Northland win a shot in the arm

OPINION: As the watchdog of the north, Winston Peters will harry the Government to help the poor whites he now represents.

Bitter defeat the first hole in the dam

OPINION: National is moving fast to fix the damage caused by Northland's by-election.

National has botched this by-election

OPINION: Winston Peters' lead, according to the latest poll, is so formidable that he is likely to win. John Key himself thinks so.

Govt stumbles over its housing policy

OPINION: The Salvation Army's decision not to buy state houses is a serious blow - they're one of the great social agencies of the country.

Create a tribunal for school stoushes

OPINION: Nobody would be happy if parents made a habit of challenging school disciplinary decisions in court.

Online tax needs global unity

OPINION: Netflix has done everyone a favour by admitting that it won't pay GST on the movies it will sell in New Zealand.

End of the line for aged Hercules

OPINION: It seems there are some in New Zealand who want an air force on the cheap.

Police failed vulnerable women

OPINION: A portrait of carelessness and incompetence is the only way to describe the report on police handling of the "Roast Busters".

Abusive talent judges went too far

OPINION: A torrent of outrage has swept away the villainous judges of X Factor NZ, the TV talent show.

X Factor judges take us to a new low

OPINION: X Factor judges Natalia Kills and Willy Moon slashing at the harmless Joe Irvine was a new low in our television history.

Time to get priorities right

OPINION: Cyclone Pam is a terrible reminder of New Zealand's duties to our friends and neighbours in the Pacific.

Beware councils getting carried away

OPINION: The super-city proposal has drawn all kinds of of flak for how it might suck the "local" out of local democracy.

Rights denied, but gamble paid off

OPINION: Why did the Government keep the 1080 terrorism scare secret for so long?

An eco-crime of towering proportions

OPINION: If NZ really is clean and green it can never allow a developer to knock down a 500-year-old kauri tree to build houses.

Northland may be a bridge too far

OPINION: The Northland by-election has become hilariously unpredictable.

Spying demands an explanation

OPINION: John Key is anxious to discredit the revelations from American whistleblower Edward Snowden about the GCSB, but it won't wash.

No easy fix for unsafe foreign drivers

OPINION: Nobody should think there is an easy answer to the problem of tourists driving unsafely on the roads.

Putin now a menace to peace

OPINION: Vladimir Putin is a blight on his country and the world.

Doubt about the justice system

OPINION: Teina Pora shows why we need a new watchdog in the justice system.

Pay shakeup a win-win for Key

OPINION: So MPs will not get their $8000 pay rises after all. Let's hope they didn't spend it in advance over the weekend.

Editorial: Peters in search for grumpy voters

OPINION: Winston Peters has at least made the Northland by-election interesting.

Stop hollow politicking over MP salaries

OPINION: It's time for politicians to put their money where their mouths are.

Super-city plan deserves consideration

Wellington super-city logo

OPINION: Wellington super-city proposal is stumbling, but it needs a better hearing.

Let the people solve super problem

OPINION: When the politicians let the people down, sometimes the people have to do it for themselves.

No mercy for charter schools

OPINION: Charter schools should have to meet the same standards and rules as other schools.

NZ must face a grim duty

OPINION: Islamic State is a gang of murdering fanatics who must be resisted. The only question is: how?

Beggar or out and out chancer?

OPINION: Banishing every homeless person from Auckland's shiny CBD will never happen, and certainly not in a five-year timeframe.

Trying to reel in loan sharks

OPINION: The Government is right to tighten up the rules around repossession agents.

Last chance on Bain fiasco

OPINION: A new David Bain inquiry looks as if ministers are 'shopping around' for a decision.

Isis not only problem to consider

OPINION: We should instead be asking ourselves how NZ can best reduce the terrible human suffering of Syria's civil war.

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