Garner: Have a heart Bill English

After eight years in power and now boasting a $1.8 billion surplus, this is Bill English's chance to start thinking ...

OPINION: Revealed: The secret memo to Bill English that was never written ... and would never be actioned even if it had been.

Reality TV like nothing before

Donald Trump listens to his presidential rival Hillary Clinton during their third and final campaign debate in Las ...

Opinion: Donald Trump's bid for the presidency has been shamelessly used as an advert for the Trump brand.

Plastic less than fantastic

Environment Minister Nick Smith launches the soft plastics recycling scheme in Wellington at Lyall Bay Warehouse.

Opinion: Shoppers support it, so do most local bodies. So why is the Government opposed to a small charge on plastic bags?  

Bax's loyalty misplaced

Kylie Bax says the women who've been groped and insulted by Donald Trump just want five minutes of fame.

OPINION: How a man treats his perceived friends and equals is not the true test of his nature; it's how he treats the people he regards as inferiors that matters.

Ignoble parting of ways

A young Bob Dylan

Opinion: Their friendship hit a bum note and Joe and flatmate Zim parted ways.

No alternative to Clinton

Republican US presidential nominee Donald Trump has made the critical mistake of not reading the demographics and ...

Opinion: Land of the free to patronise minorities

Rugby not diverse enough off field

A Springbok tour protest in 1981. At the time rugby administrators said the game was so important that it didn't matter ...

Opinion: New Zealand Rugby needs to do a whole lot more in terms of reflecting the ethnic and gender diversity of its players.

Garner: Key a cunning thief

John Key is proving a clever and cunning thief of other parties' policies.

OPINION: John Key has become the 'Chief Thief' as his desire for a fourth term sees him stealing his rivals' policies.

Aaron Smith and questionable behaviour

All Black Aaron Smith.

Opinion: Aaron Smith's toilet tryst was the business of no one other than his partner.

Personalities over issues for election battle

The dynamic duo Prime Minister John Key and Finance Minister Bill. Or at least, that's the image they're banking on come ...

OPINION: One eye on the cash and the other on the election.

Big babies, big sense of entitlement

Donald Trump  - a big baby making a mess for others to clean up.

Opinion: Delusions of your own fabulousness can lead you to dark places.

When memory plays tricks

Letter boxes can sometimes be in the wrong place.

Opinion: Joe Bennett discovers the tricks even a fresh memory can play.

The iPhone - today's Stasi

Aaron Smith's behaviour with a woman at Christchurch airport might have been foolish and shabby, but so was the ...

Opinion: Stalk celebrities, kick a man and a woman when they're silly and vulnerable, then exploit their folly to the max - where'e the moral fibre in that?

'Teflon Justin' romps home

Justin Lester, Wellington's new mayor, with his wife Liz on election night.

Opinion: Justin Lester won by portraying himself as both pro-business and appealing to ordinary Labour and Green voters.

Garner: ABs aren't role models

Aaron Smith is a boy growing up in public. And he's too important to the All Blacks' onfield success to be properly held ...

Memo to NZ Rugby: Drop the PR crap and admit our stars are fallible young men who aren't just here to sell sponsors' products.

Splendour in the grass

Don Brash


A flight into memory

The arrival of swallows in his garage signals spring to Joe Bennett.      .

Opinion: Self-delusion's as persistent as spring.

Living the life of Riley

Baby-buggy maker Combi says sales of its pet carts have doubled in the past year with prices ranging from $464 for a cat ...

Opinion: I am appalled by this trend of namby pamby-ing animals.

Garner: Tackling inept rugby bosses

Steve Tew added insult to serious injury when he asked an assault victim's mother if she was enjoying all the publicity. ...

OPINION: Heads should roll at NZ Rugby because bosses are out of touch - and this week added insult to serious injury.

Subsidy deal a shambles

Singapore Airlines' inaugural flight from Singapore and Canberra touching down in Wellington.

Opinion: So much of Wellington city's economic development is based on wildly optimistic Zealandia-style projections that bear little relation to reality.

Lessons from overseas for NZ

Liberal Australians love to hate Pauline Hanson, but she is in the Senate because a substantial number of Queenslanders ...

Opinion: Multiculturalism, long an article of faith in liberal Western democracies, is under intense pressure. Will it spread to NZ?

The tabloid world of wacky

Actor Brad Pitt and actress Angelina Jolie in 2014, the year they married.

OPINION: Celebrities are the true opiate of the masses.

We're all prisoners of time

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg speaks on stage during the Facebook F8 conference in San Francisco, California, this year.

Opinion: We need death for our own psychological wellbeing.

Do the maths add up?

Margaret Priest (at whiteboard), head of maths at Wellington Girls' College, and a team of teachers could not work out ...

Exams too hard? Try your hand at Dave Armstrong's questions.

Bye-bye to the human touch

Planned Westpac branch closures have left some customers feeling the bank doesn't care.

Opinion: Another notch in the cancelling out of the human touch

NZ needs to take a stand

The dream is over!

Opinions: This marriage breakdown of Brad and Angelina threatens love itself, writes Martin van Beynen.

Garner: Handcuffed to the past

Putting young people in adult prisons risks only making them better criminals.

Solving youth crime - and particularly girls turning to violence - demands a new approach. Sending them to jail isn't the answer.

Survival of the fittest

When Danielle Hayes won NZ Top Model in 2010, her success brought out the worst in some people.

Opinion: Good luck with believing the milk of human kindness will flow copiously in a disaster.

Risk apathy will be the winner

Candidate Jo Coughlan gained polite applause and even the odd whoop from what was essentially an away crowd.

OPINION: How high is the interest in the upcoming local body elections? Very high if a mayoral debate I attended last Tuesday evening at Prefab Hall in the inner city was anything to go by.

Serial ratings war starts

TV3's Paul Henry resting his arches.

Opinion: Who wins the breakfast show wars leads the news day from the start and gains the psychological edge.

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