belief

Donald Trump specialises in bullying, lying and boasting, says Joe Bennett.

OPINION: Donald Trump has undercut the belief on which Western democracy is based - that the world can be made better.

Just what Wellington needs

A congested Ruahine St, in Hataitai.

Opinion: A day in the life of a car commuter.

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