Both Labour and National offer crude positioning and suspect policies

OPINION: Lots of questions after the two main party leaders try to spread their political net.

Farmers and financial advisers are an arrogant bunch

OPINION: It's appalling how a Taranaki columnist was targeted after she mocked a Federated Farmers official.

Editorial: Drones a clear threat to privacy

OPINION: Drones will become a vital part of the economy. They will also make a possibly dangerous nuisance of themselves.

Diversity of drones requires considered approach

OPINION: The Civil Aviation Authority is taking a considered approach when it comes to regulating drones, writes CAA manager Steve Moore.

Marking 70 years since liberation of Auschwitz

OPINION: Today it is 70 years since the liberation of Auschwitz, and still we are helpless before it.

Would 5am closing really make Wellington city more dynamic?

Courtenay Pl Wellington

OPINION: To have trendy inner city bars open until 5am and make Wellington "party central" is great in theory.

Voters await signs of a new game plan

OPINION: Will political life will gain a new sense of direction in 2015?

Hard to get the real oil on what's healthy

OPINION: One week fish oil is in, then it's out. What do you believe?

Duncan Garner: Driven to distraction - the issue is safer roads, not foreigners

OPINION: Another horror holiday road toll, another round of national angst about foreign drivers.

Editorial: Uber review must consider safety

OPINION: Uber, the controversial and innovative passenger service, has landed in New Zealand.

Vernon Small: RMA reforms no long-term solution

OPINION: However Nick Smith’s planned RMA reforms play out, the balance between inflation and Auckland housing is on shaky ground.

John Key: Mr Nice Guy's unbelievable aura of serenity

OPINION: I can't help wondering whether Key's irrepressible niceness reveals something significant about his character.

Scant detail on Nick Smith's proposed RMA overhaul

OPINION: Nick Smith wants huge changes in the country's planning laws, but he has hardly made the case.

Editorial: Many facets to housing solution

OPINION: Nobody was surprised at the latest bad news about house prices.

Decisions about workplace safety shouldn't be based on money

Decisions about people's safety at work should never be based solely on money. There is a moral test that also needs to be satisfied.

Time to revisit government-funded food in schools

OPINION: No child should be hungry at school, and a system that allows it is a disgrace.

Editorial: Taser use needs greater oversight

OPINION: Police say Tasers are an effective way of defusing violent situations - but the more it is used, the more likely it is to be misused.

Avoid falling for the cult of mindless positivitism

Mania for enlightenment

OPINION: I once nearly hired a life coach, before noticing the little she had to offer was unbridled cheerleading at a week's wages once a month.

Editorial: Athfield lives on in his work

OPINION: Sir Ian Athfield was a great Wellingtonian who changed the face of his city.

Editorial | Terrorism a criminal act, not war

OPINION: The post-Charlie age begins with a fire-fight in Belgium. The shootout in the city of Verviers is a tough reminder that terrorism remains and sometimes it will bring death. In this case, the terrorist plot seems to have been foiled and it was the terrorists who died. And thereby hangs a lesson.

Time to boost workers' pay, and first home buyers

OPINION: I'm not a big believer in New Year's resolutions. If you want to achieve something go and do it, any time of the year, I reckon.

Tough to fight pirates of Antarctic seas

OPINION: The trouble is, the legal book NZ wants to throw at toothfish poachers is "pretty slim and ineffective"

After Charlie Hebdo, what do we laugh at?

OPINION: Mockery is hard to take; it punctures vanity and hits sore spots. But it won't kill you.

Editorial: GCSB head must be bipartisan choice

OPINION: Whatever the real reason for Ian Fletcher's departure, it offers a chance for a new start.

Weighing up the alternatives to NZ's Hercules fleet

OPINION: NZ faces weighty decisions as ministers mull how best to replace Air Force's ageing Hercules C-130 aircraft.

Police minister shares blame for 'zero tolerance' confusion

OPINION: Police Minister shares blame for muddled "zero tolerance" speed campaign.

Moon's mine, say Chinese

OPINION: The good news? The Chinese are going to mine the Moon. The better news? It's one in the eye for the doom-sayers.

Erosion of democratic rights

New Zealand needs to look to its own record on freedom of speech, writes Dame Anne Salmond.

Editorial: Dangerous rip in our macho mindset

OPINION: Nine people have drowned in New Zealand since Christmas: already it is being called a deadly summer.

Moving forward with resources

OPINION: The Resource Management Act needs a tweak for New Zealand to develop the resources it needs for prosperity.

Satire in short supply here

OPINION: My introduction to satire came at a very early age. My father, finding the cost of a ticket cheaper than a babysitter, took me to a filthy university revue, which I loved.

'Mince years' had formative side

OPINION: There were a couple of stinkers who shot through and didn't pay rent, but on the whole flatting was a broadening experience.

Editorial: Freedom of speech cuts both ways

OPINION: The freedom of speech that allows the magazine to ridicule Muslims also allows Muslims the right to practise their own religion.

'Zero tolerance' policy should be scrapped

100kmh speed sign

OPINION: Police's 'stupid' zero tolerance campaign has 'utterly failed' and needs to be scrapped, says Duncan Garner.

Horror of watching a man burn to death

I was 12 when I saw a man burn to death, security bars trapping him in his bedroom.

A letter to the birth mother of Fleur

Every day I felt Fleur was on loan to us and that one day I would meet you. Then Fleur died at 27, never re-uniting with her birth mother.

Editorial: Low inflation has its dangers

OPINION: Bank economists predict NZ is heading for deflation. Ordinary folks may welcome the idea, but economists often do not.

Free speech includes the right to offend

OPINION: The massacre in Paris raises the toughest questions about free speech.

Police erode public faith with zero tolerance zeal

OPINION: I'm sure I'm not the only one who has found the police lecturing increasingly patronising.

NZ needs to get behind electric vehicles

OPINION: Electric vehicles would reduce greenhouse gas emissions and cut oil imports.

Fearmongers boost far right in Europe

OPINION: Fear and prejudice are driving the demonstrations against the "Islamisation of Europe".

Editorial: Supermarkets must learn liquor lesson

OPINION: An Auckland supermarket that sold liquor to a drunk customer is rightly being punished.

Editorial: Growth forecast may paper over cracks

OPINION: The Reserve Bank won't be taking away the punchbowl even though the party is in full swing.

Dave Armstrong: Fireworks a display of capital's might

OPINION: You might think Wellington City Council is a flaky organisation, but on New Year's Eve, they were resolute.

Jane Bowron: Coming to grips with a whiteout

OPINION: The holiday season has denuded Wellington of people, the city feeling like the inner-city streets of Christchurch when everyone jumped in their cars and fled after the quake.

Editorial: Time ripe for Middle-earth museum

OPINION: It's a good time to think about exactly how New Zealand's link with Middle-earth can best be encouraged.

Editorial: Push weakened Russia for concessions

OPINION: Few countries saw such a turbulent 2014 as Russia.

Editorial: New Zealand faces big choices in 2015

OPINION: Wellington needs bolder, more coherent leadership, and residents should grab the opportunity for a shake-up.

New Year honours list is too long, too male

OPINION: A better version of the honours list would be shorter, more surprising, and include more women.

2014: A good year at home, bleaker abroad

OPINION: The year was marked by a landmark election victory, a vanished airliner and a vanquished flyover.
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