Karl du Fresne

Dangerous to silence sceptics

deepwater horizon

OPINION: Is it any surprise that people tune out when they hear the cries of global warming alarmists? The words "boy" and "wolf" come to mind.

Mistakes in RNZ changes


OPINION: I see someone has started a "Keep Jim Mora in Afternoons" Facebook page. Is this the tip of a rather large iceberg?

Mana has eye on cash

Mana and Dotcom

OPINION: Whatever else you might think of Sue Bradford, she sticks to her principles. You have to respect her for walking away in disgust from the Internet-Mana pantomime.

Public shrug off lather


OPINION: For weeks, political news was dominated by allegations swirling around Justice Minister Judith Collins. Night after night, it was the lead item on television news bulletins.

Ignorance rife on social media

obama strap

OPINION: Heard of Barraco Barner? Possibly not. But according to a 20-year-old English beautician, he's the president of Britain and he really shouldn't be getting involved in Ukraine's problems.

People doing good things just ain't news


OPINION: Sigh. It’s happened again. Masterton has been back in the news, and for all the wrong reasons.

Is easygoing a good thing?

new zealand flag

OPINION: We're generally an easy-going lot, we New Zealanders. Problem is, I can't decide whether that's good or bad.

Tough times for Australia

Holden Commodore.

OPINION: The Holden and the Falcon are Australia on wheels, but they survived only through massive taxpayer handouts.

Election circus already under way

rachel reese

OPINION: It's started already, and the election is still months away.

Benefits not for luxuries

Generic money

OPINION: Few New Zealanders begrudge some of their taxes being spent on welfare for people who really need it. But ...

Commodore corrupt on power

Frank Bainimarama strap

OPINION: We don't seem to hear a lot about Commodore Voreqe (Frank) Bainimarama these days. Perhaps that's because we prefer not to think about him.

Pronouncing Maori right

te reo

OPINION: I'm not one for New Year's resolutions, but I've made one for 2014. I've decided this will be the year when I make an effort to pronounce Maori names correctly.

Black Marx for uni wowsers

Otago University

OPINION: What on earth has happened to Dunedin? I've always thought of it as a city of hard-working, practical people.

Let's keep our democracy

Auckland skyline

OPINION: The latest census confirms what was obvious: NZ has quietly undergone a profound demographic revolution.

Du Fresne: Mysteries of a modern life


OPINION: Karl du Fresne has more pressing questions for our troubled times.

Small-town NZ brought to life

Chris Laidlaw

OPINION: I’m not about to take back all the terrible things I’ve said about TVNZ, but credit where credit’s due. 

Left is drunk on power

beehive parliament

OPINION: The Left never gives up on its crusade to mould the perfect society. Labour MP Iain Lees-Galloway's bill to lower the legal drink-driving limit is the latest phase in this idealistic mission.

Tenacity and TV wonderful

Mihingarangi Forbes

There has long been a nagging suspicion that taxpayer-supported Maori organisations are not always held to the same standards of accountability as non-Maori ones.

Suspicions of rorting raised

KARL DU FRESNE - The Dominion Post

OPINION: The recent conviction of a Hawke's Bay kaitiaki, or "guardian" of customary fisheries, makes a mockery of the word.

Suspicions of rorting raised


OPINION: The recent conviction of a Hawke's Bay kaitiaki, or "guardian" of customary fisheries, makes a mockery of the word.

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