Dave Armstrong

Sycophancy is outdated

OPINION: What are the royals, but celebrities?

Prince George

OPINION: New Zealand has a proud history of sucking up to the monarchy, and though republicans like myself are ever-hopeful that it will stop, who are we trying to kid?

Backing of Pacific voters not assured

David Cunliffe and Poto Williams

OPINION: Pacific people are suffering more under this Government, but the Pacific vote is not entirely Labour's for the taking.

Maori Television keeps others honest

ben hurley

OPINION: Maori Television reminds me of Kiwibank - it may not be that big in terms of numbers, but it keeps the others honest.

Handbagging has just begun

Hekia Parata

OPINION: I'm no expert on Olympic diving but I'm sure there must be a move involving a triple somersault double back-flip with an aggressive twist at the end that is called a Hekia Parata.

National's mode of business

Judith Collins

OPINION: You could be forgiven for forgetting Judith Collins is the minister of justice.

It's the little guys who suffer

Martin Bosley

OPINION: Some years ago, a client took me to a restaurant to discuss working together.

Glory from Kiwi aviation success story

Air New Zealand and Qantas

OPINION: As fully privatised airline Qantas tanks, Air New Zealand returns about $70m to the Kiwi taxpayer.

Easy ride on transport issues

Go Wellington bus generic

OPINION: Public transport presents a dilemma for officials - there are plenty of problems, but few obvious solutions.

Public's dream was sunk

America's Cup

OPINION: Revelations about the America's Cup show that when sponsors and taxpayers get into bed, the sponsor usually is on top.

No justification for coffee surcharges

Coffee Art

OPINION: With Waitangi Day occurring on a Thursday this year, Kiwis took full advantage of the public holiday.

Facebook ban strangely logical

David Cunliffe

OPINION: Every time the Opposition pulls slightly ahead in the polls, it quickly shoots itself in the foot and it's back to level pegging.

Better whales than oil on our coasts


OPINION: It's something Wellingtonians can all enjoy - the site of an orca pod frolicking just offshore. Let's not ruin that.

Charity to vital to be manipulated

coins money new zealand kiwi

OPINION: When I was young, I was taught that charity was a good thing

Real drinking changes unlikely

alcohol generic

OPINION: Hamilton rarely makes the national news. However, last week it was in the headlines twice in one day.

Legalising dope on back-burner


OPINION: It's been great staying at home in Wellington this summer.

Robbed of local radio content

Justin du Fresne

OPINION: People are eating and reading local, so perhaps they'll want to listen local too - so why have communities been replaced by demographics?

Armstrong's Basil Awards

Maurice Williamson

OPINION: Dave Armstrong hands out his annual Basil Awards for the highs, lows and surprising of 2013.

Ignorance and want will return

Christmas Carol

What is it about A Christmas Carol that still makes it relevant 170 years after it was first published?

Have an education debate without jargon

Air New Zealand generic

DAVE ARMSTRONG - © Fairfax NZ News

OPINION: Shock! Horror! Last week New Zealanders learned that part of our education system were plummeting down the world table.

Education debate must be clear

Air New Zealand generic

Shock! Horror!! Last week New Zealanders learned that our 15-year-olds were getting worse at reading, maths and science.

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