Labour's unhappy interns

Former Labour fixer Matt McCarten

OPINION: Labour has made a hash of its scheme to import young interns to help run its election campaign, and its timing was exquisite. Just when it was making serious trouble for National over the de-Barclay, as it's now called, Labour reveals its own scandal. Thanks, Matt McCarten. Once again you've raised doubts about your reputation as a fixer and campaigner of genius.

Youth crime surge has side effects

Police have warned of a wave of youth crime in Christchurch.

OPINION: A high tide of youth crime has caught social workers off guard.

Tim Groser and the spies

Former diplomat and trade minister Tim Groser, now ambassador to the United States.

OPINION: It's official: Government spies were entitled to help the cabinet minister's campaign to become head of the World Trade Organisation.

Bad day for National Party

Todd Barclay Clutha Southland MP Todd Barclay eventually fell on his sword after Prime Minister Bill English had all-but ...

OPINION: The spat over an obscure National backbencher has caused serious damage to the reputation of Prime Minister Bill English.

Wagner's disability? Being tone-deaf

Minister for Disability Issues Nicky Wagner is copping criticism after tweeting she'd "rather be out on the harbour" ...

EDITORIAL: Nicky Wagner's actual words were so off-key that it's hard to see how she would not know they would offend.

Recycle and re-use

Plastic bags are the biggest problem at the Wellington landfill.

OPINION: Recycling might seem an unstoppable wave which will grow and grow as society becomes greener. In fact, there are obvious problems that are holding recycling back.

Making peace with Israel

U.S. President Donald Trump bonds with Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

OPINION: New Zealand and Israel's smoothing over a a co-authored masterpiece of diplomatic ambiguity.

Police and liquor licences

Aro Fruit Supply, which owner Manjula Patel has applied to convert into a bottle shop.

OPINION: Police know the misuse of alcohol causes great harm. But does that make it okay for them to lobby against liquor licences?

Migration and the economy

Labour leader Andrew Little

Opinion: Labour's immigration policy is not racist or xenophobic. It is a careful and moderate policy designed to deal with several serious problems at once.

Were oyster farmers failed?

Could the much-loved Bluff Oyster fall victim to a lethal of parasite?

OPINION: Did officials move quickly enough to contain the oyster parasite outbreak?

Editorial: Corbyn finds a way to connect

UK Prime Minister Theresa May speaks outside 10 Downing Street after a disastrous snap election for the Conservative Party.

OPINION: Twice within a year, Tory prime ministers have gone to the ballot box expecting to gain British voters' support. Both times, they have been humiliated.

Kids and guns don't mix

Kids at Whakarongo School try out a military Steyr rifle during a visit by Linton Army Base soldiers.

OPINION: Guns have no place in our primary schools, even when an army officer is showing them to the children. In this case the army allowed 9 to 13-year-old kids at Whakarongo School near Palmerston North to handle unloaded guns and learn how to assemble and fire an assault rifle.

Welcome housing move

Inner-city Wellington

OPINION: Wellington City Council's plan to turn inner-city buildings into social housing and affordable apartments is welcome.

Officials versus politicians

Transport Minister Simon Bridges tried to stop KiwiRail from releasing a business case on Auckland's proposed $50 ...

OPINION: Transport Minister Simon Bridges' attempt to stop KiwiRail obeying the Official Information Act is a classic case of unwarranted political interference.


Children have 40 per cent less tooth decay in fluoridated areas than in areas without fluoride.

The Government's decision to put $12 million into fluoridation of drinking water is welcome. This means that as District Health Boards move progressively to order fluoridation, there will be government money available to allow it to happen.

Neil Finn's lyrics say it best

Ariana Grande (L) and Miley Cyrus perform during the One Love Manchester benefit concert for the victims of the ...

OPINION: They won't win. Kiwi anthem sums up attitude to terrorism.

John Key knighthood expected

A cabinet committee headed by PM Bill English, right, will have made the recommendation for former PM John Key to be ...

OPINION: Sir John Key's knighthood in today's Queen's Birthday honours list was a foregone conclusion.

Trump versus Earth

U.S. President Donald Trump announces his decision that the United States will withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement.

Donald Trump has defied science, rationality and the world by pulling out of the Paris Accord on climate change. The president of the United States puts the planet in peril to please a minority of his supporters.

More military help for US?

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson reaffirms his country's friendship with British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson in ...

OPINION: Will the US ask us to do more in Iraq and Afghanistan?

A new arena for Wellington

Ed Sheeran is not coming to Wellington.

OPINION: Wellington has long needed a good indoor arena. At present it is missing out on some major overseas acts because the capital lacks the proper venue. On the one hand the Westpac Stadium is too large for many shows and it is terrible in bad weather, which is not a rare event in Wellington. On the other hand there is the manifestly inadequate TSB Arena, which is both too small and unappealing in many other ways as well.

Gender-neutral and proud

A gender neutral restroom is seen in a city building in Los Angeles, California.

OPINION: The trend for gender-neutral uniforms and toilets show common sense provides answers to the critics' objections.

Leaking from the top

Inspector General of Intelligence and Security Cheryl Gwyn

OPINION: The man at the top of the Five Eyes intelligence pact is a threat both to its security and to its deeper values.

Schapelle Corby circus likely to last

Schapelle Corby leaves for Australia at Ngurah Rai airport, Denpasar, Indonesia.

OPINION: Lucrative offers will be made to Corby for everything from women's magazine cover stories to reality TV shows.

No show without Punch

President Donald Trump holds up the executive order on withdrawal from the Trans Pacific Partnership.

OPINION: The idea of a Trans-Pacific Partnership free trade deal without the United States would once have seemed absurd. It is access to the giant rich market of America, after all, that mattered most to all the other partners, including New Zealand.

Capital rail gets boost

Wellington Railway Station.

OPINION: The Budget's $98 million boost for Wellington's railway network is welcome. It was also inevitable that the Government would provide it, because parts of the network are falling apart.

A catch-up, not a spend-up

Finance Minister Steven Joyce presents the 2017 Budget as Prime Minister Bill English looks on..

OPINION: Many of the Budget measures barely make up for the long years of tight budgets and big deficits.

Terrorists are weak

Laying flowers in memory of the victims of the Manchester bombing.

OPINION: Manchester's profoundly civilised response is an act of defiance to the terrorists, who want to sow rage and despair and doubt.

ACC scheme ripe for reform

After the accident, the arguments begin.

OPINION: A new report raises fundamental problems in the operation of ACC. The question is whether the proposed reforms would cure the problems, or whether even more radical changes are needed.

Drunks killed the sevens video

The costumes were brilliant but too often the people wearing them turned into drunken morons by the early hours.

OPINION: Stupidity killed the fun of the sevens, not those who had to drag them off to hospital or jail.

Friends, allies and sceptics

US President Donald Trump with his US Ambassador to New Zealand pick Scott Brown on the US election campaign trail.

OPINION: Scott Brown, the likely new American ambassador to New Zealand, arrives at a tricky time for relations between the two countries. Wellington and Washington have been friends and often allies since the mid 19th century. There is an immense reservoir of warmth between the two peoples.

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