Don't you have anything better to do? video

The cars parked along the front of the Osbornes'  Waikanae Beach hedge to stop an arborist from getting their clippers ...

OPINION: Some neighbours have only to see a hedge before they dream of a chainsaw.

Migration debate triggers a logic bypass

Immigration Minister Michael Woodhouse imposed a "remuneration test" as a proxy for skills.

OPINION: Recent boom in work and student visas suggests room for cuts.

Steady as she goes for govt video

The new Minister of Foreign Affairs, Gerry Brownlee.

OPINION: Bill English's Cabinet reshuffle is deeply unexciting, but that's become his hallmark. If slow and steady wins the race, English's Government is a shoo-in for the elections.

A gnawing problem

Everyone draws a line somewhere, and Joe Bennett draws his at rats in the roof.

OPINION: AS a rule when it comes to the animal kingdom, Joe Bennett's Mr Soft. But everyone draws the line somewhere.

Hung up over plan to change landlines

​Spark ​will change the way landline calls have worked since their invention in 1876, by switching them to internet ...

OPINION: Changing landlines may make sense, but it's cold comfort for many.

Volunteers make our sports tick

On Friday nights before a game, my mother – who couldn't ever get me to clean my shoes – would find me washing soccer ...

OPINION: Where would we be without the volunteer parent coaches?

Why election campaigns aren't what they used to be

This is how it's done. Winston Peters never left the hustings.

OPINION: Everything else is changing so fast these days. Why not election campaigns as well?

Garner: Our failing mental health system

A public demonstration outside the Henry Bennett Centre in Hamilton earlier this year, aimed at getting better mental ...

OPINION: Our mental health services are in disarray and it can't be ignored any longer.

Credibility hit for forecasters

The Wahine at the entrance to Wellington Harbour, a month after it foundered. We were told there was a real risk the ...

OPINION: If cyclones are so unpredictable, why such certainty from weather forecasters before last week's Cyclone Cook?

Rosemary McLeod: An outlet for nastiness

Fencing, a form of sword fighting, requires far too much physical fitness to keep it up, but there was something rather ...

OPINION: Cadet practice and compulsory sports used to be great outlets for aggression.

Immigration: More or less desirable?

NZ First leader Winston Peters has been heckling for decades about immigration levels.

OPINION: Immigration - can't do without it, struggle to live with it.

Corporate callousness at work

A video screen grab shows passenger Dr David Dao being dragged off a United Airlines flight at  O'Hare International ...

OPINION: The beating of a United Airlines passenger saw a corporation pretending to care.

Downbeat and dazed

In the midst of the housing crisis, there's a stream of  depressingly upbeat and peppy stories about people performing ...

OPINION: If you're struggling to understand all that's going on in the world, Easter provides the answer.

Jane Bowron: Flip-flops and fillips

US President Donald Trump waves as he boards Air Force One to fly to Palm Beach, Florida, for Easter.

OPINION: Encouraged by a ratings bump, Donald Trump's turning into a classic warmonger.

Sonny Bill Williams and jerseygate

Sonny Bill Williams when he played for the Chiefs and BNZ was the main jersey sponsor. He says he is slowly learning ...

OPINION: SBW's a star and good guy but rugby bosses have indulged his every whim.

Monetary policy: A bit of a Dagg

John Clarke's reflections on monetary and fiscal policy - like Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers.

OPINION: What do monetary policy and Fred Astaire have in common, asks Vernon Small.

Rosemary McLeod: The fantasy factor

Kiwi Snapchatter Timmy Mullins claims to have a "strong female following".

OPINION: Much as some women demand equality and respect, others seem happy to encourage disrespectful attitudes.

Trump's creed - Popularity rules

US President Donald Trump delivers a statement about missile strikes on a Syrian airfield, at his Mar-a-Lago estate in ...

OPINION: Trump strikes at the heart of his populist creed.

Dave Armstrong: Romantic - but right

How does strengthening and restoring a beautiful, popular building that has been in constant public use for more than a ...

OPINION: Yes, spending millions to upgrade Wellington Town Hall is sentimental and romantic - but it's also a no-brainer.

Jane Bowron: Reporting on dangerous times

Flooding, earthquakes, drought and the pollution of our waters now take up a considerable amount of television news time.

OPINION: With the ground shaking,flooding and drying up, it might be prudent to have more reporting boots on the ground.

McCully's legacy intact

Cheers. Boris Johnson ordered up a crate of wine when Murray McCully turned up on his doorstep.

OPINION: Don't pop those champagne corks just yet. Murray McCully's departure from the foreign affairs portfolio leaves a bigger hole than his opponents might think.

Get Kiwis working

New Zealand has 139,000 people out of work, yet has to import foreigners to lay concrete.

OPINION: With 139,000 people unemployed, why on earth are we importing foreigners to push heavy wheel barrows of concrete?

No way to treat the public

Claims by Nicky Hager and Jon Stephenson are being treated like fake news.

OPINION: Bill English has treated the public like morons over the Hit & Run allegations. Do we care?

Flash and dash power dressers

Scotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon and British Prime Minister Theresa May - it's weird for women in positions of ...

OPINION: A person's dress sense is an excellent key to understanding them. Just look at some overseas politicians, writes Rosemary McLeod.

Not very mellow, mushrooms

A highly poisonous fly agaric. As a kid, its colouring shouted to Joe Bennett, here was a touch-me-not.

OPINION: Keats called autumn the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness, but there's nothing mellow about that autumn arrival, mushrooms, writes Joe Bennett.

No cheering for Ivanka the fairy stepdaughter

Ivanka Trump and husband Jared Kushner have both been given official roles in the Trump White House.

OPINION: When the Donald says Trump, everyone, including his daughter, says "How high?"

Dave Armstrong: Waste of money? Not quite

Commuters have complained that the Kapiti Expressway has greatly lengthened their trip into Wellington.

OPINION: The $630m Kapiti expressway might be pushing chokepoints south, but it has its upsides too.

Hand over roads to China

Supplied images of Mediaworks talent including: Dominic Bowden, new host of the Bachelor. Duncan Garner. Duncan Garner ...

OPINION: Just build the roads. It doesn't matter who does it, says Duncan Garner.

Yes to SAS inquiry

Lieutenant General Tim Keating and the New Zealand Defence Force intended to shoot Nicky Hager's story down in flames, ...

OPINION: I have to hold my nose as I write it, but I support an inquiry.

Of hair, wars and truth

Nicky Hager, left, said if the Defence Force was right "- and I don't think they are - that the location of this ...

OPINION: Accusations can swiftly become established truth in an internet age, writes Rosemary McLeod.

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