8-hour marathon to mark National Poetry Day

Graham Wolf reads a poem by the Bucket Fountain in Cuba Mall as part of poetry day.
Graham Wolf reads a poem by the Bucket Fountain in Cuba Mall as part of poetry day.

A man standing in the shower of Cuba St's bucket fountain complaining about the buses might be ignored by most, but today it's poetry.

Lower Hutt poet Graham Wolf has set up camp on Cuba Mall for his eight-hour Capital Poetry Marathon, which he holds every year to mark National Poetry Day.

Wolf said New Zealand poets Janet Frame - who he says is his second cousin - and Sam Hunt had inspired him to put on the event.

''Sam Hunt's son once said I did a pretty good impression of him, and I was like, 'wow'.''

Both Frame and Hunt are options given in Wolf's 'informal straw poll survey'', intended to identify Wellingtonians' favourite New Zealand poet.

''It's not exactly Colmar Brunton.''

Aspiring and published poets in search of a soapbox are encouraged to share their works with passers-by at the bucket fountain until 5pm today.

Wolf, meanwhile, refused to have his poem about the slowness of local buses reproduced online:''The Hutt Valley bus line will probably ping me for that one.''

Call Diversion, by Graham Wolf

Welcome to automated call diversion!
If you are a celebrity:
Press the 1 key
If you are a bronze medallist:
Press the 3 key
If you are an astronomer:
Press the star key
If you can't recall what department you want
Press the memory key
If you're restless, or OCD
Simply press the redial key, 50 times
If you are a drug dealer: no problem!
Just press the hash key
And you will be call-diverted to the police!

(c) Graham W. Wolf, Lower Hutt, 19 July 2006

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