Letters to the Editor

Let's say goodbye to tests at the Basin

OPINION: The flyover was always a second- best solution for the Basin Reserve choke-point.

Plenty of sacrifice in protection cause

OPINION: Some of your letter writers are only too quick to point the finger at the Department of Conservation on the subject of 1080.

The Bard essential to education system

OPINION: I have pondered Joe Bennett's comments on Shakespeare (July 16). He is right that Shakespeare is vital when introducing students to literature. I doubt I would have survived secondary school without the wisdom of the bard.

History coming back to bite us

OPINION: It is indeed laughable to read the bleatings of the flyover fans after the Board of Inquiry's decision went against them.

Too easy to cast roads in bad light

OPINION: The Barnett-Gregory plea (July 24) that we design our cities around people, not motor vehicles, seems caring and principled, but what does it mean?

We could always raise the Basin

OPINION: I can't believe that with all the planning, meetings, talking and money already spent it has not occurred to anyone that to raise the Basin Reserve playing ground and allow the traffic to flow beneath it is the simple answer.

Mainstreaming puts strain on teachers

OPINION: I agree with Chris Lakomy (Letters, July 22) about the problems of ''mainstreaming'' special needs children.

What does the future hold for te reo Maori?

OPINION: And so another Maori Language Week rolls by.

Swiss method worth considering

OPINION: Binding referendums are an integral element of the Swiss Federal Constitution, as well as of all the constitutions of the Swiss Cantons and of their communes.

Fed Farmers top of all bleaters

OPINION: Surely the article referring to Federated Farmers telling a British union to stop bleating is a joke (July 24)?

Europe not keen on US plan

OPINION: The American neo-conservatives are desperately trying to spin the United States of America and its allies into an aggressive stance against Russia. It won't work because Europe doesn't want a bar of it.

French contribution worth remembering

OPINION: Soon we will be remembering the start of World War I, and the media will be full of stories about the experiences of British and New Zealand troops.

Power companies need more scrutiny

OPINION: Million-dollar-plus salaries for the CEOs of energy companies is not the problem that is causing the exorbitant amounts we New Zealanders have to pay for one of our basic necessities.

Which party looks after Maori interests?

OPINION: Maori should take heed of the National government's boast they will have the MP numbers at election time to govern alone.

Time to embrace lateral thinking

OPINION: Now the flyover is history I suggest NZTA can think laterally and consider the benefit of freeing the Basin Reserve traffic by linking Kent and Cambridge terraces to Adelaide Rd by going under the Basin. This would relieve the roundabout traffic, speed up an access route to the hospital and all points south and eliminate the need for lights at the Adelaide/Rugby St junction.

Bold flyover claims don't stack up

OPINION: I am delighted with the board of inquiry's decision about the Basin Reserve flyover.

Clean up former army headquarters, too

OPINION: The drawing of the completed Memorial Park (Governor-general steps in, July 8) leaves out one of the attractive ''bookend'' features of the site.

'Fun' battlefield project a worry

OPINION: John Dennistoun-Wood of the QEII Army Memorial Museum Trust Board assures us that the ''Sir Peter Jackson-inspired battlefield [at Waiouru] will be funded from money raised by the board and the commercial operations of the museum, not NZDF'' (Letters, July 7).

Chinese influence in Pacific growing

OPINION: In Fiji this week, the car-hire agent asked me if New Zealand is a United States state.

Fluoride no risk to dolphins

OPINION: Noeline Gannaway seems to speak as a member of the anti- fluoridation lobby when she talks about ''toxic waste product fluorosilicic acid which is added to water supplies by some councils'' (Letters, July 8).

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