Tracy Watkins

Labour needs sense of urgency

David Cunliffe

OPINION: It speaks volumes about David Cunliffe's bad week that on the day John Key delivered his pre-Budget speech, it was the Labour leader who copped it on the street over the Government's failure to make a big dent in unemployment.

Labour needs sense of urgency

Tracy Watkins

OPINION: Labour's economic counter so far under Cunliffe has been low-key and delivered largely from the regions.

The Dotcom factor's heavy toll

Kim Dotcom

OPINION: Social media, smear campaigns and now Kim Dotcom ... our election will be frantic and chaotic, says Tracy Watkins.

Will Key forgive this breathtaking disaster?

Hekia Parata

How long before Prime Minister John Key decides Hekia Parata is a liability in Cabinet?

Sorry is the hardest word

Tracy Watkins

OPINION: Sorry is the hardest word when your name is Judith Collins.

Debating flag change is bold move

Tracy Watkins

OPINION: Whether it's a silver fern or a koru, a debate over the design of the flag always had potential to be divisive.

Campaigns that border on kamikaze

Jamie Whyte

TRACY WATKINS - © Fairfax NZ News

OPINION: There are some things you shouldn't have to state on the campaign trail.

Greens faith is dangerous

Russel Norman

OPINION: It doesn't get much bluer than the blood that runs through the veins of former National Cabinet minister Philip Burdon.

Once were worriers

Shane Jones

OPINION: Labour MP Shane Jones wielded the barbecue tongs at Waitangi Day this year.

Once were worriers, now warriors

Shane Jones

OPINION: Since his reinvention during the Labour leadership race, Shane Jones has had a new lease of life.

Key tiptoes around Aussie rules

Tony Abbott, John Key

OPINION: Given our relative sizes, a game of one-upmanship with Australia would be difficult to win.

Pocket guide to election campaigns

Teapot Tapes

The political year was launched with such hectic pace this week you could almost smell the burning rubber.

Clearing the decks

Tracy Watkins

OPINION: You know it is an election year when politicians start the year by clearing the decks of things they don't want to spend the rest of the year talking about.

Winston may well be the stretch limo

rachel reese

OPINION: John Key's new willingness to work with NZ First says more about National than it does about Winston Peters.

Pike River decision may cause backlash

Pike River

OPINION: Many books will be written about the Pike River mining disaster. Few of them are likely to be as poignant or as gripping as the royal commission of inquiry into the event.

Hottest topics put on ice

David Cunliffe

OPINION: Peace has broken out all over. That was the message from the weekend's Labour Party conference.

Tide may turn as economy rises

John Key

OPINION: Political folklore has it that governments are rarely voted out when the economy is on the rise.

'Everyone involved looks bad'

Tracy Watkins

OPINION: The toxic fallout from the Brown/Chuang affair is enveloping everyone within its radius.

Popularity, not policy

david cunlifee

OPINION: David Shearer may have done more for Labour by standing down than he was ever able to achieve as leader.

Contenders quick to hit high notes

Labour 300x200

OPINION: Day one of the Labour leadership race and we already know this about the three contenders.

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