No need to jump the gun on road-building

Details of the proposed Takapu link road between Tawa and the Hutt Valley.

OPINION: The Basin Reserve flyover has cast a long shadow over transport politics in Wellington.

Editorial: Worrying signs at Te Papa

02/04/2011 Dominion Post NEWS A view of Te Papa - the national museum of New Zealand on the Wellington Waterfront.

OPINION: Te Papa boss Rick Ellis has wasted no time in getting to work.

Quake strengthening a moral duty

Gone: After months the quake-prone portico at the entrance to Civic Sq has been removed.

OPINION: Wellington has a legal and a moral duty to strengthen its earthquake-prone buildings.

Football World Cup long shot worth a look

14092012. NEWS.  Photo DAVID UNWIN / FAIRFAX NZ.
Martin Snedden visits the Feilding yellows rugby clubroom to promote his new book "A Stadium of 4 Million".

OPINION: Just when the country finished up with daring to dream, as the rousing Cricket World Cup chat had it, there's talk of an even more marvellous seduction: the football equivalent.

Junket excuses simply don't stack up

06112014 News photo. Jarred Williamson/Fairfax NZ. An All-black Air New Zealand Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner on final approach at Auckland International Airport

OPINION: The row over the annual Speaker's junket keeps spreading.

Editorial: In praise of ... grandparents

200514. Photo: 123rf.com
Stock Photo - Three generations of women on a white background

affectionate, beautiful, caucasian, child, elderly, embrace, embracing, friendship, girls, grandchild, granddaughter, grandparent, gray, hair, human, indoors, joy, laughing, little, mother, old, parent, portrait, retirement, senior, smile, white, women, young

OPINION: In the era of the two-parent working family, grandparents are a blessing.

Sense in police budget freeze

Police funding has been static since 2009, a cut after inflation.

OPINION: Behind the odd horrific murder that fixes public attention, crime trends in this country are headed downwards.

Escape death adds to disgraceful history

Capital & Coast District Health Board is under the spotlight over the death of a patient who escaped.

OPINION: Capital and Coast District Health Board's failures to prevent mental health patients escaping from Wellington Hospital are a scandal and a disgrace.

Currency parity looms with Aussie dollar

New Zealand currency.

OPINION: There is a school of thought that treats the exchange rate as an index of economic strength: the higher the dollar, the better we’re doing.

Proof needed for longer runway

2/07/10 FILE BUSINESS Picture Andrew Gorrie/DOMINION POST
An Air New Zealand Beech 1900 lifts off From Wellington Airport.

OPINION: The advantages to the region seem clear, but at a cost of $350m, the figures have to stack up.

Mark Lundy has had a fair trial

Mark Lundy, found guilty of two murder charges, at his re-trial at the High Court in Wellington.

OPINION: Nobody can plausibly claim that Lundy has not received justice.

Editorial: Wellington must prove it needs longer runway

Wellington Airport is proposing to extend the runway south into Moa Point.

OPINION: Wellington's leaders support the extension of the airport.

Wellington must prove it needs longer runway

Wellington Airport is proposing to extend the runway south into Moa Point.

OPINION: Wellington's leaders support the extension of the airport.

Pora deserves a big payout

WRONGLY CONVICTED: Teina Pora served 21 years in prison for murder.

OPINION: Teina Pora spent 21 years in jail for a crime he did not commit.

Northland win a shot in the arm

Winston Peters recorded a landslide victory over Mark Osborne to claim the Northland seat from the hands of National.

OPINION: As the watchdog of the north, Winston Peters will harry the Government to help the poor whites he now represents.

Bitter defeat the first hole in the dam

National Party supporters at Bay of Islands Golf Club in KeriKeri, Northland.

OPINION: National is moving fast to fix the damage caused by Northland's by-election.

National has botched this by-election

Prime Minister John Key at Delta Produce Kumara in Dargaville.

OPINION: Winston Peters' lead, according to the latest poll, is so formidable that he is likely to win. John Key himself thinks so.

Govt stumbles over its housing policy

Salvation Army Logo

OPINION: The Salvation Army's decision not to buy state houses is a serious blow - they're one of the great social agencies of the country.

Create a tribunal for school stoushes

ST BEDE'S ROWERS: Jordan Kennedy and Jack Bell

OPINION: Nobody would be happy if parents made a habit of challenging school disciplinary decisions in court.

