Letters to the Editor

Freedom worth fighting for

OPINION: Miles Lacey asserts that ''our war dead did not die for freedom or any other lofty stuff'' (Letters, August 18).

Simple solutions to economic woe

OPINION: Your editorial (Cloudy economy turning polls personal, August 20) paints a gloomy picture of our economic situation at present and a lacklustre recovery.

Waterfront is not for office blocks

OPINION: I would like to know why an office block of all things should be allowed to be built on a section of Wellington's prime stretch of waterfront.

Collins not a just minister

OPINION: It seems to me that Justice Minister Judith Collins could soon be known as the minister who carries out injustices. Did she give the alleged leaker of information a fair hearing before she released his name to WhaleOil, and consequently the whole world?

Stepping on a slippery slope

OPINION: There are two things that worry me about this Judith Collins chapter in Dirty Politics; one is the fact that it happened.

No difference between seats

OPINION: Josie Bullock is wrong in stating that Maori seats have far fewer registered voters than the general seats (Letters, August 20).

City needs to get on and develop business

OPINION: Wellington is being left behind. In the last quarter, the Wellington economy showed its biggest economic decline since 2008 and to quote The Dominion Post, ''Auckland and Canterbury are steaming ahead'' (Capital's economy takes biggest dive since 2008, August 20).

Too much 'hate' in the world

OPINION: Nowadays the word ''hate'' is dropped casually into everyday conversation and it seems to have lost all meaning.

Access to refurbished flats dangerous

OPINION: Lukewarm congratulations to Wellington City Council for their refurbishment of the Berkley Dallard flats.

Put the wine in bike basket

OPINION: Janet Weir (Letters, August 18) claims ''women need cars and safe roads far more than they need bikes and cycle lanes'', because it's apparently impossible to transport anything on a bicycle. Even ''a couple of bottles of wine''.

Extend database to problem doctors

OPINION: I support the database described in your article (Database lists GPs opposed to abortion, August 19).

Keep the anthem, change the flag

OPINION: The words of our anthem needn't refer to God in the Christian sense. How seriously you take the words is up to you, but I rather like the idea of there being a God of Nations watching over New Zealand, in the same way that I'd think of Tangaroa, guardian of the sea, or Tane Mahuta, guardian of the forest.

Voters want to hear about policy

OPINION: There is an old adage: ''Those in glasshouses should not throw stones.''

Hacks and leaks an insight into power

OPINION: A Right-wing blogger's emails got hacked and the sky fell down.

Let foreigners lease, not buy, farmland

OPINION: Here's a suggestion for the disposal of New Zealand land. Large tracts, such as the Crafar farms and Lochinver Station, should never be sold to foreign corporations.

Poor security leads to leaks

OPINION: An astute person once wrote: ''Methinks he doth protest too much.'' Such might be the response to the sources of Nicky Hager's book, Dirty Politics.

Slow-down signs effective deterrent

OPINION: The electronic speed signs springing up on Wellington streets are brilliant.

Brain still ahead of super chip

OPINION: So there is a microchip engineered to mimic the human brain? It could turn an ordinary smartphone into something to make the most hardened tech nerd (like me) drool.

Time to put bugs on the menu

OPINION: Is the world ready to eat insects?

Games not just about the golds

OPINION: I'm sure I wasn't the only one avidly watching New Zealand's success at the Glasgow Commonwealth Games.

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