Editorial: Labour tax plans hang on buy-in

Labour finance spokesman Grant Robertson.

OPINION: Labour is forecasting tax increases after the next election. Its policy is deliberately vague and non-committal, but it's a useful signal. It contrasts with National's equally vague and non-committal signal about tax cuts.

Editorial: Copyright and counterpunches

Joseph Parker won against Carlos Takam by unanimous points decision.

OPINION: Welcome to the debate over copyright in the digital age, where heat prevails over light – and where both sides claim righteousness.


Housing Minister Nick Smith.

Opinion: For many people the housing "crisis" is a bonanza.

Editorial: Council should lead on quake buildings

The restoration of Wellington's Public Trust building shows there is some progress on quake-proofing the city's ...

OPINION: Savings lives comes before aesthetics.

Editorial: Good to go with fare freeze

Wellington passengers already pay for an exceptionally high proportion of the cost of their bus and train services.

OPINION: Wellington Deputy Mayor Justin Lester's idea is a good one - except for the fact that he can't carry it out.

Editorial: More to do to house us all

Social Housing Minister Paula Bennett has argued that some of the most vulnerable New Zealanders cannot access emergency ...

OPINION: No child should be living in a car.

Editorial: Give priority to birthing centre

Labour finance spokesman Grant Robertson.

Opinion: There is a good case for a birthing centre in Wellington.

Editorial: Promising signs for the Budget

Bill English says there won't be tax cuts in Budget 2016.

OPINION: Bill English is right to dip into next year's kitty for the Budget this year.

Editorial: The uses of sunshine

Police Minister Judith Collins.

OPINION: Judith Collins has become an enthusiastic campaigner against corruption. Stimulated by British Prime Minister David Cameron's global jamboree in London on the subject, the Minister of Police wants action. 

Editorial: Hard to justify fund secrecy

Wellington Mayor Celia Wade-Brown.

Editorial: The oddly-named Wellington Economic Initiatives Development fund (WEID) is still too secretive.

Editorial: Push for a better system

In one case, a woman stabbed a 67-year-old man to death within an hour of being discharged from Wellington Hospital.

OPINION: Necessary inquiries into Wellington's mental health services should be the start of a broader look at a system under strain.

Editorial: Here's to NZ Music Month

Christchurch's Marlon Williams, currently enjoying a rapturous reception overseas, is among those to have played in NZ ...

OPINION: The quantity - and the standard - of New Zealand music has grown substantially.

Fiddling as we lose our good name

A sign for Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca.

OPINION: Do we really want to be mentioned in the same breath as Luxembourg, Monaco and Switzerland as a haven for wealthy overseas investors' money?

Editorial: Trump's rise sad and dangerous

Donald Trump attacked Republicans for the Iraq War, a kind of sacrilege in the party.

OPINION: The reality TV star's success also provides a warning to democracies everywhere

Editorial: Speak up on city transport plan

Transport authorities say the Basin Reserve remains a major chokepoint for Wellington.

OPINION: After the flyover saga, Wellingtonians should take the chance to weigh in on transport plans.

Editorial: Drug calls best left to Pharmac

Prime Minister John Key and Health Minister Jonathan Coleman have announced a major funding boost for Pharmac.

OPINION: The Government is right to give Pharmac a funding boost.


Secretary for Education Peter Hughes

Opinion: Peter Hughes is a good choice as the country's new top civil servant. 


Drug use themes on Wicked Camper vans

Editorial: Even oafs have rights. It's important to remember this when thinking about the case of Wicked Campers, the Australian company that puts crass and offensive slogans and pictures on its camper vans.

Editorial: Right call on Kiwirail

Kiwirail floated the possibility of closing the national rail network.

OPINION: Kiwirail backed the idea of shutting down the railways. The turkey voted for Christmas

Editorial: Taxing questions to answer

Prime Minister John Key has to be clearer about the Government's inaction on foreign trusts.

OPINION: An email from John Key's lawyer adds to the murk around the Government's inaction on foreign trusts.

Editorial: Scheme warmly regarded

Well-insulated houses are great for families and kids.

Editorial: Sometimes  political parties can join together to do good. The Government-funded house insulation scheme is one of these rarities.

Editorial: Land tax for overseas buyers a start

Prime Minister John Key has preempted new data on foreign house buyers by raising the prospect of a land tax exclusively ...

OPINION: Many countries regulate housing in favour of locals, with good reason.

Editorial: Community shows its heart

The siege ends in Porirua

Editorial: Porirua's response to the siege in Kokiri Crescent was unique.

Editorial: Uber review positive on balance

The Government's review concludes that taxis need fewer rules, and Uber needs more.

OPINION: Not all the Government's changes to the taxi industry are wise, but they are an improvement on the status quo.

Editorial: Don't flog parks for buildings

Jack Ilott Green is bordered by one of Wellington's busiest roads.

OPINION: If anything, Wellington needs more green space, not less.


Wellington city councillor Iona Pannett.

Editorial: Wellington City Council is in a muddle over plastic bags.

Editorial: Key hits Chinese brick wall

Prime Minister John Key with Chinese President Xi Jinping.

OPINION: Of course New Zealand wants a better trade deal out of China, but an extradition treaty is concerning.

Editorial: Change needed in emissions trading scheme

Climate Change Minister Paula Bennett

HE Government's climate change policy has been a failure.

Editorial: Inquiry needed into Niue deal

Murray McCully Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Labour wants the auditor-general to investigate any links between a donation to the National Party and a hotel deal in Niue. .

Editorial: MPs' vested interest in housing

Prime Minister John Key

Editorial: New Zealand used to pride itself on being an intimate, property-owning democracy. Well, we own much less property than we used to. Our rulers, on the other hand, own much more.

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