Letters to the Editor

110kmh means greater emissions

OPINION: On the government website for safe and fuel-efficient driving, the New Zealand Transport Agency urges drivers to ''travel at moderate, steady speeds and avoid high speeds as they result in greater emissions''.

Look at the cause of bad behaviour

OPINION: Tom Parsons (Troubled? Or just trouble, November 22) has a rather narrow view of the issues of diagnosis of learning difficulties.

Drink-drive limits are harmful

OPINION: Just a few more days now for the new drink-drive limits to come into effect and an opportunity for the police to take advantage of it by randomly disrupting innocent people's driving plans, maybe making a few thousand bucks on the side.

Aucklanders less keen on super-city

OPINION: Of course Roger Blakeley, as an Auckland Council employee with a personal perspective or not, supports the super-city/local board structure (Local boards getting voice, November 25).

Air connections socially important

OPINION: Russell Armitage is absolutely correct in his comments (Letters, November 25) regarding Air New Zealand's cuts to services.

Foreign doctors go for many reasons

OPINION: I read with interest your article concerning the cardiac electrophysiology specialist leaving New Zealand due to concerns over the country's health system (Top heart specialist quits in disgust, November 15).

Look back for better parking method

OPINION: Did anyone notice the manner in which the motor vehicles were parked in the story about the mystery tourist's film of 1940s Wellington (Novembr 22)?

Accidents almost impossible to avoid

OPINION: A car driver, to pass a cyclist safely, has to look left across their passenger's seat, out the left window and gauge a metre distance from the side of his car to the cyclist. How many are good at that - even stopped? While doing all this they peer through darkened windows and small mirrors and have cars approaching at speed. So accidents must surely happen.

You can fight fire with fun

OPINION: An intention of the purveyors of ''dirty'' or ''attack'' politics is to put people off engaging with the political process, in other words to depoliticise as many voters as possible. Recent elections have seen an increase in such tactics and decreasing numbers of voters, especially among the young. Perhaps they have been successful? In Town changes neo- Nazi march to charity walk (November 20) clearly the good burghers of the Bavarian town of Wunsiedel have found imaginative ways to be politically active, beyond the ballot box.

Merger claims all hot air

OPINION: Lower Hutt Mayor Ray Wallace can count me out of the overwhelming disapproval he claims (November 24) from Hutt residents against (as yet unannounced) council mergers. Like him and everyone else in the region, I live in Wellington, pay rates to and vote for a Wellington (regional) council - it exists now.

Take a wider view of problem

OPINION: Tom Parsons' comments are deeply disturbing.

Disorders not so common

OPINION: I am neither an educator nor a psychiatrist, but I worked in both fields; I am currently a writer/ philosopher, specialised in personality-type psychology and I have addressed this issue for years already.

Student behaviour not black and white

OPINION: As a retired secondary school teacher and past president of Speld NZ, I was incredulous and angry to read Troubled? Or just trouble (November 22); incredulous that senior educators in positions of responsibility seemingly have no knowledge of, let alone understand the sources of challenges faced by young people (and adults) with learning difficulties (LD), or differences. Tom Parsons and Andy Fraser see these students only as ''badly behaved'', ''naughty'' and ''angry''.

Democracy does matter

OPINION: In response to Stan Chun's letter (November 21) regarding Russel Norman and his Tibetan flag, it is always the right time to demonstrate in this regard. Just because it is economically expedient to court China to the degree New Zealand is doing does not mean we should cease expressing our core humanitarian values, which China fails to demonstrate with its lack of democracy and human rights contraventions and its condoning of barbaric animal abuse practices.

Unions deserve more support

OPINION: If the contract clause allowing wage deductions for other's dishonesty and lawbreaking were to have 'full application' it would require workers to make up for their employer's dishonesties as well. How many prosecutions for petrol theft have there been and are they reported in the press?

Online voting should be promoted

OPINION: Online access has liberalised banking. We can move thousands of dollars around in seconds via smartphone.

Rennie's effort let down women

OPINION: The editorial Rennie bungles Sutton investigation (November 21) clearly states the mess and shambles the Cera sexual harassment case has turned into. The trivialising of the case by Sutton, supported indirectly by Rennie, angers those of us who have the right to be safe and respected in our workplaces.

Drive-offs symptom of wider problem

OPINION: The issue of service station proprietors and companies, who put the onus on low-paid workers to pay for petrol thefts by customers, only serves to highlight the draconian employment regulations imposed on workers by this Government. It has gradually stripped away basic and fundamental rights in the workplace that men and women died for - yes died for - to establish. Those rights have been replaced with what Government 'spin' offers up as ''flexibility''.

Assange case not so clear cut

OPINION: For all her eloquence and grace in making her opinions about a number of things (that I'll occasionally agree with) known, Rosemary McLeod is somewhat unashamed to admit that she can't type the words ''Wikileaks'' and ''helicopter'' into a search engine and see what comes up (November 20).

Importance in wreck's remains

OPINION: Your article (November 20) about the discovery of the Ventnor wreck highlights the weakness of legislation in protecting New Zealand's underwater heritage.

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