Letter: Hobbit documents expose real agenda

23:00, Feb 27 2013

The ''poor Peter'' slant on your coverage of the latest Hobbit documents (Feb 27) risks obscuring the most important facts now disclosed to the public.

The documents show Sir Peter Jackson and the Government knew in advance of the industry- fuelled public hysteria over possibly losing the films that the industrial dispute was over, so it was no longer relevant when Warners came shopping.

It's now clear what Warners and its local agents wanted, apart from more money. They wanted to engage Kiwi workers on terms which made them employees rather than genuine independent contractors - but they didn't want them to have the rights of employees. The rights they wanted to take away were primarily the right to bargain collectively, and the right to challenge poor treatment by way of personal grievances. The Government obliged, to its, Warners' and Sir Peter's eternal shame.

Armed with this knowledge the public is now in a better position to decide who, if anybody, behaved like a snake in this sorry tale.


Former general counsel, EPMU


The Dominion Post