Easter laws outdated

Generic wine glass

OPINION: Don't try ordering a glass of wine at the movie theatre tomorrow.

NZ winner in royal visit

Royals depart NZ

OPINION: The royal couple and their young prince farewelled New Zealand yesterday for Australia, but left behind an enchanted audience of fans during their historic 10-day visit.

ACC still hasn't got the message


OPINION: If any government agency ought to tread carefully around privacy issues, it is ACC.

Kohanga censorship not on

Te Kohanga Reo Trust Board

OPINION: The kohanga reo leaders' press conference did little to repair the organisation's reputation for arrogance and secrecy at the top.

Put funding where it's needed

Lydia Ko

Lydia Ko, the remarkable 16-year-old Kiwi golfer, is asking for $208,000 in government funding this year.

What might have been

Don Brash

OPINION: Don Brash is Mr Might-Have-Been. He was a radical but clumsy politician who narrowly missed becoming prime minister.

Council funding needs look


OPINION: Local government does not get the best rap in this country.

We're all still employed

public servant

OPINION: The picture that emerges from the latest report on public servant numbers is an incredibly stable one.

Demolition a last resort

Harcourt building

OPINION: Many difficult choices are having to be made in inner-city Wellington because of the threat of earthquakes.

Don't increase gambling odds

Pokie Machines

OPINION: You don't have gambling without problem gamblers. So New Zealand has a major problem in this area.

Give royals a jolly good time

William and Kate

OPINION: At 11.30am today, the royals arrive in New Zealand - so let's give them some Kiwi hospitality.

Lower speed limit makes sense

Speed limit.

OPINION: A lower speed limit in downtown Wellington is obviously a good idea.

Silence over suicide is receding

White crosses, death, road toll, grave

OPINION: For a long time, one way New Zealand has tried to prevent suicides is by censoring public reporting of individual cases.

Climate is everyone's issue


OPINION: It would be easy to despair about climate change. After 20 years of talk, little has been achieved.

Whale ruling merits a change

Minke whales

OPINION: The UN's highest court has surprised everyone by handing down a blistering verdict on Japanese whaling.

Lessons from quake response

CTV building

OPINION: The collapse of Christchurch's CTV building during the city's 2011 earthquake was the single most horrific event of a horrific tragedy.

Basin must keep cricket

Basin cricket

OPINION: Like ''the bypass'' before it, the word ''flyover'' is coming to have a numbing familiarity to Wellingtonians.

Maori TV needs strong leader

maori tv generic

OPINION: In its 10 years on the air, Maori Television has become a vital and unique institution.

Kohanga Reo needs rebuild

Kohanga reo

OPINION: Everyone agrees that change is needed at the kohanga reo. Even the Kohanga Reo Trust Board agrees.

Change promises transparency

A teacher writes on a blackboard

OPINION: The Teachers Council decision to open up proceedings around disciplinary hearings is more than "better late than never".

Life in Aussie mixed bag

Australian flag on a map of Australia.

OPINION: Only one in a hundred Kiwis living in Australia can muster the enthusiasm to call their new compatriots "friendly and hospitable". We're the least likely people to give them that compliment.

Parties grotesque bedfellows

 Kim Dotcom speaking at an Intelligence and Security Committee hearing at Bowen House on July 3, 2013.

OPINION: Small parties need friends, and so maybe we shouldn't be surprised at Mana's flirtation with the Internet party

Role model behaviour - good, bad and ugly

Sir John Kirwan

OPINION: So the hunt is now on for sportspeople getting high on cocktails of energy drinks and sleeping pills.

Not role model behaviour

Israel Dagg

OPINION: So the hunt is now on for sportspeople getting high on cocktails of energy drinks and sleeping pills.

Search casts grim light


OPINION: How could a 64-metre plane slip out of view - of radar, of satellites, of people - for so long?

Blame at Hekia's feet

Hekia Parata

OPINION: Education Minister Hekia Parata has made an extraordinary shambles of the kohanga reo affair.

No rush on Petone stadium

Petone stadium

OPINION: The prospect of a new football stadium for the Phoenix in Petone has quickly drawn a volley of criticism.

Why change when all is well?


OPINION: New Zealand voters move slowly and are remarkably patient with governments.

Editorial: Crimea vote a joke

Crimea Ukraine

OPINION: The referendum in Crimea was, of course, a black joke. Crimeans were deciding whether to join Russia at a time when Russian soldiers had invaded.

Festival a window to the world

Power Plant

OPINION: The New Zealand Festival is a great treasure for Wellington, and this year's was no exception.

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