Editorial: Right call on Kiwirail

Kiwirail floated the possibility of closing the national rail network.

OPINION: Kiwirail backed the idea of shutting down the railways. The turkey voted for Christmas

Editorial: Taxing questions to answer

Prime Minister John Key has to be clearer about the Government's inaction on foreign trusts.

OPINION: An email from John Key's lawyer adds to the murk around the Government's inaction on foreign trusts.

Editorial: Scheme warmly regarded

Well-insulated houses are great for families and kids.

Editorial: Sometimes  political parties can join together to do good. The Government-funded house insulation scheme is one of these rarities.

Editorial: Land tax for overseas buyers a start

Prime Minister John Key has preempted new data on foreign house buyers by raising the prospect of a land tax exclusively ...

OPINION: Many countries regulate housing in favour of locals, with good reason.

Editorial: Community shows its heart

The siege ends in Porirua

Editorial: Porirua's response to the siege in Kokiri Crescent was unique.

Editorial: Uber review positive on balance

The Government's review concludes that taxis need fewer rules, and Uber needs more.

OPINION: Not all the Government's changes to the taxi industry are wise, but they are an improvement on the status quo.

Editorial: Don't flog parks for buildings

Jack Ilott Green is bordered by one of Wellington's busiest roads.

OPINION: If anything, Wellington needs more green space, not less.


Wellington city councillor Iona Pannett.

Editorial: Wellington City Council is in a muddle over plastic bags.

Editorial: Key hits Chinese brick wall

Prime Minister John Key with Chinese President Xi Jinping.

OPINION: Of course New Zealand wants a better trade deal out of China, but an extradition treaty is concerning.

Editorial: Change needed in emissions trading scheme

Climate Change Minister Paula Bennett

HE Government's climate change policy has been a failure.

Editorial: Inquiry needed into Niue deal

Murray McCully Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Labour wants the auditor-general to investigate any links between a donation to the National Party and a hotel deal in Niue. .

Editorial: MPs' vested interest in housing

Prime Minister John Key

Editorial: New Zealand used to pride itself on being an intimate, property-owning democracy. Well, we own much less property than we used to. Our rulers, on the other hand, own much more.

Editorial: Don't backpedal on cycling

More than 400 cyclists per hour use the Hutt Rd cycle lane at peak times.

OPINION: The city council needs to listen better, but it should not give up on cycling, at Hutt Rd or anywhere else.

Editorial: DHBs right place to rule on fluoride

Fluoridation is the right way to go

Editorial: The Government is shifting the goalposts in the debate over fluoridation. District health boards will replace local bodies as the decision-makers, and will be far less likely than local authorities to ban fluoridation. But the Government can still claim that the community's representatives will get a say in the matter.

Editorial: Yes to widening smokefree areas

Wellington smokers are more likely to support the idea of an increasingly smokefree city than to reject it, council ...

OPINION: Even smokers want a more 'smokefree' city.

Editorial: We should see leaders tax returns

PM John Key launches tax expert inquiry into offshore trusts.

Editorial:The Government is seeking to limit the damage from the Panama Papers by setting up an inquiry. It has asked tax expert John Shewan to look at foreign trusts and whether the present rules under which they operate are enough "to ensure our reputation is maintained".

Editorial: Gunning for SuperGold risky

09112015 News photo VIRGINIA WOOLF/Fairfax NZ

Winston Peters speaks at the opening of the New Zealand First party ...

OPINION: The Government wants to curb spending on the card - it just doesn't want anyone to notice.

Editorial: "Softly - softly" approach to beggars

Should Wellington ban begging?

Is Wellington too soft on begging?

Editorial: If Clark wins, we win too

Helen Clark confirmed that she is standing for the UN's top role. If chosen, she would be the first woman in the position.

OPINION: The job will be incredibly difficult, but Helen Clark deserves New Zealand's support for her UN bid.

Wellington mayoral contest shaping up as tight

Wellington Mayor Celia Wade-Brown faces plenty of competition for the job at this year's local body elections.

EDITORIAL: Politicians are lining up for a shot at the Wellington mayoralty. The competition is welcome, because power should always be contested.

Editorial: A timely debate on drug laws

Associate health minister Peter Dunne has been behind a new emphasis on the health harms of drugs.

OPINION: Are we hearing the first murmurs of a more calm and rational approach to minor drug offences?

Sad reality of changing times

Hundreds of on-street post boxes have been removed by NZ Post in recent years, including this one in Palmerston North.

OPINION: It's email that is killing the postal service, not incompetence or poor management.

Editorial: Minister muddying the waters

Environment Minister Nick Smith.

Editorial: It would be easy to be cynical about a petition calling for cleaner rivers and streams. 

Editorial: Van slogans deserve force of law

One of the offending camper vans.

EDITORIAL: If the camper van slogans break the law, use the law to prosecute. Otherwise let consumers do their worst.

Editorial: 'Universal income' merits a look

Labour finance spokesman Grant Robertson has led the project which is floating a universal basic income.

OPINION: There are important questions over how to fund the policy, but it has obvious merits too.

Editorial: we don't always need to go shopping

The special spirit of Easter

Do we really have to shop on Easter Sunday? 

Editorial: Parliament should vote on G-G

Prime Minister John Key decided that Dame Patsy Reddy, left, would be the next governor-general.

OPINION: The process for selecting the governor-general needs to become more democratic.

Editorial: SOS - Save our Sevens

Fans at the 2015 Wellington Sevens at Westpac Stadium.

OPINION: Wellington made the sevens a booming event - it's too soon to take it anywhere else.

Editorial: The banks and the politicians

Reserve Bank Governor Graeme Wheeler

Editorial: Banks are not loved: even bankers say so.

Ediorial: Public was misled by jihadi fiction

SIS director Rebecca Kitteridge talks about the increase in New Zealand 'Jihadi Brides' .

Editorial:The jihadi brides affair is extremely damaging for the Government. It raises serious questions about the accuracy of claims made by John Key, SIS boss Rebecca Kitteridge and Security Intelligence Minister Chris Finlayson.

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