Letters to the Editor

Festival a super success

OPINION: The CubaDupa festival was a super-dupa success. The rain stayed away on Saturday evening and there must have been a crowd of 20,000 spread out along the length of Cuba St and intersecting streets. The sound of the combined bands and the orchestra was enough to make your chest vibrate. My wife and I liked Strike the best. A gelato each topped the night off and we arrived home at 10pm and heard the welcome and not unexpected news that Winston had won the Northland by-election.

Prescription drugs not 'easy way out'

OPINION: I find it very interesting that Barry Millage was disturbed to read of the number of young people who are prescribed anti- depressant drugs (Letters, March 27).

Cup lurches from one farce to the next

OPINION: Once again the America's Cup challenge is turning into a farce.

Temporary limits for improved motorway

OPINION: Karl Oliver (Letters, March 30) is correct to say our removal of the road shoulder, and narrowed lines on Wellington's urban motorway, have potential safety implications. That's why we've reduced the speed limit and put in a free vehicle removal trial during peak times in April and May.

Work crucial for rehabilitation

OPINION: Over the past 18 months I have been going through Hawke's Bay Prison outer to inner security areas as access-security-cleared co-ordinator of inmates support.

Reinvest money into more social housing

OPINION: What right has any government to even consider suggestions by developers that they should qualify for income-related rent assistance to develop properties for social housing?

I hope bus abuse is an isolated incident

OPINION: On the abusive man on the 130 bus (March 27), we have been volunteers who over the years have helped many refugees make New Zealand their home.

Mayor's arguments unconvincing

OPINION: Your item Let Wairarapa go: Leggett (March 27) says it all about the Porirua mayor really.

Councils should get out of housing

OPINION: I applaud Paul Thomson (Letters, March 26) for questioning why councils need to provide subsidised housing.

Plan to fix late services

OPINION: Greater Wellington Regional Council shares the Tramways Union's concerns about late running and unreliable bus services on the Khandallah to Strathmore Park route (Union tells bus to drivers to slow down, March 23), and these concerns were spelt out clearly in a report to council last month.

Put Pacific ahead of Middle East wars

OPINION: I totally support the suggestion put by Luit Bieringa (Letters,, March 19) that the taxpayer- funded Defence Force contribution of up to 150 personnel and $65 million planned for Iraq be diverted immediately to help restore some dignity to those in Vanuatu whose lives have been trashed by Cyclone Pam.

People want decent public transport

OPINION: What a timely and well-executed item by Paul Bruce on the need for better public transport now (March 18).

No place to stop on motorway

OPINION: Users of the motorway from Petone to Wellington will have noticed the changing of the road to accommodate more lanes by the looks of it.

Be upstanding for Lee Kuan Yew

OPINION: Lee Kuan Yew's death is very sad for all of us who have admired his genius in creating the environment for Singapore to grow into a vital position in Asia.

Legacy of misery, not happiness

OPINION: Marc Wilson writes of Martin Seligman's dog experiments as contributing to a positive psychology of happiness (Dogs and psychology teach us how to become happy, March 20). But they don't.

Stop attacks on golliwogs

OPINION: Isn't Dame Susan Devoy being racist by assuming that all golliwogs are bad just by looking at the colour of their skin? (Gollies belong in the past, says Devoy, March 24),

More than 'animal lovers'

OPINION: Two recent articles (March 23 and 24) about anti-vivisection groups presenting a 90,000-signature petition to Parliament referred to those taking part as ''animal lovers.''

Cats not the real killers

OPINION: Chris Horne implies predation by domestic cats is a serious problem for native birds (Letters, March 25). Codswallop.

Left no bastion of Christian values

OPINION: In condemning the National-led Government, Tim Pate proffers what seems to me some inaccurate observations begging correction (Letters, March 23) .

All MPs made spy rules

OPINION: In the ongoing national and now international debate about the Government Communications Security Bureau, the prime minister repeatedly refuses to respond to increasingly well- informed questions about what the GCSB has been up to, purportedly on behalf of the people of New Zealand.

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