Paying for child abuse tip-offs

It's an indictment on all of us that payments for child abuse tip-offs have to be considered.

There is something repellent about paying for information about abuse - but the police have made a reasonable case for it.

Editorial: Sky's Olympic rules rob public

Fairfax Media has decided not to send journalists to the Olympics.

OPINION: Restrictions on New Zealand journalists at the Olympics mocked the spirit of the Games.


Joe Biden speaking during his whistle-stop peace visit to new Zealand this week.

An American navy ship brings a symbolic end to a 33-year nuclear argument.

Editorial: McClay's memory loss

Trade Minister Todd McClay.

Trade Minister Todd McClay has an unfortunate brain fade about a threat to the country's exports.

Editorial: Ban Russia from the Games

Russian president Vladimir Putin says the Olympic movement "may again be on the verge of a split".

OPINION: The Olympics are a festival of nationalism - so a national punishment for systemic doping is fair.

Editorial: Chinese whispers

Claims that Chinese steel has been dumped - sold at less than cost - in New Zealand are entirely plausible.

New Zealand could be a pawn in a larger dispute between China and the United States.

Editorial: Right to get going on housing

Wellington's housing market is beginning to stir again - and its houses are out of reach for many.

OPINION: When developers don't show up, it is fair for a public agency to lead the way.


Health Minister Jonathan Coleman.

A national bowel screening programme is urgently needed, despite the squabbling among bureaucrats.


Nick Marshall

It's time to bring in the routine use of body cameras by the police.

Editorial: Clark up to UN job

Helen Clark addresses the UN General Assembly as she takes part in a debate for the UN's top job.

OPINION: No job is harder than that of secretary-general of the United Nations. Helen Clark could do it.

Women leaders rise again

Theresa May is confirmed as as the leader of the Conservative Party and Britain's next Prime Minister.

OPINION: Women leaders are rising again, but the problems they face are formidable.

Time for new ideas on housing

Labour leader Andrew Little says the priority is on building more houses.

OPINION: Labour's housing plan is a plausible response to the crisis. It proposes government action to build affordable houses, especially in Auckland. That is a bold first step.

Editorial: Gays still deserve justice

Justice Minister Amy Adams

The era of anti-gay barbarism is still causing suffering today.

Editorial: Not quite, for Lambton Quay makeover

An artist's impression of what Lambton Quay could look like as a pedestrian mall. Wellington mayoral aspirant Nicola ...

OPINION: A Wellington city councillor's plan is not quite workable, but giving more of the city over to pedestrians is a good idea.

Chilcot report offers a chilling reminder

British Prime Minister Tony Blair, with US President George W Bush, at a joint news conference in June 2005.

OPINION: The damning Chilcot report on the United States-led invasion of Iraq has important lessons for New Zealand. Above all, a small Western country can say no to Washington.

Uber must follow rules

Transport Minister Simon Bridges

Uber has no right to defy the safety laws governing its drivers.

Time for boldness

Ending the housing bonanza is going to have real costs and cause real pain.

The average house price in Auckland is now just short of $1m. This week the Government tried another indirect measure to do something about it.

An Aussie shambles

Malcolm Turnbull's bad-tempered post-election speech, delivered after midnight, seemed to reflect all his frustrations ...

Malcolm Turnbull asked voters for a fresh mandate - they replied with a yawn. And Pauline Hanson is back.

Lobbying can't sway drug calls

Lobbying over drugs is a simple fact of political life.

OPINION: Decisions about drugs are for experts, not politicians.

Editorial: The strained politics of cycling in Wellington

Wellington politicans are still grappling with the fallout from the Island Bay cycleway.

OPINION: Cycling will swing votes in Wellington this year.

Editorial: Hold the phone on public cash

Australian call centre firm CallActive was also lured to Wellington with public subsidies, and launched with great fanfare.

OPINION: Wellington should not be spending public money to lure another call centre company to the city.

New light on trusts welcome

John Shewan, Victoria University Tax working Group, releasing the report,"A Tax System for New Zealand's Future, ...

OPINION: Tax expert John Shewan has produced a lucid inquiry into New Zealand's foreign trust regime.

Editorial: Moko: Never let go the rage

Moko Rangitoheriri was tortured and killed by Tania Shailer and David Haerewa

OPINION: The case of Moko Rangitoheriri has rightly led to street protests and harsh argument about the treatment of his killers. The torture and death of the three-year-old is another unspeakable addition to our shameful record of child abuse. If we didn't express rage and anguish about this we would be morally lost.

Editorial: Calculated risk for State TV

TVNZ broadcaster Mike Hosking

OPINION: Those who signed the petition against broadcaster Mike Hosking should be careful what they wish for. How would they feel if angry Right-wing viewers had mounted a petition against the Left-wing broadcaster John Campbell and got him sacked?

Editorial: Cameron's gamble backfires

Nigel Farage, the leader of the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP).

OPINION: The shockwaves from Brexit will shake the world for a long time to come. Few of the effects will be good.

Editorial: Save the cable car

Wellington's cable car dates back to 1898.

OPINION: It's a piece of Wellington history, a tourist trap, and a useful public transport link to boot.

Editorial: Lessons in shameful leak saga

Ombudsman Ron Paterson has slammed Paula Rebstock's inquiry into leaks at MFAT.

OPINION: Ombudsman Ron Paterson has put a full stop on a long and ugly saga: the witch-hunt for leakers at MFAT.


New Zealand Prime Minister John Key visits Kiwi troops based at Camp Taji in Iraq.

OPINION: New Zealand  soldiers are stuck in Iraq while the Government's story keeps changing. John Key's decision to extend the military mission there for another 18 months is clearly a broken promise, and he will have to wear it.

Editorial: City may face more fence rows

Peter Aitchison and the terrible fence.

OPINION: It's great news that the victims of an "offensive and objectionable" neighbourhood fence have been awarded $72,500. 


Mana leader Hone Harawira

OPINION: Hone Harawira was a politician whose hot temper and wild talk overshadowed his seriousness and his achievements. Now he wants to come back to Parliament, but the memory of his excesses will be his greatest problem.

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