Letters to the Editor

Stop delaying on Bain compensation

OPINION: Putting aside one's personal feelings on the guilt or otherwise of David Bain, the New Zealand judicial system found him not guilty of a crime, for which he had served years in jail.

Mad to fly fresh milk to China

OPINION: Airfreighting milk to China (Kiwi fresh milk brand launches in China, February 25) is irrational and is a good example of how brand-based consumerism is destroying our environment.

Celebrities don't have model accent

OPINION: To say broadcasters and actors talk with a Kiwi accent is hogwash (App puts the accent on Kiwi- sounding words, February 21).

Faith beats contraception

OPINION: Peter Singer's piece (Why family planning is a win-win, February 24) is contradictory since he takes Pope Francis to task for encouraging parents to do exactly that.

Let's have an app for parking

OPINION: Here's a challenge for Wellington's much-vaunted software design entrepreneurs: an app for drivers arriving at the airport's car parks looking for (non-existent, usually) parking spaces.

Guts of Key's comment ugly

The Dominion Post

OPINION: I was absolutely appalled by John Key's retaliation to objections to the decision to send troops to Iraq.

Not acting can show wisdom

OPINION: If Tracy Watkins could for five minutes resist the temptation to cheerlead for John Key's ordering troops to Iraq (Key fired up, February 25) she might realise that ''doing nothing'' is, far from a luxury that Andrew Little will not have as prime minister, sometimes the wisest and most courageous decision.

Why not fight other horrific groups?

Prime Minister John Key has just sent an email to me, and probably to a hundred thousand others, telling me he has sent soldiers to support the fight against Isis because ''we have to do our bit to fight this group whose distressing methods deserve the strongest condemnation''.

Violence has always been popular

OPINION: Your correspondent Richard Peirce suggests that violence on TV is to blame for the violence today (Letters, February 21).

ACT doing a service on super

OPINION: Regarding Tom Scott's cartoon depicting ACT leader David Seymour as a ''bogus'' partner to National which ''pretends'' to need ACT, it may be premature.

Olive oil still the goods

OPINION: I am concerned at the inaccuracy in the article by Anna van Praagh stating that ''olive oil is fine on salads but is carcinogenic when heated and should not be used for frying'' (The ultimate guide on what to eat, February 21). In fact the opposite is true.

Charter school advice is sound

OPINION: Your editorial (Charter schools should expect no mercy, February 25) implies that I am playing politics.

Not all new roads are equal

OPINION: Brian Pike refers us to ''the Braess Paradox'' - more road space may not necessarily reduce traffic congestion (Letters, February 24).

Councillors need to follow through

OPINION: It's good to see that Wellington City councillors such as Paul Eagle and Nicola Young are in favour of implementing cycle routes in the CBD, even though they have delayed the Island Bay cycle path because of concerns about parking, among other things. (Back-pedalling on cycleway plan, February 23).

'Doing nothing' a legitimate option

OPINION: John Key says that ''doing nothing'' is not an option for New Zealand regarding Iraq. Why not?

Good call to postpone cycleway decision

OPINION: The decision by the mayor to delay the Island Bay cycleway until the master plan is available is a victory for common sense and democracy (Back-pedalling on cycleway plan, February 23).

No need for vote on super

OPINION: ACT leader David Seymour's proposal for a referendum on superannuation is another case of ACT not doing a scrap of research.

Councils cavalier with native bush

OPINION: Your story Council in the gun over bush consents (February 23) is another example of a council ignoring the ecological values of indigenous ecosystems protected under the Reserves Act 1977 and the Conservation Act 1987.

Art that offends - whatever next?

OPINION: Like Stan Chun (Letters, February 23) I feel compelled to add my voice to the clamour over Nigel Brown's Captain Cook; the explorer's face tinged with pathos as he squats meaningfully in an unspoiled wilderness, his white undies dangling around his calves like a private flag of surrender.

Embarrassed by loutish fans

OPINION: I want to send an apology on behalf of New Zealand to the English supporters at the Cricket World Cup match in Wellington.

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