Hobbit poster pure British scenery

00:16, Sep 17 2012
Hobbit poster
The backdrop of a teaser image for The Hobbit is not New Zealand, but the view from Corby Crag near Alnwick.

Just as Tourism New Zealand launches its "100% Middle-earth, 100% Pure New Zealand" campaign, the official poster for the upcoming Hobbit movie makes an unexpected detour to the English countryside.

The Northumberland Gazette has revealed that the backdrop of a teaser image for The Hobbit was not New Zealand, where the film had been shot and will premiere in November, but the view from Corby Crag near Alnwick, close to the castle that stood in for Hogwarts in the Harry Potter movies.

Earlier this year, Tourism New Zealand chief executive Kevin Bowler said a marketing budget of $65 million would underpin its bid to promote tourism to New Zealand through its association with the Hobbit movies.

Dori, played by Mark Hadlow
DORI: Mark Hadlow – one of the many characters from The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

With only two months to go until the world premiere, work on The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey is picking up pace, and fans are getting hints of what is to come.

Sir Peter Jackson has revealed more images from the film on his Facebook page.

Pictured in full costume and makeup are lead actor Martin Freeman as Bilbo, Sir Ian McKellen as Gandalf, and the 13 dwarfs who visit Bilbo to convince him to go to the Lonely Mountain to recover treasure guarded by a dragon.


They include Kiwi actors Dean O'Gorman as Fili, Mark Hadlow as Dori, William Kircher as Bifur, Peter Hambleton as Gloin, and Jed Brophy as Nori.

Preparations for the film's November 28 premiere are also under way at Wellington City Council, which has set aside $1.15 million for the premiere.

Next month, the council will discuss road closures planned to be in place from 9pm on Tuesday, November 27, to 5.30am on Thursday, November 29. The current plan will see parts of Courtenay Place and Tory St, and several adjoining streets, closed.

Jackson has promised the premiere will be a "huge party", and several stars, such as Freeman and Lord of the Rings stalwarts McKellen and Orlando Bloom, are expected to attend.

The council is receiving written objections on the road closures until 5pm on Friday, September 28.

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