Editorial | Referendum fallout felt for years

OPINION: The referendum on Scottish independence was going to cause rage and frustration whichever way it went.

Advantages to Five Eyes network

GCSB's Waihopai Spy Base

OPINION: The great advantage of the revelations about the Five Eyes is that now at least we know what the Five Eyes really do.

Cautious voters should assume the worst


OPINION: Voters have had their moment of truth - and many remain baffled.

Editorial: Dictator poses as just another candidate


OPINION: Tomorrow Fiji has an election for the first time in eight years.

Cool heads win out

OPINION: Obama is anxious to make his attack on Isis look different to Bush's on Saddam Hussein. He may not succeed.

Electoral laws need rethink

Planet Key

OPINION: Electioneering law in this country continues to cause mystification.

Editorial: Runway extension not a done deal

Wellington Airport

OPINION: The road to the new Wellington Airport is a long one.

Editorial: Bring back the heckle

Minor party leaders debate

OPINION: Heckling is the revenge of the powerless, and it can be devastating. That is why politicians try to keep it out of campaigns.

Editorial: A system good enough to eat off


OPINION: Wellington is spoiled for restaurants - all the more reason for a system to ensure they are clean and safe.

Editorial: Clayton's tax cuts aimed at 2017

back to the future

National's tax cuts were always likely to be a damp squib.

Capital gains tax still a smart idea


OPINION: Labour leader David Cunliffe is doing a poor job of selling a good policy: his capital gains tax.

Te Papa's problems not insurmountable


OPINION: Te Papa's mission has always been impossible. It wanted to appeal, if not to everybody, then nearly everybody.

Editorial: Caution necessary in fight against Isis


OPINION: Western leaders must reach out to Muslim minorities and show them Western freedoms and social democratic rights benefit everyone.

Editorial: Caution needed on armed guards


OPINION: The shooting of two employees at Work and Income has caused shock and bewilderment.

Key's strategy to remain king

Judith Collins

OPINION: An election campaign is the worst possible time for a government to launch an inquiry into its own alleged sleaziness.

Editorial: missed opportunity to slow down


OPINION: It is only by taming the car that we have made the progress we have in Wellington.

Editorial | Debate sparks up campaign

OPINION: Three weeks to go till voting day and weird things have begun to happen.

Editorial: How to break up a party safely

Drink driving breath testing

OPINION: The Independent Police Conduct Authority rightly acknowledges the problems and even dangers that police face when called to a rowdy gathering.

Editorial: Funding shake-up shuts doors to mentally ill

nurses, mickey mouse

OPINION: There are serious warnings that more mentally ill people will be forced to live on Wellington streets.

Editorial: School pressure will not be tolerated

School classroom

OPINION: Schools sometimes go too far persuading parents to pay "voluntary" donations.

Editorial: Bid to shift focus from mud to policy

Wellington houses, generic, homes

OPINION: National plays its housing card and hopes it can get the election back to arguments about policy. Certainly there is an argument to be had.

No one party 'owns' an election

Tomorrow National "launches" its election campaign.

Editorial: Sanction not a matter to kick aside

soccer ball

OPINION: Football's campaign against violence must not change just because one victim supports his attacker.

Editorial: Safe cycleways an achievable goal


OPINION: Cycling has health benefits and it takes cars off the road, improving traffic flows and reducing carbon emissions.

Editorial: Polls turn personal


Constrained economic forecasts and slow recovery set election themes around personality, not policy.

Key must press Collins on leak


OPINION: One of the more arresting details in Nicky Hager's book, Dirty Politics, concerns Cabinet Minister Judith Collins.

Time for intervention without illusions


OPINION: Sometimes American power is a clear force for good. Sometimes reality is more complex.

Hager book leaves questions

nicky hager

OPINION: Crusading left-wing journalist Nicky Hager has a new book out. Everyone's wondering what to make of it.

Campaign antics only half of it

beehive parliament

OPINION: Make way for the circus - electoral silly season has broken out.

Work to lift the shadow of depression

 Robin Williams

OPINION: Depression is an insidious, harrowing affliction that often makes no sense to people who have never had to suffer through it.

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