Editorial: Compo for wrong jail time

Lawyer Douglas Ewen.

Convicted criminals complaining about unfair treatment don't usually find a sympathetic audience. Convicts who want compensation will find even less understanding.

Leaving customers in the cold

A large crowd gathered to protest the closure of the Fairlie Westpac bank branch.

OPINION: The digital tide can't be held back forever, but consumers who prefer bricks and mortar need a reasonable transition.

Island plan looks a winner

New technologies might immerse tourists in the history of Matiu/Somes Island - without the need to muck around with the ...

OPINION: Bringing the "Peter Jackson experience" to Matiu/Somes Island could be a brilliant idea, if it's done carefully.

Clark right to box on

Helen Clark says she's waiting for the final showdown for the UN secretary-general position.

OPINION: The odds on Helen Clark winning the top UN job are are not good, but there's no harm in staying in for now.


Secondary Principals' Association Sandy Pasley

All teachers know that setting exams is more an art than a science.

Last chance for the Sevens

The Wellington Sevens.

The Wellington Sevens are stuck in the Last Chance saloon, and everyone knows it.

TVNZ must name its big earners

TV personality Mike Hosking.

TVNZ has no right to refuse to reveal the names of its highest earners. The television company is owned by the taxpayers. The taxpayers have a right to this information.

Hear out case for MPs' digs

Winston Peters says it's no time for Parliamentary renovations when New Zealand has thousands of homeless people.

OPINION: If the price is right, let Parliament build a new office block.

Sentence leaves unsettling questions

Nikolas James Posa Delegat, 19, in the dock of the Dunedin District Court.

OPINION: The case is not hard evidence of special treatment, but it should make New Zealanders uneasy.

Editorial: Violence law reforms welcome

Reforms to family violence laws should make it easier for people, nearly always women, to apply for protection orders – ...

Opinion: The Government's reforms to family violence laws are a useful step forward on a horrendous problem.

Editorial: Kiwi war crimes in WWI

Unknown soldiers from Southland from World War 1.

Historian Hugh Sebag-Montefiore has made a serious case that New Zealand soldiers committed war crimes during World War 1. He cites statements by the soldiers themselves about executing Germans captured or trying to surrender during the battle of the Somme. These are strong prima facie evidence of war crimes and cannot be dismissed.

Editorial: Fiji is not yet a proper democracy

Fiji's Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama.

OPINION: Fiji is not yet a democracy, despite the democratic elections in 2014. Democracies do not detain opposition politicians whose only crime is to hold a meeting, as happened in Fiji this weekend.

Housing spoils the picture

New Zealand is a much more unequal society than it was in the 1980s.

OPINION: Over several decades, rising housing costs have gobbled up income gains for many poorer New Zealanders.

Rugby's inquiry no reassurance

New Zealand Rugby boss Steve Tew says the inquiry into events at a Chiefs celebration has been "incredibly transparent".

OPINION: Putting an in-house lawyer in charge of an investigation was a foolish choice.

Cutting weapons funding overdue

Commerce Minister Paul Goldsmith wants to leave moral investment decisions to individuals.

OPINION: What took KiwiSaver providers so long to ditch their investments in companies that make cluster bombs?

Editorial: New party welcome to run

Winston Peters has attacked the new "People's Party" that focuses on representing Asian communities.

OPINION: If a new political party wants to pitch itself as a voice for minority communities, then that is fine.

Govt not keen on state housing

Bill English, minister responsible for Housing NZ.

Why are so many state houses empty at a time of desperate housing need?

No easy answer for burglaries

Police Minister Judith Collins is looking to crush burglary figures.

OPINION: Sending police to every burglary may not be much of a solution.

Density debate meets reality

An artist's impression of Newtown's Mary Potter Hospice's proposed residential apartment block looking north-west.

OPINION: Mary Potter Hospice's plans for an apartment block raise some concerns, but Wellington must have more houses.

A dramatic fall from grace

Sir Ngatata Love has been found guilty of obtaining property by deception.

OPINION: Sir Ngatata Love's conviction for fraud reflects an outrageous abuse of power.

Wrong direction on plastic bags

Plastic bags are visible in abundance at the Wellington landfill.

OPINION: Environment officials have made a poor call by opposing levies that are working around the world.

Campus sale leaves vacuum

Victoria University says it will sell its Karori campus, which began in 1970 as Wellington Teachers' College.

OPINION: Victoria's decision is not a surprise, but it means other public bodies will need to act.

Online school plan fails to convince

Education Minister Hekia Parata wants to change the law to allow children to do all their education online.

OPINION: The default presumption should continue to be that children attend a physical school.

Bank should keep cutting

Reserve Bank governor Graeme Wheeler says cutting interest rates too fast could see an "unsustainable surge in growth".

OPINION: The sweet spot for the official cash rate could be substantially lower even than its current 2 per cent

A heavy lift for light rail fans

Light rail has experienced a resurgence from the US to Australia recently, including in Melbourne, pictured.

OPINION: Light rail has its appeal, but the cost of bringing it to Wellington remains worrying.

Bring NZ Wars into view

A ceremony marking the handover of Rangiriri, site of one of the major battles in the New Zealand Wars.

OPINION: The New Zealand Wars are a foundational part of this country's history, and every person should have at least a passing knowledge of them.

Wrong place for sex offender

Hutt South MP Trevor Mallard pushed for a repeat child sex offender to be removed from a house in Maungaraki.

OPINION: Some paedophiles must live in the community, but finding a place for them requires extreme levels of oversight and care.

Match climate talk with action

Climate Change Issues Minister Paula Bennett says the emissions trading scheme needs to be tweaked.

OPINION: The Government is striking a new tone on climate change. It will bring forward ratification of the Paris climate treaty to the end of the year, it says.

A reasonable ask for cat owners

Wellington City Council has passed a bylaw making microchipping cats compulsory.

OPINION: Mandatory microchipping for cats is a good idea. Other steps will be harder.

Time for cannabis debate

Allowing the very sick access to cannabis is the humane thing to do.

OPINION: It is time to allow the very sick legal access to cannabis - and to consider options for broader reform.

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