Editorial: Norman can be proud

OPINION: Russel Norman - an unknown when he took over after Rod Donald's death - will be missed.

A writer's patriotic duty: be honest

Writers don't often get into political quarrels in New Zealand, which is a pity.

Crude positioning, suspect policies

OPINION: Lots of questions after the two main party leaders try to spread their political net.

Drones a clear threat to our privacy

OPINION: Drones will become a vital part of the economy. They will also make a possibly dangerous nuisance of themselves.

Locked in a fight for tolerance

OPINION: Today it is 70 years since the liberation of Auschwitz, and still we are helpless before it.

Voters await signs of a new game plan

OPINION: Will political life will gain a new sense of direction in 2015?

Uber review must consider safety

OPINION: Uber, the controversial and innovative passenger service, has landed in New Zealand.

Scant detail on RMA overhaul

OPINION: Nick Smith wants huge changes in the country's planning laws, but he has hardly made the case.

Many facets to housing solution

OPINION: Nobody was surprised at the latest bad news about house prices.

Time to revisit food in schools

OPINION: No child should be hungry at school, and a system that allows it is a disgrace.

Taser use needs greater oversight

OPINION: Police say Tasers are an effective way of defusing violent situations - but the more it is used, the more likely it is to be misused.

Athfield lives on in his work

OPINION: Sir Ian Athfield was a great Wellingtonian who changed the face of his city.

Fighting fishing pirates tough

OPINION: The trouble is, the legal book NZ wants to throw at toothfish poachers is "pretty slim and ineffective"

Buck stops with the minister

OPINION: Police Minister shares blame for muddled "zero tolerance" speed campaign.

Dangerous rip in our mindset

OPINION: Nine people have drowned in New Zealand since Christmas: already it is being called a deadly summer.

Freedom of speech cuts both ways

OPINION: The freedom of speech that allows the magazine to ridicule Muslims also allows Muslims the right to practise their own religion.

Editorial: Low inflation has its dangers

OPINION: Bank economists predict NZ is heading for deflation. Ordinary folks may welcome the idea, but economists often do not.

Fearmongers boost Far Right

OPINION: Fear and prejudice are driving the demonstrations against the "Islamisation of Europe".

Supermarkets must learn liquor lesson

OPINION: An Auckland supermarket that sold liquor to a drunk customer is rightly being punished.

Growth forecast may paper over cracks

OPINION: The Reserve Bank won't be taking away the punchbowl even though the party is in full swing.

Time ripe for Middle-earth museum

OPINION: It's a good time to think about exactly how New Zealand's link with Middle-earth can best be encouraged.

Push weakened Russia

OPINION: Few countries saw such a turbulent 2014 as Russia.

Big choices ahead in 2015

OPINION: Wellington needs bolder, more coherent leadership, and residents should grab the opportunity for a shake-up.

Honours list too long, too male

OPINION: A better version of the honours list would be shorter, more surprising, and include more women.

2014 a mixed bag

OPINION: The year was marked by a landmark election victory, a vanished airliner and a vanquished flyover.

New limits drive message home

OPINION: Is the drink-driving message finally getting through to New Zealanders?

Still a great shared tradition

What other time of year compares with Christmas?

Embarrassing U-turn for city

OPINION: After a year of exuberant announcements, city's convention centre plan is in shambles.

US-Cuba thaw shows talking power

The world has often seemed on fire of late. So it's well to note a milestone of huge positive significance when it occurs.

Alcohol sponsorship ban a step too far

OPINION: Aministerial forum led by former rugby league coach Graham Lowe wants to ban alcohol sponsorship in sports.

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