Letter: Fenced park will still be available to all

00:00, May 07 2012

Graeme MacFarlane (Letters, April 24) expressed grave concerns about the fencing of Cog Park by the old Patent Slip. The site has been a designated dog exercise area since 2004.

People who use the park regularly were worried their dogs might run on to busy Evans Bay Pde, and asked if Wellington City Council would consider allowing the area to be fenced.

The work, which will begin in the next six months, will be paid for by the Wellington Charitable Vet Fund and the Hataitai Residents Association.

We wrote to residents in the area in March asking them to contact the council or residents association if they had concerns or questions.

There's been no wider consultation because there's no change in the area's designation as a dog exercise area. Anyone can use these areas at any time - with or without a dog - and this won't change.

Two new park benches will be installed courtesy of the residents association and we'll be doing some planting. The area will be available at all times, just as it is now, but will be safer for pets and passing motorists.


Community Engagement and Reserves Manager

Wellington City Council


The Dominion Post