Make the cyclists pay for roads

21:21, Oct 30 2014

I saved for a number of years to get the money for my car.

I pay for road user charges, insurance, warrant of fitness, registration and petrol. I obey the road code.

I do not undertake, I do not run red lights, I am observant and watch out for drivers indicating that they are turning. All so I can drive my car to my destination in good time.

So why do I have to tolerate cyclists hogging the road so I have to drive at their speed, cyclists running red lights, undertaking me, not watching for my turn signals and using my car to steady or propel themselves when I am at a stop?

It's about time that cyclists had to pay to use the road like I do, stick to the rules and stop blaming the motorists for their unfair lot.


Island Bay


The Dominion Post