Online tax needs global unity

Untaxing activity: Netflix says it won’t charge GST on its local streaming television service, which launches next week.

OPINION: Netflix has done everyone a favour by admitting that it won't pay GST on the movies it will sell in New Zealand.

End of the line for aged Hercules

17032015. News. Photo supplied / NZDF
Two New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF) C-130 Hercules aircraft from No. 40 Squadron, Royal New Zealand Air Force (RNZAF), arrived in Vanuatu with consignments of aid for the stricken country in the wake of Tropical Cyclone Pam. The consignments included first aids kits, tarpaulins for emergency shelter, water containers, chainsaw packs and generators. Specialist personnel the NZDF Deployable Joint Inter-Agency Task Force (DJIATF) and from New Zealand Government agencies and the New Zealand Red Cross were also aboard one of the Hercules, to assist in providing advice to the High Commission and to help carry out a needs assessment which will shape further assistance. On the return flights to Auckland, both Hercules aircraft repatriated New Zealanders caught in the devastation in Vanuatu.

New Zealanders are evacuated from Port Vila back to Auckland on a RNZAF C-130 Hercules aircraft.

OPINION: It seems there are some in New Zealand who want an air force on the cheap.

Police failed vulnerable women

Judge Sir David Carruthers releasing the IPCA report findings to the public over the Police handling of the 'Roastbusters' victims.

OPINION: A portrait of carelessness and incompetence is the only way to describe the report on police handling of the "Roast Busters".

Abusive talent judges went too far

Former X Factor judges Willy Moon and Natalia Kills.

OPINION: A torrent of outrage has swept away the villainous judges of X Factor NZ, the TV talent show.

X Factor judges take us to a new low

Columnist Rosemary McLeod

OPINION: X Factor judges Natalia Kills and Willy Moon slashing at the harmless Joe Irvine was a new low in our television history.

Time to get priorities right

On Sunday 15 March 2015, residents contend with storm damage in Mele village, on the outskirts of the capital Port Vila in Vanuatu. Tens of thousands of children are in urgent need of assistance in Vanuatu after tropical Cyclone Pam ripped through the island. The category 5 storm hit late on Friday night, 13 March, and continued into the early hours of Saturday morning, leaving children at particular risk.

It is estimated that at least half the population of Vanuatu has been affected by cyclone Pam. Of these, at least 54,000 are children. Many homes in Vanuatu have likely been destroyed as they are built with natural and local materials such as thatched and corrugated roofs that are vulnerable to strong winds and floods. Health centres have likely sustained severe damage and will need rebuilding and restocking with medical and nutrition supplies. Many of these buildings are likely to have suffered structural damage. Lifeline facilities like hospitals, electrical utilities, water supply and telephone systems are most likely severely damaged. Power and water supply has been affected across Vanuatu, including in the capital city Port Vila. Schools are being used as evacuation centres, and UNICEF will be supporting children's education, including providing school in a box kits. Child friendly spaces will be set up in evacuation centres to provide children with psychosocial assistance. Churches and community halls are being used as emergency shelters.  Other Pacific Island countries have been severely impact as well, including the Solomon Islands, Tuvalu and Kiribati. UNICEF is on the ground in the affected countries, providing immediate assistance. Most urgent needs include the provision of water containers, purification tablets, soap and temporary sanitation facilities. UNICEF's immediate needs to assist the affected countries is at least US $2 million, initially covering support to water, sanitation, hygiene, health, education, nutrition and protection services, an

OPINION: Cyclone Pam is a terrible reminder of New Zealand's duties to our friends and neighbours in the Pacific.

Beware councils getting carried away

Wellington Supercity Debate

OPINION: The super-city proposal has drawn all kinds of of flak for how it might suck the "local" out of local democracy.

Bank must be watchful on inflation

The kiwi reached a new post-float record against the Australian dollar at 97.07¢, and was trading at 96.39¢ at 5pm in Wellington.

OPINION: The Reserve Bank is striking a new tone on interest rates.

Rights denied, but gamble paid off

10032015 News Photo:Mark Taylor/Fairfax 
Christine Stevens with her child Ariella Stevens concerned about the 1080 scare in milk powder.

OPINION: Why did the Government keep the 1080 terrorism scare secret for so long?

An eco-crime of towering proportions

The controversial poison 1080 is once again being targeted for its killing of not just pe

OPINION: If NZ really is clean and green it can never allow a developer to knock down a 500-year-old kauri tree to build houses.

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