Editorial: Winston's serving too thin

Winston Peters

OPINION: Winston Peter's has celebrated NZ First's 21st birthday with a round of dubious new policies.

Fanaticism to blame for plane carnage

MH17 crash site

OPINION: The dirty war in Ukraine has claimed a planeful of innocent victims.

NZ First an MMP survivor

winston peters

OPINION: You could be forgiven for not noticing that NZ First had turned 21.

Don't raise rates - we're more porn star than rock star

Duncan Garner

OPINION: Rock star economy? More like a one-hit wonder at best.

Fresh and clean . . . my memory of the river is vivid

Whanganui River

OPINION: The purity and cleanliness of our waterways now possess much, much more than mere aesthetic value.

Editorial: New life emerges out of the gloom


OPINION: Small towns will die as their elderly populations dwindle, says the Royal Society's "Our Futures" report.

Articulate victims belie grim truths of their recovery

Tania Billingsley

OPINION: Tania Billingsley hasn't been a pleasing complainant.

Botch-up whichever way

OPINION: The Kim Dotcom fiasco seems to have no end.

Editorial: Use more 1080 to save the birds


OPINION: New Zealand is facing an explosion of rats and stoats and, as a result, an extraordinary threat to our native bird population.

Teachers, have ye made a match with the Bard?


OPINION: When I taught English, no-one wanted to know what I thought about it. Now that I don't, they sometimes do.

Public transports of delight

Go Wellington bus generic

The Wellington region has much to be proud of in our public transport system.

Fangs for the memories

Luis Suarez

What a terrific World Cup. It had drama, humiliation, heroism - and biting.

Clean waterways a hard balancing act

Waikato River

OPINION: The recent announcement on bottom lines for water quality has re-ignited the debate on the impact of farming on our rivers and lakes.

Forget the slogans, focus on what's best for the children


OPINION: As long as talk about education during the election campaign doesn't descend to simplistic slogans, that's a good thing.

Editorial: Thirty years after the revolution

David Lange

It was 30 years ago today that David Lange's Labour Party won the election that would change all our lives.

Inside the mind of a stalker: The erotomaniac and I

Glenn Green

OPINION: Glenn Green and police say he is the country's most dangerous stalker and seems he's interested in stalking me.

Hard calls to make on heritage buildings

St Gerard's Monastery

OPINION: Wellington City Council has found 137 heritage buildings that are earthquake-prone.

Better luck next time

Back to the future

OPINION: Craig Cliff indulges in a brief history of time travel.

Much happening to clean up water

Hutt River algae

Blaming dairy for all New Zealand's water pollution problems is not fair, writes the boss of Water New Zealand.

Editorial: Tax avoidance breaches social contract


OPINION: Aggresive tax avoidance has gone the same way as smoking: once common and even respectable, nowadays it's seen as a vice.

Dangerous to silence sceptics

deepwater horizon

OPINION: Is it any surprise that people tune out when they hear the cries of global warming alarmists? The words "boy" and "wolf" come to mind.

Cunliffe's apology patting himself on the back

David Cunliffe

OPINION: I doubt very much that rapists and violent offenders will respond to Cunliffe's battle cry of "stop this bullshit!"

Needs must when deals are wrought

Vernon Small

OPINION: Memo to voters: look less at what they say they will do and more at what they may need to do to win power.

Inner-city dwellers must embrace vibrancy


OPINION: Living centrally means giving up some of the classic "not in my backyard" attitude.

Football is theatre, not war

Fifa Football World Cup Trophy

Football's World Cup really is a cup for the world - everywhere you go, everyone's watching.

Government efforts on water shallow

Dairy effluent

Our waterways are not healthy. The toll of the dairy boom has been dirty rivers and lakes.

Tax won't downsize NZ's obesity issue

Generic obesity

Sugar taxes will extract more money from citizens' wallets for governments but do nothing to curb obesity.

Youth will have a say if you ask in their lingo

Ballot box

Asking young people to vote is like asking them to a party with old people where they won't understand the chat.

Clear choices in education policies

Classroom, students, pupils, learning, high school, secondary school

OPINION: Everyone knows the vital importance of education - the possibility it brings of transforming a child's life and prospects.

UK ratings option may suit us better

Opinion: Time to re-think how we censor films

nelson state cinema

OPINION: It turns out that usually we don't rate the movies we show. The Australians do.

School donation policy appeals

Murray McCully

OPINION: Last week a rare thing happened in the political world.

Spy 'family' a dysfunctional one

OPINION: A new report on New Zealand's spies has reached damning conclusions.

Editorial: We have room for more refugees


Labour's immigration announcements have one important thing right: an overdue boost to NZ's refugee intake.

The wrong track

rugby ball generic

OPINION: Why are secondary school pupils being trained like professionals, asks Hadyn Jones.

McCully's explanation and Mallard's moa won't fly

OPINION: After losing an entire plane, the Malaysians have managed to make NZs official look even more inept than themselves.

Egyptian justice fair to newsmen - envoy

Peter Greste

OPINION: Critics of the sentences handed down to three journalists in Cairo have drawn the wrong conclusions.

Mfat either disobedient or incompetent

Murray McCully

OPINION: There is an argument for some form of "need to know" policy, but not if it keeps the department head in the dark.

Massive power distorts the fabric of political spacetime


OPINION: The energy of the small is dragged off to augment the momentum of the large.

Light finally shines on Harris sex crimes

rolf harris

The sex crimes of Rolf Harris are shocking and abhorrent.

Buck needs to stop for Mfat's botch-ups

Murray McCully

OPINION: It's all too easy to call for heads to roll but it's hard to think of a more justified occasion than the diplomatic cock-ups by Mfat.

Sweltering up the path less travelled

left turn

OPINION: We'd taken a wrong turn - and a wrong turn's always the right thing to do.

Stop shirking Rena responsibility

The wreck of the Rena

OPINION: Why on earth should New Zealand allow the wreck of the Rena to be left on the Astrolabe Reef?

Guide to keeping our children safe

depression bullying suicide

OPINION: We still have a long way to go before we eliminate bullying - from our schools, and from our culture.

Editorial: Case underlines price of immunity

Sexual violence

OPINION: Diplomatic immunity is supposed to protect diplomats from harassment by foreign governments. It is not designed to shield alleged sex attackers.

A tedious debate rears its ugly head once more

Lucan Battison

To have long hair in schools or not to have long hair in schools, that is the question that has been dividing the country.

Whangarei kills reason to visit


OPINION: In declining to fund the planned Hundertwasser Arts Centre, council has delivered a major blow to Whangarei.

Editorial: More justice for victims of family abuse

domestic abuse

OPINION: Despite some progression in official attitudes, family violence remains a dreadful problem in New Zealand.

Insight: Off our trolleys

The end of our commuter nightmare?

Trolley bus

Trolley buses have been a feature of Wellington for year, and not everyone is happy about the decision to scrap them.

The daycare blues

child sleeping

OPINION: Having a kid makes you long for the strangest things. 

Helicopter's sound a lifeline in chaos

rod herd

Rod Herd was one of the lucky ones. Twenty-eight years on, he remembers July 2, 1986, well.
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