Harsh and arbitrary measures

A new report says New Zealand puts prisoners in solitary confinement more than four times often as England and Wales.

OPINION: Another report paints a bleak picture of solitary confinement in New Zealand institutions.

Testing the Anzac spirit

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull

OPINION: There is always a problem when New Zealand and Australia disagree about something important. The two countries say they are "family" and "closer than any other two countries on earth", so they can't have a decent argument. Family members tend to feel ashamed when they start shouting at each other.

Turkey and the Anzacs

Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan

OPINION: New Zealand and Turkey have a special Anzac bond. The conflict that divided them at Gallipoli now brings them together each year on Anzac Day.

Ditching deciles fine in theory

Outgoing Education Minister Hekia Parata wants to replace the school decile system.

OPINION: Hekia Parata's "big data" revolution holds promise - as well as risks.

Suicide and the censor

Netflix NZ has screened the series 13 Reasons Why before the censor saw it.

No liberal can be comfortable with censorship. The New Zealand censor, however, and the law which guides him, is sensible and censors only the most extreme works. A fundamentalist censor who tried to ban the teenage novel Into the River last year was quickly overturned and then later left the post.

Time's up for Basin stand

The Museum Stand at the Basin Reserve has been judged by Wellington City Council "a significant health and safety risk ...

OPINION: Not every old building should stay standing simply because it is old.

Editorial: Surface changes on immigration

Record-high immigration levels have put a strain on infrastructure, especially housing.

OPINION: The Government's latest tweaks don't answer the bigger concerns about immigration.

Pay equity and the bill

Prime Minister Bill English foreshadows changes to "better control" immigration.

Fixing the gender pay gap will cost a lot of money both in government and in business. Yesterday Prime Minister Bill English revealed that hefty pay increases for mainly female low-paid rest-home and elder care workers will cost it $2 billion over four years.

Jobs and inflation

Labour finance spokesman Grant Robertson

Labour's proposed changes to the Reserve Bank are sensible and worth trying. They will certainly do no harm, and might bring real benefits.

Editorial: Maori and the prisons

We need new ways to solve the issue of Maori reoffending: Corrections Minister Louise Upston

Everyone knows that Maori make up half the prison muster but only 15 per vent of the wider population. These facts, repeated over decades, have ceased to astound or even interest us.

Democracy and defamation

Andrew Little reacts to court decision.

Andrew Little's defamation trial pitted two principles against each other. On the one hand was Little's duty as Opposition leader to hold the Government to account. The other was the rights and reputation of private citizens.

Editorial: Room for a little diversity

Sonny Bill Williams earned instant criticism for taping over a bank's brand on his Blues jersey.

OPINION: There's no cause for condemning Sonny Bill Williams.

Get in behind Trev

John Clarke as Fred Dagg in 1976.

OPINION: No one was ever better at puncturing official waffle than John Clarke.

Jobs and inflation

Labour finance spokesman Grant Robertson.

Labour's proposed changes to the Reserve Bank are sensible and worth trying. They will certainly do no harm, and might bring real benefits.

More heat than light

Maori Party leader Marama Fox hailed the introduction of Mana Whakahono o Rohe - new deals that local councils must make ...

OPINION: Fears over iwi-council deals required by RMA reforms look overblown.

Editorial: No names, no pack drill

Privacy commissioner John Edwards is asking why the Government has such a generalised approach to all personal ...

OPINION: There are plenty of reasons why people don't trust the Government with their personal details.

Editorial: The public's right to know

Jonathan Coleman, the Minister of Health.

OPINION: One essential part of public health is public relations. Public health experts need to keep in touch with the people and warn them about possible threats and dangers.

Editorial: Free speech and the wicked

Dr Paul Moon is Professor of History at the Faculty of Maori Development at AUT University.

OPINION: A mob is a group of people who refuse to hear opinions they dislike. A mob can therefore consist solely of PhDs. A mob is the natural enemy of democracy, even when it is highly educated.

Editorial: SAS question left hanging

Prime Minister Bill English has declined to hold an inquiry into a 2010 SAS raid in Afghanistan, which journalists Nicky ...

OPINION: Bill English is content to leave civilian deaths in Afghanistan in the realm of "possibility". He shouldn't be.

Young voters and apathy

Bernie Sanders, an old politician who attracted young voters.

Young people don't care about voting, it is often said, but it isn't always so. Young people voted heavily for Barack Obama and for Democratic party contender Bernie Sanders. The fact that Sanders was well into his 70s also shows that age isn't always a handicap in reaching the young.

Editorial: Lead's lessons vital today

Otago University's Nick Wilson says New Zealand should have banned lead from petrol 20 years earlier than it did in 1996.

OPINION: Removing lead from petrol was obviously right. It didn't always seem that way.

Watchdog role needs bite

Simon Upton made his name as a crusader for shrinking the state.

OPINION: Simon Upton needs to prove he's a real environmental watchdog.

Sensible moving on vaping

Vaping is thought to be about 95 per cent less harmful than ordinary cigarettes.

OPINION: The Government is right to proceed slowly and with caution on vaping.

Problems with China

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang hongis with Piri Sciascia during an official welcoming ceremony at Government House in Wellington.

The visit of Chinese premier Li Keqiang puts a spotlight on New Zealand's need for the superpower. It also shows how awkward the relationship is.

Editorial: Stark divide more cause for inquiry

Lieutenant General Tim Keating's press conference marked the first Defence Force acknowledgement that civilians may have ...

OPINION: The question of a bungled and even law-breaking New Zealand-led military raid in Afghanistan is still wide open.

Landbanking and the housing crisis

Wellington mayor Justin Lester

Wellington mayor Justin Lester is right to point to landbanking as one of the major causes of the housing crisis. Whether he can do much about it, though, is another matter.

Red and Green promises

Labour and the Greens promise to handle the tax dollars carefully.

OPINION: Labour and the Greens promise to be careful guardians of the Exchequer, and their motives are obvious. They want to shake off the traditional charge of "tax and spend socialists" that the Right always throws at them.

Troubling tresses

Tennis great Roger Federer in the days of his man bun.

OPINION: There's no reason men shouldn't tie their tresses in a bun or wear a figure-hugging garment.

Editorial: A chilling crime in London

Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May rightly called for Londoners to return to their routines after the Westminster attack.

OPINION: We don't know precisely what inspired this rampage, but we do know how to respond.

Editorial: NZ needs a climate change plan

New Zealand has the highest car ownership rate in the OECD, a new report says.

OPINION: NZ faces unique challenges, but that is no excuse for ignoring the problem.

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