Hadyn Jones

The wrong track

rugby ball generic

OPINION: Why are secondary school pupils being trained like professionals, asks Hadyn Jones.

Plane madness


OPINION: There are two types of air travellers: those who stick to themselves - and people like Hadyn Jones .

My late Nana

Homemade lemonade

OPINION: Swingball sets, homemade lemonade, letters from the Queen. Hadyn Jones reminisces about his grandmother.

Lament of the nearly best man

Top hat

OPINION: Perhaps if I'd been a better mate someone would have asked me to be their best man, writes Hadyn Jones .

Cutting to the chase


OPINION: After some serious thought - and procrastination - Hadyn Jones says sayonara to his manhood.

Love thy neighbour's digger


OPINION: I had Logan totally wrong. It was his camouflage: the builder's shorts, the black singlet and the ute with the dog chained to the back. I thought I had Logan sussed.

Keeping up with the Joneses


OPINION: Hadyn Jones introduces us to the cult of multiple personalities.-

Name dropping to influence people

My name is

OPINION: A trip to hospital reminds Hadyn Jones of the importance of memorising people's names.

Saying goodbye to a father figure


Hadyn Jones makes a final visit to a friend, mentor and adopted dad.

Boys will be boys

cricket ball

OPINION: My wife has a dislike for boys' trips. She thinks the money would be better spent on home improvements and my time better invested in family picnics.

Wanted: A best buddy


Friends are best when they're just up the road, writes Hadyn Jones.

Admit it - the kids are in control

Baby, toddler, children, hands

The Dominion Post

OPINION: Children have invaded every cranny of Hadyn Jones' life - even Facebook.

Fearing the big snip


Let's be honest, what's the hurry when minor surgery is calling in a very sensitive area?

Unravelling family ties

Wedding rings, marriage

OPINION: Marriage brings families together, but it also pulls them apart a little, writes Hadyn Jones.

Seeing clearly now it's dry July

alcohol generic

OPINION: A house with three kids under 4 is a zoo, and the zookeeper cannot afford to be hung over.

Forgetting the Maori anthem

national anthem

OPINION: I felt quite ashamed the other night. The problem was me. I'd just inhaled a $4 pottle of chips and put my $7.50 beer down so I could stand up and belt out the national anthem unimpeded.

How we deal with the bad times

Car radio

OPINION: It was one of those weeks - the desk collapsed, the computer broke, children were sick, and the car radio broke.

Strong and daring - unlike me

ken rutherford

When it comes to saying what you think, Hadyn Jones says he'd rather be polite.

A little help from my friends

hadyn Jones

Old mates are like diamonds - they're something to treasure.

Friends with the famous

Richie McCaw book

OPINION: Richie McCaw and I are pretty tight. Sure, it's been six years and when we met the other day he called me Hamish but, hey, that's nothing. When you are old friends, you let those minor mistakes slide.