Give runway plan every chance

OPINION: Wellington is now halfway into the detailed legwork needed to justify an airport runway extension.

Surplus crowing was premature

OPINION: That the Government is now projected to post a modest deficit instead of a modest surplus this financial year is materially not very important.

Measured response to siege

OPINION: Exactly what happened in the Sydney hostage tragedy will take some time to emerge.

Huge public pay packets disturbing

OPINION: The annual report on public sector chiefs' pay is out, months late for some unclear reason.

Wait for smartcard far too long

OPINION: Work has begun on a single prepaid card that will let people travel across all public transport within the Wellington region.

Torture report damning for US

OPINION: The United States' embrace of torture in the years after 9/11 has leaked out in patchy stories over several years.

Rennie's judgment in doubt

OPINION: The tremors are still being felt from the bombshell resignation of Canterbury earthquake recovery tsar Roger Sutton last month.

WOF for rentals deserves go-ahead

OPINION: Housing in New Zealand is not only scarce and expensive; for too many people, it is also downright unhealthy.

Venue comes up short

OPINION: New Zealand taxpayers should not be expected to prop up another America's Cup campaign.

Editorial: Super-city plan mostly right

On balance, it's a good call for Wellington to get the super-city treatment.

Let's keep moving on transport plans

OPINION: Wellington's wishlist for new transport spending is a mix of the expensive and the relatively cheap.

Leave the kids out of it

OPINION: US President Barack Obama took his two daughters along to one of the more bizarre rituals of his office last week.

Early signs promising from Little

OPINION: New Labour leader Andrew Little's first big speech was on familiar turf for him - "work" and how it is changing in New Zealand.

Inaction on obesity is costing us

OPINION: We are among the fattest nations in the world - and no one seems to care.

Death unlikely to change game

OPINION: The world of cricket rightly stands aghast, but there's no need for a hasty decision on "bouncers".

Trust not fast-tracked powers

The Government is ramming through a sweeping anti-terrorism law at great speed with almost no public consultation.

Corrections' response must be measured

OPINION: The public summary of the report into escaped paedophile Phillip Smith is more a litany of botches than an explanation of how they could have happened.

SIS actions incompetent and unwise

Once again the country's spies are the object of a damning official report.

Reshuffle short on daring

OPINION: There is nothing bold about the appointment of Annette King as the new Labour deputy leader.

Netflix's arrival sure to rattle some

OPINION: So Netflix is coming, and many hope for a digital revolution as a result.

Editorial | Pay docking policy must change

OPINION: It would be odd if bank tellers were fined whenever someone managed to rob the bank.

Rennie bungles Sutton investigation

Roger Sutton made it sound as though he got into trouble for calling people sweetie and being too prone to hugs.

Relationship with China reflects reality

OPINION: New Zealand has much to thank China for. We need China. So Prime Minister John Key is now giving a warm welcome to President Xi Jinping.

Huge test for rookie leader

OPINION: So Labour picks another leader and hopes that this time they've got it right. Andrew Little's tiny majority shows how hard the choice was, and how feeble his mandate is. There was no clear winner.

Huge test for rookie leader

OPINION: So Labour picks another leader and hopes that this time they've got it right.

Trade deal gains years away

OPINION: The "free trade agreement" with South Korea is of course not a free trade agreement. It is what the Nobel Prize-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz calls a managed trade agreement.

Hope to see us through strife

OPINION: Arguments about the Treaty are about our identity, and that's why they are so heated.

Make case for decile funding reform

OPINION: Education Minister Hekia Parata wants to revamp the way poor schools receive extra funding.

Labour misses points-scoring chances

OPINION: There is a joke doing the rounds in the Labour Party as it prepares to name a new leader next week.

Time for 'fast following' on climate

OPINION: China and the United States have surprised everyone with an ambitious pact on climate change that looks like a watershed moment in the response to one of the world's most pressing problems.

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