Key's strategy to remain king

Judith Collins

OPINION: An election campaign is the worst possible time for a government to launch an inquiry into its own alleged sleaziness.

Editorial: missed opportunity to slow down


OPINION: It is only by taming the car that we have made the progress we have in Wellington.

Editorial | Debate sparks up campaign

OPINION: Three weeks to go till voting day and weird things have begun to happen.

Editorial: How to break up a party safely

Drink driving breath testing

OPINION: The Independent Police Conduct Authority rightly acknowledges the problems and even dangers that police face when called to a rowdy gathering.

Editorial: Funding shake-up shuts doors to mentally ill

nurses, mickey mouse

OPINION: There are serious warnings that more mentally ill people will be forced to live on Wellington streets.

Editorial: School pressure will not be tolerated

School classroom

OPINION: Schools sometimes go too far persuading parents to pay "voluntary" donations.

Editorial: Bid to shift focus from mud to policy

Wellington houses, generic, homes

OPINION: National plays its housing card and hopes it can get the election back to arguments about policy. Certainly there is an argument to be had.

No one party 'owns' an election

Tomorrow National "launches" its election campaign.

Editorial: Sanction not a matter to kick aside

soccer ball

OPINION: Football's campaign against violence must not change just because one victim supports his attacker.

Editorial: Safe cycleways an achievable goal


OPINION: Cycling has health benefits and it takes cars off the road, improving traffic flows and reducing carbon emissions.

Editorial: Polls turn personal


Constrained economic forecasts and slow recovery set election themes around personality, not policy.

Key must press Collins on leak


OPINION: One of the more arresting details in Nicky Hager's book, Dirty Politics, concerns Cabinet Minister Judith Collins.

Time for intervention without illusions


OPINION: Sometimes American power is a clear force for good. Sometimes reality is more complex.

Hager book leaves questions

nicky hager

OPINION: Crusading left-wing journalist Nicky Hager has a new book out. Everyone's wondering what to make of it.

Campaign antics only half of it

beehive parliament

OPINION: Make way for the circus - electoral silly season has broken out.

Work to lift the shadow of depression

 Robin Williams

OPINION: Depression is an insidious, harrowing affliction that often makes no sense to people who have never had to suffer through it.

GP visits policy poorly targeted


OPINION: In a vacuum, Labour's headline health policy of free GP visits and prescriptions for over-65s would be a fine idea.

Sutch file: the smoking gun

Bill Sutch

OPINION: Finally we have the alleged smoking gun that shows the New Zealand official William Ball Sutch was a Russian spy.

Slogans not enough to fix obesity

obese child

OPINION: Governments will have to bring in a whole range of measures to tackle obesity. We are also going to have to change the way we think about the issue.

Enemy of democracy deserves scorn

frank bainimarama

OPINION: Frank Bainimarama is not a respectable person. He killed off Fijian democracy and replaced it with a nasty military dictatorship.

Basic work rights must be enforced

Jamal Zaytoun

OPINION: The case of a man underpaid by $83,000 is disturbing, as is the fact his employer has wound up the company that hired him.

Room for scrutiny - but not rant

dairy farm

OPINION: Farmland sales to foreigners are already a hot election issue - so stand by for an avalanche of one-sided arguments.

City slow-down priorities right


OPINION: Reducing speed limits and getting tough on enforcing them is excellent news for Wellington.

Tears, cheers and the art of losing well


OPINION: The Glasgow Commonwealth Games had a spiky kind of charm. This is partly because they were notably friendly games, though held in a city which is a byword for bogan culture.

Editorial: Seeds of freedom

	 World War I Waihi tunnellers

OPINION: A century ago World War I began and New Zealand was changed forever.

Fanatics conspire against peace

Gaza conflict

OPINION: The killing in Gaza helps warmongers on both sides

Fanatics conspire against peace


OPINION: The killing in Gaza helps warmongers on both sides.

Editorial | Action on Gully a relief

Transmission Gully

OPINION: After a century of hairpin turns and government congestion, the long-awaited Transmission Gully road is properly set to go.

Why Key has cut Craig out of the deal

Colin Craig

OPINION: Craig would have to be found a National seat where the local candidate was prepared to throw away his or her seat.

Editorial | Football feast a win for wellington

Wellington Phoenix

OPINION: Full credit to everyone involved in the weekend's flurry of football - the Phoenix owners, players and fans most of all.

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