Letters to the Editor

Catton's succinct views welcomed

OPINION: It was a pleasure to read that somebody as literary and well- known as Eleanor Catton (Catton angry at 'my Government', January 28) has expressed so succinctly my own views of 'our country'.

Inner-city housing unaffordable

OPINION: I pose a question for Paula Warren (Letters, January 27) and all other people who advocate more ''housing options'' in locations where walking and public transport can be substituted for cars. How come in every city that has pursued utopian policies to this end, no housing at all, not even the smaller and smaller apartments that become the norm, can be remotely described as ''affordable''?

Beginner's guide to open-road driving

OPINION: The given wisdom among New Zealand drivers seems to be: a) Starting the journey: Sit in driver's seat and change personality; start engine, and drive on to roadway; drive at maximum allowable speed without slowing until something gets in your way, or you hit something, whichever comes first; b) When overtaking, it is important to realise that, as most other cars are already travelling at the maximum speed, you must increase your vehicle's speed to well over the allowable limit.

Bus ads bane of passengers

OPINION: In Greater Wellington Regional Council's Shaping your region (January 26) the ''A bright bus future'' section features an image of a bus with its windows plastered with advertising. This practice, the bane of bus users, spoils views we could enjoy, makes reading The Dominion Post difficult on cloudy days, and prevents our seeing the names of passing streets, especially at night on rainy days.

Bigger homes, fewer people

OPINION: There is an elephant in the room around housing affordability which the commentariat consistently fails to raise.

Writer's anger misdirected

OPINION: I wish to comment on Eleanor Catton's attack on New Zealand and the Government. I wish to respect her achievements and her obvious abilities. However, I'm a little confused with the anger.

Catton's clout could help other writers

OPINION: I congratulate Eleanor Catton on her successes and wish her many more. But I assure her that I am not an ''embarrassed writer slinking around'' (Catton angry at 'my Government', January 28).

Drones hover in legal grey area

OPINION: It's clear that drone technology is operating in a policy vacuum, (Drones a headache for neighbours and police, January 26). Given that, the Privacy Commission's advice to drone operators to use its security camera guidelines is useful.

Disaster photos highlight risks

OPINION: In my opinion the families of those people killed in the Carterton ballooning tragedy were right in demanding the publication of the disaster photos.

Weather will be the true test

OPINION: In Porirua canopy removal opens rift (January 22) I observed the comment attributed to Porirua Mayor Nick Leggett and councillor Euon Murrell how bright the shopping centre was since their removal.

Morgan misses mark this time

OPINION: I am an admirer of Gareth Morgan. He is a respected economist, philanthropist, adventurer, conservationist and no doubt many other things.

You can party without late nights

OPINION: Wellington was a great party town when I lived here in the 1960s and the bars closed at 6pm. A lot of great parties were at our place. I've spent a lot of my working life there over recent years, and it still seems to be a great party town, except the parties are more out on the streets. So your report of city councillors arguing about the time to close the bars seems to be pointless as well as a betrayal of the public interest.

Important to get wording right

OPINION: The article Liberation anniversary not a time for celebration (January 26), includes the inappropriate expressions ''Auschwitz concentration camp in Poland'' and ''Plaszow camp in Poland''.

Take the plan back to the drawing board

OPINION: Wellington commuters saving more than $10,000 annually by taking a bus or train (January 21) translates into huge economic and sundry benefits to the nation.

Who will represent New Zealand

OPINION: I note that former American vice- president Al Gore and musician- producer Pharrell Williams are organising a Live Earth-type concert to raise awareness of climate change prior to the Paris conference later this year.

Go electric and don't look back

OPINION: Regarding your item Forgo the car and save $10,000 (January 21), I am a lawyer and have commuted daily to Wellington city from Petone for the past two years on an old electric-powered cargo bike, with laptop and several kilos of legal papers in a large side pannier. It costs me somewhere between 20-50 cents a day to run and maintain.

No winners on either side of war

OPINION: Your article (January 17) about the disaster New Zealand suffered at Passchendaele on October 12, 1917, is a reminder of the horrendous casualties experienced on both sides of the Western Front.

Transport links key to housing issues

OPINION: Great to see two recent articles recognising the cost of forcing people to commute by car.

Nazi criminal started out ordinary

OPINION: In his article on Adolf Eichmann (Nothing banal about Nazi criminal's evil, January 22) Guy Walters claims that people like Eichmann are ''indeed monsters'', and that to represent them as ''normal'', as political philosopher Hannah Arendt did after watching Eichmann in the dock during his 1961 Jerusalem trial, ignores the dedicated zealotry with which he carried out his work as a key functionary of the Holocaust. However, to say that Eichmann was a ''monster'' actually dehumanises him, and misses a crucial point that Arendt was making - that there are, in every society, many ''ordinary'' people who are quite capable, given the right circumstances, of behaving just as Eichmann did.

Drunk patrons should be served

OPINION: The latest round of hand-waving about whether bars should be forced to close in the wee hours of the morning or allowed to continue to the wee'er hours is a moot point and an absolute waste of time.

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