Reason: No pressure Savea, but you're the one

Julian Savea

OPINION: Jonah Lomu changed the rugby world, but he did not possess the range of skills Julian Savea is developing.

Editorial: State washes hands of Easter trade laws

Easter trading

OPINION: It seems pretty obvious that the Government has lost all enthusiasm for Easter trading laws.

A bit of a biblical occurrence but not end of world

South Island storm

OPINION: On the drive to the tunnel I felt like Noah on reconnaissance. The steep road was awash from kerb to kerb.

Irrigation a key NZ challenge


OPINION: Climate change means New Zealand has to get real about irrigation.

More flexible industry training plan needed to ease skills crisis

builder generic

OPINION: It's time for a shake-up in the way New Zealand trains its workers.

Editorial: Use of deadly drones hit close to home

The death of a New Zealand-born man in a United States drone attack in Yemen raises serious questions.

Mehrtens: Hats off to Hurricanes, Highlanders

Mehrtens: Standings don't tell the full story

TJ Perenara

OPINION: Former All Black says Hurricanes and Highlanders are New Zealand's best teams at the halfway point of the season.

Scrapping trolley buses foolhardy

Wellington trolley bus

Wellington's trolley buses have plenty of advantages over diesel, and it would be short-sighted to axe them.

Cinema liquor knockback was right

penthouse cinema

OPINION: I have often complained about New Zealand's unhealthy binge-drinking culture, so seeing Penthouse Cinema denied an Easter liquor licence gave me great pleasure.

Editorial: Will legal highs last?

Legal Highs

OPINION: Somewhat unwittingly, New Zealand has begun a world-leading experiment in drug liberalisation.

Shop around for new law

Time to re-examine our holiday trading?

easter bun

OPINION: NZ's shop trading laws are one of the last bastions of religious tradition, union strong-arming and pork-barrel politics.

Sales a case of opportunity lost

wind turbine

OPINION: The state-owned asset sale process has done little to foster a new culture of investment at a time when the Government and the Reserve Bank lecture on the dangers of overinvestment in bricks and mortar.

Resisting time-poor parenting


OPINION: I approach the looming school holidays with my usual mix of trepidation and anxiety.

Editorial: Easter laws outdated

Generic wine glass

OPINION: Don't try ordering a glass of wine at the movie theatre tomorrow.

Welcome to the adjustment bureau

Open plan office

OPINION: A work move has Craig Cliff fondly revisiting ghosts of offices past.

Untested mentor approach raises questions

Classroom, students, pupils, teaching, school

OPINION: The Government has a lot of work to do to convince teachers its new I scheme is a magic bullet.

Editorial: NZ winner in royal visit

Royals depart NZ

OPINION: The royal couple and their young prince farewelled New Zealand yesterday for Australia, but left behind an enchanted audience of fans during their historic 10-day visit.

Getting stoned no boredom cure


OPINION: Bored people are boring people, and vice versa, but especially when stoned. When stoned, people I've known have been as thrilling to hang out with as last year's newspaper.

Has democracy taken a dive?

Gary McManaway and Tony Fyfe

Winter is coming. So is an election, with hibernation increasingly the favoured response to both.

Editorial: ACC still hasn't got privacy message


OPINION: If any government agency ought to tread carefully around privacy issues, it is ACC.

Financial imperatives in reducing emissions

OPINION: New Zealand farmers' efficiency is minimising greenhouse gas emissions, write Harry Clark, Mark Aspin and Andy Reisinger.

Don't pin it all on China

China yuan money

OPINION: It is six years since then New Zealand trade minister Phil Goff signed a free trade agreement with China. He reflects on what has been achieved – and what New Zealand needs to do now.

Time to cut South Africa loose?

andrew mehrtens

OPINION: As Super Rugby nears its 20th year, I wonder if it's time to shake things up and maybe take a step back from South Africa.

Editorial: Kohanga censorship not on

Te Kohanga Reo Trust Board

OPINION: The kohanga reo leaders' press conference did little to repair the organisation's reputation for arrogance and secrecy at the top.

Rolling up and down with Merrick’s men

Wellington Phoenix

OPINION: Forget about a game of two halves, this was a season of distinct thirds.

