Rosemary McLeod

Cannabis no boredom cure


OPINION: Bored people are boring people, and vice versa, but especially when stoned. When stoned, people I've known have been as thrilling to hang out with as last year's newspaper.

Duchess spared brutal ordeal

Prince william Kate Middleton royals

OPINION: An image of the arrival of Catherine in front of a near-naked Maori man will keep caption contests going for weeks.

When even death is a drag


OPINION: Featherston makes you shake your head and wonder. How can a small town, population 2325, get to have such rotten people in it?

Real people never in Vogue


OPINION: My on-again off-again relationship with Vogue was challenged again this week, but we really must accept that Anna Wintour, that skinny paragon of thin-lipped elegance, is never wrong.

Have parents gone mad?


OPINION: Was there ever a time when children were so readily labelled and so precious? Or have parents become slightly mad?

Mirror, mirror, on the wall

Rosemary McLeod

OPINION: For ages now I've noticed how the people I know are getting older, though I remain blessed with eternal youth.

Grand old days of innocence

Air New Zealand generic

OPINION: News that a West Coast school was in a flap over sex education made me nostalgic for the comforting imaginary past.

Haters ate Charlotte Dawson alive

Charlotte Dawson

OPINION: It's a hard fact to swallow, but swallow you must: some people won't like you. I mean, really really won't like you – and never will.

An awkward CYFS practice

Newborn baby

OPINION: In a world so hypersensitive about rights, the state's right to take a baby from its mother just hours after birth makes me uneasy.

For the love of siblings


OPINION: We're inclined to think that romantic love or the love of parent and child are the only forms of love worth celebrating.

Hoping Lorde doesn't unravel


OPINION: Justin Bieber's antics make me nervous for Lorde, despite her apparent level-headedness.

Warehouse wrong on bikinis

The Warehouse

OPINION: It's a rare event to see a chief executive put his own foot in his mouth and swallow it, but Mark Powell of the Warehouse has managed that remarkable feat.

ACC all take, no give


OPINION: How do I dislike ACC? Let me count the ways.

Keeping wars in history

poppy anzac day

OPINION: My grandfather was a kid of 20 when he signed up for the war to end all wars.

What to do with no news


OPINION: The true beating heart of the world reveals itself when nothing is happening, like now, with the news mostly about, a) the weather and b) fat people.

Expect the worst if you're away from home

Southland Times photo

OPINION: There is a rule about summer holidays and it is this: disaster lurks.

Nigella's gift to me: envy and pity

Nigella Lawson

OPINION: I'm wondering how many modern families will get through tomorrow without a major row or temper tantrum.

Ebook sometimes not OK

Amazon Kindle

OPINION: I'm ending this year on a mutinous note, giving old technology for Christmas presents. It's called books, and count yourself lucky if you get one.

Showing the power of protest

john minto

OPINION: When we praise Nelson Mandela, it wouldn't be a bad idea to acknowledge the protest movements constantly at work.

Charmers fool even the mighty

Nigella and Charles Saatchi

OPINION: If a man is too good to be true, he undoubtedly is too good to be true.

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