Referendum fallout will be felt for years

OPINION: The referendum on Scottish independence was going to cause rage and frustration whichever way it went.

That sinking feeling: I spent $7000 to catch seven fish


Buyer beware: Boats are hard work. Don't buy a cheap one. It turns out there's no such thing.

Editorial: A world of reasons to vote

OPINION: Polling day arrives tomorrow after a tumultuous campaign.

Waiting for fallout of bizarre election

Kim Dotcom

OPINION: What a campaign. Its most striking feature has been the attempt by agenda-driven activists to influence the outcome.

Advantages to Five Eyes network

GCSB's Waihopai Spy Base

OPINION: The great advantage of the revelations about the Five Eyes is that now at least we know what the Five Eyes really do.

Making out the Dotcom circus


OPINION: Are they bad guys masquerading as good guys, or the other way round?

Waging war's enough to turn your hair grey

OPINION: The job seems to have won. I, Barack Obama, have become my office.

Editorial: Cautious voters should assume the worst


OPINION: Voters have had their moment of truth - and many remain baffled.

Mallard and Bishop battle in tight race

Labour MP Trevor Mallard, pictured with colleague Jacinda Ardern

OPINION: Hutt South has probably never seen so many Cabinet ministers in such a short space of time.

Trio in all-or-nothing tussle

NZ First candidate Ron Mark

A winemaker, a TAB bookmaker and a mayor are squaring off in Wairarapa, and the contest in the National stronghold looks to be more even than it has been for several elections.

Editorial: Dictator poses as just another candidate


OPINION: Tomorrow Fiji has an election for the first time in eight years.

House of Cards finale looms

OPINION: New Zealand has its own 'House of Cards' show, and the countdown to seeing what way the deck falls is on.

Cool heads beat patriotic fervour

OPINION: Obama is anxious to make his attack on Isis look different to Bush's on Saddam Hussein. He may not succeed.

MMP can create strange bedfellows

David Cunliffe and John Key at leaders' debate

OPINION: One of the first things a victorious PM John Key promised in 2008 was to reform MMP.

Peters has eye on the prize as confidence grows

winston peters

OPINION: There has been a sea-change in New Zealand politics during the past week.

Winston taunts voters with 'Guess Who?' politics

winston peters

OPINION: Winston Peters is likely to choose who our next prime minister, but voting for him is gamble.

Editorial: Electoral laws need rethink

Planet Key

OPINION: Electioneering law in this country continues to cause mystification.

Editorial: Runway extension not a done deal

Wellington Airport

OPINION: The road to the new Wellington Airport is a long one.

Smartwatch fails to be more than geek chic

OPINION: The new Apple Watch has failed to deliver on the hype.

Water tax will raise prices - irrigators

Irrigator sprays water.

OPINION: Putting it quite simply, a water tax is inflationary and just the wrong thing to be considering, writes Andrew Curtis.

Mastering behaviour in the neo-feminist age

Miley Cyrus

OPINION: They used to have debutante balls, and now they have strip-a-thons.

Editorial: Time to bring back the heckle

Minor party leaders debate

OPINION: Heckling is the revenge of the powerless, and it can be devastating. That is why politicians try to keep it out of campaigns.

Gawping without guilt not really looking

Traffic lights

OPINION: Cars were edging round the scene of the prang. They went slowly, partly for safety, but mainly so as to gawp.

Editorial: A system good enough to eat off


OPINION: Wellington is spoiled for restaurants - all the more reason for a system to ensure they are clean and safe.

Editorial: Clayton's tax cuts aimed at 2017

back to the future

National's tax cuts were always likely to be a damp squib.

Time to have fun with wine

Wine glasses

OPINION: We don't want to lose sight of what we're good at, but a new player on the block is showing us we can try new things.

Divorcing democracy not an option, despite fatigue

Winston Peters

OPINION: Unless you're dead set in your political ways, it would be unwise to cast your vote early

Editorial: Capital gains tax still a smart idea


OPINION: Labour leader David Cunliffe is doing a poor job of selling a good policy: his capital gains tax.

Is this a taxing time to be rich, a politician or both?

house for sale

OPINION: Labour's tax policy will lead to higher taxes for the wealthy, though not nearly as high as when those famous Marxists Keith Holyoake and Jack Marshall ruled.

Te Papa's problems not insurmountable


OPINION: Te Papa's mission has always been impossible. It wanted to appeal, if not to everybody, then nearly everybody.

Ruins and remembering

Christ Church Cathedral

OPINION: Our notion of what came before us is not set in concrete.

Winston may be kingmaker but watch out for Prince Colin

Colin Craig

OPINION: Did Craig spit the dummy and go away? No. He lifted his game.

Social media spurs prejudice

OPINION: Social media's influence is what has made this the ugliest NZ election campaign in memory.

Editorial: Caution necessary in fight against Isis


OPINION: Western leaders must reach out to Muslim minorities and show them Western freedoms and social democratic rights benefit everyone.

Tax 'hit' makes National feel better

david cunliffe and john key

OPINION: Forget for a moment the rights, wrongs and details of Labour's capital gains tax. National is cock-a-hoop.

Hacking awful but plastic bananas worse

rosemary mcleod

OPINION: So they opened Pandora's box, and creepy-crawly things gushed out.

Editorial: Caution needed on armed guards


OPINION: The shooting of two employees at Work and Income has caused shock and bewilderment.

Books are better and new technology is dangerous


OPINION: When on a plane coming in to land, I hold my book a little higher so I can be seen by those who've had to switch off their electric books.

Editorial: Key's strategy to remain king

Judith Collins

OPINION: An election campaign is the worst possible time for a government to launch an inquiry into its own alleged sleaziness.

A glimpse of what could be in the capital

Google Glass

OPINION: Steve Maharey comments on Wellington's future on the creative edge.

Editorial: A missed opportunity to slow city down


OPINION: It is only by taming the car that we have made the progress we have in Wellington.

Island Bay cycleway could start network

bike mayor

OPINION: The first stage of the Island Bay cycle way will proceed, but can it lead to a more cycle-friendly city?

Editorial: Delay in sacking raises doubts

Judith Collins

OPINION: John Key was right to sack Collins. But he's wrong if he thinks this has cleared away his problem.

A sorry state of affairs


OPINION: Apologies are easier to swallow when served with sincerity.

Debate sparks up dreary campaign

OPINION: Three weeks to go till voting day and weird things have begun to happen.

When there's no more Mr Nice Guy, Bennett is next bet

Duncan Garner

OPINION: John Key won't last forever. At his best he was unbeatable. But time marches on.

Editorial: How to break up a party safely

Drink driving breath testing

OPINION: The Independent Police Conduct Authority rightly acknowledges the problems and even dangers that police face when called to a rowdy gathering.

Arts help define who we are as a nation

Daylight Flotsam Venice

Anyone who feels passionately about the arts will have an opinion about the visibility of, and the value ascribed to, the arts in New Zealand over the past three years.

Wellington on path to inner city glory


Tweaking how people move around Wellington is an important part of making sure it's one of the world's great cities.

Why try to spin it when a wobbly does the trick

Pam Corkery

Pam Corkery managed to turn the tide on to herself last weekend and make Crusher Collins look dainty.
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