Editorial: Hold the phone on public cash

Australian call centre firm CallActive was also lured to Wellington with public subsidies, and launched with great fanfare.

OPINION: Wellington should not be spending public money to lure another call centre company to the city.

New light on trusts welcome

John Shewan, Victoria University Tax working Group, releasing the report,"A Tax System for New Zealand's Future, ...

OPINION: Tax expert John Shewan has produced a lucid inquiry into New Zealand's foreign trust regime.

Editorial: Moko: Never let go the rage

Moko Rangitoheriri was tortured and killed by Tania Shailer and David Haerewa

OPINION: The case of Moko Rangitoheriri has rightly led to street protests and harsh argument about the treatment of his killers. The torture and death of the three-year-old is another unspeakable addition to our shameful record of child abuse. If we didn't express rage and anguish about this we would be morally lost.

Editorial: Calculated risk for State TV

TVNZ broadcaster Mike Hosking

OPINION: Those who signed the petition against broadcaster Mike Hosking should be careful what they wish for. How would they feel if angry Right-wing viewers had mounted a petition against the Left-wing broadcaster John Campbell and got him sacked?

Editorial: Cameron's gamble backfires

Nigel Farage, the leader of the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP).

OPINION: The shockwaves from Brexit will shake the world for a long time to come. Few of the effects will be good.

Editorial: Save the cable car

Wellington's cable car dates back to 1898.

OPINION: It's a piece of Wellington history, a tourist trap, and a useful public transport link to boot.

Editorial: Lessons in shameful leak saga

Ombudsman Ron Paterson has slammed Paula Rebstock's inquiry into leaks at MFAT.

OPINION: Ombudsman Ron Paterson has put a full stop on a long and ugly saga: the witch-hunt for leakers at MFAT.


New Zealand Prime Minister John Key visits Kiwi troops based at Camp Taji in Iraq.

OPINION: New Zealand  soldiers are stuck in Iraq while the Government's story keeps changing. John Key's decision to extend the military mission there for another 18 months is clearly a broken promise, and he will have to wear it.

Editorial: City may face more fence rows

Peter Aitchison and the terrible fence.

OPINION: It's great news that the victims of an "offensive and objectionable" neighbourhood fence have been awarded $72,500. 


Mana leader Hone Harawira

OPINION: Hone Harawira was a politician whose hot temper and wild talk overshadowed his seriousness and his achievements. Now he wants to come back to Parliament, but the memory of his excesses will be his greatest problem.


Conservative MP Boris Johnson campaigns for a Brexit.

OPINION: Britain has become hysterical about the issue of its possible exit from the European Union. Both sides are claiming armageddon will follow the decision during this week's referendum. In fact, the skies won't fall, Brexit or no Brexit.

Editorial: Pora has a right to more

Justice Minister Amy Adams reads the Crown's apology to Teina Pora.

OPINION: Teina Pora deserves much more than $2.5 million for the 21 years he spent in jail. 

Editorial: Decision on refugees callous

Immigration Minister Michael Woodhouse.

OPINION: The Government could have doubled the refugee quota if it wanted to. But it doesn't want to. 

Editorial: NZ must not rest on its laurels

LONE KILLER: David Gray, who killed 13 people at Aramoana in 1990.

OPINION: New Zealand can't be sure that an Orlando-style massacre is impossible here. American gun laws are insanely lax, but deranged or fanatical loners in other countries have found ways around much tougher gun controls.

Editorial: Don't laugh off speeding

Police Minister Judith Collins said a strict police approach to speeding led to drivers spending too much time looking ...

OPINION: What is it about hardline politicians that makes them change their minds about the law when they get behind the wheel of a car?

Editorial: Fiji's leader has a lot to learn

Fijian prime minister Frank Bainimarama prepares to greet John Key.

OPINION: Fijian Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama cannot yet be called a democratic leader.

Editorial: Many calls on defence budget

Defence Minister Gerry Brownlee.

OPINION: Defence White Papers do not excite the average citizen – even when, like the latest one, they propose a $20 billion spend-up.

Editorial: Pay equity: Govt must heed advice

Governor-General-in-waiting Dame Patsy Reddy.

OPINION: Pay equity is about justice in the workplace. 

Editorial: Time for debate on immigration

Professor Paul Spoonley

OPINION: There is a case for reducing net immigration flows from their present very high rates. This is not at all to support xenophobic calls to "cut immigration to the bone". But there are problems that need attention.

Editorial: Testing time for public service

Peter Hughes has been lauded as "the outstanding public servant and CEO of a generation".

OPINION: A momentous transition looms for the public service.

Ali pushed beyond the boundaries of sport

Muhammad Ali - the greatest.

OPINION: Muhammad Ali was an international celebrity because of his sporting genius and his huge personality. He was world famous in New Zealand too.

Editorial: English wide of the mark

Finance Minister Bill English

OPINION: It is curious that Finance Minister Bill English thinks Wellington can't fix its traffic troubles because it lacks a "progressive attitude". 


New Zealand First leader Winston Peters.

OPINION: Labour and the Greens have agreed to mate but not to marry. They are sort of engaged but the deal only lasts till election day.

Editorial: Sport must front-foot homophobia

Former All Black captain Richie McCaw.

OPINION: The move by major sports codes to fight homophobia is welcome but overdue. 

Editorial: Cheers to police in booze battle

The problem of alcohol

OPINION: The police continue their crackdown on breaches of the alcohol laws. 

Editorial: Speed up Basin renewal

The Basin Reserve is one of the world's oldest cricket grounds.

OPINION: The ground should not have been allowed to stagnate as it clearly has.

Editorial: Smoking: Price rises not enough

The Budget heralded annual  10 per cent tobacco tax rises for four years.

OPINION: The Government stands accused of making a fortune out of tobacco addicts.

Editorial: Blandness doesn't mask the split within

Finance Minister Bill English delivers Budget 2016 at Parliament.

OPINION: The Budget was dull, as promised: John Key's Government has made tedium a virtue.  


Chief Ombudsman Judge Peter Boshier

OPINION: The Department of Internal Affairs has disgraced itself with its absurd arguments for refusing to release information about ministers' use of Crown limousines.

Editorial: Labour tax plans hang on buy-in

Labour finance spokesman Grant Robertson.

OPINION: Labour is forecasting tax increases after the next election. Its policy is deliberately vague and non-committal, but it's a useful signal. It contrasts with National's equally vague and non-committal signal about tax cuts.

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