Govt leaves ratepayers picking up tab for coastal erosion


Kapiti Island

OPINION: Flying across the Tasman recently I got chatting with a fellow passenger who commuted regularly between Wellington and his work at the University of Melbourne.

All very cute, but our sycophancy is outdated

OPINION: What are the royals, but celebrities?

Prince George

OPINION: New Zealand has a proud history of sucking up to the monarchy, and though republicans like myself are ever-hopeful that it will stop, who are we trying to kid?

Editorial: Putting funding where it's needed

Lydia Ko

Lydia Ko, the remarkable 16-year-old Kiwi golfer, is asking for $208,000 in government funding this year.

Keeping up with the Joneses


OPINION: Hadyn Jones introduces us to the cult of multiple personalities.-

Editorial: What might have been

Don Brash

OPINION: Don Brash is Mr Might-Have-Been. He was a radical but clumsy politician who narrowly missed becoming prime minister.

Dunne's herbal fight making ground

Herbal highs

OPINION: I never thought I'd say this but Peter Dunne is right.

Editorial: Council funding needs a look


OPINION: Local government does not get the best rap in this country.

Unintended irony in Key Nazi poster

john key nazi poster

For John Key, a poster on Wellington streets cannot be easy for the son of a Jewish refugee from Nazi barbarity to bear.

The name may say Chorus, but it's singing alone

OPINION: Chorus has found itself in a waking nightmare, despite providing much of the country's telecommunications backbone.

Don Brash: a turbulent private life

© Fairfax NZ News

OPINION: In this extract from his autobiography, Brash talks about both of his marriages and the temptation of adultery.

Duchess spared a brutal ordeal

Prince william Kate Middleton royals

OPINION: An image of the arrival of Catherine in front of a near-naked Maori man will keep caption contests going for weeks.

Editorial: We're all still employed

public servant

OPINION: The picture that emerges from the latest report on public servant numbers is an incredibly stable one.

Ukraine: Principles have to be upheld

Kharkiv, Ukraine

© Fairfax NZ News

NZ and the rest of the world need to stand behind Ukraine, writes the acting chief of the US Diplomatic Mission to NZ, Marie Damour.

Editorial: Demolition a last resort

Harcourt building

OPINION: Many difficult choices are having to be made in inner-city Wellington because of the threat of earthquakes.

Stick your cupcake up your petrol pump

Z Energy

OPINION: Curmudgeonly isn't just a fine word. It's also a fitting way to respond to many things.

Kiwis might go off their pork

Havoc Pork piglets.

OPINION: Knowing which country the pork on their table comes from is not the only thing Kiwis need to be informed about, writes Shanti Ahluwalia.

Editorial: Don't increase odds of gambling

Pokie Machines

OPINION: You don't have gambling without problem gamblers. So New Zealand has a major problem in this area.

Heart-breaking story a reminder that old age ain't for sissies

Jane Bowron

OPINION: The Wellington weather has been outrageously stunning, with Saturday's the most outstanding.

Backing of Pacific voters not assured

David Cunliffe and Poto Williams

OPINION: Pacific people are suffering more under this Government, but the Pacific vote is not entirely Labour's for the taking.

Editorial: Give royals a jolly good time

William and Kate

OPINION: At 11.30am today, the royals arrive in New Zealand - so let's give them some Kiwi hospitality.

Can Labour win it? Yes, they can

David Cunliffe

OPINION: There are five reasons why Labour could still form a government at election day this year.

Editorial: Lower speed limit makes sense

Speed limit.

OPINION: A lower speed limit in downtown Wellington is obviously a good idea.

Not so super rugby

Dale Chadwick scores for the Sharks during their Super Rugby win over the Reds in Durban.

OPINION: Gidday Steve, long time, no see. I'm writing to tell you I'm really bored with Super Rugby this year. It's putting me to sleep, mate. Seriously, I've fallen asleep on the couch twice this year watching it live on the telly.

National's fiscal lockdown a risk


OPINION: Can John Key convince voters to believe a Labour Government could be "part of the problem" of higher mortgage repayments?

No place like home


OPINION: A wedding puts the fate of the nation in Craig Cliff's hands.
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