Letters to the Editor

Labour needs a cleanout

OPINION: David Shearer should never have been promoted to Labour Party leader. He was not ready for it.

Beautiful birds, not parasites

OPINION: Recently, I've read about people saying pukeko have become a plague and have asked for councils to get rid of these ''parasites''.

Lions should look at Canterbury example

OPINION: Could I suggest that what needs to be looked at is the leadership and management of the Wellington Rugby Union.

Massive salary cold comfort for most

OPINION: It's grossly insulting for families, reduced to heating one room of their home with unaffordable electricity, to read that Contact chief Dennis Barnes is earning $32,000 a week.

DOC has to learn 1080 lessons

OPINION: A number of native species are increasingly susceptible to disease and show low breeding success, even in seemingly favourable environments where introduced predators have been removed.

Attacks border on humiliation

OPINION: I wholeheartedly agree with Jane Bowron's comments about the aggressive interviews conducted on TV3 with exhausted and unsuccessful candidates (Death throes and low blows: a TV marathon, September 22).

Losing leaders can make comebacks

OPINION: Why is it that the first question always asked of a losing political leader is, ''When are you going to resign?''

Where will the traffic go?

OPINION: I understand the tunnel under the Memorial Park will open for traffic at the end of September.

Snowden's claims no big surprise

OPINION: Edward Snowden claims that in his previous job at the NSA he could freely monitor New Zealanders' emails, Facebook friends, and Amazon book-buying habits.

Put mass spying into perspective

OPINION: There is widespread angst about possible mass surveillance of New Zealanders by a New Zealand government agency, the scare tactics being that ''they'' read everything you write, and that this is awful.

Archives NZ is for all New Zealanders

OPINION: Marilyn Little's confused and unconvincing attempt to justify shifting the Treaty of Waitangi to the National Library (Letters, September 4) starkly demonstrates why the Internal Affairs Department is a poor administering department for Archives New Zealand.

Vote for status quo a disaster

OPINION: National campaigned on a platform of ''keep things as they are''.

Credit to impressive Nats

OPINION: For the second time in nearly six years I extend my condolences, with a smile, to all those naysayers who six years ago said that the National Government would not see out its first term let alone be re-elected for a second term.

Evidence lacking in sex trafficking case

OPINION: We note some students are supporting an initiative to live on $2.25 a day to demonstrate their opposition to ''sex trafficking''.

Squirming over squid catch

OPINION: Another round of ''find something beautiful and kill it'', another colossal squid for Te Papa (Rare colossal squid shares deep secrets, September 17).

Fiji criticism goes too far

OPINION: Yet again, your editorial (September 16) is unnecessarily insulting to the Fijian leader, Frank Bainimarama, calling him a ''thug who stole Fijian democracy''.

Why keep going back to SBW?

OPINION: Your article (Fekitoa set for midfield role, September 17) refers to the shortage of specialist second five-eighths, following Ma'a Nonu's season-ending injury. It also mentions the availability of Sonny Bill Williams, describing him as a ''cross-code superstar''.

Transport shambolic at the big game

OPINION: As a spectator at the clash of the All Blacks and South Africa, I was amazed at how the police decided to direct all taxis into Bunny St and, from what I could see, turn the area into bedlam as the taxis and those walking to the stadium converged.

Child poverty not a beat-up

OPINION: John Denton states that child poverty is just a beat-up (Letters, September 13) and he says: ''Ask a child of 100 years ago if he'd take today's supposed poverty and he'd bite your hand off.'' This shows a stunning lack of common sense. I wonder how he would feel if he went to his boss to ask for a pay rise and was told: ''Compared to a worker in Gaza or Liberia, you are an emperor so thank me and go away.'' And I am not even talking time travel here.

More to the case of the missing cat

OPINION: I recently read that Gareth Morgan's foundation had discovered that cats were responsible for the decline in the population of the endangered Maui's dolphin.

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