Andrew Little's caucus reshuffle

Rising Labour star Kelvin Davis

OPINION: Labour caucus reshuffles don't mean much. The real news is the rise of Kelvin Davis.

Editorial: 'Amazon tax' not straightforward

From next year, GST will apply to e-books and other digital downloads, but no decision has been made about adding it to physical products ordered from overseas.

OPINION: Taxing online purchases is fair, but only if ridiculous fees are not part of the deal.

Editorial: Time to get serious on climate change

Climate Change Issues Minister Tim Groser says he has become convinced that the world is facing a "fundamental problem".

OPINION: The Government’s response to climate change, in its years in office so far, has been cheap talk and a hollowed-out regime for regulating emissions.

Project Runway hopeless without an airline

A report commissioned by Wellington Airport has claimed that an extended runway could deliver $7 worth of benefits for every dollar spent.

OPINION: Call me old-fashioned, but if up to $300 million of my rates are going to be blown on a runway I would like to be certain it will be used.

Editorial: One rule for Treasury, another for others

Gabriel Makhlouf: other departments should be this small.

EDITORIAL: Treasury tells other departments to cut, cut and cut again. Meanwhile, Treasury grows bigger.

Case for longer runway builds

An impression of what Wellington Airport's runway extension might look like.

OPINION: Wellington should not submit to miserliness and give up on a proper runway too soon.

Editorial: Wellington should extend the war against tobacco

Smoking maims and kills.

EDITORIAL: Wellingtonians rightly want smoking banned in more parts of the city. 

Editorial: It's not a distraction - vote on the flag

In the first of two referendums on the flag, which began on November 20, voters must rank up to five alternatives to the current flag.

OPINION: People should cast off any tiredness and cynicism they still feel about the flag process, and ask themselves what they really think.

Editorial: Law changes deserve more scrutiny

The Government has frequently passed important laws under urgency - including one this week to retrospectively change an error in another law passed under urgency.

OPINION: The Government has made a special art out of passing laws under urgency, bypassing the usual checks and balances.

Pike deaths a spur to do better by workers

The Government has announced a $10m track through Paparoa National Park, with a side track leading to the Pike River Mine, on the fifth anniversary of the tragedy.

OPINION: Safety and a proper concern for risk in the workplace must be the legacy of Pike River.

Editorial: A Kiwi who touched all of us

Rugby's first and perhaps only superstar, Jonah Lomu was mobbed wherever he went.

OPINION: No-one came close to Jonah Lomu.

Mass terror returns to Europe

French President Francois Hollande speaks with Prime Minister Manuel Valls (L) at the Elysee Palace in Paris.

OPINION: The Paris attacks punctured a period of relative calm in Western countries.

Editorial: Law unfair to battered victims who kill

Gay Oakes killed her partner Douglas Stuart Gardner by giving him drug overdoses. She was freed early after arguing battered woman syndrome.

OPINION: The law is unfair to battered victims who kill their abusers.

Editorial: Anti-nuclear peace depends on US admirals

Prime Minister David Lange with his 1985 nuclear free bill.

OPINION: The ending of the nuclear standoff with Washington might depend on American admirals.

Editorial: Anzac friendship under strain

United Future leader Peter Dunne

EDITORIAL: Good work, Peter Dunne. You've pinned the blame for the detainees' row right where it belongs: on the broad backside of the Ugly Australian. Blogger Dunne rightly blasted  Australian "concentration camps" and the "real villain", Australian Immigration Minister Peter Dutton.  Parliament's common-sense mouse has roared like a lion. 

Editorial: Civic Square plan on right track

An artist's impression showing what a revamped Civic Square could look like.

OPINION: Civic Square already works, but it's reasonable to freshen it up now and again.

Editorial: PM wrong about NZ detainees

Australian PM Malcolm Turnbull and John Key.

OPINION: John Key should not be defending Australia's bad policy on Kiwi detainees. 

Editorial: Need for clarity on drink-drive limits

The duelling PR campaigns over how much people can drink before driving are causing confusion.

OPINION: The drink-drive rules are too confusing.

Editorial: Little labours in a policy desert

Labour Leader Andrew Little.

OPINION: Andrew Little might have excited the party faithful. He can't excite the electorate.

Battle ahead for Wade-Brown

Wellington Mayor Celia Wade-Brown on her bike.

OPINION: Wellington's mayoral race next year will pit two skilful politicians against Celia Wade-Brown.

Editorial: Housing boom still hurting

Finance Minister Bill English says he is preparing the way for potential fourth-term reforms to planning laws.

OPINION: New Zealand needs more homes in places people want to live, so that everyone gets a roof over their head without financial agony.

Royal tours and the 'inevitable' republic

Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall and Prince Charles, Prince of Wales visit Sandringham Flower Show in July.

OPINION: Charles and Camilla will attract smaller crowds than William and Kate. But the NZ republic won't arrive any time soon.

Time to bask in World Cup glory

Richie McCaw and the All Blacks have gone back-to-back, becoming the first team to win successive World Cups.

OPINION: New Zealand Rugby will do all it can to cash in on World Cup success.

Slower is better on Wellington roads

Northland tunnel Northland Wellington.

OPINION: Wellington would be a better place with more 30 kmh speed zones.

Council can afford living wage

Wellington City Council chief executive Kevin Lavery.

OPINION: Wellington City Council can afford the living wage.

There is no sanctuary from accountability

Zealandia, the willdlife sanctuary in Karori

OPINION: Zealandia is great for conservation but not for ratepayers.

Editorial: Aussies' yellow card for Phoenix unfair

Phoenix supporters hold up a Ten More Years sign relating to the team's application for a 10-year A-League licence extension, which has been rejected by Football Federation Australia.

OPINION: The signs are dismal for the Phoenix, unless the FFA is engaging in the wildest brinkmanship

Editorial: Collins steering a fine line

Judith Collins MP and her new sponsored car.

OPINION: MPs should not have sponsors. Sponsorship brings conflicts of interest.

Politicians' perks go on forever

Former Deputy Prime Minister Michael Cullen.

OPINION: Why should taxpayers be spending a fortune each year on former MPs' travel perks?

Editorial: Gun laws still too lax

Story host Heather du Plessis-Allan said buying a gun was so easy it was like finding money on the ground.

OPINION: How easy is it to get hold of a gun in New Zealand? Far too easy.

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